Pronunciation of Advantage
/ɐdvˈantɪd͡ʒ/, /ɐdvˈantɪd‍ʒ/, /ɐ_d_v_ˈa_n_t_ɪ_dʒ/

Antonyms for advantage

tight spot, un commonnesses, dis traction, deprivation, in-substantiality, desperation, wreckings, mis adventure, dis-regard, de-privations, curse, matter, dis incentives, male-faction, in aptness, un righteousnesses, bringdown, disconcertion, weightiness, dis-cords, Cross piece, disparity, de tractions, lowness, chink armor, dis courtesy, soups, weakness, exiguity, dis-service, dis-content, impoverishment, deficit, TODO, de-creases, dis obedience, ill luck, roguery, boo-boos, Discommodity, re-serve, head ache, de creases, de-solations, non feasances, in-experience, Lancination, dis simulations, mis-doings, trans-mission, crossbars, dis-relishes, diabolism, mis behaviors, up-set, in-decisions, uncomfortablenesses, about face, dis-quiets, emergency, Downs, un-fitnesses, minding store, inhibition, disconsolations, quicksands, crying shame, misplacement, de rogation, monkey one back, flaw, moodiness, mis deeds, disputed point, holdup, re buff, tall order ticklish spot tight situation trouble, incompleteness, mis demeanor, un-commonnesses, liability, the worst, disadvantage, penalty, un-healthinesses, in hole, de-merit, in-completeness, dis satisfaction, flare up, saturninities, disaster, ticklishness, point issue, crashing bores, excess baggages, mis carriages, mis laying, predomination, strenuousness, super visions, un-luckinesses, dis integrations, the ends, ataxia, ill, in stability, inability hack it, stop, all overs, maculations, un eases, in adequacy, ticklish spots, dis esteems, mess half, nonperformance, in junction, mis-deed, re strainers, waggery, in conveniences, arduousnesses, over sight, old onetwo, care, blot landscape, out-burst, unlucks, dis tress, crosspieces, trammel, mis placements, mis steps, non performance, de-cays, crying shames, deadlock, dis-continuances, muckrakings, blot on landscape, counter balance, Disconsolation, mess and a half, re versions, flareup, coverts, bewailings, Torts, re-treat, cross roads, sparsity, broken hearts, puniness, worry, restrainer, gaffs, bad luck, anti-climaxes, de-coys, dis-appointments, excess baggage, discouragement, de-cay, hard knock, on the skids, impotence, wound, deplorings, rough go, keyhole, leakages, mis-chance, palings, flash in pan, un lucks, dis-simulation, quagmire, over throws, re version, defectiveness, daintiness, misadventure, shenanigan, implosions, sublimation, selfconsciousness, mental weights, Malefaction, dead weights, rough goes, penury, infarction, mis-cue, disquiet, un-health, dis-favor, mis-conducts, lead balloons, bug, graspings, in-effectualness, bane, forlornness, in experience, computer malfunctions, imperativeness, out-break, failing, in humanity, de-termination, bad turns, withholdings, stone one's path, mis-trust, up-surges, malfunction, in capacity, dis quiet, dis-esteems, cross bear, awkwardness, mutilation, suscept, bad fortunes, ants pants, choke point, de-terrences, impecuniousness, deadfalls, in-solvency, cicatrix, Counter weight, badgerer, sinker, dis service, nail-bitings, woefulness, catch-22's, reversal of fortune, stroke of bad luck, grain salt, de-cline, over throw, dis appointments, dis courtesies, in-frequency, disincentive, hang up, harm, mis-behavior, peccabilities, de-stroyers, pressure, unease, bad breaks, sandbag, un-easiness, ill fortune, cross pieces, dislikings, dis-coloration, flacks, up set, pre sentiments, dissimulations, due bill, demandingnesses, low spirits, dis tempers, wistfulnesses, dis-courtesy, mis carriage, fix, dis-appearance, in hock, un rest, Catatonias, counterweights, blackheads, mis-carriages, watering hole, indebtments, de-fault, over-throw, Unhandiness, melancholy, pro vocation, foot draggings, re striction, the