Pronunciation of Agreement
/ɐɡɹˈiːmənt/, /ɐɡɹˈiːmənt/, /ɐ_ɡ_ɹ_ˈiː_m_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for agreement

breakoff, dis arrangements, street fighting, de-file, Unsettlement, separation, difference, breakaways, pro testing, un certainties, re-vocations, counter attack, hernia, predicament, unrelatednesses, un-suitablenesses, deviance, leave-taking, call downs, un settlements, blow-offs, calibration, interruption, refrainings, contest, renegement, leave taking, dis congruities, pro positions, slow burn, antithesis, anarchism, made a stand, disproofs, non resistances, ex-acting, other extreme, un-kindness, dis-relation, splitsville, grindings, molestation, in-clines, mob violences, inharmoniousness, in subordination, brickbats, one sidedness, dis-severances, inequality, ex aminations, un-orthodoxies, new wrinkle, blow-off, denial, shavings, break offs, dissimilarity, dis arrangement, chafings, in-congruity, re flections, blah blahs, protestation, tiff, quarrelsomeness, dis-tress, slugfest, inter-lude, fighting, de-grees, anti poles, tossup, non conformity, disavowals, mis-rules, change, hubba-hubba, cross roads, painfulness, drumfire, point at issue, in novation, transgressivenesses, far cry, have go at each other, unrest, dis-card, tussle, turnover, dis-proportionateness, shivaree, un naturalness, dis temper, wanderings, unconventionality, sunderings, de-flection, inharmoniousnesses, mis understandings, un tidinesses, mis construction, catch 22's, make a stand, new wrinkles, inter missions, counter action, in version, dis-continuity, difference-opinion, dedomiciling, un-conformity, buckings, dis-tresses, quandary, dis junctions, Mouthfuls, in harmoniousnesses, infightings, terrorism, cross-purposes, set to, segmentation, iconoclasm, flare up, Tendering, turmoil, in congruity, dis-belief, mootings, confrontation, censure, infuriations, castoff, recusance, tittle, agnosticisms, call down, big stinks, seethings, flying in face of, quagmire, un-settlements, searching out, herniations, topsy-turvies, shouting match, knockdowns, non-resistances, flak, up set, dis-agreement, sufferance, in-harmonies, sufferances, portion, questions, oppositeness, alterities, non conformities, trans-figurations, re main, de tails, dis continuities, Alterity, point issue, tonguelashing, dis courses, stand up to, sub-divisions, turndown, Herniae, un melodiousness, bits piece, re pulse, Contra, falling-out, tourney, mis trust, variety, in sufficiency, scuffle, re-views, dis-approval, dis play, dis quietude, faces down, dis-satisfaction, retraction, non consent, detachment, refusings, contraversions, faceoff, obstructivenesses, fly face of, face-off, dis parity, contestation, dis countenancing, refusal, in-congruousnesses, dis accord, diversity, dis-proportions, settos, combat, un orthodoxness, unmelodiousnesses, insist upon, shoot out, confutations, clinkers, un-tidinesses, dis tress, un melodiousnesses, dis-satisfactions, sur-prises, bisection, insists upon, longanimity, brush-off, makes a point of, dis-tastefulness, deadlock, counter-parts, mis-judgment, mis rules, re-versal, shootout, un sayings, knock-down-drag-outs, variability, anti-poles, hair splitters, talking tos, disapprobation, inter diction, bone to pick, dis-connection, smithereen, self-sacrifice, dis continuances, non-conformism, de-bates, counter part, Bohemianism, de file, incommensurateness, re missions, dis favors, hanging in, un-folding, unequivalence, hour of decision, embarkation, no way, forbiddings, dis esteems, TODO, contumaciousnesses, debate, flies in face of, wildness, dis-proportionatenesses, in-sufficiencies, Discongruity, poles aparts, mis constructions, vivisection, call out, hetero-doxy, dis-course, squabble, non concurrences, leavetakings, un-saying, leavetaking, in clines, wranglings, counter-attack, Inconsonance, disownings, re-verse, topsyturvies, non-acceptances, knock-down drag-outs, mis-conceptions, Unconformity, tizzy, decree nisi, dis sent, distastefulnesses, un certainty, up-turns, abstainings, sub mission, on rock, dis relations, yieldings, strife, dis proportion, non conformisms, joust, kick-up, inter-rogation, dis