Pronunciation of Abandon
/ɐbˈandən/, /ɐbˈandən/, /ɐ_b_ˈa_n_d_ə_n/

Antonyms for abandon

dis-closing, controls affairs of, dost one's thing, gets hold of, take a stand, puts in to effect, ex-pose, take effect, didst the sly, be at head of, re-model, dost justice, put on its end, took account of, deal with, profess, do the job, art conducive, holding high esteem, nailing it, act with, Domiciliating, pre-scribed, de claims, gets on good side of, shooting wad, pulling out fire, made a living, getting well, showing ropes, improves mind, take possession, guarded against, dis-porting, de liberated, nourish, super-vise, hast a tendency, re-cycle, pro-longs, cover, mix it up with, de-duces, gives sanctuary, keeping line, ties down, did a number, de-livers, self-control, gotten the impression, similizing, are source of strength, get hands on, getting a workout, de clare, de-bated, have an inclination, push for, tags along, was aware of, shotgunned, re touches, are head of, Seeding, in spired, be lieve, put an appearance, dis engaging, re fashion, have a handle on, picks the check, making hay, has the impression, were in the driver's seat, was predisposed, puts into effect, sewing up, fly face of, hath to name, apprize, ex plaining, be the driver's seat, give one's all, bringing up to code, hath bone pick, had authority, Similize, wert on, brought code, swore down, do bang-up job, give got, trailblazes, ex plains, re fuse, gassing, tailgated, find a way, has bone pick, un-chains, doth to t, is credulous, putting in to effect, spoke up for, dis course, be heading, be visible, Mooted, re-iterate, does the sly, acting with, was opinion, play to gallery, take in to account, doeth bangup job, encase, re-tain, be within view, coxswains, filling the bill, earning keep, wert head of, pounds into, rolling out, pre-fab, reacquiring, sweated it, arrived at, being possession of, protect, adhered to, Subjected, make into law, puts a lock on, take care of, skippered, being dressed in, dis-patched, am imminent, voted in, overcasts, putting on gloves, gives color to, be made of, drag up, post pones, was action, are on, made killing, put a fight, calls day, re-generate, re places, holding up end, is head of, comes pass, wast about, re modeled, fit together, goes that route, punched in, inter-posed, cropped up, played games, have a feeling, melodramatize, let have it, under write, speaks for, de-limiting, are the driver seat, gotten to, re-collecting, building in, was in the driver's seat, sets down, disenthralling, haddest bearing on, did ones thing, Housed, getting the hook, am opinion, sticks for, showing about, are in charge, paid for, dis-enthralling, belongs to, over state, made allowance for, pro-longed, be in force, calling the tune, provided for, re modelling, reigns over, covers all bases, keeping going, are the driver's seat, puts in force, counter poises, kept the faith, stands firm, Remanding, haddest a bearing on, shot for, counter poise, are source strength, subscribe to, art credulous, egressed, dis enthralls, gives all one got, re-formed, am source strength, shone to, in-habiting, doing the trick, fighting for, make good, re ported, takes at one word, execute, shot mouth, de scribing, brooding over, gives credence to, acted with regard to, are the opinion, covers for, hadst sneaking suspicion, gave color to, art fond of, holding sway, dis-covered, played gallery, sit on top of, re-cited, uphold, show about, re arranging, clean ones act, pro-mote, give color to, am hand, brought down the house, art source strength, gotten in there, re attain, earned one keep, pre dominated, came defense of, earns keep, have at, steer, taking effect, makes healthy, acted with, counter-vail, doth a number, come with, over-tops, called it day, shows the way, does a t, tot up, nailed it, re affirmed, played to gallery, is in the wind, doth one thing, teems with, were possessed of, be pendent, pro vide, hast sneaking suspicion, get off the hook, de-limits, became visible, dis-imprisoned, be responsible for, un veiling, meet with, victual, pro claims, are valid, caught to, verging on, be the drivers seat, become visible, art in effect, had to do with, wert convinced of, puts the snare on, puts in good word, interprets as, running show, re-stating, Revering, getting someplace, whip into shape, disimprisoned, hitting town, roofing, haddest sneaking suspicion, is at the head of, repurchased, go at, was in residence, twist one's arm, over-borne, twist arm, wast in mid air, bob up, going limit, re make, earns ones keep, compulsory laws, putting a fight, Piloted, dis-mounting, be commensurate, reimpose, having on, show, fall heir to, buy into, shlepped along, un-furling, self-restraint, inter-cede, art about, Potting, were positive, dope out, have to name, gets shape, trans-forms, over-spreading, co unselling, was found, re-serve, re-acquired, Girdled, over hangs, soften up, dis-posed, putting in appearance, re-porting, shooting for, caught on, clean up ones act, runs with the ball, fetching up, totted up, become known, pre-sents, laps up, being in midair, retro spects, co-existed, being born with, play gallery, hast a feeling, take place, domiciliates, calls in, worked on, Intermitted, counter balances, feel in bones, art in residence, be action, gave one's got, re claiming, up rear, wast imminent, opening view, over born, co-oked, shrouding, hold up ones end, hath a bearing on, hitting bulleye, be ginning, pre-vailed, shore up, Companied, took under one wing, is driver seat, button down, came pass, disciplined, post-pones, wast the driver seat, wert in driver seat, bring to fruition, flirted with, lend hand, re-paying, hast bearing on, Re-present, pro curing, re purchasing, pro-longing, super-intends, was established, keeps under surveillance, Viseing, sell for, put lock on, set free, in-criminate, in-clines, brought to maturity, gat shape, were of opinion, taking the helm, give lessons, hitting bull eye, am in driver's seat, kept fingers crossed, taking shape, under writing, went after, have a tendency, goes whole hog, was the driver seat, haddest faith, shleps along, am a source of strength, de tain, pre-pare, headed for, being established, haddest impression, cover all bases, umbraged, chokes back, art present, pounded in to, wore crown, over-take, reassert, am driver's seat, shot at, cuts on, wast the driver's seat, holding bay, re states, hadst handle on, over takes, Tendering, strive, knock on wood, making a living, squared off, clocks in, under-writing, retain, got the drift, gets off hook, changing ones ways, brooded over, leading way, buttoning down, Reverencing, did to a t, holds at bay, re-made, doubling for, rid shotgun for, pre-occupy, didst turn, gets there, sucking in, am credulous, gotten done, pre-occupying, hiked up, becomes known, be convinced, re generates, forgather, with holds, get a workout, makes pitch, hitting bulls-eye, up bears, was in driver's seat, re-aping, be dressed in, de luging, be-gun, wast fond of, make profit, Intermitting, DO, made profit, wert forthcoming, repels danger, over topped, in vents, makes room for, re-couped, hits bulleye, were in mid-air, overspread, corresponded with, with holding, making ready, hadst feeling, getting in there, train, was commensurate, sew up, pre vails, un bound, overbear, catches to, in criminates, interpreting as, complied with, re arranged, gives shelter, cleaning up one act, take reins, bides time, coming to rescue, transorting, transort, bide time, turned one head, sock it to one, unshackled, produces a result, vindicate, are just ticket, pro-vision, ex tort, under written, art in possession of, has dibs something, dis-simulating, hold the reins, pre vail, are forthcoming, catering to, under writes, tell of, strung along, reasserting, counter-poised, dost the trick, dig up, hit upon, doing turn, brings down the house, restrain, doest a bang-up job, happened with, do bangup job, dilly dally, put up argument, presuming true, set upright, made ready, having the say, in spires, de-barring, corking up, saves neck, Havened, over seen, keeping out, holds dear, sur faces, is established, be habit of, re taking, rides shotgun for, Summed, up-heaving, dis guise, acted out, be longing, dost the job, re-affirming, fend, kept eye on, proves case, sur-facing, brings to maturity, Re-forming, got out from under, mass-producing, hath at, make hay, puts across, lay down law, prosecute, doubles for, replevies, be directed to, keep tabs, be in the wind, devoting to, embark, gives all ones got, doest one thing, haddest an inclination, held in high esteem, topping off, keeps company, setting free, wert the driver seat, takes possession, swears down, keeps possession, figure out, doest the job, art at the head of, dost a bang-up job, wast equipped for, trans acted, are liable, makes a killing, busts in, goes after, had a tendency, comply with, keeps going, art saddle, getting the impression, am positive, holding up ones end, doeth a number, give all ones got, re-modeling, in-spiring, hit the bulls eye, art just the ticket, de notes, dis joins, hoked up, bears one out, kept an eye on, make ready, housetrained, am a source strength, holds in high esteem, gave credence to, weighing in, in-spects, give a break, are in command, un-chain, coming defense of, keeps down, ex-pound, re model, un-zips, with stand, worked out a deal, super-pose, art of opinion, coming to pass, held the reins, saw as, breezes in, de-claiming, work out deal, cropt up, under-takes, scour, gives a leg up, having faith, gat in there, hold up one end, re establishes, is in cards, art relevant, jampack, de-sired, over bearing, tossing around, gives one's all, worked out deal, runs show, being contained in, assent to, dost the sly, in habit, cropping up, hung over, un fetters, anticipate, pre-paring, made in to law, threw together, Shepherding, unchains, hold purse strings, cleans up ones act, are in mid air, gotten with, are composed of, taking reins, covers bases, changes ways, wast pendent, haddest on, handed onto, are born with, dream of, puts an appearance, was sure of, mixt it with, in vent, under-writes, de-rive, doeth number, being in force, being in the driver's seat, sense, bush up, shuttering, wert the drivers seat, re cited, importing, squash, ex changes, called a day, take for, ex acts, getting ready, arriving at, looked at, doing a bang-up job, de luged, point way, has say, over crowd, Overtopped, catching up to, kept mind, going first, pro-fess, didst sly, justify, Regimenting, thought to, earned wings, over running, be-have, trans-planted, post pone, hath reference, took effect, earn one keep, hadst say, bobbing up, associating with, hath on, am liable, dis-courses, counter-balancing, unchained, socks one, co-occurring, toting up, un bind, de-tailing, cleaved to, re-vitalizes, be-stows, arrives at, join with, make well, bring forward, jumps up, came rescue, doing job, save one neck, boxed up, crossing one's heart, giving one got, prefabbed, cleave to, are effect, was in the wind, crosses one's heart, makes known, breaks through, re solve, tagging along, called the tune, wert in saddle, under wrote, held over, remakes, set rights, give break, re acted, re introduced, give all one got, be stowed, art forthcoming, super imposes, went limit, doeth trick, buttons up, hath feeling, art the driver seat, is in effect, over-laying, gave sanctuary, carried off, re strain, Struggled, get ready, keeping faith, personate, does one's thing, take along, doeth on sly, makes up for, puts appearance, knocking oneself out, put across, gets in with, dis patched, getting into, re furbished, consorted with, clutch, re-forms, corked up, prefabricated, appear as, hast to do with, doest sly, proving a case, promising oneself, sits top of, took place, is the habit of, earned one's keep, putting money for, ex-act, re-habilitating, look forward to, appears as, be sure of, put to death, is charge, over cast, pre-cede, were on, heading up, taking place, in-vest, gains on, lead, times in, rumpused, Versing, art possessed of, pre cede, be-long, be drivers seat, calling a day, pick the check, assumes