Pronunciation of Acceptance
/ɐksˈɛptəns/, /ɐksˈɛptəns/, /ɐ_k_s_ˈɛ_p_t_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for acceptance

dis missings, dis card, Misbelief, dis satisfaction, nonconsent, dis agreement, hubba hubbas, dis satisfactions, CCS, dis-lodgment, re-legations, in-subordinations, dismissings, exception, demurrals, un orthodoxy, dis countenancing, dis suasion, lockouts, de fiances, dis placements, re presentation, de bate, disbelief, hooha, re volt, dis inclinations, disavowals, de barring, clinker, dis-avowal, oustings, re tractions, turndown, dis affections, counter-arguments, counter-argument, dis favors, disavowal, un-orthodoxy, no go, NOS, un-certainty, dis sents, kick in teeth, dis-possession, slap in face, old heave-ho, hetero-doxies, dis-unity, dis-agreements, debarrings, recusance, dis-obedience, dismissal, in consistencies, complaint, non consents, opposition, ex-patriations, big stink, dis charges, blackballings, non-conformities, dis accord, non committal, dis-agreement, out-bursts, dislodgments, forswearings, dis claimers, Remonstration, bone pick, hubbahubbas, de-position, in congruity, out cries, nonconformity, big stinks, dis-claimers, unorthodoxies, passing overs, inter dict, re-buttal, interdictings, de-fiance, non inclusions, no way, clinkers, mis-giving, un willingnesses, de-bates, recusancy, dis avowals, dis-pleasure, dis-missing, dis possessions, noncompliance, disapproval, brush-offs, dislodgment, re buffs, dis suasions, re-monstrances, plaints, dis-favor, re legation, withholdings, mutinousnesses, non concurrence, dis-affirmances, dis-satisfaction, with holding, dis allowances, dis esteems, hard time, relegation, dis missals, kick teeth, non-acceptances, dis lodgments, dis-lodgments, dis pleasure, poles apart, ex terminations, dis-affections, exceptings, counterargument, dis-claimer, non-compliance, claimings, slap the face, un certainty, non-agreement, dis affirmance, out-cries, counter argument, dis-content, un conventionalities, kissoff, disallowment, dis possession, re-traction, gainsayings, kissoffs, censure, weeding out, knockbacks, dis-pleasures, dis-missings, dis allowance, counter arguments, re-buttals, dis contents, coldshoulderings, dis affirmation, dis-suasion, controversions, Non-concurrence, adjurations, non-concurrences, dissuasion, summons to contest, dis-sents, conge, un conventionality, ex postulation, bohemianisms, heterodoxies, dis-affirmations, poles aparts, non agreement, in subordination, dis affection, re-legation, kiss offs, un-willingness, summons contest, re traction, relegations, ex patriations, purgation, re presentations, refusings, dis-cards, re buff, outcry, dis-cords, un-certainties, coldshouldering, prohibitions, disproof, formal complaints, ex-postulation, in-congruities, dis agreements, dis-cord, mis giving, dis-affirmation, brushoff, re prehensions, dis avowal, refusal, slap face, up-turn, de-bate, renegements, hubba-hubba, inter diction, no dices, dis-approval, denial, dis-esteems, dis favor, dis-obediences, slap in the face, non-compliances, Refutal, debarments, dis-affection, dis-solutions, non admissions, Disaffirmation, noncommittals, nonacceptance, non consent, recusances, non-admission, repudiation, up-turns, de-barring, ex communication, non conformisms, dis-suasions, refutals, weeding outs, barrings, in-consistencies, Nonadmission, dissension, objection, dis-allowance, far cries, non-consents, inter-rogations, up-roar, dis cards, demandings, kiss-offs, non acceptances, hetero doxies, non compliance, ex-patriation, dis-placements, up-roars, old heavehos, cold-shoulderings, Mutinousness, re buttal, dis-card, fault findings, non agreements, inter-dict, in consistency, de-positions, inter rogation, coventry, hubba hubba, noninclusion, in-congruity, nothing doings, dis-contents, fault finding, keeping out, NOPES, protest, hoo ha, nonacceptances, disproofs, with holdings, iconoclasm, out-cry, discountenancings, coventries, dis solutions, Controversion, re monstrance, confutation, dis charge, bone to pick, non concurrences, dis-missal, dis-affirmance, rejection, plaint, expostulation, unconventionality, enjoinment, dis obedience, adjuration, formal complaint, re-versal, mis beliefs, kiss off, dis affirmations, nonadmissions, nonagreements, brush-off, inter rogations, non conformity, re pulses, mis-beliefs, nonconformism, unconventionalities, mis-belief, un-conventionalities, dissent, non admission, dis approbations, veto, non-committals, cold shoulderings, excusings, dis obediences, in subordinations, taking away, remonstrance, re-volt, non-admissions, dis-approbations, no goes, non-committal, demurral, out-burst, no dice, noninclusions, recusancies, dis solution, faultfindings, non inclusion, de bates, dis-charges, nonconcurrences, dissuasions, dis-accord, de positions, dis-accords, dis approbation, inter-diction, abstainings, out bursts, re-volts, Freedoms, non-agreements, liquidation, nothing doing, dis-placement, re-pulses, contradiction, housecleanings, de fiance, misbeliefs, dis approval, renegement, enjoinments, transgressiveness, re legations, dis cords, dis unity, de position, un-orthodoxies, Bohemianism, dis-satisfactions, nonagreement, non-acceptance, ex postulations, pro vocations, re-buffs, inter-rogation, ex-communication, dis pleasures, up turn, out burst, re versal, deposals, re fusing, no ways, hard times, dis missing, non-conformisms, re monstrances, Contumaciousness, confutations, debarment, mis belief, refrainings, question, bone contention, old heave ho, dis affirmances, dis-countenancing, counterarguments, dis inclination, un certainties, re-monstrance, un-willingnesses, in-consistency, dis-sent, dis cord, repudiatings, dis claimer, dis-esteem, ex-terminations, sour note, brush offs, demurrings, dis-allowances, ex communications, exclusion, forbiddings, dis-inclinations, hetero doxy, dis-avowals, dis-possessions, un willingness, re-prehension, protestation, kiss-off, dis-favors, challenge, dis-approbation, old heaveho, brushoffs, ostracism, de-fiances, iconoclasms, dis accords, dis content, sour notes, keeping outs, dis lodgment, transgressivenesses, with-holdings, housecleaning, ex-communications, dis esteem, contumaciousnesses, fault-findings, up turns, non-consent, renouncement, renouncements, cold-shouldering, conges, dis-approvals, lockout, dis sent, in congruities, ex-postulations, disallowments, dis-solution, dis missal, re volts, non-conformism, in-subordination, buckings, disagreement, nonconsents, un orthodoxies, cold shouldering, Deposal, old heave hos, re-presentations, pro vocation, dis-inclination, dis-missals, dis approvals, Re-presentation, pro-vocations, old heave-hos, non-inclusion, dis-charge, dis placement, re-tractions, ex-termination, shrinkings.