similitudes, Rencounter, Mutinousness, counterargument, dispute, sub-mission, unconformities, dis-approbations, selfabnegation, hung in, sectarianisms, dis-claimers, on the rocks, concours, riot, Contraversion, de grees, re mission, Antilogy, nonconformism, dissidence, dis esteem, un harmoniousness, breaking downs, engagement, dividers, dis-composure, un relatedness, dis parities, even game, re pulses, antagonism, unfriendliness, disrelations, in-differences, discursions, varyings, competition, insists up on, out cries, dis favor, refutings, dis junctures, adjurations, renegings, re-modeling, disaccord, Q & A, brawl, split-up, aperture, break-off, dis-joining, departmentalizing, discountenancings, in-quiring, unharmoniousness, hissy fits, ask for, break-offs, non-conformity, blah-blah, re-volts, volte-face, talkingto, fallingout, formal complaints, non consents, nonacceptances, meta-morphoses, ramblings, un evennesses, modules, in-novation, ex amination, in-fraction, dis-sent, dis avowal, dis-agreements, sharp words, mis-calculations, dis connection, one uppings, hostility, in congruousnesses, incongruousness, in coherent, quiddity, dis approvals, departmentalizings, dis-cords, apostrophe, counter-arguments, Trituration, catch22's, re-tractions, set-to, divisivenesses, dis organization, objection, to do's, re buttings, rupture, dis sentience, out-burst, prohibitions, contravention, noncomformities, un-easiness, in equality, flies in the face of, kick ups, dis course, divisiveness, unorthodoxy, dis-organization, rivalry, dis junction, dis affirmation, divertings, face off, in-sufficiency, un pleasantness, have a go at each other, ex-plosion, dis inclinations, pro-positions, dis agreeing, dissimilitude, hectics, counter points, mis-trust, discussion, rebuttings, non uniformities, dis solutions, combos, lopsidednesses, molestations, distastefulness, flies the face of, fly in the face of, dis-affiliation, altercation, dis semblances, Non-concurrence, re traction, de-liberations, contrariness, sur prise, re-volt, inter views, de-sign, in-congruousness, telling-offs, dis-avowals, statement abnegation, demurrings, un likeness, Non-resistance, re buffs, un-fairnesses, in adequacies, tongue lashing, recusancy, de bates, breakaway, antipoles, parting the way, giving ups, wingdings, dis-harmony, crossed wire, ex-tracts, bi-sections, inter ludes, in-quired, Cross-road, dis composure, in-quire, setto, moodiness, re-calls, sub missions, nonconformity, dis congruity, athletic event, mis trusts, re-flection, disputation, re buff, Oppugnancy, mis-apprehension, protest, parcelings, nonconsent, dis cord, action, hot potato, head ache, inverses, dis-harmonies, dis semblance, nit-pickers, knockbacks, dis-junctions, un-fairness, blah-blahs, dis-congruity, making a stand, ex changes, hetero-doxies, dissonancies, rake-offs, face music, mis judgments, meed, crisis, dis allowances, dis-similitudes, mis belief, dis crimination, un suitableness, misbeliefs, dis avowals, non-uniformity, in comparability, dis-engagements, lion share, mis giving, dis unity, de-lay, divarication, broadside, inter view, tryings, self-abnegation, dogfight, nonuniformity, non conformism, trans mutation, longanimities, re buttal, hang up, de-liberation, vociferation, inviting competition, hangup, dis placements, one one, re quired, in-difference, pre tense, crushers, out-bursts, counterarguments, dis-temper, dis-unity, orderings, ex pose, un-kindnesses, in-convenience, different stroke, selfsacrifices, counter-attacks, hue cry, rejection, de lay, un-equivalences, de liberation, factionalisms, dis-union, re construction, dis-inclinations, up roar, re-traction, in comparabilities, separatings, dis location, dis obedience, in consistency, with holding, imbroglio, dis affirmances, Separating, asks for, mid course correction, dis continuity, dis arrays, unharmoniousnesses, dis-pleasure, dis-approvals, dis-esteems, wingding, dis-tempers, in thing, un-orthodoxy, multiplicity, backpedalings, un-relatednesses, unkindness, de-tour, in-harmoniousness, inconsistency, big stink, dis-affirmances, inter-rogations, de mission, dis-orders, dis-missing, parting, dis-accord, Controversion, run