command, being convinced, show around, wert matter of, latch on to, haddest hand, under-stands, resist, re-spects, being directed to, trans-form, hold out for, gat out from under, proved a case, made living, re erects, were in mid air, thinks of as, shuts in, construct, re vivified, resulted in, forces up on, reimposes, wast case, wert predisposed, re corded, changed one ways, exercises authority, had dibs on something, getting shape, are driver's seat, be in habit of, trans form, make a production of, be in saddle, paid expenses of, re-instates, stand up to, under lay, lighted into, am born with, be opinion, were in charge, gotten into, over-cast, attach weight to, being aware of, save ones neck, de-pend, going to town, was cards, holding over, has a bearing on, get out hock, came on strong, holds sway over, turning one's head, haddest the say, came light, making killing, was habit of, sate on, de tails, up held, hadst business with, preside, shooting one wad, covering bases, pass through, pre ceded, called signals, opens view, being effect, making profit, screen, nail it, co occur, de pends, moves toward, be-lieve, underlain, calls signals, holds over, gets through, cleaned act, under-standing, has hunch, running up, Bulwarked, wins back, were matter of, para phrase, changed ways, re-coup, beetle, wast in driver's seat, being saddle, doing to a t, allowed for, gets in shape, re-lied, de-luging, trading in, dis enthrall, reconstituting, keeps mind, cracking down, takes under ones wing, taking heart, am in drivers seat, un binds, are blessed with, pre ceding, came into view, doth a bang up job, hath a hunch, having title, inter pose, pre-scribes, are force, is in power, reacquire, up casts, look at sunny side, paragoned, nursles, sells for, be friend, re fusing, takes rap for, abstains from, am the case, be headed, slip on, Machined, guard against, haddest recourse to, run show, change one's ways, made equal, took over, brought down house, give instruction, hold in high esteem, gets done, keep mind, puts money for, provides sanctuary, hits the bullseye, be aware of, prorogue, fore seen, shoot ones mouth, in duces, makes the scene, passes along, art in charge, coxswain, Perpend, cobbles up, re spects, playact, gives grounds for, prefab, was mid air, re pressing, keeps close, hath bearing on, super posed, shape up, governs, re covering, Garrisoned, hold one's end, got in shape, sent through roof, be loose, repurchases, getting the better of, catch to, un folding, control, insisted on, changes one's ways, bringing code, hit the bull eye, being in the driver seat, ran the show, am source of strength, pre-suppose, counter-acting, am charge, doth on the sly, sweating it out, getting hands on, under taken, becoming apparent, re asserting, lending hand, be-haves, harbor, un-veiling, set forth, re-possess, doing thing, are at hand, skied in, de bars, holding purse strings, in criminate, acts with, being the case, doest bang up job, being in saddle, come rescue, sketching out, pulled back, dis charges, haddest handle on, associate with, hoist, picked check, being connected, made appearance, was mid-air, playing to, re-fashion, call signals, hath title, wast made up of, got hold of, clothes oneself, dost trick, hath name, shoots wad, pro fesses, levered, cork up, not let go, was case, art visible, coming into view, farcialize, hast name, knocked oneself out, sur-rounded, begin, mixed up with, Accounted, go bat for, going through with, art habit of, buys into, ex changing, de tailing, corresponding with, snarling up, taking over, un-binds, is saddle, gets in to, gets someplace, taking pains with, gat as far as, haddest dibs on something, came to rescue, crossed one's heart, in clines, in habits, hast in hand, accedes to, upbears, wast in drivers seat, conducts oneself toward, necessitation, having say, shooting ones wad, in cites, layered, packed 'em in, being cards, re animating, talked in to, doth one proud, re-deems, de bating, bear upon, journey over, re erecting, re-new, re claims, with-hold, doeth t, being source of strength, shows, wast coming, cross ones heart, being composed of, dress in, laces in to, goes for broke, allegates, wast liable, head, hadst hunch, carrying outs, embarrassment, art at head of, being coming, takes under advisement, put in an appearance, having tendency, having a tendency, re-vivified, were wind, locks horns with, clean up one act, de legates, doth a t, ran with ball, re served, buy out, re-imposing, beetles, leaving alone, trans-plants, be-guile, call the signals, gotten off the hook, pro tract, get picture, pick up the check, are wind, re-arranged, dreaming of, with held, up hold, gotten better of, be mid air, stood up to, hath business with, are opinion, think of as, thought over, TCBS, were in the driver seat, is a source of strength, over-born, socked it to one, get the drift, being the head of, be equipped for, dis-charging, be positive, bear mind, cogitating on, in-cline, up raising, were the drivers seat, shoot ones wad, bring up to code, square off, up heaving, makes into law, under stand, devoted oneself to, tailgating, has bearing, coincided with, plays on heartstrings, mixes up with, were force, chewing over, said in defense, control affairs of, is in saddle, de-lineate, is in possession of, be in wind, do the sly, ostends, tick off, hath in hand, being the wind, swear up down, shot ones wad, art just ticket, hath handle on, attended to, re possessing, art matter of, twists ones arm, being of the opinion, seeming large, did t, walls off, re-builds, accede to, piloting, am responsible for, earned ones keep, leads way, pro-rogues, presides over, pre-supposes, be-friend, up borne, hadst faith, kept safe, super intends, chock, re-pays, come to rescue, enact, knocking wood, setting out, took one's word, congressing, picking up the check, trans-planting, digs up, were at the head of, guards against, hold high esteem, felt in gut, argue, hadst reference, takes one's word, pro visions, dis closed, guarding, pro fess, haddest a tendency, up raised, is enough, over-taking, hadst faith in, counted heads, gave facts, willpower, gives got, re-veal, under pinned, taking out, hast the impression, places up, co occurs, getting with, Victualled, be the driver seat, thinks the world of, stick around, didst trick, dis-embarked, win back, is in mid-air, art in saddle, re modelled, pulling back, come to defense of, wast forthcoming, realize, giving shelter, be driver seat, makes the grade, lays it on, comes to light, mothballs, coming on scene, be in residence, am cards, doth ones thing, re-serves, re-aped, being disposed, ex-plain, shows face, gat on good side of, was in drivers seat, was in saddle, remake, dis-cover, with stood, see as, copping, up lift, being mid-air, didst one proud, wast in possession of, dost honors, go through with, was command, co occurred, dis simulated, trans acting, leant on, open eyes, carry out, cornered market, re makes, in vented, being fastened, was fond of, give one got, re establish, picking the check, art in habit of, be with it, were command, roped in, doing honors, is biased, catching the drift, maintain, being possessed of, are directed to, shines up to, brought up code, counting heads, ex-tort, gets with, come pass, sware up and down, has business with, pull wires, giving facts, wert sure of, am dressed in, cleaned ones act, are the case, shores up, re new, self-consciousness, held one's end, being visible, chambered, dis-imprisoning, stood to, made the scene, am wind, cleaning act, re-instate, ex-cite, holding out against, preside over, drops anchor, in duce, was residence, are sure of, buttons down, is the driver's seat, am certain of, ex pounds, abstain from, dis joined, whipped in to shape, leaned on, un earthed, finalize, talks into, am the driver's seat, co exist, Sentinelling, is in the habit of, ticking off, was within view, dis-playing, pro-claims, passes through, hits bull's eye, trade in, Reattain, re asserted, speaks up for, sub-jugate, is poised, counter vailing, un furling, give cover, bringing up code, with-stands, being matter of, pounds in to, count heads, holds the reins, am at head of, keep under surveillance, pro pounded, art in the drivers seat, tread boards, in-duce, showed around, working in, wast saddle, tost around, latch to, making a killing, doing ones thing, pro-tested, chew over, un shackled, Superposed, carry off, over sees, held fast, polishing up, run things, prefabricating, doest turn, re cognizes, broods over, cobbled up, was at hand, gotten next to, confront, am the drivers seat, re touch, re-wrought, busting in, write up, cleans up one act, re furbishes, taking the reins, un-fetters, take oath, gat out hock, took care business, went at, over-bear, pre-tended, in-cite, art hand, did the trick, re took, knocks wood, Bulking, de limited, build in, sets store by, re late, putting across, asservated, remain true, played up to, does bang up job, deals in, are saddle, do the trick, passing along, counter poised, are hand, ex pounding, exercising power, holds up one's end, passing on, put in force, re-builded, fulfill, dis-guises, keep tabs on, wert fastened, held one end, de-liver, pro-positions, re-stored, dis-joins, giving ones got, refashioning, under-pins, make equal, doest a bang up job, bide, doing proud, took a stand, Re-turn, coinciding with, gotten well, having reference, snarls up, being found, hit bull eye, pinions, doth bang up job, art convinced, turns one head, un-folds, de liver, be-stowing, re pressed, holding good, de limits, cooped up, riding shotgun for, happening with, de-liberates, is the wind, were a matter of, takes out, are biased, is equipped for, was the opinion, un-chaining, hath the say, re cites, sides with, is command, were in effect, out-weighs, become apparent, doted on, shapes up, re strict, buttoned up, are in saddle, melodramatized, bobs up, dis covered, am biased, electro-cute, am visible, upheaved, look up to, controlled affairs of, bushed up, bringing fruition, de-rives, showed ropes, getting in with, re-imposes, did job, put snare on, dis-engage, roofed, carry through, wert habit of, hands onto, ex-pounded, making play for, holding the reins, taking an oath, ex-posed, art in wind, did the honors, holds bay, didst honors, re builds, tragedizes, dis-posing, cut in on, setting down, dis-plays, pre-served, gat floor, refers to, haddest name, sucking to, reign over, catch up to, gives an introduction, wert loose, Mooting, made a killing, ex-tends, am case, turning ones head, being present, de-claimed, am conducive, is conducive, gat someplace, art composed of, got hands on, numbers among, stay put, re-establishes, get shape, abstained from, put up fight, up lifted, do a bangup job, belonged to, catches up to, reigning over, in-venting, hath faith in, clung to, put dukes, over-rides, gave ones got, tie down, hitting bull-eye, sardines, bear hugging, goes in for, abide, de-fending, throw weight around, gave introduction, art case, art in the cards, necessitations, come into view, in sert, performs, providing for, shoots off one's mouth, sets to, do justice, re-modeled, trumps up, shoots one's mouth, sway, dried run, come on strong, crossing heart, got hook, chaperone, un cover, hadst dibs on something, co-wed, wast action, contest, ex-cites, sock it one, buying in to, co-oking, mixes it up with, deemed likely, loom, brings down house, re-deeming, cobble up, mixing it with, art aware of, art loose, dis charged, present, be just the ticket, stand behind, is positive, being firm, provide sanctuary, seeing to, plays up to, art prejudiced, carrying through, do proud, standing up for, didst on sly, calling it a day, makes progress, over looks, were the wind, have title, un zips, doing one's thing, occurred with, gives facts, doth the sly, placing up, was certain of, attends to, in-habits, am command, de liberate, is possessed of, apologizing for, re placed, art commensurate, shows ropes, gives all one's got, are a source of strength, de sires, got the impression, hath hand, lead the way, Co-ordinates, lock horns with, are in driver's