With Drew

Pronunciation of With Drew
/wɪð dɹˈuː/, /wɪð dɹˈuː/, /w_ɪ_ð d_ɹ_ˈuː/

Antonyms for with drew:

refuse, progress, introduce, fix, DO, make public, halt, take, confine, grow, limit, disperse, uncover, exaggerate, confront, fail, fasten, go in, exalt, dally, arrive, give up, laud, set up, injure, value, keep to, win, praise, repeat, pursue, hurt, stop, slow, defy, overflow, rush in, entangle, rise, advance, fill, bind, decline, marry, treasure, engage, dissent, bring out, calm, recapitulate, solidify, order, corroborate, add, acknowledge, destroy, flow, ready, ok, insert, claim, discourage, confirm, obey, forward, affirm, damage, agree, couple, upgrade, keep, take on, prolong, seek, carry on, begin, overrate, go, overestimate, hoard, spoil, create, open, defend, refresh, give, linger, ratify, coagulate, flourish, authorize, fight, emphasize, optimize, hook, collect, hire, grab, restore, edit in, reaffirm, institute, restrain, pass, ascend, leave alone, offer, appear, enact, want, approve, capture, raise, challenge, overvalue, enforce, increase, connect, construct, save, join, protect, permit, help, repress, attract, retain, free, remain, dishearten, be born, go forward, desegregate, mingle, heal, fill up, grant, occupy, enlarge, reject, socialize, hold, spread, endorse, disagree, meet, persevere, care, go back to, dispute, strengthen, lengthen, stretch, surrender, put, descend, reveal, opt in, forget, favor, divide, consent, face, disallow, unite, let go, pour, retrogress, attach, merge, put in, mismatch, smooth, support, expand, accept, extend, maintain, revert, misunderstand, load, usurp, establish, enter, lose, mend, be ready, release, retreat, seize, invigorate, link, build, admit, forge, plant, put on, involve, adopt, commend, clothe, associate, commence, add to, give birth, uphold, move forward, combine, finish, wait, walk, lay bare, assert, stay, welcome, hitch, sow, validate, carry out, come, initiate, continue, steady, energize, dissuade, wreck, tell, rest, receive, decrease, cherish, schedule, develop, land, ignore, employ, cover, delay, ruin, stay on ground, improve, take up, sanction, gather, pause, assume, include, allow, come in, compliment, place, break, cease, start, legalize, complete.

Synonyms for with drew:

abandon (verb)

abdicate, chicken out, cop out, desert, discard, discontinue, ditch, drop, duck, dump, dust, flake out, leg it, let go, opt out, stop, surrender, take a powder, withdraw, yield, fly the coop, kiss goodbye, throw over, walk out on, run out on, ship out, screw, cut loose, give up the ship, storm out, take a walk, wash hands of.

abdicate (verb)

abandon, abnegate, cede, forgo, give up, quitclaim, relinquish, renounce, resign, sell out, waive, Demit, step down, leave in the lurch, bag it, leave high and dry, leave holding the bag.

abjure (verb)

retract, abstain from.

abstract (verb)

disconnect, dissociate, isolate, part, remove, separate, steal, uncouple.

apologize (verb)

atone, confess, crawl, purge, square, make amends, make up for, bow to, make reparations, beg pardon, clear oneself, give satisfaction, ask forgiveness, ask pardon, excuse oneself, offer compensation, admit guilt, get down on knees, make up with, offer excuse, say one is sorry, cop a plea.

avoid (verb)

abstain, avert, bypass, circumvent, deflect, desist, divert, dodge, elude, escape, eschew, evade, fend off, flee, hide, hold off, jump, obviate, shake, shake off, shirk, shrink from, shun, shy, sidestep, skip, skip town, skirt, stay away, ward off, weave, lay low, steer clear of, turn aside, fake out, step aside, stay out, keep clear, shuffle off, circumlocute, give the slip, run for cover, shake and bake, skip out on.

back (verb)

backtrack, drive back, regress, repel, repulse, turn tail.

back away (verb)


back down (verb)

accede, acquiesce, admit, back off, balk, beg off, cancel, cave in, concede, demur, give in, go back on, hold back, submit, back pedal, have no fight left, wimp out, withdraw from agreement or statement.

backpedal (verb)

about-face, rethink.

bow out (verb)

make one's exit, walk away from.

call off (verb)

abort, break off, postpone, scrub, kill.

chicken out (verb)

avoid, back down, scratch, throw in the towel, welsh, worm out, have no stomach for, weasel out, blow it off, get cold feet, shy from, wiggle out, funk out, make concessions, turn yellow.