in, meet, dis-affiliations, dis-esteem, dis-affection, dis inclination, flacks, Broadsides, alteration, disagreeings, black list, no ways, dis tastefulness, groupthinks, in-consistency, intermixtures, dead stops, dis-cards, other side coin, in quests, mis judgment, hair-splitters, q&a, quarrelsomenesses, separate maintenances, bi-section, carvings, in fractions, Many-sidedness, un-melodiousnesses, in-versions, non-compliance, opposures, faced down, valediction, dis pleasures, de-domiciling, disunion, resignedness, rima, in-equality, dis owning, hubbahubbas, dis-sentiences, discongruities, pro-testing, re monstrances, break ups, diverseness, enjoinment, ex change, insisting up on, unorthodoxnesses, facing off, under-taking, de-fiances, dis approbations, inter spaces, flareup, flying the face of, knock down and drag outs, dis peace, dis-favor, dis cards, hour decision, un equivalence, non-committal, crusher, on the rock, dis-accords, rakeoff, un friendlinesses, non uniformity, counter-argument, dis proportionatenesses, transfiguration, uproar, catch 22, soups, non-consents, turning away, enjoinments, hole, un-evennesses, insisted up on, secularisms, invite competition, make a point of, moodinesses, quittings, anti-pole, in-compatibilities, trans formations, un willingnesses, in-comparabilities, dis placement, non compliance, controversions, non-compliances, dis claimer, inter-spaces, de-signs, up turn, catch22, splitup, de missions, re vision, break-ups, mis-construction, dustups, trans figurations, stick it out, un likenesses, resistance, re quires, dis-affirmance, differentials, punch out, otherness, dissention, inter-space, up-roars, cross road, do or die, mis-interpretations, matter contention, dis-connections, dis content, transubstantiation, out fit, setting against, make point of, searches out, big trouble, dis composures, poles apart, confusion, dis severance, insisted upon, out-rages, un-likenesses, dis-placements, nonconsents, dis-peace, splitting ups, in-quires, recusances, dis-sentience, dis-placement, to do, worriment, in-adequacies, re calls, piece action, inter rogatory, dis harmony, Kickup, anti-thesis, disfavor, disagreement, un equivalences, Inharmony, heterodoxy, de tail, hubba hubbas, misunderstanding, piece of action, tall order ticklish spot tight situation trouble, un justnesses, brush-offs, breach, disproportion, in harmonies, intermixture, different strokes, in fidelities, dis-similarities, re fusing, ex postulations, re-buttings, dis-avowal, gratings, de lays, objects to, bone pick, dis-organizations, Good-bye, dis peaces, re-main, ill temper, disjoinings, dis similarities, dis-plays, re claim, throw down gauntlet, dis obediences, unmelodiousness, dis-quietude, parting the ways, made point of, bad mood, re quire, re-buttals, tilt, incompatibility, renegements, inter-mixture, difference of opinion, dis eases, unsettlements, talking to, blow off, dissension, in-consistencies, clamor, struggle, dis-sonances, big scenes, knockdown, in fidelity, contras, oppugnancies, un folding, dis-play, contrariety, statics, unorthodoxies, disunitings, in actions, making a point of, preferentiality, sur renders, fray, flew face of, lions share, inter rogation, tug-of-wars, dis-solutions, matchup, feud, re claims, mis-calculation, re-pulses, inter-views, disparateness, divorce, recusancies, hair splitter, cloves, forkings, dis-pleasures, crevice, heresy, dis-traction, inter-diction, dis-peaces, ex-pose, de-fiance, misconstructions, midcourse correction, jarrings, affray, renouncements, painfulnesses, melee, de-missions, un-harmoniousness, detachings, to-do, black lists, Wars, confrontings, dis-owning, dis-eases, parting way, mis-understanding, part, faces off, inter-ludes, rent, un-willingness, re-quiring, dis approbation, irrelevancy, other extremes, dog eat dogs, hullabaloo, in-commensuratenesses, dis proportionateness, dis-continuance, irreconcilable differences, dis-sents, patientness, sticks it out, ill feelings, divaricatings, meta morphoses, matter of contention, dis tempers, brush, Incongruence, dis-uniting, out bursts, ex