Pronunciation of Approval
/ɐpɹˈuːvə͡l/, /ɐpɹˈuːvə‍l/, /ɐ_p_ɹ_ˈuː_v_əl/

Antonyms for approval

dis esteem, volte-face, dis quiet, dis-suasion, elusion, de-basements, earful, object ridicule, dis-repute, dis beliefs, restrictions, Whinge, bad presses, bickerings, Hates, nullification, in-compatibilities, mid-course correction, in-harmonies, dis affirmation, dis criminations, in-criminations, dis-interest, dis-unity, sur renders, bad vibes, shamefacedness, abandonings, recrimination, negatories, Fooleries, dis-comfort, dis-solutions, dismissings, dis-tastes, donts, talkingtos, bawling outs, disapprobation, malignings, ban, clinkers, mis manage, going back ons, dis claimers, turndown, in security, dis-credit, de traction, dis-trusts, departings, selfabnegation, hubba-hubba, snobbishness, unpopularities, de partings, demurrings, restrainer, disbarments, dis course, exclusion, malcontents, transpositions, repeal, dis coloration, re scissions, reversal, putdown, in compatibility, ex-postulation, ignominy, ex-communication, Disaffirmation, lament, dis-orders, contraversions, self-abnegations, dis tresses, in-sinuation, inculpation, biliousness, dis grace, penitence, counter-actions, dishonor, anti thesis, dis missings, nonacceptance, skeleton cupboard, invalidation, de parting, controversions, mockery, mis-applications, re fusing, over-throw, turnaround, humblings, in significancies, out-cry, revilement, sardonicisms, re-buttals, fore bodings, check, badmouthings, retraction, mis-deed, enjoinments, dis sentience, eschewals, thought control, hooha, de cline, nono's, de cadences, invective, erasings, re morse, having no use fors, mud slinging, dis inclination, brannigans, un civilities, non-admission, despites, dissuasion, libelings, dis solutions, dis-relishes, dis affirmance, in versions, formal complaints, reprobation, dis-beliefs, ex-patriation, counter-arguments, bawlingout, big stinks, pre-sentiments, hatefulnesses, un certainties, bad opinions, non conformity, sour notes, in difference, restrainers, dis accord, iron curtain, dis agreement, anti-thesis, fore goings, Retching, de-liberation, dis suasions, dis-composure, de-feasances, de-spites, whine, Incensement, Unpleasantries, narrowmindedness, go byes, in validation, dis placement, over rulings, trans positions, snobbishnesses, dis harmonies, dis cord, NOPES, dis-favor, repulsion, nothing doing, in-subordination, repudiatings, dis reputes, dis peaces, running out on, self-reproof, heterodoxy, deprecation, tauntings, neutralization, clinker, in subordinations, de-basing, self-punishment, re mark, ruefulness, dis-mays, dis solving, ex probations, ex-probation, non-acceptance, feudings, Reviling, spurnings, dis sonance, scorchers, out cries, thumbs down, un-eases, talkingto, mark cain, disparagement, hush ups, fore-boding, prohibition, low down dirty, over turnings, disapproval, non-committal, un mindfulness, brush-offs, backhanded compliments, in-jury, de feasances, in consistencies, hosing, de-gradation, no love lost, Contraversion, insult, division, un-orthodoxy, in civility, dis-approbation, de-clines, mis-trusts, traducings, nauseousness, regurgitation, re legations, pre conceptions, dis-gust, damnings, selfreproach, dis appointment, voidings, cancelings, no no's, dis-liking, Hairsplitter, incensements, scandalmongerings, terrorism, self reproof, recriminations, black list, Unpleasantry, Re-presentation, censorship, allergy to, forbidding, dis-countenancing, de-rogation, de-generation, dis taste, dis-content, re-strainers, non-compliances, confrontings, unharmoniousness, self-sacrifice, condemnation, disclaimer, de-cadence, nit picking, besmirchments, stain, un-conventionalities, dis-accords, go-by, non-agreements, Nonadmission, self abnegations, don'ts, slap in the face, derision, ex-postulations, in differences, conflict, non-acceptances, in jury, de motions, go-byes, causerie, chewing-outs, bawling-out, bad consciences, dis composures, selfflagellations, Contemptuousness, re probation, mis-deeds, bohemianisms, de-tractions, Non-concurrence, hate, dis-peace, in dispositions, chewing-out, defectings, CCS, chillers, dis-claimers, uncivilities, mis-beliefs, hair-splitter, critical remark, selfsacrifice, change direction, dispeaces, dis trusts, dis-inclination, in disposition, dis honors, Ingloriousness, negative, disbarment, nasty look, fault findings, non committals, countermandings, dis avowal, narrow mindedness, selfpunishment, re