Pronunciation of Zappy
/zˈapi/, /zˈapi/, /z_ˈa_p_i/

Synonyms for zappy:

cheerful (adjective)

airy, animated, blithe, bouncy, bright, bucked, buoyant, cheery, chipper, chirpy, contented, effervescent, enlivening, enthusiastic, glad, gladsome, good-humored, good-natured, hearty, high, hilarious, hopeful, in good spirits, in high spirits, jaunty, jocund, jolly, joyful, lighthearted, lively, merry, optimistic, peppy, perky, pleasant, roseate, rosy, sanguine, snappy, sparkling, sprightly, sunny, up, upbeat, vivacious, winsome, zippy, zingy, gay, full of pep, sunny side up.

exuberant (adjective)

ardent, brash, cheerful, eager, ebullient, elated, excited, exhilarated, frolicsome, high-spirited, passionate, spirited, vigorous, zestful, feeling one's oats.

merry (adjective)

amusing, blithesome, boisterous, boon, carefree, comic, comical, convivial, enjoyable, entertaining, facetious, funny, gleeful, grooving, humorous, joyous, jumping, mad, mirthful, riotous, rip-roaring, rollicking, sportive, unconstrained, uproarious, wild, Larking, Rocking, Saturnalian, fun-loving.

robust (adjective)

able-bodied, athletic, booming, brawny, built, concentrated, fit, flourishing, full-bodied, hale, hardy, hefty, husky, live, lusty, muscular, potent, powerful, powerhouse, prospering, prosperous, roaring, robustious, rough, rugged, sinewy, sound, stout, strapping, sturdy, thriving, tiger, tough, vital, well, wicked, in good shape, in fine fettle, fit as fiddle, in good health, in the pink, robustuous.

spirited (adjective)

active, alert, animate, audacious, avid, bold, brave, burning, courageous, dauntless, energetic, fearless, fiery, full of life, game, gingery, gritty, gutsy, hot, intrepid, keen, mettlesome, nervy, peppery, plucky, resolute, sharp, spunky, zealous, zesty, hyper.

sprightly (adjective)

agile, breezy, brisk, clever, dapper, dashing, good, light, nimble, playful, quick, quick-witted, saucy, scintillating, smart, spry, swinging, Fairylike, Keen-witted.

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