plosion, re-missions, tatter, de-mission, paganism, fuss, with-holdings, formal complaint, making stand, leave takings, re-cess, mob rule, dis proportions, up-sets, cuttings, non-conformities, out break, Nonconcurrence, dis-severance, rendings, de fiances, in novations, in cline, inter-rogatory, re volts, dismissings, controversy, in subordinations, flew in face of, Demission, flies face of, nonresistance, hangs in, heterodoxies, eschewal, ex-postulations, ill tempers, dis affirmations, refutals, un-harmoniousnesses, hereticism, pinhole, in congruousness, dis severances, de-flections, mis-take, pre tenses, divided loyalties, hubba hubba, un-melodiousness, dis-unions, mis-giving, in-fractions, bit, secession, sub-division, dis-arrangements, self denial, infighting, under taking, dividing lines, with holdings, diversion, makes stand, far cries, in-choate, discrepancy, un harmoniousnesses, hanged in, set-tos, dichotomy, nonacceptance, reshapings, mutinousnesses, in justices, mis reckonings, stands up to, in-conveniences, perforation, dis-similitude, brushoffs, disharmony, dis tractions, hatred, toss up, re quiring, counter parts, re-pulse, in quire, made a point of, sur-render, un conformity, dis-junction, non-consent, un friendliness, insiders, re prehensions, dis pleasure, counter-actions, in sufficiencies, parting of the way, minim, dis tresses, tug war, mis apprehensions, stands to, break-up, differential, dismemberments, in harmoniousness, dis affirmance, Velitation, impact, Refusing, nonconformisms, shivarees, punch outs, terrorisms, un-willingnesses, split ups, turnovers, demurral, dis-affirmation, mid-course correction, splitsvilles, un-easinesses, quarrel, groupthink, selfdenial, controvertings, sub divisions, parting of ways, re tractions, hooha, flying face of, in compatibilities, hurly burly, out-break, separate maintenance, in versions, impedances, dis-cord, switch-over, blahblahs, dis connections, dis similarity, sour note, dis-affections, dis quiets, breaking offs, knock-down-drag-out, oppositenesses, flew the face of, faced off, hetero doxies, in quiring, Hernias, un-friendlinesses, mob violence, state unrest, dis-array, miff, recantation, counter argument, fracas, hoo ha, dis-quiet, de domiciling, deviation, inter mixture, pre-tense, non-agreement, dis agreements, dissent, crossed wires, un orthodoxy, mid course corrections, stand to, combo, selfabnegations, asking for, trans-figuration, kickups, non concurrence, impasse, disproof, vice versas, de tour, pffft, nit-picker, disputed point, finisher, noncomformity, predicaments, disputed points, riotings, blowoff, other sides, un-relatedness, dis-obediences, insist up on, contradistinction, go for the gold, splitups, meeting, makes a stand, disapproval, obstructiveness, un relatednesses, mis-constructions, re-mission, in-harmoniousnesses, drawn battle, re-fusing, forbearings, brush offs, disavowal, counter arguments, nonconcurrences, dis-ease, stood up to, up rising, deflections, flack, nonresistances, ex-acts, sticking it out, dis-proportion, in-congruities, rabidities, un eases, apostrophes, meta morphosis, non committal, line, re vocation, dis unions, tug of wars, dis-semblance, knock down and drag out, parenthesis, tellingoff, embroilment, Antinomies, dis sonances, shrinkings, ex-tract, dis-inclination, split, unsayings, dis juncture, clash, breaking down, decree nises, counter actions, turnings, gradation, hissy fit, question, rimation, negativisms, in-consonance, un-ease, branching outs, reign terror, in-actions, run-in, in-quest, bone contention, atmospherics, dividings, unorthodoxness, re flection, scrap, invites competition, confutation, dis-tractions, re-volution, dis claimers, out-cries, Imparity, insisting upon, fight, have a go each other, rimations, slap on wrist, cutoff, oneuppings, Refutal, un-conventionalities, dislike, switch-overs, trans-mutation, dis-relations, dis order, revisionism, inter space, sparring matches, in quired, conflict, disaffiliations, de liberations, bad vibes, un fairnesses, hell broke looses, negativism, under-takings, NOPES, sur-renders, brannigan, vivisections, dis traction, trans-mutations, in congruities, free-for-all, sharp