Pronunciation of Write
/ɹˈa͡ɪt/, /ɹˈa‍ɪt/, /ɹ_ˈaɪ_t/

Antonyms for write:

ex-pounded, spoke cuff, dis covered, speak extemporaneously, buried in, pores over, bury oneself in, ex plained, de ciphers, speaking off cuff, erase, in-vents, ex-temporize, ex-pounding, spake off the cuff, leafing through, dis play, re cord, re-states, ex-plains, speaking off the cuff, poring over, ex temporizing, de-livering, ruin, ex-plain, dis cover, speaking impromptu, in vent, de-ciphered, ex temporize, de claiming, ex plaining, ad-lib, speaking extemporaneously, de-claiming, spoke off cuff, dis plays, spake off cuff, speaks cuff, spoke extemporaneously, re-cites, re-stating, de-livers, de claims, speaks off the cuff, buries oneself in, pored over, speaking the cuff, re corded, para-phrase, un-ravels, para phrasing, de liver, para phrase, ex-temporizing, re-cords, burying oneself in, pore over, made up, speaking cuff, scratch out, ex-temporized, ad lib, ex-temporizes, spoke impromptu, re-cited, ex-pounds, re cites, de ciphered, dis-plays, dis-covered, scratch surface, un-raveling, ex plain, dip in to, dis-play, ex temporized, spoke off the cuff, de claimed, re stated, de-claims, in-venting, de ciphering, re states, speak off the cuff, dis-played, speaks extemporaneously, ex-plained, scratches surface, de-livered, de livered, spoke the cuff, un ravelling, leaf through, flipped through, dis-covers, ex-plaining, flip through, speak impromptu, de cipher, scratches the surface, read, re-cord, de-ciphering, re cited, referring to, flipping through, dis played, ex-pound, de-liver, bury in, ex plains, scratching surface, rescind, spake cuff, spake extemporaneously, un-raveled, de claim, ex pounded, quash, re-state, makes up, in vented, re state, scratched surface, scratch the surface, trans-lated, un-ravel, para phrases, referred to, speaks the cuff, de-cipher, trans late, spake impromptu, in venting, un ravel, re-corded, speaks off cuff, refer to, para phrased, speak cuff, ex pound, in vents, scratched the surface, un raveling, ex temporizes, cancel, de-claimed, destroy, dis playing, un-ravelling, speaks impromptu, re cords, leafs through, un raveled, para-phrases, buried oneself in, un-ravelled, ignore, speak the cuff, dis-covering, de-ciphers, ex pounds, refers to, de-claim, dis covers, scratching the surface, re-cording, expunge, flips through, stop, re cording, speak off cuff, in-vented, leafed through, blot out, dis covering, ex pounding, un ravels, dis-playing, re-stated, in-vent, de livering, para-phrasing, efface, spake the cuff, un ravelled, keep, burying in, buries in, re citing, re stating, de livers, dis-cover, ADLIB, para-phrased.

Synonyms for write:

list (noun)


put language down on paper (verb)

address, author, autograph, bang out, chalk, commit, communicate, compose, copy, correspond, create, dash off, draft, draw up, drop a line, engross, formulate, ghost, indite, ink, inscribe, jot down, letter, note, pen, pencil, print, record, reproduce, rewrite, scrawl, scribble, scribe, set down, set forth, sign, take down, tell, transcribe, typewrite, write up, turn out, knock out, write down, knock off, COMP, scriven, note down, drop a note, push a pencil, put in writing.

write (verb)

compose, correspond, formulate, ghostwrite, portray, record, rewrite, transcribe.

Sense 1

chronicle, communicate, dash off, edit, ghost, jot, notify, pencil, redraft, scrawl, tear off, copy down.

Sense 2

mark down, run off, script, write up, write down, write in.

Sense 3

chalk, engross, get down, scribble, scribe, sing, write out.

Sense 4

author, contribute, document, take down.

Sense 5

create, produce, put.

Sense 6

set down, put down.

Sense 7


Sense 8

note, report, scratch.

Sense 20


get in touch

send word.

Usage examples for write:

  • Why write I thus? - "The Emigrant Mechanic and Other Tales In Verse Together With Numerous Songs Upon Canadian Subjects", Thomas Cowherd.
  • When I am ready, I will write to you. - "Mysterious Mr. Sabin", E. Phillips Oppenheim.
  • Understand anything you please, but write. - "Mr. Marx's Secret", E. Phillips Oppenheim.
  • I'll write this very night. - "Bred in the Bone", James Payn.
  • Before I wrote I knew not what I was going to write. - "The Autobiography of Madame Guyon", Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte Guyon.

Idioms for write:

  • write sth off;
  • write sth out;
  • write sth against sm or sth;
  • write sm for sth;
  • write sm down as sth;

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