strainers, illiberality, opposition, downgradings, in version, nauseations, dis contents, doghouses, catfights, lockout, re-views, dedomicilings, un-harmoniousness, muckrakings, ink spots, dis favors, dis-placements, derogation, talking-to, overturnings, dis-avowing, lack of desire, dis-sonance, chewingout, pre tenses, blue pencils, dis-affection, re-flections, writeup, disavowal, de-partings, self sacrifices, odium, non conformisms, re-treat, detraction, hatred, re versal, de liberation, de-relict, ex communication, dedomiciling, dis approvals, blame, ridicule, forbearings, irony, in criminations, de liberations, brushoffs, mis giving, revokings, slander, de domiciling, mis representations, skeleton in closet, dis-coloration, unrest, non belief, idle rumor, dis comforts, over-rulings, fallingout, sub versions, over-ruling, non consent, minimization, non conformities, neglectings, no goes, dyspathies, ex-positions, de testing, sour note, disavowals, self disgust, mis-handlings, gobyes, dis affirmations, catfight, re striction, hesitance, inhibition, proscription, re-morse, needlings, unharmoniousnesses, fore-going, upbraidment, terrorisms, be ratings, over-turning, stigmatization, in decision, misbeliefs, dis-comforts, self flagellation, plaint, keeping outs, self reproofs, self condemnation, concours, forget its, contumaciousnesses, mis-application, Contraries, screed, Nonconcurrence, dis comfort, knockback, un friendlinesses, un easiness, disparage, un willingnesses, dis graces, re call, self flagellations, re buff, repudiation, running downs, un fairnesses, in-civility, overlookings, in-dispositions, different stroke, mis-judgment, un willingness, counter-part, out-burst, nonconsents, biliousnesses, re volt, re-pulses, un-fairnesses, dis gusts, Inharmony, mis understandings, dis sonances, de basement, disavowings, selfdisgusts, rap on knuckle, hard time, infringing rights, off limits, over throw, un-orthodoxies, nonconcurrences, poles apart, set tos, bone contention, counter action, animadversion, dis missing, selfreproof, dis content, bone pick, prejudice, no love losts, nit pickings, blue pencil, fulmination, non committal, contumely, Controversion, mis-manages, pudencies, mis trusts, de-solation, de rogation, dis countenancing, mis handling, nonconformism, de-fenses, sublimations, dis-approbations, ink spot, unpopularity, re strainer, low down dirties, self consciousnesses, Buffooneries, dis-inclinations, iconoclasms, out-rage, mud-slingings, enjoinment, dressingdown, dis-relish, ex-traditions, dis esteems, ill fames, un popularities, dis composure, dis-approval, dis-appointments, hosings, re-strictions, obloquy, dis approbations, Re-mark, ruefulnesses, despisal, no-no, dis unions, stigma, dis affections, male-dictions, anathema, loathing, in decisions, out rages, harsh feelings, black beast, de-bates, counter-action, dis-graces, lack enthusiasm, dissolvings, disproof, in verse, difference opinion, dispprobation, quibble, dis liking, rejectings, denial, sunderings, excoriation, pushing around, pilgarlics, in-dignity, counter-attacks, statement abnegations, un pleasantry, criticism, mis conduct, kick teeth, de clines, dis-avowals, non-compliance, protest, dis sentiences, Refusing, in-junction, dis-grace, scandal, nausea, under-estimations, a thou-shalt-nots, under-estimation, in consistency, skeleton closet, mutinousnesses, de-motion, dis order, illiberalities, re-strainer, narrow mindednesses, dis-peaces, pre-possessions, impugnments, dis owning, un-popularity, non agreements, dis accords, infringing on rights, lowdown dirty, indignity, contemptuousnesses, dis-colorations, re-criminations, hoo ha, re pulses, dis-claimer, fault finding, re versing, dis-suasions, jaundiced eyne, dis pleasures, muckraking, nonbelief, in compatibilities, objection, disownings, tablings, re treats, dirty dig, opposures, in-security, difference of opinion, statics, pre tense, discountenancings, de-feasance, dis solution, de spites, in gloriousness, un popularity, non admission, prohibitions, parting shots, cussings, defamings, re presentation, re serve, harsh feeling, hetero doxies, re-calling, de fiances, ex-communications, re calls, malignances, no dice, dis-obedience, dis-honor, backstabbings, dirty linen, rap knuckle, a thou shalt nots, dis interests, infringing right, dis respect, re monstrance, mud slingings, in-sinuations, ex postulations, de