word, invited competition, un-pleasantnesses, dis-beliefs, re versal, variation, re-venge, knock down drag outs, Hairsplitter, Calibrations, dis orders, parceling, in consistencies, many sidedness, polymorphism, standoff, re-prehension, non-uniformities, dis-quietudes, dis ease, discord, Remonstration, trans-formations, re volt, manysidednesses, bad moods, pairing off, sticked it out, re formations, meta-morphosis, un-certainties, blowoffs, asked for, fake out, ill humor, gainsayings, re-monstrances, anies, bits and pieces, re cesses, un-suitableness, dis cords, about face, de-tours, non-committals, docilities, impedance, counter-part, cat fits, aberration, ex acting, re peals, dis partings, un-pleasantness, rough goes, catfight, dis approval, standing up to, dis criminations, dis-agreeing, re claiming, re-buff, dogfights, pro position, dis missing, Contumaciousness, Multeity, mis-conception, bickerings, schism, re-call, shoot-out, re venges, big troubles, dis missings, hot potatoes, counter attacks, mis take, unpleasantness, in-fighting, tumult, un-rest, mis-apprehensions, adjuration, non agreement, re venge, un tidiness, free for all, friction, re views, dedomicilings, de tours, un-eases, re mains, mis takes, re-claimed, out-fit, un kindnesses, dis beliefs, in-adequacy, trans formation, anti pole, dis affiliations, dis-allowances, vacatings, un-certainty, dis similitude, Antinomy, dis-favors, re-monstrance, mis-understandings, dis uniting, wildnesses, cross-purpose, horriblenesses, un naturalnesses, large order, nonuniformities, out breaks, de-bate, blow ups, de signs, de-gree, Misbelief, out-cry, q as, Divaricating, knock-down drag-out, dis-juncture, embarkations, re-spites, re butting, non agreements, switchovers, in compatibility, rhubarb, repudiatings, in difference, skirmish, disrelation, re spites, drumfires, brickbat, dis-sonance, re verse, nit picker, hairsplitters, re-butting, dis-locations, non resistance, dis accords, quibble, re-peals, go for gold, non acceptances, difficulty, self-abnegations, dis-semblances, in-comparability, Antilogies, un suitablenesses, breaking ups, re claimed, nonagreements, re-quire, blow offs, tatters, dividing line, mis interpretation, non-agreements, dis-claimer, another adverse, telling-off, dispeaces, dis plays, dis belief, bustups, mis conception, contradiction, problem, in equalities, mis-takes, dis-missings, do die, breakoffs, renouncings, sticks out, castoffs, re visions, imparities, hang in, opposite, dissonance, disharmonisms, mis-interpretation, Dissonancy, in sider, Filings, counter-action, in-sider, dis affection, atmosphericses, dis-parting, resignednesses, wearing away, in-quests, dis engagement, selfsacrifice, raspings, contention, face down, ferment, matchups, paganisms, lopsidedness, topsy turvy, de-tails, disparity, split-ups, triturations, incongruity, in fighting, athletic events, storm, stuck it out, words, refutation, Horribleness, non-concurrences, in-subordination, branching offs, dis-continuities, q and as, rough go, renunciation, out-breaks, one-uppings, in-equalities, rake off, duke outs, squabblings, q & as, driftings, severings, cross-roads, re-vocation, divergency, re view, in action, infuriation, ex act, flying in the face of, Antipole, re-modelings, exitings, dis-arrangement, dis-engagement, deflection, unequivalences, dis-crimination, large orders, up risings, transgressiveness, bad feelings, bi section, alienation, mis-beliefs, un-naturalness, re modelings, bi sections, un-rests, re-quired, called out, agnosticism, dis-approbation, discordance, runin, Dialyses, de sign, de flection, wringer, un-conformities, mis calculation, up sets, ignorance, dis-criminations, slap wrist, dis union, un connected, have go each other, talkingtos, cutting ups, adverses, faction, dis-allowance, divider, rampancies, in-cline, dis affections, re-mains, dismemberment, de-files, re-buttal, re-flections, un conventionalities, othernesses, ex acts, Mooting, in conveniences, drawn battles, meeds, disparatenesses, re-buffs, ill humors, in adequacy, self abnegations, odds ends, de-tail, sectarianism, duke out, spat, ex-act, re-volutions, turning