Pronunciation of Action
/ˈakʃən/, /ˈakʃən/, /ˈa_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for action

rest, un-employment, faineance, de-liquescences, screaming halts, re pose, dreaminess, dilatoriness, somnolences, somnolence, ideal, weakness, un responsiveness, Otiosity, time ones hands, deliberation, de liquescences, break offs, hebetude, in-sensibilities, goof off time, time on one's hand, odds ends, residums, Desistance, un employment, uninterestingnesses, grinding halts, slowness, dis-continuances, in-activity, bottom barrel, unmindfulnesses, time on one's hands, quiescencies, in action, re-laxation, stiffness, ex cess, sack time, time on one hand, re-creation, time out, in sensibilities, residum, paralysis, in activities, endurance, un-interestingnesses, un-concerns, indolence, neglectfulnesses, others, drowsiness, Sandman, dis-interest, quiescency, quiet, neglectfulness, slothfulness, goof-off time, apathy, un-responsiveness, in-sipidities, Faineancy, dis interest, dilly dallyings, goofoff times, time one hand, dis-continuation, haltings, time-wasting, Paralyses, dis continuation, faineancies, few z, question, passiven, loafings, peace mind, ceasings, un responsivenesses, temporarily deferred, let ups, re-main, supinities, few z', otiosenesses, defeat, leisure, shuteye, passion, hesitation, un-concern, failure, Pottering, dis-interests, re quiescences, joblessness, inter-lude, stalenesses, break-offs, re laxations, un-responsivenesses, un restraint, unrestraint, immobility, deadnesses, break-off, repose, commonplaceness, languorousnesses, ataraxias, Hibernations, donothingness, in formalities, in activity, faineances, in actions, re-missions, agreement, time one's hands, intermission, dreaminesses, un mindfulness, leisureliness, lackadaisicalnesses, re spite, grinding halt, in sipidity, time on hands, passivens, un-employments, leisurelinesses, slumberland, Do-nothingness, re-quiescence, goof off times, time hand, bottom of barrel, own sweet time, dillydallyings, inter missions, arms morpheus, insouciances, re lief, stoppage, dis-regard, deadness, in-formality, ease, faintheartedness, re-lief, re quiescence, motionlessnesses, potterings, truce, time on ones hand, dis-continuance, land nod, goof-off times, dullness, timewastings, ex-cesses, Torpescence, in-differences, re-mission, monotomies, joblessnesses, in differences, timewasting, surrender, monotomy, acedias, dawdlings, yielding, dis-continuations, time to kill, breathing spell, Deliquescence, overplus, un restraints, re-quiescences, fecklessnesses, laziness, peace, re-laxations, un employments, inaction, in-activities, dilly-dallyings, time hands, residuals, re creations, supinenesses, in-actions, inter lude, un interestingnesses, torpidity, waitings, torpidnesses, dis regards, let-ups, inertia, neglect, re spites, re-pose, unemployment, otioseness, vegetatings, screaming halt, dis-regards, pausation, dis continuance, reluctance, re main, in-formalities, triflings, passivity, dis continuations, interregna, loiterings, oscitancy, staleness, re mission, re-creations, diffidence, let-up, time on ones hands, dis continuances, re mains, re-mains, ataraxia, acedia, lethargy, un concerns, languorousness, relaxings, un-ceremoniousnesses, stillness, goofoff time, re-cess, pediment, slumberlands, retreat, oscitancies, few z's, motionlessness, re-spites, idleness, time-wastings, naturalness, un mindfulnesses, dronings, un ceremoniousnesses, dilatorinesses, Interregnums, in-difference, stupidness, re laxation, donothingnesses, stupidnesses, hibernation, languor, quiescence, slowwittednesses, fecklessness, rest period, dis interests, passivities, breakoffs, temporarily deferreds, timidity, few ze, in difference, own sweet times, cutoff, suffering, inter-ludes, arms of morpheus, re cesses, desistances, in-sipidity, do-nothingnesses, time wasting, de liquescence, shiftlessness, requiescences, restfulness, un-interestingness, un-restraint, re missions, breakoff, deliquescences, commonplacenesses, in-action, dis regard, inter ludes, re creation, time kill, sack times, in sensibility, sleep, inanition, harmony, pause, suspension, calmness, bed roses, time one hands, unemployments, inanitions, time on hand, lazings, inactivity, requiescence, torpor, torpescences, cessation, breathing spells, calm, Drowsinesses, time burn, do nothingnesses, supineness, time wastings, in-sensibility, un-ceremoniousness, interregnum, abeyance, overpluses, de-liquescence, uninterestingness, un interestingness, otiosities, un ceremoniousness, restfulnesses, few zs, lassitude, ex-cess.