Pronunciation of Acquired
/ɐkwˈa͡ɪ͡əd/, /ɐkwˈa‍ɪ‍əd/, /ɐ_k_w_ˈaɪə_d/

Antonyms for acquired

hereditary, abiogenetic, more inbred, by seat of pants, in-violable, more resident, in-eradicable, Intuitional, indigenous, running family, more unprompted, nontransferable, instinctive, most eugenic, more nonnegotiable, more inheritable, most transmitted, by seat pants, deeprooted, most inheritable, more genealogical, genetic, unalienable, deep seated, more unalienable, hardwired, most heritable, Unmeditated, by seat ones pants, most unacquired, in grain, part parcel, re-gular, eugenic, essential, more willed, unprompted, more implanted, constitutional, natal, in the blood, transmissible, more entailed, meat potatoes, in-dividual, more eugenic, most second-nature, more abiogenetic, in bred, name game, more nontransferable, more substratal, more unmeditated, matriclinous, most family, most unalienable, in-built, most nitty gritty, Ingenerate, in-voluntary, non-negotiable, re gular, inalienable, in-dispensable, most ingenerate, most untransferable, in heritable, more genital, more phytogenetic, more in built, kneejerk, nubber, nonnegotiable, more sporogenous, most bequeathed, heritable, most second nature, un-learned, more untransferable, in-grained, lineal, under lying, most substratal, maternal, inherited, untransferable, intrinsic, more unacquired, phytogenetic, more secondnature, by seat one pants, in violable, more in-built, nitty gritty, most secondnature, most transmissible, more digenetic, in-bred, more matriclinous, built in, more heritable, most nontransferable, most inbred, native, un-premeditated, sub-stratal, by seat of ones pants, sub stratal, most nitty-gritty, in eradicable, un-alienable, more transmitted, name of game, in built, most willed, inbuilt, ingrain, more nittygritty, inbred, un-prompted, most implanted, un-meditated, running the family, ingrained, most nonnegotiable, in the grain, un acquired, most nittygritty, genealogical, most in built, in separable, more xenogenetic, by seat of one's pants, un alienable, inherent, natural, sporogenous, most genesiological, in most, non transferable, un-thinking, most genealogical, most lineal, most resident, lost, in dispensable, most sporogenous, more genesiological, constitutive, by seat of one pants, most genital, under-lying, running in the family, in-born, in born, un-acquired, inheritable, deepseated, in alienable, non negotiable, more lineal, in dividual, un-assailable, in-heritable, second-nature, integral, more second-nature, elementary, most inbuilt, most digenetic, in-separable, in tuitional, running in family, un prompted, most xenogenetic, forfeited, most entailed, more intuitional, nittygritty, in voluntary, more nitty gritty, more bequeathed, Unacquired, most matriclinous, name the game, deep rooted, genesiological, un meditated, most abiogenetic, un thinking, innate, Xenogenetic, builtin, by seat one's pants, more transmissible, more family, in-generate, more inbuilt, nubbest, deprived, in generate, most phytogenetic, inborn, in-alienable, built-in, non-transferable, un transferable, un-transferable, digenetic.