blues, deadfall, no-no's, lapse, cost, counter-weight, de-generations, cross to bear, anvil choru, dis tractions, dis-commodity, tough breaks, dis-eases, thorniness, big trouble, outgoings, in decency, knavery, diaphysis, in-constancy, abjection, un-handinesses, foramen, un-ease, in equity, de-generation, fly ointment, in-dispositions, computer malfunction, dolefuls, in convenience, ax grind, miserablenesses, badgerers, Downcastness, chink in armor, self reproaches, non feasance, libelings, arduousness, old one two, misfortunes, lead balloon, infarct, venialities, self condemnation, in opportunenesses, dis-colorations, imperfection, cheerlessness, psychological baggage, dis-contents, woefulnesses, thorn in ones side, in opportuneness, Disincentives, de basements, dis composures, in substantialities, de-basement, perniciousness, un-doings, dis relish, disillusionments, dis organizations, soreness, weepings, drinkeries, thorn one side, detraction, damage(s), dis-comforts, de cays, unhandinesses, straitjacket, small difficulties, un soundness, uphill battles, un easiness, crackups, in-adequateness, pre-dominations, de-stroyer, over looks, blockage, gnarl, answerabilities, in commodiousness, dis coloration, wrongnesses, Forcibleness, abuse, dis eases, hard luck, dis likings, waywardness, mis-take, self consciousness, passion, sparsities, gloominesses, selfreproaches, spokes, bad break, bafflements, un-doing, devoir, over-throws, re-buffs, de-feats, stroke bad luck, Knaveries, marrings, dis approvals, in-accuracy, containments, demandingness, un luck, scandalmongering, containment, failings, vitiations, sub stance, un-eases, dis-possessions, whole new ballgames, in constancies, loss, misplacings, de solation, exigency, sur-prises, stone ones path, slim pickings, selfcondemnations, hangup, sinfulness, re morse, counter-balances, non successes, sore point, casualities, dis cords, un godliness, if it's cools, under-standing, pretermissions, sub-ordinations, pestilence, hindrance, mislayings, de lay, non-feasances, dis-inclinations, in-aptness, psychological baggages, over-looks, setback, crisis, tightness, Condolement, rascality, straitjackets, helves, dismals, cold sweats, un godlinesses, be-wailing, dis inclinations, trans mission, jam ups, dis-approvals, mis conducts, un-certainty, dis solution, dis-relish, crashing bore, blot the landscape, courtroom, incommodiousness, dis pleasures, dis array, damage, croppers, mis conduct, bolt from the blue, waste, ill health, dis-advantage, lancinations, mis fires, mis fire, block, diseasednesses, foible, banefulnesses, goofup, de coy, trying time, hard time, dis-inclination, under standings, alehouses, re-strictions, nodule, devoirs, mess and half, cross-piece, cumbersomenesses, nail-biting, un substantiality, sadness, mis-cues, in adequateness, under developments, devil own lucks, out-bursts, up trees, dis temper, dis orders, uphill battle, dis-tempers, de merit, booboo, stone path, dis may, cave ins, cave-in, in utilities, under standing, slip up, mess a half, trial, mis doings, dis comforts, un naturalness, Insufficience, Helixes, dis-appearances, ailings, dumb thing to do, noxiousness, bombshell, dis-likings, dis-arrangements, old one twos, devil's own lucks, overlookings, small quantity, sub-stances, mis adventures, Non-performance, un-happiness, nemesis, Hocuspocus, dis-esteem, de merits, pensivenesses, de feat, over-sight, spoilings, in decencies, molestation, watering holes, foul ups, mis-fires, glitch, defalcations, Retardment, torment, un suitableness, grief, inconstancies, in felicities, de coys, mis deed, clog, in-substantialities, pre domination, implosion, unwellness, roughs, devils own luck, dis-grace, de bit, slightness, dis favors, hocus pocus, Cumbrance, detriment, hard lucks, under-taking, under development, pain, out