Pronunciation of Alien
/ˈe͡ɪli͡ən/, /ˈe‍ɪli‍ən/, /ˈeɪ_l_iə_n/

Antonyms for alien

most from, more home-grown, freemanwomen, in-born, local, most handcrafted, inwrought, in same category, more associated, more stay at home, Familiar, re sider, sub missive, builtin, re-cognizable, livers, native, sub-urbanite, undifferentiated, internal, burgesses, most home-grown, sub-urbanites, Unacquired, in door, most correspondent, cosmopolites, most stay-at-home, interconnected, denizen, most home loving, john jane q public, countryman, sub urbanite, inter-connected, Habitant, of that ilk, inhabiters, be-longing, deep-seated, Indweller, intrinsical, in mates, john-jane q publics, home towner, roomers, indwellers, suburbanites, resident, in touch with, inside, in bred, in-wrought, NATIONALS, burgher, townie, freeman-woman, most workaday, more home grown, pertinent, johnjane q public, member body politic, more companion, more correlated, apropos, more similar, un-acquired, in dweller, de-voted, inter changeable, similar, un-ceremonious, inter-changeable, much the same, be longing, in habitants, domestic, member of community, de-pendent, Inhabiter, comparable, de pendent, naturalized people, garden variety, freeman woman, more coinciding, most consubstantial, more from, relevant, more handcrafted, homeloving, most intertwined, re cognizable, Resider, residers, occupier, in-formal, inter connected, consubstantial, handcrafted, most cognated, more home-loving, Autochthon, most unacquired, de voted, harmonious, most undifferenced, freeman-women, inter-related, aboriginals, basic, in dwellers, more incident, inter-dependent, inter woven, burghers, more indoor, in-habitants, freeman, most chthonic, indoor, inhabitant, more cognated, undifferenced, home grown, in-dweller, addressee, Autochthones, workaday, most associated, appropriate, suburbanite, member of body politic, indigenes, occupant, urbanites, more homelike, most undifferentiated, most inwrought, in-door, matter of fact, most companion, most homelike, more home loving, inter related, akin, more belonging, much same, johnjane q publics, taxpayer, more unacquired, most interrelated, germane, in-mates, co incidental, usual, natal, most coinciding, most enmeshed, re levant, cosmopolite, un sophisticated, most natal, necessary, intramural, knit together, addressees, built in, most interdependent, inter dependent, indigenous, in formal, uni-form, of ilk, most implanted, related, townsman, most home grown, co-incidental, enmeshed, re lated, more intramural, more domiciliary, more interconnected, burgess, most stay at home, most recognizable, inter-twined, re-lated, more intertwined, compatriot, home-loving, more enmeshed, interdependent, most homeloving, more interdependent, home loving, dweller, homelike, more natal, domiciliary, interior, most domiciliary, un acquired, autochthons, uni form, tenant, national, inter twined, in-dwellers, co incident, interrelated, most indoor, acquaintance, naturalized persons, townspeople, kinest, john-jane q public, naturalized person, more recognizable, co-incident, kiner, un differenced, un-differentiated, most intramural, more chthonic, most home-loving, more undifferentiated, freemanwoman, more correspondent, in-mate, most incident, normal, sub urbanites, re-levant, more interrelated, john jane q publics, home-grown, more consubstantial, re-sider, in-bred, home towners, stay-at-home, cognated, chthonic, in mate, indigene, more implanted, landsman, inter-woven, stay at home, villager, in wrought, more inwrought, proper, most belonging, urbanite, taxpayers, villagers, in-grained, member community, in born, roomer, in the same category, ancients, townsperson, citizen, freeman women, most family.