seat, overspreading, comes on strong, doing one proud, goes on with, clocked in, gotten results, dost one proud, pleaded for, be-friends, wast in mid-air, are in cards, be in command, re vitalize, re-paired, takes care of, de-livered, re-took, putting good word, re-covers, sweat out, wert action, making it, feel, wert responsible for, latched to, is pendent, getting to, makes a buy, Replevying, earn keep, art in command, doest justice, re-questing, dis-coursing, de posited, dreams of, passes on, inter mediate, re-acquires, does justice, wast sure of, de limit, re solves, was in cards, in-corporates, stirring up, brought fruition, was in habit of, roping in, is composed of, under-lied, dis close, were in cards, have reference, dramatize, stand up for, pre dispose, re established, keeping the faith, be long, thought of as, break through, Sentineling, choke back, discretion, wast invited, brings to code, die hard, are charge, presume true, hold up end, consorting with, am head of, wast with it, is in force, de signing, ex-cogitating, are possessed of, underlies, does on the sly, re-acquire, pro claimed, didst proud, took out, up rears, makes amends, wert at the head of, de-duce, wast driver seat, held up end, de-legates, accessed, putting in an appearance, was endowed with, having rights, leads by nose, get next to, covers up, held up one end, dieing hard, be in driver seat, doest the honors, wast at the head of, coming to light, rivetted, de fended, put up money for, stays staunch, pro-pound, re couping, wast in the driver seat, being in action, dis-imprison, are the head of, are in effect, keeps view, picks up check, reacquires, de crees, heads up, intro duce, dis-mounted, catching on, run the show, haddest tendency, had hunch, brings up code, snarled up, dost proud, points to, pro visioning, took place with, shoot for, gets good side of, twisted arm, were within view, make the scene, tolerate, sat top of, art biased, pro rogue, gat drift, were the case, delay, regain, keeping possession, earn one's keep, fills the bill, looks up on, over seeing, disimprisons, does a turn, did a turn, keep close, brings to fruition, field, holding one end, Machining, getting results, be found, filled the bill, de-scribed, did sly, made pitch, get to, dis-closed, make play for, re vising, appears with, doest on the sly, pro scribe, get in to, put death, assume, putting a lock on, wert in the habit of, stand firm, sur rounding, fight for, totes up, up-rearing, pro duce, suppression, accessing, refashions, taking under one's wing, am of opinion, save, corked, made scene, in corporate, wert made up of, get better of, showed the ropes, hung around with, re-models, doest bangup job, conducting toward, staying staunch, saving one's neck, cleaves to, sitting on, haddest dibs something, plead for, Overseeing, re-asserting, kept down, take account of, is within view, am connected, fight over, digged up, being a matter of, commence, came scene, be endowed with, sweats it out, sitting on top of, step in, got the floor, de bates, is the cards, inter-fere, re-solving, in-duces, cleaning one act, de duces, wert equipped for, Bottled, gave a break, were enough, do bang up job, be cards, art mid-air, pre siding, re-furbish, carpeted, cooccurred, partnered, hast tendency, art the drivers seat, brings back, got a workout, doth sly, wert convinced, haddest to name, up holding, de bar, took the reins, take care of business, does the job, hold good, hadst rights, re-aching, lights in to, covered up, dis courages, mixed with, gat ready, plays gallery, re cover, gat the idea, lays down law, hath a feeling, took at word, art predisposed, knuckled with, ran with the ball, makes good, mothballing, Ramping, wast the cards, made it, re-introduces, found a way, over-ride, re-making, ex plained, holding to, discipline, bought back, dis simulates, angeling, intermediating, is in the drivers seat, mixes with, have handle on, found way, be-guiles, wrapping up in, dis-covers, conducts toward, watched for, re stating, counter-poises, hanging over, sticked it to, pro pounds, am the head of, dis-cern, cashed on, gotten in shape, refer to, hath bone to pick, going for broke, are fond of, hit bull's-eye, over shadow, avow, pro-motes, gat fat, getting out from under, art in driver's seat, blueprinted, force upon, changes ones ways, did honors, in-criminates, be in the driver's seat, am saddle, keep view, pulled wires, cogitate on, lean on, gotten out of hock, ostending, pro-positioned, coming on strong, palm, didst thoroughly, wert cards, gives ones all, up-cast, showing around, over did, being invited, is just ticket, feeling confident, de lineated, being head of, blew in, looked forward to, Tendered, blowing in, re straining, cater to, serving to, gave one all, went first, took under advisement, in spire, punches in, cleans up one's act, pro tested, put into effect, jammed through, snapping up, art a matter of, were made up of, de-liberating, upheaving, hast handle on, have bearing on, advocate, whipt into shape, dis-coursed, pro vides, reached again, perked, pulls out of fire, re-constitute, called tune, deeming likely, shoot off one mouth, hope, over ruled, be midair, be in mid-air, de vising, point to, insist, have a hunch, journeying over, look to, un folds, lap up, gave leg up, haddest reference, re-building, latching to, re constitute, died hard, nails it, is effect, contend, re peat, went the limit, paid off, has feeling, hang out, cleans one's act, sub dues, popping off, leading the way, hath dibs something, clad oneself, are in action, play up to, did one thing, hast to name, make known, de-luges, kept out, hits bull-eye, reclaim, dis-embarks, lead by the nose, am in command, un-folded, go to town, board up, held office, re-fining, are in drivers seat, de clares, intermediated, pyramidded, jumping on, Cinching, carried through, did thing, art the cards, Chocking, laying it on, hanged over, de livering, drest in, giving a leg up, inter-posing, being made of, over-looking, fore-see, takes under wing, taking for, were in the drivers seat, correspond to, assume command, nursled, up dated, hammed, were poised, forcing upon, be in driver's seat, hang in, ex-tract, are in the wind, skyed in, get drift, showing face, show way, pre supposed, am at the head of, re aping, under took, dies hard, goose up, giving refuge, re fashioned, dis-simulates, buy in to, playing on heartstrings, uneasiness, chewed over, give refuge, doest bang-up job, gives a break, comes light, unchain, pro-long, un-veiled, pro-visions, are driver seat, up lifting, weighs in, fore-sees, wast made of, works in, cooccurring, was the case, am action, is the head of, hit up, Gassed, wast near, replevining, give ones got, picking check, playing up to, doest on sly, hits bull'seye, see, ex act, get there, getting off hook, snapped up, point the way, turns aside, got as far as, wert commensurate, had a handle on, getting out of hock, keeping in mind, depend on, holding at bay, up-borne, has faith, in form, catch the drift, reins in, dost a bangup job, reimposing, strong arm, over saw, pay expenses of, wast the wind, pro-pounding, sticked to, hold sway, pre sent, call a day, hold one end, inter ceded, re news, got in with, go on with, dis joining, prorogues, gat better of, pro longing, pushing for, over does, puts up fight, am the cards, gave refuge, seem large, massproducing, being a source strength, wast contained in, de-tain, art blessed with, is just the ticket, re gained, doth bang-up job, catch drift, re-peat, dis-joining, art poised, re couped, pro-viding, wert about, do one proud, see to, do a turn, shot one's wad, Canopying, coming pass, hits bullseye, art wind, setting rights, gat the impression, allege, held dear, de-sires, dis mounted, made production of, making for, hath to do with, served the people, doing a t, re collecting, calls tune, was coming, knuckle with, lifts up, re-cover, working on, dealing in, re-arranges, thinking as, up-casts, apprized, give one's got, art sure of, in habited, wert opinion, didst a bang up job, are connected, pro-tract, occurs with, showed about, be-having, toted up, flew face of, giving all one's got, dis-engaged, take shape, tag along, doest number, being equipped for, re-strict, pay ransom, put bed, interpret as, sucked up to, in criminating, re covered, over-looks, is in charge, changes one ways, were saddle, espouse, occupying throne, de-noted, pro-cures, puts lock on, over-see, are responsible for, baby sit, am aware of, Dragooning, holds purse strings, keep the faith, change ones ways, re conditioning, play to, does turn, getting vibes, hath say, be biased, uphove, make scene, boarding up, Unshackle, filling bill, re presents, were dressed in, mask, wert prejudiced, wert in the driver seat, up-bore, de-tailed, re-generated, calls it day, re paying, show in, took stock in, hast authority, un veiled, re fused, go along with, esteem, keeping close, were blessed with, wore the crown, with standing, got the picture, took action, lays a finger on, de rive, over-ridden, discreetness, holding one's end, shield, de-luge, be-heads, wraps in, shoot off ones mouth, standing guard, overbears, looking up to, mixt it up, art first, hadst authority, put in good word, takes stock in, repression, wert with it, am present, be head of, pro-vides, gloms, counter balance, box up, reconstituted, fences in, Nurtured, re tain, Subjecting, thinks over, puts death, turn over a new leaf, kept tabs, gotten the hook, have sneaking suspicion, preserve, repurchase, clean one act, cleaned up one act, do trick, super intending, shoot off mouth, have relation, re-fuse, dis played, wast in cards, diagramed, twists one's arm, sate top of, thought as, remains firm, had say, being hand, goosed up, re-pressing, un fetter, gets off the hook, ruled over, holds sway, hitting bull'seye, Disciplining, thumping for, reach, art in cards, falls by, do honors, beared one out, are about, re-vitalizing, be liable, putting fight, Riveted, shotgunning, over bears, were at head of, shadowed, re paid, spring up, cleaned up ones act, go limit, co-unselling, up heave, counted noses, coming on the scene, cleans one act, put forward, steamrolls, domiciliate, fudged together, art valid, haddest hunch, passing through, haddest relation, sardining, does one proud, making progress, having business with, keeping down, co-exists, under-taking, being habit of, wast commensurate, de claimed, is contained in, shoot mouth, makes for, dealt in, hung in, giving a break, cashes in on, cleaned up, putting a good word, went to town, dis imprison, was matter of, in-vented, mix it with, paid ransom, re member, returned to, re-quire, under standing, am made of, did a bang-up job, doth thoroughly, sucks to, coops up, re-lease, is opinion, picks up the check, taking under advisement, cashing in, knuckling with, doing the honors, packing em in, plays to, un-veils, gat in with, dis patches, gotten with it, re touched, holding up one end, wast relevant, comes in to view, Chairing, re-animates, up-holding, got better of, serve to, earns wings, ex posed, had bone to pick, gave all one got, up-hove, be mid-air, enjoy, are the cards, is in habit of, corresponded to, ride shotgun for, hast on, sticked for, be a source of strength, is born with, being in drivers seat, re-straining, Palming, re cycling, over ridden, dost on sly, voted favorably, wert just the ticket, directionalize, hadst bone pick, rests assured, fudge together, looked up on, catching to, set on, prefabricates, twists one arm, is in mid air, throws weight around, replevins, de tains, come to pass, journeys over, up staging, assert, choking back, re counts, are the drivers seat, getting through, latching onto, coming to defense of, fits together, be possession of, made into law, re-presses, pre-disposed, pushed buttons, gets the floor, had reference, take stand, having sneaking suspicion, hokes up, ex tends, were source strength, fudges together, working out a deal, got in to, makes appearance, acts with regard to, sweated out, putting to death, put money for, hits upon, re quires, punches the clock, corner market, de posits, reckoned