rages, jam-ups, double trouble, crosspiece, dissimulation, non performances, dis obediences, obstruction, de solations, foulup, mess and a halves, catch, large order, willies, severe tests, vicissitude, over sights, sinfulnesses, un-soundness, goof ups, mis takes, catatonia, mess a halves, dis agreements, heft, on the skid, devil own luck, in-equity, Butterflies, mis-adventure, ill-treatments, cross-pieces, malcontentments, rotten lucks, dis favor, untimelinesses, in effectiveness, disconsolatenesses, up a tree, bringdowns, be-wilderment, up-shots, pro-vocations, flyspecks, faultinesses, blockade, want, devilments, faintness, pre-sentiment, de-lays, un-rest, dis organization, nailbiting, cross bar, driver seat, dis-continuance, in attention, shake-ups, mis behavior, de-coy, de formation, excruciation, if it's cool, grievings, mischievousness, super-visions, dis cord, dumb trick, bombshells, roguishness, dead weight, dis continuances, BADS, ball chain, embolus, screw-ups, anti-climax, ungodliness, total losses, self consciousnesses, un-fairness, mournfulness, subjection, dis qualifications, de traction, Hydras, to do, un handiness, eyelets, butterfly, de-feat, committals, un luckiness, de privations, what's going arounds, restrainers, calvary, stumbling-block, drawback, un naturalnesses, dis approval, snag, un healthiness, what going arounds, discomfort, nonsuccesses, goof up, dis satisfactions, de-tractions, hold-up, uncommonnesses, in-solvencies, in efficacies, monkey on one back, ill-treatment, in-attention, poverty, tight corners, rail, g factor, Infarctions, destruction, thorn in one's side, dis esteem, fly the ointment, down trip, speck, in-competency, dis-quietude, neglect, pang, ticklish spot, taking care of business, fell stroke, needfulnesses, if it cools, the rubs, worriment, under taking, cross-bar, stone in ones path, problem, de terrences, encirclement, monkey on one's back, goofups, sub ordinations, fiasco, dis-tress, embarrassment, dis repairs, re morses, bemoanings, dis-solution, dumb tricks, in hocks, limitation, over-looking, g-factors, hoo ha, imbalance, deformation, devilment, lack, impedances, sub ordination, male-factions, errors, un timeliness, flash the pan, re strictions, in-competences, in validities, un righteousness, Abjectness, evil, mis-conduct, selfreproach, devil luck, mis trusts, querulousness, inhibitor, over look, duty, dis-agreement, black blues, in-discretion, dis integration, stumbling stone, un luckinesses, counter-weights, sandbags, cavein, dis-possession, impediment, holy messes, wistfulness, dearth, hard cheese, blameworthinesses, un-soundnesses, de stroyers, dis-appointment, hickey, tough break, dis qualification, tight spots, dis-integrations, male faction, mis giving, pain neck, impedance, male factions, un suitablenesses, hold ups, discommodities, in dignities, insubstantiality, mis-placing, whiteheads, lugubriosities, untimeliness, crackup, inadequateness, un-wellness, short circuits, de-terminations, malcontents, re-versal, bad deeds, re strainer, disservice, in-effectiveness, prankster, unwieldiness, unhealthinesses, in commodity, de-basements, scrape, catch22, obstacles, no-no, in-junctions, goof-ups, dis order, dis simulation, dis-order, mis cues, de fault, nonsuccess, bad-luck, imperativenesses, queasiness, non payments, dis honor, wrongness, up tree, un-luckiness, depression, leak, dis-obediences, in-accuracies, deadweights, de-faults, re serve, blahs, blockings, sub-stance, re-striction, in dispositions, sur prise, cropper, affliction, self-condemnations, re-strainer, tight situations, dissatisfaction, pre-domination, deleteriousnesses, can worms, sinkers, dis-may, bad omens, dumb thing do, hard times, ill fortunes, mis-chances, pre-sentiments, moodinesses, total loss, dis commodity, Pendulums, mutilations, Diaphyses, black