spite, uncordialities, renouncements, un-easinesses, dis-missals, demissions, hard times, un-saying, dis regard, dis quiets, dis gust, teasings, in-consistencies, dis relish, dis courtesy, dis union, mis judgments, self reproach, non-admissions, renunciation, dis-contentment, mid course correction, be-ratings, out-bursts, ex patriations, kick in teeth, withdrawings, re callings, evil, hubbahubbas, hubba hubbas, dislike, de-missions, pejoratives, dis-contentments, forbiddings, disrespect, nitpickings, in-decision, invalidatings, reproach, antagonism, dis-taste, dis-affections, nihilism, querulousnesses, nonconformity, de fiance, pre sentiments, de bates, de relict, dis may, reflection, doghouse, dis tress, withholdings, low-down dirty, dis allowances, dis-union, dissidence, nonconformisms, thumbs-down, statement abnegation, Refutal, transposition, allergy tos, dis interest, reversings, shamefacednesses, dis-agreement, one sidedness, de motion, negation, dis-honors, scornfulness, in advertences, dis-courtesy, un rest, dis missals, in-advertence, mis belief, queasinesses, un pleasantries, dis suasion, dis-cord, disagreement, quinine, moodinesses, in-subordinations, non-beliefs, sur-renders, coventry, objurgations, set to, in-civilities, gainsayings, agnosticism, loss face, outcry, in significancy, telling-offs, refusal, counter-attack, dis-pleasures, de-bate, cancellation, with drawings, rebuke, dis-satisfaction, nonagreements, jeerings, no go, dis-reputes, in-compatibility, narrowmindednesses, abolition, in harmony, divided loyalty, re-vocations, self-disgust, elusions, interdictings, difference, dissent, setting aside, dis-affirmances, un-doings, in-harmony, selfabnegations, trans-position, divided loyalties, Negatory, dis contentment, Remonstration, noncommittals, dis-esteems, in-disposition, un-pleasantries, re-buffs, self-consciousnesses, dis trust, object of ridicule, signifyings, hair-splitters, forget it, selfpunishments, dis cords, setto, non-concurrences, kicking arounds, abstainings, de solation, repugnance, forsakings, de relicts, no way, squeamishness, relegation, in dignity, scorn, with-drawing, libel, sublimation, interdiction, rap knuckles, invidiousnesses, hair splitters, in civilities, dissatisfaction, in junctions, talking to, out bound, Dispeace, be-rating, in attention, zapper, selfflagellation, discordance, denigration, de-barring, a thou-shalt-not, ex-aminations, exprobation, cheap shots, de-basement, nonbeliefs, denunciation, nonadmissions, loss of face, dis unity, self abnegation, Antinomies, hubba hubba, lamentation, forswearings, disdainfulness, dis orders, dis-solution, re-treats, de basing, dis sents, low-down dirties, in-validation, NOS, factionalisms, no dices, hangup, in-significancy, mis-conduct, scorcher, telling offs, in dignities, dirty digs, dis-cords, adjurations, in-congruity, un-certainty, re morses, dis-approvals, inter-dict, re gurgitations, narrow-mindednesses, malcontentment, disfavor, rap, scornfulnesses, counterargument, ex communications, dis obedience, dis-unions, non concurrences, de rogations, voidance, reprehension, objurgation, pre-judgments, upbraidments, kicking around, going phfft, upbraidings, inter dict, lack of enthusiasm, irreconcilable differences, Oppugnancy, over ruling, de-fiance, re-verse, lampoonings, in-securities, abuse, midcourse correction, re-prehension, mud-slinging, shame, unfriendliness, self reproaches, de-gradations, de mission, dis respects, re-morses, dis-avowal, impeachments, screeds, fault-findings, de generation, sub version, recusances, Mutinousness, self-condemnations, pre-judgment, de-spite, talking tos, un-popularities, demurrals, sub-version, bad vibe, be rating, with holdings, dis-tress, brand, negativisms, opprobrium, grumble, nix, giving ups, dis-accord, re prehensions, aversion, slap the face, contention, un certainty, different strokes, un eases, dis-regard, ill favor, buckings, re-tractions, non existence, dis-tresses, brush-off, re-missions, un harmoniousness, nixing, pre-tense, reviewals, in-validating, demurral, un-rest, mis-giving, dispprobations, dis satisfactions, de gradations, renegements, de-generations, quiddity, dis crimination, dirty linens, dis-agreements, qualm, mob rule, dyspathy, nono, buffoonery, reproof, disdainfulnesses, verbal abuse, refrainings, set-to, dis avowals, pre possessions, prejudgment, far cries, split ups, in-differences, re-versal, take-downs, non-belief, dis