with, tying down, be made up of, is aware of, haddest bone to pick, transact, hath dibs on something, proves a case, trans plants, re-modelled, watching over, getting the picture, devote to, Beaconing, over-runs, mixt it up with, hath inclination, work, haddest say, believe, are aware of, payed off, gotten off hook, under-wrote, pro-moting, laid over, re porting, dis embark, cashed in on, coming rescue, makes well, am convinced, pro-pounded, gotten a workout, wast charge, wert residence, unshackles, got the better of, did proud, held ones end, de liberating, pre-cedes, withhold, reacts toward, wert within view, going whole hog, shooting one mouth, gat with it, dost bang-up job, prevail up on, over looked, cash on, counter-balanced, doest proud, gained time, hold up one's end, took heart, reasserted, mass producing, doest a bangup job, wast in power, cradle, taking care business, looks upon, up-rear, whipped into shape, de barring, art made up of, re generated, being of opinion, devotes to, re-capture, hold up, take part, are in wind, pro claiming, holds up one end, occur with, Viseed, hold over, held opinion, doth the trick, speaking for, didst one thing, twisted one arm, re habilitate, being in the habit of, re models, gets ready, ministers to, was power, Burlesqued, dost a number, flies face of, Manacled, attaches weight to, re-quires, appeared with, had the say, make a buy, are power, comes on the scene, un chains, puts on gloves, counter vails, be residence, calling the signals, repute, be having, pulling wires, haddest title, dis-join, are predisposed, having hunch, were present, pound in to, de-luged, dredge, art in driver seat, tcbing, de rives, dis-guised, re-tains, refer, under stands, hand onto, Bulked, refashioned, hits bulls-eye, is in residence, is responsible for, jump up, re conditions, had business with, saves ones neck, wert found, hadst an inclination, Upbear, rumpusing, made an appearance, dis imprisoned, over runs, adhere to, doth one's thing, wert in power, side with, am within view, doest job, serve people, hang around with, doest ones thing, dopes out, wert credulous, earn ones keep, sticks by, doth to a t, was conducive, punch clock, being the drivers seat, cashes on, re impose, para phrasing, re constructed, struggling against, bring to code, hits bull's-eye, doth job, make production of, impacted on, hast a handle on, re coup, re-possesses, are credulous, being drivers seat, regard highly, sees to, reckoning on, re quested, hitting the bullseye, re-presented, electro cutes, art responsible for, running after, be have, ran after, sweats it, subscribed to, re capture, being in mid air, de barred, over see, were in saddle, up-staged, over ruling, be force, shines to, raise, saw after, trans-forming, swear up and down, re-curred, trump up, regarding highly, gotten the floor, de-liberate, dis-covering, wert firm, being driver's seat, up-reared, is in driver seat, whipping in to shape, went through with, co existing, stays put, get the idea, pre cedes, para-phrase, chews over, buttoned down, feeling gut, doest t, is the drivers seat, in vests, ex pounded, be-friended, over-rule, be a source strength, gat with, hath impression, de note, wast born with, inter-mediates, lay in to, re-presenting, make room for, laid on, trans-acts, controlling the affairs of, shoot one mouth, run with the ball, take steps, saved neck, hast bearing, didst the honors, taking one word, in-spect, up cast, re taken, had name, inter posing, oversees, hangs in, points way, gat the hook, speaking up for, housetraining, earning ones keep, wert mid-air, sails through, crosses one heart, re-fused, re-erected, were responsible for, wert enough, overcrowd, re maining, dis patch, pre-supposing, up-heaves, looking forward to, re-captured, is the opinion, inter-mediating, wert source strength, trans forming, dropped anchor, conduct, cooccur, fore-seen, counter-acted, hast inclination, came forth, reconstitutes, work on, giving lessons, forgathering, dis coursed, over taking, re-acted, is imminent, do job, up rearing, puts good word, reform, pre scribing, reaffirmed, dragoons, puts up dukes, didst to t, lay over, stands to, re-cycles, control the affairs of, swearing off, stand by, is matter of, re-make, mulled over, holds fast, tenders, am poised, procure, pre tends, have impression, art cards, re-storing, pre pares, serving the people, counter-acts, de-legate, being blessed with, in spect, be at the head of, de-livering, was loose, re-arrange, re stated, re mained, re-erect, un-chained, reckons on, pre occupied, up-lifted, didst bangup job, are with it, quarterbacking, pre-vent, think world of, going town, fill the bill, jam pack, be saddle, put over, pro positioned, lays money on, lay it on, exercised power, gotten on good side of, bobbed up, react toward, re-organizing, taking steps, stay up, kept company, re membered, pop off, Ramped, having a handle on, gat to, am contained in, interpreted as, deem likely, call tune, pro-testing, show one's face, de-bating, make progress, pro-roguing, pre paring, pulls strings, watching for, swearing and down, hast an inclination, insisting on, art the wind, re-members, bare one out, altercate, melodramatizes, Altercating, having impression, massproduces, pre serves, hold sway over, de livers, saved one neck, are disposed, opened eyes, fence in, Beetled, Bottling, clocking in, goosed, gotten out from under, re coups, re-generates, wast cards, keeps faith, gotten in with, pointed the way, lets have it, Summing, asservate, knocked together, up-dates, re strained, laid down law, provided sanctuary, put the snare on, has in hand, under-lying, seeing about, dis embarked, shut in, am a matter of, re vivifies, taking action, are within view, hold, domesticate, re pairing, Perking, was possessed of, stands by, was valid, coop up, Squashing, doeth on the sly, being midair, sware up down, be present, inhabit, brings code, manufacture, threw weight around, re-dresses, wound up at, over-ruled, hanged around with, change ways, having authority, keeping under surveillance, button up, came to defense of, make living, saw to, pre vailing, dressed in, winned back, pro long, are dressed in, plant, changing ways, dis join, gotten out hock, makes allowance for, de-rived, re-freshes, supervise, cooccurs, call it day, are the wind, pro-duces, lacing in to, turning over a new leaf, tooling, de-vising, had a bearing on, Shotguns, sur-mises, pre-disposes, cornering market, becoming known, seed down, gooses up, hits bull eye, ex actions, filled bill, being force, de-creed, inter-feres, pro-cesses, paying off, took rap for, dis plays, be blessed with, re-habilitated, didst t, pro cess, skippering, leaved alone, sweated it out, being in wind, de noting, un veils, showing one's face, comes scene, re-asserts, is hand, trans acts, is possession of, being in the drivers seat, is in midair, dost bangup job, hem in, lends hand, crossed one heart, was near, dis-embarking, re quests, wast convinced, be at hand, took at one's word, having at, doped out, take action, passed on, gets next to, art residence, giving the facts, de-bates, devoting oneself to, sur facing, saving ones neck, ex-tending, shoot wad, corresponds to, de scribed, un covered, placed up, be disposed, took part, counter-poise, hast feeling, gain time, wert in command, re iterating, devotes oneself to, pro cure, sailed through, re-gard, teeming with, in vested, depended on, holding sway over, mothball, hast dibs on something, has a feeling, serves to, call day, giving one's got, give the facts, are positive, suck up to, gives one's got, consider, re fines, be in effect, super-posed, de pending, dis-enthrall, putting the snare on, operate, make over, hitting bullseye, made amends, art imminent, palms, has recourse to, having bearing on, knocks together, under-pinned, hit up on, are cards, does a bang up job, shone up to, railroading through, keeping eye on, saves one neck, cleans act, re-introduce, have in hand, re-coups, wert contained in, art within view, sub-due, showed face, disimprisoning, controlling affairs of, giving sanctuary, took word, becomes apparent, doeth one proud, clean up, going for jugular, taking at one word, up-bears, feel gut, re gaining, run with ball, get with it, puts to bed, having relation, compass, prefabbing, dis porting, pushing around, ring in, upraise, re paired, coming forth, got fat, be firm, re erected, up dating, hitting the bull eye, doing a bang up job, laid down the law, sends through the roof, was imminent, pounded into, allegating, is in driver's seat, art the head of, chocks, ex-changed, sat on top of, were in force, be of opinion, lays claim to, pursue, swore off, referred to, roll in, watches out for, keeping an eye on, de scribes, re construct, co-ordinate, clean up act, wast poised, vising, guard, putting up dukes, inhibition, savvying, shot one's mouth, pre-scribing, played on heartstrings, dost t, are conducive, housetrains, got workout, pre supposing, have bearing, doest one proud, be the cards, put on gloves, adopt, winded at, over rules, gat the picture, over-shadowing, fore sees, de-pends, giving instruction, intermits, diagrammed, is midair, dreamt of, de tail, give an introduction, caught drift, joined with, watch out for, am fastened, lifting up, be forthcoming, hath a handle on, put in appearance, shelter, reckoned on, promise oneself, re builded, Helming, coxswaining, wert poised, packs like sardines, flew in face of, be in the cards, over crowded, wast a source of strength, am pendent, keep from, re works, be friending, is made up of, being conducive, were cards, Cobbled, re-solved, placed confidence in, stick to, up-stages, has a handle on, gives one got, played to, had handle on, re-asserted, has name, pointed way, boxes up, comes forth, Guarantied, co wing, wielded baton, putting force, softened up, looked at sunny side, taking part, holds dominion, tailgates, carrying off, were in action, wears the crown, be in charge, re-capturing, re-cycled, treat, acts out, pro-rogued, having inclination, pro vided, hadst a hunch, dis play, takes at one's word, catches on, self-denial, re-called, remaining firm, being the habit of, going route, in-vesting, re constituted, doest to a t, gives the facts, re-pairs, said defense, insists on, served to, swore up down, leaves alone, stands up, softening up, re-main, taking oath, controls the affairs of, crosses ones heart, fought for, gat hold of, re-cognizing, be about, pre-occupies, crops up, swears up down, keep down, is convinced, make in to law, hadst a handle on, keeps in mind, keep in mind, pulled the strings, para-phrasing, votes in, being imminent, dis engaged, re building, ex-cogitate, am established, being loose, got impression, borrow, get in there, put through, over shadows, de lineate, latching on to, have, doeth the honors, in-sert, sur-faced, de-liberated, feels confident, dropping anchor, dis simulating, takes at word, art connected, has handle on, held purse strings, gat picture, pre dominates, keeps out, pre-dominated, keeps tabs on, say defense, up-holds, de pend, had rights, play heartstrings, gets better of, re touching, perform, becomes visible, kept faith, had in hand, being commensurate, savvied, gat in shape, hast hand, art in mid-air, de fends, votes favorably, have no doubt, co ordinates, swear down, didst on the sly, reattains, Wars, latched onto, turn up, dis charge, wast driver's seat, re vitalizing, do one thing, had at, re-takes, turning aside, lay bare, pro-mise, being wind, re organizes, re mains, wert in charge, re-mains, lifted up, wert in residence, keeps back, upcast, held good, ropes in, sardine, leaning on, giving break, socking it to one, was in charge, gave ones all, held end, latches to, superposes, jump on, re stores, reaffirming, ostended, come to, gat the better of, trans planted, endure, puts on its end, setting store by, makes living, remands, claim, looks at, doeth job, opened to view, un-shackling, counter act, Chaired, involve, fitted together, being valid, de-fraying, wert the habit of, dis-close, gain on, covering up, congressed, Burlesquing, re-pay, brake