Pronunciation of Witting
/w_ˈɪ_t_ɪ_ŋ/, /wˈɪtɪŋ/, /wˈɪtɪŋ/

Antonyms for witting:

foolish, extemporaneous, flexible, unintended, impromptu, un-thinking, unplanned, senseless, purposeless, not deliberate, stupid, kind, poor, lazy, unimportant, un witting, un mindful, accidental, obligatory, unintentional, willing, irresponsible, haphazard, disagreeable, in-conversant, necessary, excited, spontaneous, sudden, unguarded, unclear, unsure, most inconversant, normal, in cognizant, un suspecting, irrational, un-acquainted, nonelective, instinctive, un-familiar, un familiar, unconfident, obscure, silent, usual, in-voluntary, impetuous, indifferent, idiotic, mandatory, imbecile, vague, unwitting, negligent, unstudied, ambiguous, imprudent, ignorant, unwilling, impassive, un-conscious, indiscreet, un conscious, unready, insensitive, dubious, in-nocent, unenthusiastic, unknowing, unfeeling, apathetic, un intended, heedless, unresponsive, fuzzy, uncareful, un-informed, un intentional, unreasonable, general, desultory, un-suspecting, indeterminate, un thinking, more inconversant, careless, un-aware, mindless, abrupt, unwise, un meant, unskilled, un-knowing, inexperienced, unmethodical, imprecise, uninformed, yielding, unstylish, ordered, impulsive, Inconversant, casual, involuntary, hit-or-miss, in nocent, compulsory, unmindful, forced, un knowing, indefinite, unaware, un-witting, oblivious, inadvertent, unpremeditated, un-instructed, unsystematic, aimless, incidental, ordinary, Obscured, unwary, in-attentive, unsound, un observant, random, disinclined, thoughtless, quiet, unfamiliar, un instructed, inexact, un aware, in advertent, un-observant, unprepared, un-intended, un-intentional, uncognizant, in-advertent, un-mindful, unconscious, insensible, un acquainted, required, disinterested, common, un planned, uncertain, in conversant, impractical, unknowledgeable, unforced, inattentive, slow, indirect, unrealistic, unintelligent, in-cognizant, un informed, in voluntary, chance, incautious, doubtful, unheeding, dull, un-planned.

Rhymes for witting:

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