Pronunciation of Within
/w_ɪ_ð_ˈɪ_n/, /wɪðˈɪn/, /wɪðˈɪn/

Usage examples for within:

  • It could be that he did, for it's not within in the house. - "The Simpkins Plot", George A. Birmingham.
  • He would arrive in Rome, he told her, within a week. - "The Title Market", Emily Post.
  • Once within the room, he looked quickly about him. - "The Mad King", Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Idioms for within:

Quotes for within:

Rhymes for within:

  • wynne, sin, spin, bryn, lynn, bin, minh, linne, knin, pinn, twin, linh, glyn, flynn, kin, lin, when, lynne, ginn, gwynn, kinn, lyn, gyn, win, vin, grin, dinh, min, quinn, wynn, lwin, shin, been, gwyn, linn, rihn, yin, finn, trinh, in, winn, pin, gin, din, quin, rinn, brinn, brin, chin, glynn, guinn, gwinn, fin, tin, guin, winne, skin, flinn, jin, inn, gwin, qin, rhin, gwynne, thin;
  • therein, akin, emlyn, wherein, adin, allin, herein, alpin, eldwin, has-been, aswin, begin, kaylynn, berlin, chagrin;
  • menuhin, violin;

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