through, in sure, put appearance, keep up, be the wind, was prejudiced, have a bearing on, makes a pitch, clean up one's act, over spreads, up-date, electro-cutes, having dibs on something, laying down the law, bring down house, dost job, brings up to code, wind up at, dis-patching, shot off ones mouth, give sanctuary, doeth the sly, was in the cards, moots, mixed it up, massproduce, hogtie, glom onto, pro rogues, pre-fabricate, up bear, re pair, going at, catches the drift, twisting ones arm, Altercated, sub jugate, doest thoroughly, pro-positioning, looking at sunny side, toss around, showcases, kept in view, socks it to one, took possession, re vitalizes, re-cord, hitting up, keeping mind, re-vivifies, thought of, handing onto, get the impression, gotten through, doth number, being residence, earning one keep, got in there, shoots mouth, muse over, re turn, laying finger on, serve the people, re-strain, de-fend, promised oneself, packs em in, call shots, hold opinion, hath faith, looking up on, kept view, crossed heart, oversee, re affirms, head for, gets impression, bring, stood guard, being predisposed, took pains with, provides for, were predisposed, dis-courages, pack 'em in, lights into, re habilitated, turning over new leaf, cornering the market, puts in appearance, are just the ticket, re-stated, swearing up and down, rules over, referring to, works out deal, made progress, slipping on, in-criminating, complete, gotten there, wast opinion, steamrolled, Over-bearing, wast predisposed, shoots off one mouth, trans pire, gave all one's got, held dominion, bringing down the house, was in wind, gat good side of, re-cognized, breaking through, hit bullseye, in-spires, doth the honors, art in mid air, putting an appearance, re vivify, controlled the affairs of, is mid-air, stand in for, had the impression, coincides with, hit the bullseye, up stage, hugging, takes part, sits on, putting death, laying claim to, de creed, put it over, over spread, fought over, forcing up on, pro-curing, haddest a hunch, covered bases, re-serving, dis-imprisons, gave one got, wast matter of, Reerect, wast credulous, re cords, take one word, dis mount, pinioned, was a source of strength, re-member, turns over a new leaf, ex cites, took under ones wing, is relevant, Helmed, ex torts, cross one heart, pre-scribe, being first, hast the say, pounding in to, doing to t, getting fat, re-cites, flirt with, up-casting, put screws to, making scene, take ones word, being in power, puts up money for, jockey for position, flirts with, transorted, doth justice, enfold, carpeting, be haves, pre suppose, pro visioned, art convinced of, un fettered, keeping view, does trick, piggybacked, get done, scrambling for, had a hunch, tangles with, happens with, come, pulling the strings, cleaned up one's act, telling of, ex-action, show ones face, melodramatizing, re-covered, pre dominating, is visible, were the cards, hits the bull eye, hits the bulls-eye, dost to a t, dis engages, succeeds to, un-cover, pushed for, is driver's seat, re-erecting, takes reins, consorts with, make a killing, dis covering, lead by nose, goes through with, took under wing, were the head of, timing in, were certain of, super intend, doest thing, had feeling, didst a turn, standing in for, is firm, boxing up, re-attained, rested assured, swears off, stuck by, keep faith, put good word, saved one's neck, playing games, tragedized, goes at, Trending, re-deem, out-weighing, do one's thing, makes ready, re cognize, are in driver seat, twisted ones arm, guarding against, vote in, talk into, perpended, wast possession of, were endowed with, hit bulls-eye, lay on, are endowed with, perpends, Pinioning, sur-rounding, sets upright, has at, getting on good side of, fore saw, opens eyes, thought world of, is in wind, over-sees, superpose, hang over, be the head of, keep an eye on, look sunny side, hold dear, under-pinning, pointing way, de-signing, be friended, made a production of, making allowance for, doing thoroughly, guide, jockeying for position, over rode, directionalized, punched the clock, comes to defense of, didst ones thing, appreciate, hoking up, wrapped in, accept, over-seen, were drivers seat, re introduce, have dibs on something, be longed, reerected, bringing to maturity, re attaining, told of, Escorted, comes to rescue, played heartstrings, staid staunch, makes equal, getting hold of, are first, taking place with, doest the sly, was pendent, co-wing, para-phrases, produced result, de-note, railroading, leading by the nose, pre-ceding, latched on to, be-heading, packed em in, were case, re-constituted, re main, re-establish, seek, does the honors, de scribe, be guile, gotten hands on, holding end, comb, swear off, go town, pre scribe, doeth a bang up job, dis-played, do thing, repelled danger, wert the opinion, doing bangup job, pre-vented, steamroll, underlay, re aped, goes limit, being just the ticket, was disposed, are commensurate, over-took, up-stage, attend to, impact on, bringing back, getting off the hook, caught the drift, shoot at, re serving, did bang up job, re-fashioning, doeth ones thing, over casting, doest to t, is coming, pro-vide, over crowding, sets off, re counted, locking up, work in, over took, wrought on, directionalizing, gave all, went whole hog, dis courses, am drivers seat, are residence, kept line, was contained in, pushing buttons, rolled out, pro-fesses, did bangup job, pre dominate, de-pended, be valid, mixing with, jams through, doth a bangup job, looks sunny side, re-organized, became known, pro positions, had on, dis ported, leading by nose, buying out, lace in to, over ride, make killing, are equipped for, came to pass, re-quiring, gotten ready, enforce, bust in, feel confident, staying up, re-constituting, cross heart, set store by, struggle against, latches on to, deal in, re conditioned, are contained in, gave break, gets out hock, being about, made buy, showed one's face, replevined, had bearing, freezing to, rounding out, looked to, Warred, be charge, shining to, dost thoroughly, puts in an appearance, Ultimating, Mantling, pro-cessed, holds up end, get through, achieve, hold reins, be hand, stood up for, personates, re-counts, out-weigh, de positing, being in the cards, dis-mounts, co wed, puts dukes, hitting the bull-eye, Unfetter, pre pare, gives lessons, re commending, twist one arm, have faith, do a number, wear the crown, didst job, be effect, de luge, remand, doing the job, over rides, include, were a source of strength, setting forth, re animated, runs the show, Thronging, prefabricate, be imminent, hold end, get out of hock, re imposed, wert command, over-shadows, going that route, dis coursing, talking in to, be power, art force, pro duces, haddest feeling, re-purchase, making a profit, sewed up, sending through roof, was with it, re acting, mass-produce, over topping, go whole hog, Domiciliated, winded up at, putting in good word, re deemed, thinks as, keeps line, get vibes, dost the honors, am convinced of, re organizing, Provisioning, was saddle, are drivers seat, counter acts, gets the impression, taking as gospel truth, obtain, gotten as far as, was blessed with, have tendency, were sure of, turns head, dis-guising, pass along, tosses around, promises oneself, wast the habit of, pays for, number among, fills bill, enforcings, gat done, laid a finger on, un fold, hast hunch, re cording, art directed to, over-look, encasing, putting dukes, Jagging, super imposed, with-stand, re vivifying, bring maturity, were valid, wast in midair, re animates, pre-serve, engaged in, dis-enthralled, runs up, depends on, sur-face, haddest to do with, pass on, gotten good side of, haddest business with, art power, re freshes, is near, over-taken, out weigh, partnering, exercising authority, de-fends, wert saddle, pinion, be matter of, re-served, locking horns with, standing to, ran things, went in for, taking care of business, hath rights, is forthcoming, held out for, pro-claiming, shoots for, are relevant, pre occupy, put a lock on, showed in, re-gain, counts heads, canopied, scramble for, being forthcoming, were aware of, re-leases, puts screws to, drying run, pre serving, are found, send through the roof, pop up, shoots one mouth, held to, over doing, counterpoised, did to t, gets the drift, mix it up, re claimed, art possession of, comes rescue, re-cording, making healthy, sends through roof, in-vent, wert present, over-stating, re-possessing, thought out, was effect, packs 'em in, complies with, getting done, strongarm, Justled, co oking, gat off the hook, in-habit, re commended, re-ported, gave cover, dis-patches, re-touch, putting screws to, de frayed, dost a t, took ones word, pro-pounds, holds one end, living in, re present, held at bay, re-conditioning, forced upon, are a matter of, shows one face, adhering to, make amends, hast reference, rout, writing up, pre venting, wrought in, covered for, re-touching, being in residence, pointing to, was in action, wert in drivers seat, overcrowding, am commensurate, bringing maturity, ritualizing, am the habit of, stay staunch, called in, buys back, were convinced of, convoy, re habilitates, calls a day, gains time, approve, wast biased, save one's neck, de-lays, over-spreads, is the case, putting up money for, assumed command, be in the habit of, dis guises, re-commending, were the habit of, made hay, takes the rap for, shows around, came in to view, pay for, dis enthralled, manage, start, be in action, set out, sees after, re-fresh, accomplish, allow, pop question, putting in force, consort with, get the picture, gives introduction, pre side, softens up, put force, took one word, mass produced, pops off, rode shotgun for, ex cogitate, being in habit of, dis-simulate, co-aching, be convinced of, re acquires, go with, reattained, struggles against, standing up, fly in face of, impacting on, are firm, laying money on, being in charge, kept in mind, rivetting, re-introducing, wert born with, doeth honors, associated with, dis embarking, haddest a handle on, popped off, super-imposes, wert near, held true, finds a way, were in habit of, were conducive, cleft to, think of, restraint, takes care business, made well, shooting up, coming the scene, turn aside, come strong, has a tendency, up dates, re-generating, pound into, hit bull-eye, bring down the house, pre tend, wast the drivers seat, cobbling up, took care of, am possession of, para phrases, looking at, takes care of business, had bearing on, re affirming, engage in, re-established, reckoning with, Provisioned, trades in, fit out, embrace, puts gloves, re-attain, being sure of, apprizing, live in, is in the driver's seat, re-erects, Lasted, be-stow, was in mid air, am made up of, got shape, were firm, co-occurred, give all got, didst the trick, re sting, re possess, are fastened, polishes up, make appearance, re-affirm, hitting the bulleye, taking under wing, re-conditioned, is a matter of, hold out against, de livered, reining in, over states, verge on, have faith in, ex cogitates, jockeys for position, un-zip, sticks up for, were charge, go route, coming in to view, not let goes, hitting the bulls-eye, de-scribing, showed way, is inclined, go that route, cashing in on, make laws, tooled, places confidence in, wast in saddle, be case, in-cited, underlied, pro-scribe, winding at, ex tending, putting into effect, re-touched, in vest, getting idea, being made up of, art charge, dis courage, kept under surveillance, wert mid air, was composed of, art at hand, won back, unfetters, sur rounded, covered all bases, haddest a feeling, fitting out, am effect, de-siring, didst to a t, sent through the roof, pro mises, paying ransom, develop, gotten shape, cared for, clothing oneself, stick up for, lays finger on, gives all, watched out for, coincide with, brood over, re citing, redeem, mixt up with, tend, gets hook, re pays, under pins, were established, dote on, counter poising, fenced in, came on scene, re generate, wert coming, ex-actions, cutting in on, going in for, pre-siding, was of the opinion, was liable, rounded out, moving up, wast mid-air, dost to t, un shackles, de-sign, socking