clear out (verb)

decamp, hightail, kite, scram, skedaddle, split, vamoose, Begone, beat it, remove oneself.

cop out (verb)

backpedal, excuse, rationalize, have alibi, use pretext.

deduct (verb)

abstract, allow, bate, cut back, diminish, discount, dock, lessen, rebate, reduce, subtract, take, write off, knock off, take from, roll back, decrease by.

defect (verb)

abscond, apostatize, forsake, go over, lapse, rat, rebel, reject, revolt, run out, schism, spurn, tergiversate, turn, break faith, change sides, fall away from, go over the fence, tergiverse, turn coat.

demobilize (verb)

disarm, disband.

depart (verb)

absent, blast off, disappear, emigrate, evacuate, go away, go forth, march out, migrate, move on, move out, perish, sally forth, set forth, shove off, slip away, start, start out, troop, vanish, Git, cut out, cut and run, hit the road, say goodbye, hit the bricks, hit the trail, make a break.

detach (verb)

disassemble, disassociate, disentangle, disjoin, dismount, disunite, divide, divorce, free, loose, loosen, segregate, sever, sunder, take apart, tear off, unfasten, unhitch, Unfix, disaffiliate.

detract (verb)

backbite, belittle, blister, cheapen, decrease, decry, depreciate, derogate, devaluate, discredit, disesteem, knock, laugh at, lower, minimize, underrate, undervalue, Misprize, Vilipend, cut rate, subtract from.

disappear (verb)

clear, dematerialize, die, die out, disperse, dissipate, ebb, end, evanesce, evaporate, expire, fade, fade away, fly, melt, pass, pass away, sink, take flight, wane, Evanish, melt away, be gone, be no more, be swallowed up, cease to exist, come to naught, drop out of sight, end gradually, leave no trace, be lost, be done for, go south.

disengage (verb)

ease, extricate, liberate, pull the plug, release, set free, unbind, undo, unloose, untie.

drain (verb)

abate, bankrupt, bleed, catheterize, consume, debilitate, deplete, devitalize, draft, draw off, drink up, dry, empty, exhaust, expend, fatigue, finish, get rid of, impoverish, milk, pump, quaff, sap, siphon, spend, strain, tap, tax, tire out, use up, waste, wear, wear down, weary, pump out, suck dry, swallow, suck, gulp down, bleed dry, filter off, free from, get last drop.

draw back (verb)

deduct, sheathe, reel in, start back.

drop out (verb)

cease, give notice.

ebb (verb)

decay, degenerate, deteriorate, die down, dwindle, ease off, fall, fall away, flag, languish, moderate, peter out, relent, slacken, weaken, Retrocede, let up, go out, flow back.

erase (verb)

black out, blank, blot, cross out, cut, delete, dispatch, efface, excise, expunge, extirpate, gut, launder, negate, obliterate, scratch out, strike, strike out, trim, wipe out, Disannul, blue pencil, x-out.

estrange (verb)

alien, alienate, antagonize, disaffect, disunify, turn off, wean, withhold, break up, set at odds, drive apart, make hostile, put on the outs.

evacuate (verb)

discharge, displace, eject, expel, pack up, run for the hills, skidaddle.

exit (verb)

flake off, get, issue, move, bid farewell, do vanishing act, take one's leave.

extract (verb)

avulse, bring out, cull, derive, distill, eke out, elicit, eradicate, evoke, exact, express, extort, garner, gather, glean, obtain, pluck, press out, pry, pull, reap, secure, select, squeeze, tear, uproot, weed out, wrest, wring, yank, pick up, evulse.

extricate (verb)

deliver, difference, differentiate, disburden, disembarrass, disencumber, disinvolve, rescue, resolve, Discumber, let off, get off the hook, get out from under, save one's neck, wriggle out of.

fall back (verb)

back, give back, retrograde.

flinch (verb)

blanch, blench, blink, cower, cringe, crouch, swerve.

fly (verb)

bolt, break, clear out, run, steal away, light out, make off, make a getaway, hasten away, make a quick exit, run for it, run from.

forswear (verb)

deny, disown, swear off.

get off (verb)

alight, descend, disembark, light.

get out (verb)

break out, buzz off, egress, run away, BUG OFF, be off, make tracks, extricate oneself, free oneself.

go (verb)

approach, bug out, cruise, fare, get going, hie, journey, lam, make for, mosey, near, progress, push on, repair, travel, wend, set off, push off, skip out, make one's way, make a break for it.

leave (verb)

break away, come away, defect, elope, embark, flit, ride off, sally, set out, walk out, slip out, head out.

make off (verb)

run off, scamper, scoot, make away.