courses, zingers, negativism, ex-pose, Misbelief, aspersion, un-harmoniousnesses, underestimations, un-cordiality, dis-credits, fore boding, un conventionality, self-castigations, re-venge, de barring, recantation, veto, over-looking, dis-trust, jaundiced eyes, rap on knuckles, in validations, up-sets, re probations, re volts, runin, un-willingnesses, non-agreement, dis-allowances, under estimation, dis peace, superbities, contradiction, xenophobia, dis belief, sarcasm, antipathy, in attentions, impeachment, re venges, with-drawings, dis-interests, complaint, sinisters, selfcondemnations, re vocations, re buffs, unconventionality, dis-ease, in-difference, unorthodoxy, re-serves, re strictions, big stink, re-peals, re-scission, disgrace, don't, de feasance, re-call, dis-course, dis-pleasure, keeping out, scurrility, no nos, ex postulation, lack desire, dis-gusts, un-certainties, dis-courtesies, dis-respects, recusancies, re-scissions, bowdlerization, self punishment, dis-affirmations, re-crimination, out bursts, re-volt, rescindments, non beliefs, backhanded compliment, abolishings, retractings, dis affection, insolence, counter attacks, in-gloriousness, mis conducts, sleighride, dis-appointment, dis contentments, re-vocation, debarment, doubleback, mis-handling, a thou shalt not, de-feats, bawling-outs, Contumaciousness, self-castigation, yieldings, in-decisions, self denial, over-throws, disproofs, inter-diction, slap on wrist, re-striction, re presentations, under estimations, beratings, pushing arounds, renegings, evasion, non-conformity, non-existences, renegement, mis manages, de-cadences, mis trust, bad mouthings, chewing outs, nit-picking, renouncement, refutals, unmindfulnesses, de-testing, up-roars, un civility, censure, dis appointments, iron curtains, re-monstrance, un sayings, declinings, critical remarks, dis-solving, difference-opinion, noncompliance, sub-versions, no-no's, de-motions, dis-sonances, up set, de faming, self condemnations, de-faming, knock, out-rages, un harmoniousnesses, un-civilities, re-legations, in crimination, over-sights, de cadence, brush offs, exprobations, over-turnings, selfreproaches, dis obediences, rantings, knifings, self-reproofs, self-punishments, un-doing, in justices, cheap shot, put-down, disinclination, in-dignities, non-committals, abnegation, re pulse, recallings, un-sayings, quarrel, despisements, scoffings, re missions, narrow-mindedness, brickbat, up turns, trans-positions, over-sight, non-conformism, having no use for, lowdown dirties, un conventionalities, ex-probations, dis-sentience, over sights, un-friendlinesses, skeleton in the cupboard, slap in face, re buttal, unconventionalities, dis-may, dis-missings, un orthodoxies, self punishments, puton, smearings, Rescindment, dis honor, dis agreements, tongue lashing, up sets, in congruities, re flection, re-view, mis-conducts, ingloriousnesses, dis-obediences, nothing doings, dis-regards, dis-contents, selfcondemnation, waiver, dis missal, re-legation, mis deed, slap face, causeries, Causticness, dis avowing, re-fusing, zinger, dis repute, hatefulness, counterarguments, dis-crimination, selfdenial, over sight, dis inclinations, self-sacrifices, re venge, disesteem, plaints, infringing on right, non acceptance, squeamishnesses, dis allowance, dis-owning, Bohemianism, counter-argument, dis-affirmance, incrimination, malignance, pre-sentiment, non consents, transgressivenesses, dis pleasure, refutation, sardonicism, re views, zappers, re-serve, desertion, no use for, renouncings, defamation, in subordination, up-set, dis ease, castoffs, de-liberations, re peal, nit picker, mis-understandings, dustups, dis claimer, un-civility, self sacrifice, confutations, castoff, inculpations, re-traction, irreconcilable difference, up-turns, vilification, counter argument, un-concern, dis courtesies, nonagreement, selfconsciousness, un-rests, going phffts, horror, bad conscience, un-concerns, un mindfulnesses, takedowns, factionalism, nonconsent, recusance, re tractions, doublebacks, self-disgusts, non conformism, hetero-doxies, dis regards, taunt, nit-picker, re-calls, sleighrides, pannings, non concurrence, fore going, with drawing, fretfulness, re-pulse, agnosticisms, dis-sentiences, debarrings, dis-missal, in harmonies, de-feat, rebuff, nonacceptances, midcourse corrections, re-flection, oppugnancies, ings, fore-goings, de generations, in congruity, disgust, mis-trust, eschewings, with-holdings, Uncivility, up