Pronunciation of Worker
/wˈɜːkə/, /wˈɜːkə/, /w_ˈɜː_k_ə/

Antonyms for worker

sovereign, dominators, head person, boss woman, drone, oligarch, de-spots, higherup, suzerains, strongman, kingfishes, director, goldbrick, workers big cheese, man on horseback, zookeeper, in-citers, fore man, key players, boss man, obstruction, pit boss, de-spot, top brass, directorate, schoolmaster mistress, in citer, high priest priestesses, mayors, forepersons, shirker, sitters, hindrance, big person, executive, oligarchs, fore-woman, sluggard, higher-up, laze, workers big cheeses, ownership, PREZ, spiritual leader, idler, commander, head honchos, fore-person, kingpins, chief state, co, chief of state, cos, high priestpriestesses, de spot, head man, out-fits, boss men, super-visors, brass hats, presiding officer, taskmistress, lazybones, lead off person, head people, handlers, mayor, nonworker, head men, schoolmaster mistresses, fore-men, directorates, taskpersons, loafer, super visor, controllers, commandant, fore men, Dominator, over seers, super visors, lead off people, kingpin, controller, fore people, lead off persons, master, administrator, out fits, superior, gaffer, fore woman, sitter, crew leader, boss lady, high priestpriestess, management, top brasses, absolutist, premiers, principal, over seer, big persons, fore-man, dictator, big people, big gun, executive officers, out-fit, supervisor, EXEC, point persons, prezzes, spiritual leaders, boss, super-visor, helmers, boss women, gubernatorial leader, leadoff person, top cat, hitlers, check, man horseback, totalitarians, manager, operator, GUVS, brass hat, usurper, employer, key player, foreman, in-citer, fore persons, out fit, top people, suzerain, taskpeople, gubernatorial leaders, head, unemployed, owner, person upstair, pros, de spots, person upstairs, lead-off person, coordinator, head honcho, lead-off people, slouch, top dog, orchestrators, forewoman, fore women, top persons, schoolmaster- mistresses, foreperson, ruler, forepeople, fore-persons, SUPERS, kingfish, fore-women, leadoff people, pit bosses, generals, absolutists, provost, presiding officers, slug, general, governor, higher up, top cats, big guns, point person, boss ladies, schoolmaster- mistress, top dogs, zookeepers, fore person, handler, commandants, crew leaders, person in charge, head persons, high priest priestess, fore-people, usurpers, chief, taskperson, taskmaster, person charge, top person, CEOS.