move (verb)

actuate, advance, budge, bustle, carry, change, climb, cross, dislocate, disturb, drift, drive, flow, glide, hurry, impel, leap, locomote, march, position, proceed, propel, push, relocate, roll, shift, ship, shove, stir, transfer, transport, transpose, traverse, walk, head for, off-load.

part (verb)

split up, part company, dedomicile, go separate ways, leave flat, quit the scene.

pull out (verb)

stop participating.

push off/push on (verb)

continue, keep going, launch, process, make progress.

quit (verb)

conclude, halt, leave off, surcease, suspend, terminate, wrap up, wind up, call it quits, call it a day, give over, sew up, kick over, pack in, cut it out, get on the wagon, go away from, hang it up, kick the habit, leave hanging, quit cold, take the cure.

quitclaim (verb)


recall (verb)

countermand, dismantle, dismiss, disqualify, lift, repeal, Palinode, call back, call in.

recant (verb)

contradict, void, worm out of, dial back, eat one's words, go back on one's word.

recoil (verb)

backfire, carom, falter, flinch, hesitate, jerk, kick, quake, react, rebound, reel, resile, shudder, spring, stick, stickle, tremble, turn away, waver, wince, shy away, step back.

refuse (verb)

decline, disaccord, disallow, disapprove, dispense with, dissent, hold out, ignore, nix, pass up, protest, rebuff, regret, reprobate, turn down, brush off, send off, not buy, set aside, give thumbs down to, make excuses, not budge, not budget, not care to, refuse to receive, send regrets, turn deaf ear to, turn from, turn one's back on.

relinquish (verb)

cast, forbear, hand over, lay aside, sacrifice, shed, cast off, retire from, take the pledge, drop like hot potato, kiss good-bye, quit cold turkey, stand down, take the oath.

remove (verb)

amputate, carry away, carry off, cart off, clear away, depose, dethrone, dig out, dislodge, do away with, doff, erase, junk, oust, raise, relegate, rip out, skim, take down, throw out, unload, unseat, tear out.

repair (verb)

apply, betake oneself, recur, refer, resort, set off for.

repeal (verb)

ko, wash out, zap, shoot down.

retire (verb)

go to bed, go to sleep, hit the sack, rusticate, turn in, deny oneself, give up work, go to one's room, leave service, make vacant, sever connections, stop working.

retract (verb)

draw in, exclude, rule out, take in, pull in, back out of, forget it, change one's mind, have change of heart, nig.

retreat (verb)

back away, fold, go back, lay down, move back, sequester, go along with.

retrocede (verb)

retrogress, retrace one's steps.

revoke (verb)

rub out, declare null and void, counterorder.

secede (verb)

break with.

seclude (verb)

blockade, boycott, cloister, closet, conceal, confine, cover, embargo, enclose, evict, immure, ostracize, quarantine, screen, shut off.

sequester (verb)

close off, insulate, island, secrete, cut off, set apart, Enisle.

shrink (verb)

boggle, contract, hang back, huddle, refuse, scruple, slink.

steal (verb)

abduct, appropriate, blackmail, burglarize, cheat, cozen, defraud, despoil, embezzle, heist, hold up, housebreak, keep, kidnap, loot, misappropriate, peculate, pilfer, pillage, pinch, pirate, plagiarize, plunder, poach, purloin, ransack, rifle, sack, shoplift, snitch, spirit away, stick up, strip, swindle, swipe, thieve, rip off, make off with, walk off with, run off with, hold for ransom, take possession of.

strip (verb)

decorticate, denude, deprive, disrobe, divest, expose, hull, husk, peel, ravage, rob, scale, shave, shuck, skin, spoil, unclothe, undress, Excorticate, lay bare, slip out of.

subtract (verb)


superannuate (verb)

pension, put out to pasture.

take back (verb)

reclaim, repossess.

take off (verb)

ascend, bear, get out, head, lift off, make, soar, become airborne, take to the air.

vacate (verb)

part with, move out of.

withdraw (verb)

abjure, abolish, abrogate, annul, back out, bail out, ban, bar, blow, book, bow out, call off, check out, depart, detach, disavow, disclaim, disengage, dissolve, draw away, draw back, drop out, eliminate, exit, extract, fall back, forswear, get away, get off, give way, go, invalidate, keep apart, leave, nullify, phase out, pull back, pull out, quail, quash, quit, recall, recant, recede, recoil, renege, repress, repudiate, rescind, retire, retreat, reverse, revoke, run along, secede, shrink, stamp out, suppress, switch, take back, take leave, take out, unsay, vacate, take off, take away, ease out, keep aloof, seclude oneself, take a hike, get lost, exfiltrate, give ground, make oneself scarce, renig, absent oneself.

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