it one, be source strength, running the show, gotten floor, inter cedes, re spect, de sign, be gun, are in power, didst bang-up job, took steps, lapped up, being in driver's seat, ex tract, up-heaved, re generating, upcasts, re-corded, crack down, attend, was wind, rang in, hast title, do number, re dressing, looked up to, keep out, dis engage, upcasting, super-imposing, being in command, wert in wind, wast visible, pushes for, am driver seat, Bulwarking, lace into, sticked up for, am matter of, Policing, took for, de vised, ran up, stuck it to, goes first, got through, doeth a t, calls it a day, under-written, pro scribed, being fond of, advance, de siring, was convinced of, kept from, pry, takes an oath, called it a day, being within view, give leg up, shoot one wad, having a bearing on, tagged along, re members, taking account of, left alone, gentles, putting it over, set to, finding way, give all, art midair, snap up, wear, de-claim, was forthcoming, overcrowds, make for, have rights, Shrouded, conducted toward, are at head of, over-casts, move up, be established, bought into, went for broke, be guiles, cleaving to, are present, move toward, running things, is source strength, re instating, moved toward, crop up, ex cogitating, re-constructing, was made up of, correspond with, co occurring, re state, tells of, wert in mid-air, takes a stand, hast rights, lookouting, ministered to, pushed around, devoted to, fudging together, holding dominion, caters to, de bate, are pendent, hitting the bull'seye, up bearing, trans forms, piggybacking, being in cards, appear with, over-doing, is residence, hitting bull's-eye, be longs, force up on, were fastened, dragoon, getting next to, dis closes, am in action, placing confidence in, de limiting, bring code, impound, do the honors, mixed it up with, bushing up, look after, stand to, cashed in, prove case, mull over, up-bearing, felt confident, showing ones face, stood up, wert of opinion, being prejudiced, route, hold to, wield baton, Trooping, wert imminent, cover up, Gunning, puts to death, take the rap for, re capturing, pre serve, bear hugged, re dresses, take an oath, keeping in line, gloms onto, cut on, heading for, turning head, companioning, hadst recourse to, re-call, re constructs, blow in, were first, de-posited, de-tail, were opinion, is at head of, ex-plained, send through roof, laying on, re tains, takes pains with, look upon, re ached, were mid-air, super intended, in cline, gets out of hock, am the opinion, is action, over-rode, de rived, puts it over, persevere, laid it on, gat in to, didst the job, drop anchor, did a t, wast in habit of, doeth thing, counter acting, whipping into shape, suck in, puts its end, pre-tending, re organize, were action, super posing, swearing down, in-criminated, adheres to, holding reins, have hunch, re-attaining, points the way, pro testing, showing way, tragedizing, dropt anchor, shot off one's mouth, mused over, re curred, wast source of strength, shoots up, didst justice, corks up, am about, Tenanting, am power, be-headed, ex-acted, wast certain of, feel bones, dis guising, hang, gave instruction, re cycle, de claiming, showing in, having the impression, trans-act, Chambering, payed ransom, de fending, take as gospel truth, swears and down, shoot off one's mouth, re-peats, re-affirms, slips on, re erect, over-ruling, took shape, staking out, re stored, dressing in, stirs up, calling in, taking a stand, be possessed of, avouch, dis mounting, bearing one out, did one proud, doth honors, getting out hock, re cycled, hath no doubt, sock one, gat there, being relevant, is prejudiced, stir up, producing result, re-turned, cracked down, were pendent, sail through, was drivers seat, presided over, corresponding to, hadst bone to pick, counter-balance, were in power, ex action, having faith in, dis-charged, pro scribing, is source of strength, seems large, making well, lent hand, were biased, stands in for, re pairs, up-raising, stand guard, hold office, wast prejudiced, crossing ones heart, made the grade, ex cogitated, re-dress, wert directed to, dis-mount, dis cover, showed the way, wast endowed with, were connected, getting the idea, have inclination, think the world of, socks to one, Policed, re purchases, mixing it up, fore-saw, un-bound, lay finger on, show face, hast dibs something, shined up to, de fend, de lays, de laying, fulfillings, falling heir to, letted have it, pro-cure, wert in mid air, struggled against, led by the nose, was convinced, letting have it, signing in, Sentineled, laced in to, art in the wind, shuttered, go the limit, under pinning, didst thing, lookouted, re-state, super-imposed, counter-vails, being action, re-veals, be wind, de-barred, having no doubt, win over, be just ticket, ex-changing, do on sly, re-impose, am habit of, packing like sardines, trans-pire, class, fits out, comes the scene, dis embarks, shoot one's mouth, transorts, come in to view, turn one head, art the case, panoplying, Disporting, Beaconed, hamming, doeth a turn, dis-guise, pyramidding, ex citing, takes action, diagramming, takes ones word, un furled, weigh in, cogitated on, re vise, timed in, re-dressed, corners market, equate, continue, coxswained, Succoring, froze to, was in possession of, attain, re veals, wast dressed in, being poised, take at ones word, swear and down, pro-visioned, having to do with, tragedize, over-laid, doest honors, flying in face of, re quired, sur mise, are the habit of, pulling out of fire, re-worked, exercised authority, laid money on, re-ached, squire, jumps on, trans act, wast in the wind, takes effect, art coming, showcasing, gives all got, ringing in, is in drivers seat, pleads for, makes profit, co oked, re placing, be in mid air, apologize for, be in the driver seat, wrap up in, laces into, giving one all, re-calls, re-counted, re commends, being credulous, up-rears, makes over, de-posits, polished up, wast just ticket, gave shelter, Sentinelled, doing justice, holds high esteem, over-crowd, dis-patch, rule over, had faith in, were credulous, Husbanded, are in residence, am relevant, take the helm, up stages, re-constructs, re-condition, look at, show one face, taking rap for, grow strong, apologizes for, super-intended, re place, act out, Palmed, bring to maturity, put up a fight, Copped, earning wings, has rights, re introducing, keeps an eye on, re-vitalized, re-vivify, were the driver's seat, put in to effect, wert in habit of, bided time, got off hook, take over, corking, para-phrased, cleaned one act, makes scene, keep safe, hold an opinion, shine up to, wast in the driver's seat, un fettering, go, inter-ceding, were of the opinion, has sneaking suspicion, gets with it, calls the tune, come scene, pop in, calling day, re hearses, blinding, was head of, standing by, scrambles for, were commensurate, hadst a feeling, asservating, wast the opinion, doest the trick, wast force, sits on top of, being on, re leases, under taking, crossed ones heart, de-frays, out weighing, in corporates, reaching again, re serve, hadst hand, gotten impression, thinking of, re-calling, jack up, mothballed, Trooped, declare, takes helm, dis-enthralls, pro-vided, being convinced of, re store, show the ropes, Guarantying, crosses heart, art inclined, led the way, come defense of, time in, be inclined, counter-poising, did bang-up job, calling signals, read, lay down the law, super-impose, sur-mise, cleans up act, art contained in, choked back, putting appearance, intro duces, be fastened, suiting up, are visible, are inclined, beetling, pre pared, has hand, un chain, payed expenses of, getting picture, take under one's wing, impacts on, re-fines, doeth one's thing, re-organize, re-vised, re-taking, are poised, puts snare on, de-crees, cross one's heart, de liberates, suits up, takes steps, mixed it with, take, salvage, showing the way, Neared, de-bars, making buy, gotten fat, did a bangup job, re-pair, re acquiring, shows about, hit the bull-eye, thump for, pre-tends, art with it, putting lock on, acceded to, weighed in, pre-side, throwing together, mixes it with, in spiring, get someplace, does job, be fond of, re fashions, taking stock in, socked to one, gets as far as, re calling, wert at head of, inter-mediated, push around, re arranges, putting through, am in charge, mix up with, re-stores, getting hook, stilts, ex-plaining, dost on the sly, inter ceding, gat the drift, wert a matter of, cleaned up act, sets out, made a buy, Experiencing, up-held, stuck to, under-lain, comes on scene, doest a t, took helm, de-clare, re-curring, defend, snarl up, was inclined, were in driver seat, re strains, captained, shows way, acquire, provide for, pre-venting, sought friendship, pre-vails, puts bed, makes a profit, being the driver seat, sided with, trans-plant, look up on, setting on, payed for, un-earthed, ex-cited, re-turns, hit the bulls-eye, reticence, re-vising, does the trick, un-zipping, gotten the better of, hath the impression, shoots ones mouth, re dress, gives ones got, pick up check, shooting off one's mouth, reigned over, railroaded, latch onto, making appearance, lend a hand, wising up, doing a bangup job, has reference, cleaned one's act, calls the signals, scrambled for, are convinced, re-vise, being in driver seat, being at hand, getting floor, getting in shape, holding dear, re-fine, sticks it to, takes the helm, have hand, laid claim to, held up ones end, opening to view, have dibs something, mixes it up, de cree, panoplied, de-bar, get as far as, keeps from, re curring, wast on, making a buy, babysit, de-claims, wert a source of strength, wert established, hath bearing, standing up to, vised, returns to, got results, haddest inclination, didst bang up job, doeth bang up job, being certain of, comes defense of, were with it, re-gaining, in venting, were in wind, has impression, getting good side of, re possesses, pro-cess, wert in effect, un folded, were contained in, winds at, take helm, re-claimed, giving all ones got, were in possession of, growing strong, has dibs on something, re-counting, headed up, pays ransom, brought maturity, fights over, holds reins, putting over, improving mind, subscribing to, get in shape, direct, testifying to, locked horns with, dis posing, seeding down, seeking friendship, making known, re build, re-habilitate, were born with, wast in command, co ordinate, wert source of strength, un-earthing, looking upon, gat workout, be prejudiced, serves people, attaching weight to, own, ex change, change one ways, set off, re cognized, getting with it, bring pass, bringing down house, went for jugular, overcasting, twists arm, was in midair, holds office, re-affirmed, pounding into, cleaning up ones act, doeth a bang-up job, re-works, re vised, devote oneself to, am residence, wast blessed with, keeping back, super pose, breezed in, taking the rap for, was positive, being in mid-air, lighting in to, comes to pass, succeeding to, rope in, over done, gets idea, hiking up, de-riving, subscribes to, gave an introduction, wert just ticket, wast of the opinion, tangled with, lapping up, did trick, doeth the trick, call it a day, spake for, looks after, stayed staunch, wert invited, were coming, affirm, showing one face, re-assert, saving one neck, re counting, re-animated, seemed huge, slipt on, are case, do to t, hit bull's eye, was driver seat, brought to fruition, come on the scene, art opinion, mixing it up with, jockeyed for position, pre-dominate, holding fast, takes at ones word, Disported, hast bone to pick, runs with ball, knuckles with, ex acting, are in the habit of, gets drift, earned keep, swore and down, was a matter of, gotten hook, up-raised, being command, wert in the driver's seat, clinging to, watches over, Prorogued, gat the floor, unfettering, pre vailed, takes under one wing, tote up, wast aware of, thinking out, re vitalized, over take, re-work, lending a hand, call in, wert effect, dresses in, take under advisement, be on, cleaning up, becoming visible, got the hook, gooses, swears up and down, gets out from under, pro position, meets with, go after, happen with, art a source of strength, harding, de-laying, resting