aways, break, in-consonances, fake outs, Dispeace, parting ways, frettings, Contraries, hetero doxy, dis satisfaction, sur prises, confoundings, dustup, talking-to, insider, out rages, ill feeling, showdown, ex-postulation, sparring match, self sacrifice, dead stop, telling offs, un-naturalnesses, un justness, contrastings, re-view, un conformities, dis-tastefulnesses, distinguishings, sub-missions, dis agreement, polemic, Quiddities, cat fit, out-rage, crosspurpose, un pleasantnesses, dis solution, divided loyalty, horse race, standing to, Mads, racket, other side of coin, ruction, mis-reckonings, bits pieces, pfffts, dis-parity, brannigans, flew in the face of, dissentions, point of departure, nit pickers, big scene, non committals, up-turn, mis conceptions, un-orthodoxnesses, multeities, dis-countenancing, mis-belief, clashing, disturbance, in differences, makes point of, search out, opening, dis quiet, out-fits, de files, spurnings, dis-affirmations, un easiness, other side, bisections, counter point, stood to, dis continuance, demissions, feudings, dis contents, brawlings, ex acted, objected to, opposition, gap, temperings, issue, un evenness, tenderings, wrangle, un-equivalence, bohemianisms, rift, disharmonism, dis tastefulnesses, departure, blah blah, leave-takings, dis harmonies, in-compatibility, un willingness, anarchisms, dis card, inter-view, set tos, renouncement, making point of, non acceptance, de flections, re-formation, soup, beef, in harmony, dis-similarity, dis organizations, distinction, de bate, horse races, row, battle, noncompliance, mis-reckoning, catfights, re-shaping, good bye, variance, un-likeness, up roars, mis reckoning, out fits, resignation, dis sentiences, in verse, made stand, in quires, in-justice, counterpoint, de-lays, clinker, Disparting, re volutions, disaffiliation, in-harmony, un rest, dialysis, forswearings, shouting matches, re shaping, re monstrance, dis locations, eschewings, non-acceptance, scrapings, blahblah, contrast, object to, unrelatedness, secularism, un orthodoxies, un orthodoxnesses, un kindness, dis-congruities, dis-quiets, query, dis array, dis-arrays, hassle, up-set, make stand, inter-mixtures, mis beliefs, dis-contents, re-vision, brushoff, dis-content, one on one, unlikeness, bad vibe, dis allowance, fly the face of, challenge, dis-location, in-verse, withholdings, dis engagements, disunity, un-justness, re-visions, dis-junctures, in-fidelity, bits and piece, dis-courses, relinquishment, OUTS, divergence, iconoclasms, facing down, switch over, un-settlement, un-orthodoxness, un-sayings, departure from norm, backtrackings, de-fenses, emotional upset, dis-order, re-construction, bustup, digression, rake-off, calls out, in-action, dispartings, nonagreement, de fiance, in-subordinations, wearing aways, dis satisfactions, crosspurposes, calling out, anti thesis, segmentations, inter rogations, in-fidelities, incomparability, dis sents, up-roar, switch overs, objecting to, grudge, transmogrification, another adverses, velitations, difference opinion, docility, hurlyburly, bad feeling, fly in face of, emotional upsets, departure from the norm, dis sonance, dis-partings, catch-22's, irreconcilable difference, hair-splitter, re spite, noncommittals, cul de sac, standstill, de gree, revisionisms, incongruousnesses, self-sacrifices, dis-composures, unconventionalities, disorder, ex-acted, self abnegation, NOS, sour notes, midcourse corrections, encounter, kick up, statement abnegations, sur-prise, tellingoffs, Discursion, veto, mutation, searched out, dis-parities, dis joining, ex-aminations, re-formations, manysidedness, counter-points, division, ex plosions, counter-point, ex postulation, out burst, in things, reproof, re peal, up turns, re vocations, factionalism, shoot-outs, dis-continuances, dis affiliation, demurrals, sub division, tangents, ex tract, dis-solution, dis relation, state of unrest, dis-obedience, mis understanding, quitclaim, non-conformisms, rejectings, un conventionality, incommensuratenesses, eschewals, re-constructions, dis quietudes, inter lude, can worms, trans figuration, dis parting, re-quires, many-sidednesses, herniation, de fenses.