Pronunciation of Witty
/wˈɪti/, /wˈɪti/, /w_ˈɪ_t_i/

Antonyms for witty

un-responsive, humourless, annoying, unhumorous, un-inspiring, foolish, de-pressed, unfunny, gloomy, uninspiring, oft-repeated, unsharpened, sober, un pointed, dun, most toned down, witless, lowbrow, in-sipid, most oft repeated, un-sharpened, more edentulate, more edentate, un sympathetic, un imaginative, more abused, most unsharpened, shallow, shallower, plaintive, draggy, most unintellectual, depressing, wornout, most edgeless, somber, tragic, toneddown, laborious, edgeless, in distinct, in sensate, in-sensible, more turned, unamusing, half baked, morose, idiotic, dramatic, not keen, most edentate, more edgeless, unpleasant, prosiest, more unlit, more toned-down, longwinded, be-sotted, mattest, most unpointed, melancholy, in sipid, in-sensate, most toothless, dim witted, unclever, most toned-down, run of the mill, unfun, formal, doleful, un responsive, serious, uncomic, most turned, more unpointed, most oft-repeated, matte, un exciting, ignorant, subfusc, most numskulled, un-imaginative, ho hum, most driveling, earnest, dolorous, unintellectual, more uninspiring, most toneddown, naive, un-pointed, more toneddown, un-intellectual, feeble minded, lachrymose, in-different, de pressed, un-exciting, unlit, more oftrepeated, more toned down, dunest, sad, un intellectual, more muted, in-active, woeful, draggiest, more unsharpened, in different, re gular, not bright, in sensible, more numskulled, most blunted, simple minded, over cast, draggier, over-cast, more blunted, big yawn, unhappy, bad, most muted, most oftrepeated, awkward, toothless, indolent, boring, most subfusc, hackneyed, most softened, edentulate, yawnest, more subfusc, stupid, uncomical, brainless, re-gular, oft repeated, un sharpened, corny, toned-down, tiring, dull, solemn, unpointed, in-distinct, most unlit, lame, more oft-repeated, Numskulled, more unintellectual, most uninspiring, halfbaked, sorry, out of date, duner, grave, tearful, be sotted, senseless.