assured, de-limited, save neck, fencing in, be friends, brought up to code, retro-spect, art mid air, having feeling, looking after, get hook, ransack, be composed of, Replevied, in-spired, knocking on wood, brings fruition, ex plain, re-iterated, bring light, re-quests, take at one's word, picked up check, gave one's all, hitting the bull's-eye, shutting in, un-fetter, art source of strength, throwing weight around, went on with, co aching, up-raises, took oath, gotten drift, pays off, sub due, be heads, re take, wert in possession of, winds up at, acting with regard to, re fined, was the wind, be certain of, holds ones end, fights for, pre-vail, re quire, sweating it, be of the opinion, be near, dost turn, were visible, gotten the drift, clave to, jacked up, staying put, seems huge, skying in, cleans up, dost one thing, thronged, am in cards, twisted one's arm, staid up, re lying, get hold of, giving leg up, counter balancing, seeds down, doeth proud, trailblaze, bring back, stands behind, dis-course, wert inclined, prefabs, in spects, holding true, thinking world of, mixing up with, dis-pose, doeth bang-up job, was the driver's seat, upheaves, re form, un veil, be contained in, tossed around, being in effect, twisting one's arm, holds to, see after, be in drivers seat, lighting into, conducting oneself toward, school, gave a leg up, Husbanding, re-commended, care for, re-commend, tenanted, making living, re-vivifying, gotten picture, knocking together, get impression, watch for, over crowds, does proud, re organized, get well, over-riding, dost a turn, shoots off mouth, haddest bearing, re presses, be-longing, makes buy, in cite, de-tains, made over, dis-joined, pre-dominates, hast impression, takes the reins, art the habit of, had bone pick, socking one, in-corporate, making pitch, reaffirms, shot one wad, reimposed, co-exist, un-zipped, pops in, ex-pounds, held an opinion, haddest rights, do a bang up job, dis-embark, changing one's ways, take heart, re cord, gained on, counts noses, re-turning, pulls wires, re claim, being pendent, de sire, do on the sly, pre occupies, be poised, doeth to t, clothe oneself, bet bottom dollar, watched over, wert endowed with, making into law, putting bed, gets floor, making the grade, laid finger on, counter vailed, is liable, wast established, bring fruition, art born with, saves one's neck, ringed in, reaffirm, re deem, is force, inter-ceded, did the job, wert drivers seat, had impression, Personating, be born with, cooping up, re introduces, hadst at, re lease, give all one's got, buys in to, tangle with, doth a bang-up job, pre fabricates, are habit of, forced up on, art in power, clings to, gets the picture, shot wad, cling to, re-build, flying face of, re gards, pre-pared, sur face, super-intend, brought forward, wast command, warms up, over laying, re pay, were in the habit of, doing number, providing sanctuary, was directed to, earns one's keep, earn wings, holding office, Overtopping, self-discipline, puts argument, open view, boarded up, putting on its end, shlep along, occurring with, re imposes, re-cords, works out a deal, punch in, rack up, voting favorably, be first, over stating, de pended, are convinced of, altercates, inter posed, thumped for, caring for, does t, keep eye on, footed, making in to law, shotgun, held reins, bore one out, did on the sly, hit bulls eye, give credence to, wast conducive, keeping tabs on, falls heir to, haddest at, is mid air, fall by, para phrased, show ropes, doest trick, pro viding, dost bang up job, take stock in, re-gains, were possession of, un shackling, catered to, came strong, lay money on, giving ones all, pre-sent, over-rules, disenthralled, stands guard, verged on, made a pitch, twist ones arm, go in for, wrapt up in, cobble, tops off, held up one's end, pre-serving, be conducive, de-tails, getting impression, ex-tracts, art found, repel danger, make allowance for, gotten hold of, Dragooned, wert a source strength, allows for, serves the people, laid bare, hadst do with, de riving, shooting off one mouth, wrought out a deal, un-fettering, getting the drift, Disenthrall, doeth a bangup job, simmering down, blows in, sticking up for, de-bate, over bear, inter fere, was enough, puts a good word, be source of strength, comes into view, hit the bull's-eye, re turns, making over, superintend, was in mid-air, keep going, go for jugular, works on, allow for, wert connected, apperceive, fending off, dueled, hadst the impression, retrospected, apologized for, in-forms, hast business with, take under wing, reacting toward, wast within view, over-bears, drum in to, shlepping along, making equal, sit top of, super vised, sucked in, art in force, Personated, cover bases, upbearing, super impose, being driver seat, appear, sur faced, keep, packed like sardines, wert fond of, re instated, seeded down, made up for, being the opinion, cleans ones act, over-crowds, glomming onto, appeared as, takes heart, wast in the habit of, Garrisoning, ex-plains, be credulous, was of opinion, dis imprisoning, overtop, am at hand, re attained, is a source strength, aver, busted in, remained true, hold true, thinking of as, am endowed with, over bore, makes grade, de-cree, govern, gotten someplace, makes hay, re working, Chocked, did on sly, wert driver seat, keeps eye on, lay claim to, art near, seemed large, clove to, show the way, socking to one, sware down, skies in, roll out, was born with, turning one head, gat into, are action, being at the head of, seeing after, being liable, inter-cedes, gave all ones got, took as gospel, result in, am valid, being with it, re collects, simmered down, get the hook, self-mastery, run, teemed with, get on good side of, was force, counter-vailed, wert first, art invited, intro-duce, out weighed, dost number, re captured, is first, built in, art in action, joins with, am predisposed, builds in, has title, doing a turn, mulling over, snaps up, takes one word, count noses, sending through the roof, lit into, did thoroughly, comprise, takes as gospel truth, art in the driver seat, de tailed, puts force, took the rap for, gunned, re-sting, gets a workout, wearing crown, de bated, goosing up, tied down, called the signals, looked upon, blinded, gets vibes, act, taking ones word, fortify, paragoning, act with regard to, wert in action, is on, got out of hock, reined in, directionalizes, Replevin, are a source strength, wall off, fitting together, taking for granted, stood by, doeth thoroughly, goes route, under take, dost sly, overborn, gat next to, rolled in, up bore, wises up, de-pending, got into, does a number, didst a bang-up job, takes word, de-vise, re-places, turns over new leaf, are at the head of, holding out for, wast a matter of, get fat, pre-vents, met with, up holds, railroad through, up heaved, wert hand, be stow, whip in to shape, counter-act, am composed of, conduct oneself toward, think out, does sly, holding up one's end, sees through, stirred up, had do with, curtained, leads by the nose, packing 'em in, doing the sly, Counterpoising, re-news, de legate, over-did, re questing, coming light, throws together, ex tended, un-fold, have feeling, give ones all, joining with, succeeded to, come on scene, re affirm, throw together, favor, master, takes over, re-working, co-occur, disimprison, twisting one arm, dragged up, umbraging, counter balanced, de claim, latches onto, breeze in, improve mind, re-lying, holds up ones end, lived in, does ones thing, de-vised, were just the ticket, puts over, re-commends, dreamed of, warmed up, making a production of, go for broke, reckons with, suck to, have business with, do ones thing, simmers down, took at one word, brandish, nears, got to, teach, doth proud, re instate, had dibs something, bushes up, sticks to, dis-engages, remain firm, Massing, egressing, over riding, playing to gallery, re-covering, over look, are in the driver seat, run up, muses over, setting off, buttoning up, is about, biding time, was in command, thought the world of, have recourse to, pre-serves, in-spire, shot one mouth, sprang up, ultimates, having dibs something, gang upon, reckon, staid put, appearing as, intermit, took along, cash in on, hadst relation, dis mounts, did justice, entertain, doing a number, make it, give a leg up, has relation, un earths, fended off, be invited, sticking by, re-touches, ex-cogitates, forgathers, shoot one's wad, un shackle, counting noses, was relevant, hits up, call the tune, took for granted, fetched up, with-standing, re-strains, catch on, over tops, re making, work out a deal, get results, sailing through, dost a bang up job, voting in, under takes, intermediates, serving people, was at the head of, bought in to, cobbling, swearing up down, does a bang-up job, de-clares, shoot up, re fine, de frays, was possession of, is at hand, has faith in, is in the cards, wrote up, wraps up in, place confidence in, didst a t, possess, takes stand, was in the habit of, comes strong, inter mediating, hath sneaking suspicion, bring up code, builded in, put its end, doth t, de-noting, catching drift, pro cures, super imposing, got floor, ex-tended, sticking to, not let went, feeling in gut, sketch out, giving color to, acting out, over-lay, gets the better of, cleaning up act, carries through, were midair, gat well, am the driver seat, de-sire, fill bill, are in habit of, take care business, dis-ported, wast in action, lift up, in forms, setting to, re-gained, are coming, be coming, get into, says in defense, watching out for, Hooding, stick it to, giving cover, wast at hand, wise up, get, overborne, puts up argument, bought out, insist on, socked it one, taking at word, moved up, wast in driver seat, sucks in, rumpusses, re-animating, dying hard, re press, re-strained, pack em in, dwell, un covering, dragging up, get idea, be enough, thinks of, cracks down, talked into, pro tracts, re captures, complying with, took care of business, hadst dibs something, siding with, art certain of, earn, super vise, suited up, wast disposed, am just the ticket, held sway, was poised, wast in wind, punched clock, digging up, art in the driver's seat, pro cured, are invited, counter-balances, were prejudiced, ticks off, improved mind, did turn, wast connected, pre-dominating, gives one all, putting forward, re-hearse, haddest authority, holds end, cleaning up one's act, re-leased, seeks friendship, re-lated, finds way, watches for, gat off hook, re constitutes, hold at bay, reerecting, are possession of, over-hanging, de signed, hits the bulleye, got with, wert possessed of, with stands, went town, punches clock, took at ones word, give one all, over-topping, hitting upon, taking care of, is loose, allowing for, un earthing, sardined, reckon with, kept close, moving toward, set to rights, hits the bull'seye, de-signed, go first, stakes out, holding opinion, hath recourse to, is made of, seeing through, electro cute, co ached, are prejudiced, are command, un-covering, shoots at, got on good side of, holding in high esteem, am with it, cogitates on, clean one's act, re-captures, was the cards, re gains, thumps for, mixt with, art head of, pro cessing, disenthralls, sketched out, gave grounds for, overtops, coming scene, in-vested, holds opinion, pro-scribed, duelling, sews up, cashes in, stood behind, was on, rolls out, make pitch, over-stated, am equipped for, attached weight to, be-stowed, verges on, socks it one, changed one's ways, de-fended, art firm, art action, turns ones head, wert charge, puts fight, takes place with, wast in charge, super-intending, hang around, thinks out, goes for jugular, covering for, sets rights, taking under one wing, having a feeling, shining up to, de posit, were the opinion, with-holds, wert in midair, called day, up lifts, was present, wert liable, have authority, wast directed to, having an inclination, am prejudiced, be in power, breed, took the helm, giving all one got, making a pitch, beating off, were loose, Valuing, farcializes, sit on, ex pose, dost ones thing, upheave, sware off, turned aside, set down, inter cede, be in cards, re presented, took under one's wing, am directed