Pronunciation of Agitation
/ˌad͡ʒɪtˈe͡ɪʃən/, /ˌad‍ʒɪtˈe‍ɪʃən/, /ˌa_dʒ_ɪ_t_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for agitation

self-composures, long suffering, politicness, inter missions, re-conciliations, harmony, dead air, coolness, passivities, even tempers, sub-ordinations, self constraint, self masteries, presence, self mastery, peace, selfassurance, sub mission, muteness, un troublednesses, Inexcitability, un-responsivenesses, longsufferings, dis-criminations, sub ordinations, speechlessness, re pose, pacifisms, re serve, pacifications, judiciousness, re laxation, ataraxias, in action, inter-dict, up-lifts, restfulness, cool headednesses, going easy on, coziness, sedation, re strictions, de privation, selfdeprivations, quietude, counter poises, judiciousnesses, somnolence, de-creases, de lights, self deprivation, comfort, in-action, selfmasteries, iron curtain, in activities, non resistance, galvanization, coolheadednesses, Refrainment, dis crimination, imperturbability, a rush, sang froid, un inebriations, head rushes, in activity, re quiescence, non resistances, ex citation, de-lights, balance, withholdings, un-inebriation, self discipline, re-laxation, selfcommand, Imperturbation, teetotalism, electrifications, self-possession, wordlessnesses, re striction, living with, self disciplines, nirvana, up-lift, equilibrium, in-activity, pinion, counter balances, uninebriation, cutoff, re spite, inarticulatenesses, in-articulateness, in-excitabilities, re lief, law and order, level headedness, dis passionateness, peacefulness, selfgovernment, un-ceremoniousnesses, longsuffering, invigorations, relief, reasonablenesses, solace, self-deprivation, re-serves, self-control, un-naturalness, self deprivations, ataraxia, cool-headedness, law and orders, re-strictions, self-constraint, stillness, hush hushes, silence, self control, inter dict, inter lude, naturalness, contentment, imperturbableness, consolation, re cesses, cozinesses, hushhushes, up lifts, imperturbations, un intoxications, de-terrences, enlivenment, motionlessness, delicatesse, re-lief, dis-passion, level-headednesses, dis-crimination, omnipresences, un-communicativenesses, passivity, unconcern, counter balance, going easy ons, rest, self restraint, re-pose, self denial, uni-sons, soberness, self government, selfcontrol, wellbeing, un restraints, ex-citation, requiescences, eschewals, tranquillity, self constraints, asceticism, un-troublednesses, cool heads, sub ordination, de terrence, ease, re conciliation, nonresistance, patientness, unrestraint, re-conciliation, non-resistances, level headednesses, re-quiescences, bed roses, moderation, un troubledness, firings, in-formality, refrainings, un ceremoniousnesses, self-constraints, equanimity, tact, uncommunicativeness, selfconfidence, galvanizations, quietness, Comities, forgoings, temperance, saturninity, Equability, vitalization, dis-passionateness, up lift, with-holdings, de-terrence, re-creation, sufferance, re laxations, a rushes, composure, ubiety, re-spites, re-cess, inter ludes, in-actions, selfmastery, inter-lude, patience, dis-passions, straitjacket, inhabitances, Ataraxy, sub-mission, steadyings, un-responsiveness, un responsiveness, saturninities, poise, self composure, de crease, tactfulness, selfpossession, ex-citations, selfcommands, discipline, mutenesses, exhilaration, inter-ludes, self confidence, high spirits, uni sons, astringency, cool head, inexcitabilities, well being, level-headedness, strength character, tranquility, noiselessness, easiness, contentedness, astringencies, uni son, quiet, in-activities, quickenings, delicatesses, dis passion, de-crease, re quiescences, good taste, un-naturalnesses, taciturnity, self-discipline, high spiritses, re-serve, restfulnesses, still, moderatism, under standing, counter-poises, drillings, vitalizations, un intoxication, un naturalnesses, beatitude, in formalities, levelheadednesses, un-troubledness, pinions, un restraint, selfcomposures, leisure, motionlessnesses, cool headedness, self assurance, unintoxications, equabilities, steadying, un communicativenesses, in excitability, eschewal, self-mastery, under-standing, peace mind, selfconstraint, immediate circle, politicnesses, dis passions, hush, levelheadedness, un-intoxications, cool-headednesses, dis-passionatenesses, un ceremoniousness, serenity, content, uni-son, reasonableness, nonresistances, laconisms, counter-balance, de-privation, counter-balances, domestication, selfdeprivation, Inhabitance, selfdiscipline, sub-missions, un communicativeness, de privations, un-inebriations, dis passionatenesses, self possession, hushhush, self-command, relaxings, un-restraint, re-laxations, counter poise, law order, self command, contentednesses, law orders, sub missions, self-commands, de terrences, in actions, temper, selfcomposure, selfconstraints, asceticisms, with holding, somnolences, hush hush, domestications, re-quiescence, Inarticulateness, in-excitability, self-disciplines, ex citations, re spites, under standings, electrification, in excitabilities, vivifications, re-striction, savoirfaire, supinities, with holdings, self-masteries, self composures, ataraxies, straitjackets, calm, immediate circles, uninebriations, dis criminations, long sufferings, requiescence, selfdenial, invigoration, re creations, moderatisms, restraint, longanimities, inculcation, counter-poise, dreaminess, de-privations, un-communicativeness, concord, un naturalness, yieldings, self commands, de-light, comity, enlivenments, snugnesses, omnipresence, un-intoxication, hush-hushes, repose, placidness, longanimity, strength of character, pacifism, in-formalities, unintoxication, head rush, self-composure, dreaminesses, sufferances, coolheadedness, selfrestraint, un-ceremoniousness, de light, Non-resistance, even temper, de creases, long-sufferings, laconism, placidity, order, under-standings, un responsivenesses, selfdisciplines, re-creations, in articulatenesses, in-articulatenesses, sang-froid, calmness, re creation, dead airs, vivification.