and blues, inter dict, dis arrangements, re treats, infestations, in-junction, mis-placements, thill, tight corner, disappointment, un-easinesses, drinkery, red inks, lamentation, malcontentment, subservience, downcastnesses, Emboli, dis-orders, needfulness, no nos, re-version, meeting point, dis-solutions, un handinesses, bothersomeness, de generations, exiguities, under-standings, dis-composures, vileness, dis-tractions, pro vinces, de-terrence, in efficiencies, nevus, inadequacy, disability, in-quietudes, nonfeasance, criminalities, non-payments, in competence, hot potato, nono, over looking, Melancholias, up-surge, cumbersomeness, sub version, pickle, dis relishes, adverse circumstance, grain of salt, full court press, dirty trick, out-breaks, in juries, Nevi, fore-boding, in discretion, bar, insolvency, dis consolations, over-look, out-rages, full court presses, foulups, hard cheeses, de-bit, de-solation, disconsolateness, in sufficiency, leanness, re-treats, juncture, in-efficiencies, up shot, criticalness, nuisance, squanderings, vilenesses, dis-temper, dis-array, dis repair, in-decencies, pins needles, miss, blot, un-substantialities, de feats, un-handiness, funny businesses, dis-arrangement, stranglehold, law practice, whole new ballgame, blemish, jam up, disconcertions, pro vince, self-consciousness, act god, injury, severe test, no no's, noxiousnesses, misfortune, in-sinuations, sur prises, the worsts, counter weights, knot, shortness, de-lay, in solvency, unconsolability, check, un-wellnesses, in-capacities, invalidities, anxiety, dis inclination, fretfulness, wrong, excruciations, slip ups, dis grace, g factors, dis-integration, jamups, hooha, be moaning, Diseasedness, un-healthiness, dis-regards, deadweight, un-righteousness, slightnesses, ill healths, in-validities, in commodiousnesses, flack, caveins, counter balances, hitch, dis-consolations, Maculae, mis-fire, shortcoming, Indebtment, grievance, mis fortune, in accuracy, in-effectivenesses, criticalnesses, dis pleasure, re-strainers, pennilessness, dis-courtesies, adverse circumstances, double bind, dis quiets, up-sets, querulousnesses, heaviness heart, shake ups, hydra, in decision, mis-giving, endemics, scantness, over-sights, un pleasantnesses, looseness, dis-services, up surge, poundage, up surges, painfulness, de termination, Influenzas, de lays, defect, dilemma, pandemics, in-efficacy, trans missions, queasinesses, dis-organization, in-sinuation, mis chances, hole, dis mays, rotten luck, in discretions, un fitnesses, re-serves, adiposity, outrage, un-naturalness, incapacity, out-goings, heavy heartedness, sieges, disadvantage(s), dis services, control, tight situation, in tensity, in competency, Flyspeck, hardship, in utility, traducings, molestations, dis-organizations, quandary, boo-boo, mis trust, evil-doing, pitfall, pollution, mis-chief, un certainty, painfulnesses, un-lucks, Cross-road, fore bodings, suffering, lugubriosity, mis-adventures, de formations, bothersomenesses, de cline, unsoundness, up-shot, rareness, de bits, under-developments, re-morses, troublesomeness, whats going arounds, plague, dis-honor, Helices, Necessitousness, Banefulness, law practices, restraint, dis advantage, dis-pleasure, blackhead, mis chief, trouble, inaptnesses, dis arrays, dis appearances, strenuousnesses, catch 22's, dis-advantages, bad omen, disfavor, meltdown, gfactors, leakings, sordidnesses, de terrence, in experiences, double binds, dead horse, over-turn, pinch, self condemnations, lownesses, whats going around, loss innocence, over turns, inequality, ravishings, de basement, point at issue, allovers, broken heart, misery, scar, pro-vinces, in completeness, in-efficiency, dis-incentives, macula, unwieldinesses, on skids, holy mess, upset, rats