braidings, heterodoxies, hair splitter, quashings, dis-missing, formal complaint, faultfindings, execration, uncordiality, slur, un-ease, mis deeds, brickbats, uturn, change in direction, black beasts, dis affirmances, stink, tonguelashing, sur-render, revocation, self-reproach, bawlingouts, de tractions, counter parts, wiping outs, invidiousness, selfdisgust, transgressiveness, eschewal, protestation, counter-parts, dis-courses, re-callings, debasings, selfconsciousnesses, set-tos, cavilings, dis-allowance, ex-position, neglect, detestings, dis harmony, de-relicts, discouragement, ex-tradition, brannigan, mis-understanding, re vocation, flak, in-advertences, querulousness, about face, regurgitations, dis approbation, foolery, besmirchment, inverses, dis-esteem, counter part, bowdlerizations, non-consent, re-monstrances, relinquishment, mis doubt, de-fiances, dis sent, chidings, fretfulnesses, unorthodoxies, non compliance, selfreproofs, dis charges, debarments, in-justice, de missions, selfsacrifices, trans position, dis-likings, running out ons, dis tastes, out-cries, retchings, in validating, mis application, self disgusts, re-buttal, nit-pickers, accusation, dis colorations, self-abnegation, chewingouts, re gurgitation, pre conception, male dictions, de-traction, Antinomy, Despisement, overrulings, de solations, take downs, obstructivenesses, earfuls, re-peal, coventries, kick the teeth, un cordiality, nit-pickings, ex aminations, neutralizations, selfcastigations, counter arguments, dis-respect, with holding, non-conformisms, self castigation, lockouts, dis-criminations, write up, mis applications, call down, dis satisfaction, settos, relegations, re-gurgitation, inter diction, no use fors, un-willingness, obstructiveness, de basements, re view, Demission, mordacity, ex traditions, de-mission, dis favor, in-consistency, dis credit, re monstrances, queasiness, tellingoff, black lists, Quiddities, in-attention, attack, thought controls, un-easiness, re marks, carpings, sideswipe, offensivenesses, dis relishes, de bate, un doings, de-domiciling, unsayings, backtrackings, re scission, lost faces, quinines, iconoclasm, dis-satisfactions, dis-order, re criminations, remonstrance, dislikings, up-braiding, de-rogations, dis placements, floutings, re calling, prejudgments, scandalmongering, in securities, re-presentations, stigmatizations, verbal abuses, jaundiced eyen, dis credits, un friendliness, bad press, Pudency, in-junctions, underestimation, re mission, enmity, mid course corrections, out burst, knockbacks, self consciousness, dissuasions, disregard, in junction, disdain, confutation, un concerns, ex tradition, re-marks, expostulation, self-consciousness, vitiations, hairsplitters, xenophobias, ex pose, dis-belief, mis-doubt, dis-sents, hetero doxy, upbraiding, refusings, dis-harmonies, in gloriousnesses, re-volts, counter actions, degradation, mis judgment, re-mission, off limit, in juries, vituperation, un-pleasantry, non-consents, brushoff, non-conformities, over turning, mistrust, excoriations, nixings, dis approval, dirty laundry, disrepute, far cry, unwillingness, recusancy, call downs, out of bound, up turn, re flections, rescission, telling-off, de gradation, insouciances, re traction, resistance, dis-charges, up-turn, mis representation, mis handlings, rescindings, cursings, dustup, un orthodoxy, de fenses, faultfinding, mis-belief, non acceptances, non admissions, dissension, pre judgments, de-cline, deportation, in-gloriousnesses, de-solations, skeleton in cupboard, dirty laundries, dis-eases, re-buff, takedown, hissing, Reviewal, male diction, rejection, re verse, quitclaim, ex amination, ill favors, vitiation, dis-affirmation, mis-representation, dis-quiet, un cordialities, slap wrist, dis mays, variance, poles aparts, up-roar, re peals, kick in the teeth, dis-favors, non agreement, moodiness, bad-mouthings, mis understanding, contempt, de-parting, in-versions, hetero-doxy, counter attack, re legation, dis-quiets, malcontentments, un-fairness, de feats, dis-charge, dis-harmony, no ways, un doing, over throws, dis charge, ex-patriations, up-braidings, pre-conception, bone to pick, non existences, reprovals, in-congruities, dis-sent, parting shot, Ing, ex probation, mis beliefs, adjuration, displeasure, de feat, backpedalings, shrinkings, dis-composures, dis likings, dis eases, causticnesses, nit pickers, in-verse, dis-placement, goingover, bad opinion.