Pronunciation of Activity
/aktˈɪvɪti/, /aktˈɪvɪti/, /a_k_t_ˈɪ_v_ɪ_t_i/

Antonyms for activity

rest period, time kill, requiescences, in-consequentiality, screaming halts, dis regard, time-wasting, re-cess, re mission, rest, abeyance, un-ceremoniousnesses, swoonings, temporarily deferred, pause, cold bloodednesses, un ceremoniousnesses, deadnesses, dis regards, slumberland, ex cess, re creation, sack times, hypnosis, triflings, non-interference, supineness, in attention, immobility, own sweet times, lethargy, unemployment, time on one's hands, overpluses, hate, arms morpheus, in-sensibility, unmindfulness, let-up, callousnesses, un importances, un-responsiveness, shuteyen, neglectfulnesses, pastime, cold-bloodedness, in-consequentialities, un-responsivenesses, Interregnums, dis passions, deadness, be-wilderments, in significancies, in consequentialnesses, inanitions, few z's, dilly dallyings, dis-interest, non-interferences, grinding halt, time burn, inter missions, narcosises, time wasting, do nothingnesses, goof off times, Otiosity, ex-cess, in-operativeness, re missions, in-consequentialness, donothingness, break-offs, time one hands, dis-continuances, Drowsinesses, un concerns, be wilderments, insensitivities, odds ends, inactivity, quiescency, dillydallyings, drowse, dis interest, time hand, in significance, un-concern, temporarily deferreds, dreaminess, lazings, Hypnoses, shut-eyne, in consequence, dawdlings, haltings, passivity, un importance, in-consequence, shut-eye, Do-nothingness, shut eyen, in formalities, inertia, idleness, in operativenesses, bottom of barrel, naturalness, in-significances, goofoff times, oscitancy, insouciance, slothfulness, dis-continuation, unrestraint, dis interestedness, in-formalities, timewasting, un concern, in-actions, do-nothingnesses, oscitancies, un employments, inter-ludes, otiosities, isolationism, in activity, in differences, break offs, narcosis, faintings, in-activity, time ones hands, time one hand, goof off time, ataraxias, shut eyes, do nothingness, un ceremoniousness, inaction, un responsivenesses, re-laxation, faineances, pausation, petrifaction, screaming halt, Torpescence, dronings, time to kill, ease, in-action, shut-eyen, impassivenesses, inanition, inter ludes, in significancy, in-sensibilities, in sensibilities, in operativeness, intermission, inertness, goof-off time, time wastings, torpidnesses, dis-interestedness, languorousnesses, joblessness, faineancies, stoppage, re-main, unmindfulnesses, interregna, dis-regard, hibernation, grinding halts, leisureliness, fun, shuteye, joblessnesses, sleep, in actions, re cesses, paralysis, cold bloodedness, in significances, Sopor, faineance, in consequentialness, in-significance, overplus, land nod, re-mains, shiftlessness, un restraints, un-ceremoniousness, re creations, un-mindfulnesses, break-off, waitings, dis-regards, entertainment, in sensitivities, slumberlands, dilly-dallyings, in-sensitivities, desistances, un mindfulness, dis-passions, loafings, pediment, requiescence, listlessness, supinenesses, dis-continuance, re spite, dis passion, loiterings, time on ones hand, be wilderment, otiosenesses, re main, time out, re-missions, inconsequence, Sandman, re-lief, bed roses, bottom barrel, in-significancy, re mains, cutoff, inter-lude, otioseness, lackadaisicalness, time on hand, in-formality, stupor, peace mind, restfulness, Asphyxias, neglectfulness, noninterferences, coldbloodednesses, in-difference, time on hands, re-laxations, in sensibility, vocation, re-quiescence, dis continuations, own sweet time, residuals, un-concerns, time on ones hands, ceasings, dis interests, torpidness, drowses, time one's hands, lackadaisicalnesses, dis-interests, restfulnesses, shut eye, residums, goofoff time, un restraint, un-importance, dis continuances, un-restraint, somnolence, dis continuance, indolence, time-wastings, in activities, re-quiescences, arms of morpheus, somnolences, re-creations, motionlessness, re quiescences, dis-interestednesses, task, in difference, time on one's hand, in sensitivity, sack time, re laxation, re-spites, in-attention, residum, Pottering, coldbloodedness, slumber, few zs, supinities, breathing spells, Hibernations, dis-passion, be-wilderment, in consequentiality, dis-continuations, sopors, time hands, profession, Paralyses, cessation, in-activities, dreaminesses, motionlessnesses, sleepiness, non interferences, re lief, re spites, Faineancy, torpescences, re-mission, in consequences, dis interestednesses, few z, in attentions, vegetatings, re-creation, breathing spell, relaxation, callousness, re pose, sloth, dis continuation, interregnum, ataraxia, let-ups, un responsiveness, laziness, ex-cesses, others, passivities, inter lude, un-employments, few ze, un mindfulnesses, goof-off times, breakoffs, insensitivity, let ups, petrifactions, unemployments, languorousness, non interference, in consequentialities, insouciances, immobilities, Desistance, few z', re quiescence, un-importances, dilatoriness, un-mindfulness, noninterference, re-pose, donothingnesses, re laxations, leisurelinesses, quiescencies, time on one hand, sluggishness, potterings, in-operativenesses, cold-bloodednesses, in action, drowsiness, asphyxia, in-differences, breakoff, dilatorinesses.