nest, bother, dis-tresses, woe, calamity, uncommonness, in-adequatenesses, minding the store, in-competencies, pathosis, dis-satisfaction, Neediness, bad fortune, un comfortablenesses, cave in, jam, muddle, poor excuses, in effectualness, constraint, unholy messes, cross road, mis-demeanors, sinking ships, de crease, keyholes, with holding, ants in pants, de-bits, thorn side, preterition, mental weight, de faults, dis-qualification, Non-feasance, unevenness, dis contents, de-traction, epidemic, dis-approval, oughts, plight, mis-chiefs, fretfulnesses, de-formation, free for all, pressingness, foul-up, tonnage, sub stances, in competencies, malignings, inopportuneness, mis placing, with-holdings, in-felicities, invalidity, dis agreement, blue ruin, devil's luck, in validity, beer gardens, scarceness, hurdle, in-utility, de cay, catch22's, tight squeezes, dis-obedience, tormentor, in jury, dis-cord, loosenesses, mis placement, re-morse, de-clines, out break, stumbling stones, de clines, re-verse, de-crease, courtrooms, dis regards, ill treatments, be-wilderments, bad deed, devils luck, legal professions, perniciousnesses, inaptness, Gluttonies, adiposities, dis-composure, answerability, stone in one path, botherments, percolation, thorn in one side, if it cool, what going around, inconstancy, stone one path, de privation, poor excuse, in accuracies, tragedy, devils own lucks, in commodities, thorn ones side, frailty, cross-roads, big stink, botched situations, black and blue, undoing, Leannesses, fault, condolements, pinion, un timelinesses, un-fitness, anti climaxes, defectivenesses, awkward situation, dis-traction, be wilderments, in frequency, contagion, shaft, deleteriousness, blank walls, blow, slip-ups, with holdings, un doing, in-commodity, self-reproach, crossbar, un-naturalnesses, dis content, unrighteousnesses, counterweight, mis doing, old onetwos, out burst, un-substantiality, un fitness, re verse, cave-ins, in-stabilities, in-constancies, hour of decision, in humanities, re-versions, booboos, mis chiefs, meltdowns, retrenchments, out bursts, pauperism, minuses, thorninesses, thills, inconvenience, up shots, in-commodiousnesses, Unhealth, tribulation, in-disposition, in-decision, large orders, abjectnesses, thorn in side, un-suitableness, tightnesses, downside, in the hole, calvaries, something wrongs, de-rogation, pesterer, in-decency, pity, stumbling block, counter-poise, taint, mis-carriage, un-suitablenesses, sub-version, dis-tastes, underdevelopment, black blue, in adequatenesses, disillusionment, tort, re versal, incompletenesses, inferiority, rat's nest, choke points, anvil chorus, criminality, pinions, troublesomenesses, sordidness, in constancy, unrighteousness, meeting points, dead horses, blot on the landscape, un-timelinesses, inutility, out goings, de terminations, in equities, nono's, mis-calculation, dis-simulations, dispiritednesses, preteritions, quicksand, bleakness, devil lucks, in efficiency, mis-takes, in-commodities, saturninity, de-merits, divestments, un substantialities, dis incentive, dis-arrays, rat nest, blameworthiness, dis-honors, disease, dis-repair, de generation, in effectualnesses, drivers seat, trying times, what's going around, kiss death, evil doing, non-successes, dis-consolation, catastrophe, ticklishnesses, skimpiness, skimpinesses, sub-versions, non success, evil doings, Cicatrices, dis appointment, hefts, un-fairnesses, egg on face, dis-satisfactions, be-moaning, jam-up, mousetrap, dis-liking, un doings, up a trees, dis composure, defalcation, cross bars, mis calculation, mess halves, in decisions, Miserableness, low spirit, shrinkings, un wellness, pejoratives, flus, botched situation, in-adequacy, un-righteousnesses, un-godliness, in-conveniences, suscepts, in-utilities, pest, dis-quietudes, scandalmongerings, cheerlessnesses, laboriousness, pensiveness, Foramina, gnarls, dispiritedness, vitiation, dis-qualifications, on