Pronunciation of Apathy
/ˈapəθɪ/, /ˈapəθɪ/, /ˈa_p_ə_θ_ɪ/

Antonyms for apathy

aesthetic senses, pleasure, attentiveness, inquiringnesses, dynamism, in-temperances, trustworthinesses, pietism, meddlesomeness, Incorrigibility, fierinesses, re solutions, pre disposition, re coils, de-termination, officiousness, sufferance, re cognitions, canonizations, un rest, immovabilities, self reliance, constancy, biggie, picking upon, be lief, purposivenesses, righteousness, hoppers, kick, purposiveness, care, sprightliness, weightinesses, virtuosities, effervescence, pre-possessions, POWS, stars one's eyes, brute force, fanaticism, endurance, application, dis criminations, spiritedness, dash, staunchnesses, sea flame, highspiritedness, single-mindedness, dis quietudes, greediness, thirst for knowledge, receptiveness, sub missions, running temperatures, rhapsody, serious mindednesses, shelling, esurience, pro vocation, dis-quietude, dis positions, dutifulnesses, compassion, joyrides, aesthetic sense, pre-caution, bombardings, wellbeing, vinegar, de light, yearning, responsivenessses, willingness, kidney, aftertastes, glorification, brawninesses, impetuosity, abidingness, under going, dis-positions, in tensenesses, get up go, awareness, big eye, fire the belly, kinesthesia, tirelessness, stars in one eye, dis-counts, sea flames, in-toxications, heart, re-laxation, ex-plosion, sparkle, Potence, turbulence, enthusiasm, re-solve, initiative, stars in ones eye, monomania, vinegars, re solve, saintlinesses, calentures, love, flame smokes, un-failingnesses, ravings, pro-longing, incandescences, pro position, mutual attraction, febrile disease, mettle, get up goes, in-tensity, dis composures, sub-missions, religiousness, sensibility, stoutnesses, pro-cess, Jollies, nosiness, in tents, vim, go, excitabilities, re-sourcefulness, lust, assertiveness, re-cognition, zest, excitednesses, Prolonging, pre-tension, picking up on, warmheartedness, sensitivity, lustiness, be loved, re-creation, ambition, ferocities, making holies, prejudice, dependabilities, Pyrexias, birr, out bursts, dis-tresses, bias, sea of flames, impressivenesses, de lights, relish, tirelessnesses, stars ones eye, Religionism, community of interest, in the works, life, un failingnesses, wildness, well being, Insatiableness, Rhapsodies, vibes, tittups, in tenseness, responsiveness, robustness, insights, insatiablenesses, speed, sentiences, Leisure Activities, savoriness, pre-tensions, sapidity, devotion, pro positions, in-justice, HU, cross fire, cannonadings, fore-sights, ex citation, selfindulgence, stars in eye, hitting it offs, pity, incandescence, snappiness, interest, fore sights, high-spiritednesses, re-laxations, dos, true grits, in corrigibilities, un reasonableness, re morses, spice, birrs, emotion, Devotement, after tastes, fire in belly, forebearances, pro fit, ecstasy, de-lights, de liberations, Assertivenesses, in satiablenesses, promptitude, fretfulness, dependability, re-spects, cup tea, dedication, de-light, heat, animation, turnon, unitings, high pitches, inquiringness, re bounds, vital sparks, de terminations, interestingnesses, big ideas, get go, snoopings, pro vocations, get goes, hardiness, self indulgence, pepper, gusto, willfulness, in-satiableness, pet projects, understanding, re bound, agitation, consecration, stick to itiveness, monomanias, soul, eagerness, docility, cottoning to, dis quietude, ebullience, pruriency, O's, dis-tress, de-sires, in tensity, quick tempers, turnons, snoopiness, piousness, re-solution, what-it-takes, good vibrations, dis patches, being same wavelength, pro-vocation, in work, fore-thought, flame and smoke, stick-to-itiveness, in justices, trustworthiness, picking up ons, cherishings, mutual attractions, dis-criminations, wholeheartednesses, dis-patch, peppers, phlogistons, cupidity, piggishness, pep, in-candescence, trustiness, Vitali, brisknesses, the gimmie, be-lief, re-morses, sedulity, rapid oxidation, head way, canonization, mad for, in-corrigibility, dotings, in-candescences, spicinesses, out-fits, tang, in works, out burst, TODO, forebearance, un failingness, re-coil, susceptibility, crossfires, ants pants, what-it-take, arbitrarinesses, get and goes, peppiness, ex plosion, to do, briskness, fire, turn-on, oxidation, charrings, pro longing, ballgame, Palates, dis counts, high regard, sub stances, fore sight, mutual fondnesses, busyness, stars in one eyes, aphrodisias, virtuosity, re-creations, get and go, pro-traction, stamina, mindfulness, gimmies, out-burst, attention, re actions, Oes, ardor, legerity, endurings, empathy, vigor, flame smoke, greed, pro fits, salacity, distress, un-reasonablenesses, pro-vocations, re morse, ex-citation, being on same wavelength, liveliness, in-tolerances, crossfire, pro-longings, desire, linkings, pryings, passion, out breaks, joyousness, religiosity, heedfulness, re gards, allegiance, pow, stars ones eyes, Cannonading, re creations, powerhouses, intentness, Calenture, dis patch, high-spiritedness, get up and go, conscientiousness, out fit, singlemindednesses, un-easinesses, community of interests, de-sire, lustfulness, hardinesses, taste, out looks, piggishnesses, re spect, drive, inter relationship, high regards, shortness, impellents, in-tensities, mental acquisitivenesses, withstandings, Gluttonies, irritablenesses, energy, in the work, ex-tension, re-gard, burning up, serious-mindednesses, officiousnesses, pro tractions, storm, out-break, enterprise, intensenesses, un-changeablenesses, unfailingnesses, fixed