Pronunciation of Annul
/ɐnˈʌl/, /ɐnˈʌl/, /ɐ_n_ˈʌ_l/

Antonyms for annul

double check, circumstantiate, institute, gives the go ahead, revive, de-bunk, legitimate, thumbsed up, gives stamp of approval, give go ahead, sign off on, under pin, gives go-ahead, gave the nod, gives the nod, giving the go ahead, de-bunking, circumstantiates, sustain, gave high sign, gave stamp of approval, give goahead, doublechecks, renew, doublechecked, rubberstamping, de-bunks, sub-scribed, prescribe, sub-scribes, giving green light, making good, confirm, giving go-ahead, ex-plaining, give the nod, give high sign, support, give nod, sub scribed, ex plaining, cherish, endorse, double checks, double checking, sub scribing, give the go-ahead, thumbses up, rubber-stamping, up holding, signed on, ex plained, rubberstamp, introduce, warrant, made sure, give green light, sub scribe, make sure, decree, lapping up, giving stamp of approval, make firm, de bunking, gives go ahead, gave the go-ahead, doublechecking, ex-plains, giving the go-ahead, made good, make good, gave the goahead, under pinned, sub scribes, up-holding, gave nod, double-check, permit, up-hold, ex plain, giving goahead, allow, giving high sign, giving nod, signed off on, under-pinning, under pinning, gives high sign, give stamp approval, gave go ahead, ex plains, sized up, up-held, validate, lap up, up hold, rubber-stamped, restore, gives goahead, promote, authorize, signs off on, continue, Circumstantiating, ex-plain, giving stamp approval, sizes up, making firm, up holds, lapped up, signs on, laps up, ex-plained, gives stamp approval, under-pins, double-checked, reinstate, gave stamp approval, gave the go ahead, giving go ahead, makes sure, giving the nod, rubber-stamps, de bunked, signing on, up held, sanction, de-bunked, gives green light, give go-ahead, double-checking, legalize, gave green light, gave go-ahead, up-holds, mandate, thumbsing up, under-pinned, size up, order, giving the goahead, rubber stamped, clear, Circumstantiated, makes firm, command, give stamp of approval, under pins, rubberstamped, pass, gives nod, double checked, give the goahead, rubberstamps, repair, gives the go-ahead, de bunks, give the go ahead, legitimize, doublecheck, signing off on, gives the goahead, double-checks, approve, sub-scribing, gave goahead, makes good, de bunk.