to, Victualing, didst one's thing, being the cards, inter feres, take one's word, saw about, un-earths, reside, buys out, puts through, glommed, were source of strength, de fray, upbore, engaging in, ex-tend, was invited, stick for, wert made of, being opinion, un-fettered, wert wind, overbore, hast faith, chaperon, takes along, was in effect, am on, getting there, buy back, similizes, have name, give shelter, am enough, tcbed, re fashioning, quarterback, hoke up, do a t, doth the job, be stowing, art made of, give introduction, wast possessed of, re-dressing, head up, do t, hath do with, doing bang-up job, re quiring, has to name, doing one thing, Shepherded, over-seeing, re-taken, figured out, keeping safe, re-quired, wert aware of, polish up, gotten the idea, having name, hadst a bearing on, re presenting, gets fat, sucked to, re formed, un-covers, are imminent, design, bear up on, hanged in, gentling, mix with, have say, stay, were power, playing heartstrings, pulled out of fire, hadst bearing on, impulsions, associates with, was first, sets free, slipped on, lock up, wert in the cards, pro vision, got good side of, were in midair, hast at, re-take, showcased, were forthcoming, shoots off ones mouth, pre-fabricates, was fastened, pre-supposed, hath a tendency, doubled for, doth trick, hadst a tendency, went that route, re-solve, cares for, art the driver's seat, are in the drivers seat, is wind, support, pull strings, does honors, over casts, sur mises, being in possession of, laying a finger on, re collected, un-earth, am disposed, dis-play, doest a turn, doing trick, be-ginning, did a bang up job, ministering to, re-animate, hits the bull-eye, changed ones ways, re-placed, pays expenses of, sees about, were residence, un-furled, reacquired, return to, were found, ran show, diagraming, has the say, had hand, live, looks to, pro-mises, were effect, wast effect, gat impression, earns one keep, was in driver seat, await, clean act, de-scribes, am in effect, haddest no doubt, un zip, pulled out fire, sock to one, over shadowed, haunt, made known, punching in, figures out, picked the check, getting workout, made a profit, felt gut, re-organizes, wast source strength, was biased, cleaning one's act, be stows, dries run, being biased, art the opinion, re-introduced, going after, in-vents, assuming command, wrapped up in, takes under one's wing, up-raise, became apparent, re iterates, attending to, art fastened, pro roguing, with hold, companioned, tailgate, goosing, pre-dispose, changing one ways, are certain of, gives refuge, buying back, acceding to, under lied, makes it, ritualize, self-command, bringing to fruition, freezes to, are in possession of, made healthy, un zipping, was hand, hit the bull'seye, cleaning ones act, re-furbishing, wert dressed in, hath hunch, un-folding, does a bangup job, give grounds for, up-lift, are in midair, counter acted, re forms, de-scribe, covering all bases, putting to bed, took as gospel truth, hadst title, bode time, emerge, dis pose, up-staging, kept back, keep line, wert midair, turn ones head, keep in line, art a source strength, tangling with, seeming huge, heedfulness, un earth, dis covers, pro longs, co-existing, re gain, wast at head of, trans-formed, making grade, in-vests, taking along, boards up, dis guised, art liable, were in the cards, presumed true, over-run, musing over, re commend, occupied throne, lighted in to, keeps tabs, came to light, keep company, journeyed over, lit in to, Curtaining, didst a number, wrap in, doth a turn, doeth turn, stood in for, sky in, were imminent, wert biased, were disposed, giving credence to, de duce, stuck up for, is power, pro cessed, expect, makes in to law, cash in, pro positioning, gat hands on, proving case, re takes, de-limit, fetches up, retrospecting, re-constitutes, re-purchases, corner the market, shooting off ones mouth, re condition, clothed oneself, doing t, grew strong, am of the opinion, occupy throne, squaring off, assents to, took stand, be the habit of, ritualized, doping out, re collect, made play for, in-forming, dis-courage, glommed onto, warm up, making good, be-longed, pre supposes, has bone to pick, pre fabricating, taking at one's word, get workout, be-friending, didst a bangup job, Victualed, double for, running with ball, hold bay, come to light, belong to, did the sly, having bone pick, dis-simulated, bear one out, hadst impression, ex tend, do a bang-up job, re-furbishes, lead off, giving grounds for, inter-pose, being responsible for, light in to, up-hold, showed one face, were in residence, does bang-up job, was charge, under pin, wrought out deal, is fond of, un-bind, co-occurs, are in mid-air, gets picture, being a source of strength, was responsible for, pre tending, up-lifts, under stood, numbered among, had a feeling, hanging around with, dis patching, takes shape, finding a way, holds out against, being inclined, turned head, wert the wind, see through, producing a result, get out from under, were in driver's seat, dis posed, Peopling, knocks oneself out, fore seeing, pointed to, captaining, saved ones neck, hadst no doubt, having to name, heads for, make a profit, art positive, re-solves, ex pound, pushes buttons, counter-vailing, leans on, fetch up, gets into, working out deal, de lay, calling tune, dis-charges, carries off, plays to gallery, super vising, teem with, un-veil, wert blessed with, cashing on, being endowed with, steamrolling, locked up, recondition, doeth sly, get floor, blueprinting, appearing with, Justling, ex-posing, vote favorably, gat through, dis-charge, dis-engaging, be in the drivers seat, have do with, taking one's word, hitting up on, re imposing, de fraying, hangs around with, trailblazed, shaping up, shoots one wad, popped in, am in driver seat, co existed, wound at, re-imposed, having a hunch, pre disposing, play games, did number, hadst the say, re establishing, wast inclined, does bangup job, does to t, repelling danger, paying expenses of, does thoroughly, made grade, did one's thing, Re-collect, sub-dues, re peats, nurture, hangs over, hath an inclination, pro scribes, was visible, wert disposed, reach again, pro pounding, being positive, spake up for, re-instating, wast drivers seat, doeth justice, swore up and down, punching the clock, shoring up, Ultimated, beat off, un chaining, see about, be connected, re-conditions, hadst bearing, doth bangup job, Cinched, dis charging, rounds out, over shadowing, were invited, dost thing, get the better of, worked in, stick by, keeps safe, has a hunch, gets hands on, de-lay, sets on, de-notes, holds good, wast present, clock in, re purchase, holding ones end, produce a result, pre served, over-crowded, up heaves, pack like sardines, effectuate, be predisposed, wert positive, are enough, de signs, re deeming, was in the drivers seat, ruling over, asservates, cornered the market, didst number, allegated, pre-fabricating, hits bulls eye, enforcement, were habit of, re aching, retro-spects, re iterated, picked up the check, sware and down, had sneaking suspicion, de noted, puts up a fight, being charge, trumping up, cobbles, puts forward, over-crowding, wert power, does number, de-positing, got ready, giving got, think to, de vise, winning back, take pains with, wast in the drivers seat, held high esteem, being in the wind, come light, pops up, dis imprisons, re cognizing, kept tabs on, am possessed of, beats off, out weighs, be relevant, arrive at, giving all, laying bare, bringing to code, up-lifting, is commensurate, calling it day, in habiting, is drivers seat, arrive, wast in residence, rein in, got out hock, manipulate, looked after, pre disposes, re-attains, pro moting, bringing forward, make grade, is predisposed, hit the bull's eye, is in the driver seat, testified to, re cycles, de-lineated, counter vail, makes killing, got off the hook, pro-tracts, spoke for, wast first, dis playing, keeps in line, pre vents, wert in cards, over laid, brings maturity, doeth the job, re-furbished, traded in, sweating out, dis-closes, take as gospel, thinking to, over-lays, was source strength, quarterbacked, angeled, hits town, being the driver's seat, brought to code, minister to, lacing into, be in possession of, wert the case, brings forward, catches drift, being at head of, up raise, be command, refashion, re made, remaining true, dis enthralling, hit town, giving introduction, being mid air, be a matter of, having recourse to, is certain of, quarterbacks, dis simulate, sitting top of, got the idea, held sway over, re fuses, apprizes, corners the market, deems likely, warrant, allegate, ex cite, compulsory law, justles, punch the clock, taking helm, was in the driver seat, were made of, up hove, dis cern, passed through, held bay, lent a hand, remains true, having handle on, making amends, keeps in view, wert case, were inclined, mass produce, pre fab, assenting to, forces upon, art command, escort, pointing the way, haddest do with, ex cited, make up for, Hards, taking possession, wert certain of, carefulness, am loose, putting its end, ward off, are in the driver's seat, intro-duces, doing sly, housetrain, hast no doubt, was source of strength, pre-occupied, am just ticket, be the case, get in with, gotten workout, up-bear, got someplace, conduct toward, wast found, saying in defense, Replevy, hadst name, numbering among, re asserts, keep in view, re storing, going the limit, art in drivers seat, find way, re-couping, re-arranging, jamming through, co exists, leave alone, come forth, take for granted, de sired, de-signs, is invited, fall in, pulling strings, command, be the opinion, crossing one heart, Dueling, regards highly, pulls out fire, haddest bone pick, brought back, watch over, do sly, pro-cured, in-sure, popping up, gat results, came on the scene, holding an opinion, re-collected, pre vent, being enough, take out, coming strong, be driver's seat, got there, sweat it out, make a pitch, doth thing, re turning, Manacling, am the wind, under lain, foster, art pendent, earning one's keep, pro claim, duelled, trans formed, re calls, holds out for, knock oneself out, wert composed of, be-longs, filibustered, court, laying down law, buying into, cultivate, doing bang up job, breezing in, de-fray, come the scene, hit bull'seye, caught up to, over lays, doing on the sly, re worked, taking under ones wing, is directed to, stayed put, cuts in on, broke through, Proroguing, de-posit, am sure of, re attains, rolls in, re forming, pull back, re-states, put in a good word, is convinced of, rear, am blessed with, Companying, shored up, are established, punching clock, is of opinion, hadst in hand, conducted oneself toward, popped up, re iterate, grows strong, ex-cogitated, Justle, drags up, are in force, re-paid, shooting at, forgathered, ex-acting, springs up, top off, trans ported, co-ached, rolling in, pro mise, under-taken, cover for, talk in to, under-stood, came the scene, stands up to, trans-acting, corresponds with, trans-acted, be in midair, mulls over, re-pairing, ex-pounding, art in midair, with-held, dis closing, taking at ones word, shoots one's wad, shooting ones mouth, lends a hand, un covers, keeping in view, ticked off, being just ticket, giving one's all, topped off, de-frayed, super-vised, signs in, abstaining from, wast loose, crowd, sign in, paying for, inter mediates, making production of, am invited, re-presents, sets forth, wrapping in, re constituting, doth turn, turn one's head, cutting on, opening eyes, re animate, wast residence, pre-fabricated, in forming, getting the floor, give out, being source strength, gets to, get good side of, had an inclination, assented to, up date, talks in to, un chained, are in the cards, takes place, stays up, ex-torts, re possessed, wert relevant, holds an opinion, re-hearses, takes for, takes account of, over-bore, art in the habit of, got next to, am coming, is with it, taking word, giving an introduction, being near, remain, wert in force, mass-produces, being power, re-spect, wert at hand, cherish, over-saw, under-write, re acquire, over-takes, occupy, re deems, being case, de luges, giving all got, shined to.