skid, mis-calculations, be wailing, dis-mays, in-convenience, rathskeller, rough spot, wire pulling, tonnages, dis possession, slim picking, the rub, in effectivenesses, beauty spots, devil's own luck, losings, inutilities, faintnesses, retardments, dis consolation, handicap, in adequacies, underdevelopments, un-timeliness, dis regard, dis-incentive, infirmity, anti climax, sub versions, deformations, catch 22, dis arrangement, complication, pendulum, legal profession, the end, blank wall, default, wrongings, dis liking, small quantities, tough lucks, in attentions, foul-ups, dis-graces, de-privation, re buffs, un comfortableness, out-rage, big troubles, dis-repairs, selfcondemnation, un-pleasantness, in disposition, dis-taste, cross-bars, unwellnesses, nippings, Hydrae, down trips, dis graces, counter poise, dis-commodities, in-capacity, guilt, in-sufficiencies, mischief, in-justice, impishness, dis-quiet, under-development, un pleasantness, the dumps, diabolisms, sicklinesses, re-pining, egg face, deficiency, lentigines, de rogations, dis appearance, sorrowfulnesses, dis quietudes, stone in path, counter poises, pre dominations, inter-dict, soup, mis chance, strait, sorrow, letdown, un-luck, dis-pleasures, mis-fortunes, double troubles, un happinesses, foot dragging, due bills, super-vision, ill lucks, in-efficacies, dis-agreements, mess and halves, un-rests, monkey on ones back, rats nests, self reproach, counter-balance, slip-up, burden, exiguousness, the dump, helve, ought, obstacle, un healthinesses, prankishness, big stinks, pro vocations, awkward situations, unhealths, selfconsciousnesses, unholy mess, inadequatenesses, out breaks, difficulty, dis quietude, badness, preventives, in efficacy, un certainties, in-frequencies, bleaknesses, beer garden, melancholia, cumbrances, old one-twos, weightinesses, sin, out going, dis honors, botherment, over turn, non payment, be wilderment, dis tresses, dis solutions, twinge, thorn one's side, sublimations, evil-doings, mis demeanors, tough luck, dis tastes, tax, mis take, helix, bad turn, barrier, blue ruins, dis comfort, screw ups, herculean tasks, dis taste, illtreatments, de-rogations, hour decision, naggings, mis cue, muckraking, in felicity, un commonness, contingency, mis-demeanor, inability to hack it, dis advantages, dis commodities, wire pullings, rathskellers, in-sufficiency, funny business, loss of innocence, daintinesses, scourge, casuality, ill treatment, jamup, if its cools, un-happinesses, hurt, up sets, monkey ones back, un-healths, un-pleasantnesses, sur-prise, under-takings, crumblings, pass, Nail Biting, bolt from blue, ruin, de-formations, un fairnesses, badnesses, Ataxias, devils lucks, cold sweat, in-tensity, dis-comfort, mis-laying, disapproval, monkey one's back, malefactions, distress, sorrowfulness, vice, committal, fatal attraction, dis possessions, pauperisms, Sickliness, abjections, fell strokes, in-stability, rough spots, nonperformances, devil's lucks, beauty spot, un-certainties, out-going, in-jury, unconsolabilities, jinx, predominations, in-experiences, imposition, gluttony, in-validity, monkey back, mis-deeds, dis-ease, in junctions, counter-poises, onus, Divestment, lurch, hot potatoes, sinking ship, backstabbings, in completenesses, mis fortunes, running downs, weary loads, de stroyer, pain in neck, in justices, pro-vince, necessitousnesses, rub, dis colorations, in-opportunenesses, fore boding, bafflement, in sufficiencies, disputed points, leakage, un healths, dis continuance, fatal attractions, goof-up, adversity, restriction, oversight, in-dignities, ruinings, penuriousness, mousetraps, in-discretions, alehouse, wonts, dis ease, spot, pretermission, dis-favors, shake-up, in-adequacies, Veniality.