Pronunciation of Words
/wˈɜːdz/, /wˈɜːdz/, /w_ˈɜː_d_z/

Antonyms for words:

quiet, peace, agreement, harmony, silence.

Synonyms for words:

conversation (noun)

chat, communion, conference, conversation, discussion.

words (noun)

names, terms, Thesauri, Vocabularies, Nomenclatures, Terminologies, lexicons, jargons.

communication (noun)


conversation (noun)

chat, conference, discussion, talk.

dispute (noun)

altercation, argument, contention, disagreement, dispute, quarrel, wrangle.

words (noun)

actor's line, dustup, lyric, names, quarrel, row, run-in, speech, terms, wrangle, Thesauri, Vocabularies, Nomenclatures, Terminologies, lexicons, jargons.

Sense 1

abracadabra, adduce, advert, allocution, anathema, anathematize, annunciate, aphonic, appellation, appellative, argumentation, articulateness, aureate, blabby, blather, blatherskite, blurt, calligraphic, colloquium, commandment, confab, confabulate, confabulation, conferee, confidante, conversational, conversationalist, coverage, cuss, delineative, dialect, diffuseness, directive, discussant, double talk, dumbness, elocutionary, enounce, epistle, expressiveness, fleet street, fourth estate, gabby, ghostwrite, gibber, gobbledygook, gossiper, gossipy, grandiloquence, imprecate, indefinable, jabberwocky, lead-in, libretto, locution, long-windedness, lyricism, magniloquent, maledict, moniker, muteness, nickname, obiter dictum, orotund, patois, phrasing, plagiarizer, poesy, poetess, poetical, poetry, posting, prate, prolixity, publishing, rallying cry, rap session, recapitulation, rephrase, reportage, reword, rhymer, rhymester, rumormonger, sass, scandalmonger, semaphore, smooth-spoken, smooth-tongued, speechifier, speechlessness, speechmaker, spiel, stammering, stuttering, tabby, talebearer, talebearing, taleteller, talky, tall tale, tittle-tattle, turgidity, twaddle, undeclared, unexpressed, unuttered, unvoiced, verbalization, verbalize, verboseness, versifier, vocalization, vocalize, voicing, whisperer, windiness, wisecrack, wordbook, wordless, yak, yenta, Declaimer, Discourser, Discusser, Facund, Facundity, Gossipry, Malison, Orotundity, Poetaster, Tiding, Verbalism, Vocalism, word of mouth, gossipmonger, Confabulatory, Conversationist, Prelect, Prelection, Prolegomenon, confabulator, forensics, wordlessness, articulacy, call to arms, call to battle, circumlocutionary, cribber, eloquentness, expressivity, langue, story line, taletelling, undescribable, word-hoard, wordage.

Sense 2

adage, anecdote, annals, annotation, announce, aphorism, argot, articulate, babble, bandy, bard, battle cry, behest, blabber, blaspheme, bombast, bombastic, browse, byword, chat, chatter, chatty, chitchat, christen, chronicle, claptrap, cognomen, colloquial, colloquy, compendious, concise, confidant, confide, consult, consultation, conversation, converse, couch, critique, declaim, declamation, denominate, describe, descriptive, dialogue, diction, dictionary, diffusion, discourse, discuss, disputation, disquisition, dissertation, dub, elocution, eloquent, enjoin, epithet, epitome, exclaim, exclamation, exegesis, expletive, express, flowery, foreword, formulate, fustian, gab, gabble, garrulous, gibberish, glib, grandiloquent, graphic, heading, headline, hearsay, high-sounding, idiom, imprecation, inarticulate, indescribable, ineffable, inexpressible, injunction, insertion, jabber, laconic, lecturer, lexicon, lingo, long-winded, loquacious, magniloquence, malediction, mandate, maxim, memo, memoir, memorandum, mention, missive, motto, mum, mumbo jumbo, narrate, narration, narrative, newsmonger, oath, oral, oration, orator, oratorical, oratory, outcry, overblown, palaver, paper, paragraph, paraphrase, parlance, parley, periphrastic, phone, phrase, phraseology, pirate, plagiarist, plagiarize, pleonasm, pleonastic, poem, poet, poetic, powwow, prattle, preamble, preface, proclaim, prolix, prologue, promulgate, pronounce, prospectus, proverb, publish, rant, recount, redundancy, redundant, rendering, restate, restatement, rhetoric, rhetorical, rhetorician, rhyme, riffle, saw, say, saying, scriptural, scuttlebutt, seminar, skeleton, small talk, speak, speechless, spoken, squib, stammer, stem, story, stutter, succinct, tacit, talker, tattle, tattler, tattletale, tautological, telephone, telltale, terse, thumb, tome, translation, treatise, unmentionable, unsaid, unspeakable, unspoken, unutterable, unwritten, utter, utterance, vent, ventilation, verbiage, verbose, verbosity, vernacular, vocabulary, voiceless, voluble, war cry, wordiness, wording, wordy, wrap up, prolegomenous.

Sense 3

abridgment, account, advice, allege, baptize, bespeak, blasphemy, broadcast, buzz, characterize, comment, commentary, condensation, confer, confessor, crib, criticize, curse, debate, declamatory, declare, deliberation, description, designation, discussion, dumb, ejaculation, eloquence, entitle, enunciate, enunciation, essay, execration, gas, gasp, glossary, gossip, high-flown, hocus-pocus, jaw, leaf, lifelike, moot, mute, negotiation, notation, opus, overture, pant, pen, perorate, photographic, precede, prefatory, preliminary, prelude, preparatory, printing, publication, rattle, relate, repository, rumor, signal, silence, silver-tongued, sketch, snarl, sonorous, statement, thesis, usher, ventilate, verbal, verse, version, volume, written, yarn, Incommunicable, run-through.

Sense 4

advise, argue, articulation, bid, bidding, blab, cite, clack, communication, conference, construe, contend, counsel, criticism, designate, execrate, fable, facile, history, informal, instruct, instruction, interpretation, introductory, issue, jargon, letter, message, news, nonsense, observe, outline, pictorial, picturesque, plot, quip, rap, rave, realistic, recite, remark, reminiscence, report, scan, silent, speaker, tale, tell, translate, visit, vivid, voice, word.

Sense 5

advertise, bark, book, command, communicate, composition, denomination, ghost, glance, heave, induction, intelligence, medium, name, note, observation, rehearse, roundabout, rundown, scoop, slick, snap, tag, talk, theme, title, write.

Sense 6

base, cry, direct, expression, feature, frame, lead, program, refer, short, term, thresh.

Sense 7

abstract, brief, burst, direction, entry, introduction, lay, line, notice, review, skim, style.

Sense 8

bit, convey, cover, form, handle, impression, item, kick, piece, put, root, thrash, work.

Sense 9

bill, breathe, call, damnation, draft, talkative, toss.

Sense 10

leader, render, touch.

Sense 11

charge, dip.

Sense 12

application, introduce, order.

Sense 17




Usage examples for words:

  • I could not find words in which to thank him. - "Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France", Stanley J. Weyman.
  • Salome's words had more truth in them than she knew. - "Salome", Emma Marshall.
  • No doubt you are right, but it is not for me to hear these words. - "Equality", Edward Bellamy.
  • I can't find the words- can you? - "In a Little Town", Rupert Hughes.
  • Baldwin's words were true. - "Hereward, The Last of the English", Charles Kingsley.

Idioms for words:

Quotes for words:

Rhymes for words:

  • nerds, herds, birds, girds, thirds;

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