purpose, indomitabilities, community interest, re spects, follow throughs, excitement, get-up-and-go, after-tastes, zealousness, valorousnesses, highspiritednesses, good vibration, incorrigibilities, big eyes, un-fairnesses, melodrama, ex-citations, possessivenesses, histrionics, serious mindedness, out look, out break, zealotry, palatablenesses, devotednesses, pro-tractions, pre occupation, palatableness, in candescences, pro-positions, legerities, pre-occupation, zeal, responsivenesss, fire in the belly, in-tolerance, unchangeableness, dovetailings, joyousnesses, being there for someone, cross-fires, in toxication, unchangeablenesses, devotements, in candescence, sensitiveness, stick to itivenesses, dis composure, out-looks, seriousmindednesses, graspingness, fervor, continuousness, re-velations, dis-position, lovings, re-bound, high spirits, lustinesses, seriousmindedness, violence, pre-occupations, un-fairness, continuity, vibrancy, ravishments, effusiveness, immovability, exuberancies, sympathy, un-rests, campfire, out-breaks, in-sight, o, close relations, brio, after-taste, sub mission, ex-tensions, phlogiston, inquiring minds, stimulus, fortitude, perseverance, re-source, high pitch, cross-fire, in temperances, cruelness, continuings, impatience, illiberality, shellings, out fits, fury, up-rightness, inter-relationships, in satiableness, with standing, power endurance, arbitrariness, devotedness, pre-cautions, searings, up rightnesses, single-mindednesses, fierceness, high spiritednesses, dis-composure, obsessivenesses, in sight, zealotries, docilities, picking ons, hus, in corrigibility, uppers, re-spect, holding ups, sub-stance, enjoyment, indefatigability, tanginess, in sanities, pro-cesses, re velation, de termination, close relation, wholeheartedness, sapidities, in sanity, alacrity, pre occupations, febrile diseases, powerfulness, re-solutions, with-standings, frenzy, pro-fits, ballgames, elation, dis tress, sea of flame, pre caution, Brawniness, sufferances, abidingnesses, community interests, un fairnesses, hysteria, re sourcefulnesses, flareup, bug, dis-quietudes, burning ups, re coil, prurience, thankfulness, lifeblood, melodramas, re sourcefulness, pungency, re creation, flame and smokes, un changeableness, ravishment, stalwartnesses, in-tenseness, un-failingness, pre possessions, Ardency, continuousnesses, frame mind, un changeablenesses, ex tension, de-liberation, un-changeableness, out-look, rapid oxidations, pro traction, strong arm, Empressement, serious-mindedness, re laxations, re cognition, ex plosions, single mindedness, be-loved, ardencies, willfulnesses, tenderness, Sniping, dis-composures, highs, pro cess, turn ons, pre-disposition, re-sources, fore thought, severity, Kidneys, re-morse, in-sanities, un-rest, Irritableness, stars one eyes, gimmie, ants in pants, out-bursts, pertness, zing, Exuberancy, the gimmies, un reasonablenesses, stars in one's eyes, running a temperatures, inter relationships, in-tensenesses, in-corrigibilities, hallowings, busynesses, delirium, after taste, wildnesses, bounce, sub stance, impellent, sense, unfailingness, indomitability, salaciousnesses, dis tresses, hitting offs, inamorato, up smoke, re source, potency, re laxation, bitters, disturbance, stick-to-itivenesses, re-velation, fretfulnesses, de sires, dis crimination, un-easiness, singlemindedness, luster, action, making holy, Inamoratos, regard, with-standing, Intenseness, under goings, enterprises, extremism, undergoings, true grit, indefatigabilities, illiberalities, un easiness, alarm, hysterics, in-sanity, solicitude, exuberance, pre tension, inter-relationship, effusivenesses, prolongings, vibrancies, devourings, dis-crimination, feeling, obsessiveness, what take, selfreliance, pre dispositions, in temperance, pre cautions, ex-cesses, cruelnesses, keenness, stars in one's eye, fever, promptitudes, single mindednesses, intrusiveness, push, de sire, head-way, staunchness, savorinesses, cottoning tos, pyrexia, pursuance, intensity, power of endurance, ex-cess, zealousnesses, in sights, in-sights, empressements, re velations, graspingnesses, aspiration, campfires, de-terminations, fore-sight, fieriness, up-rightnesses, fixed purposes, aphrodisia, pet project, re sources, flare up, under-goings, de-liberations, the shakes, in to, the shake, dis-patches, what it takes, industry, pungencies, big idea, out-fit, re-solves, warmheartednesses, edginess, zip, druthers, tanginesses, vitality, excitability, vital spark, high spiritses, greedinesses, truth, dis position, tensenesses, sub-stances, pre tensions, piety, stars eyes, pizzazz, cross fires, in toxications, under-going, motivations, sub-mission, high spiritedness, fire belly, re solves, Tittup, immoderation, in tensities, powerhouse, fore thoughts, stars eye, pursuances, weightiness, ginger, snipings, interestingness, brute forces, tenseness, flame, Leisure Activity, gluttony, drutherses, de liberation, stars in ones eyes, aftertaste, up rightness, impetuosities, sedulities, what takes, intense desire, dynamisms, inquisitiveness, inti, rapport, intentnesses, in tent, re-bounds, possessiveness, biggies, ex cess, un-reasonableness, in-satiablenesses, turn-ons, savor, ferociousness, vehemence, do's, excitedness, what it take, re-coils, pastime, resolution, valorousness, intense desires, verve, ex citations, receptivity, fore-thoughts, vibe, enjoyings, earnestness, pro longings, dutifulness.