Pronunciation of Aristocratic
/ˌaɹɪstəkɹˈatɪk/, /ˌaɹɪstəkɹˈatɪk/, /ˌa_ɹ_ɪ_s_t_ə_k_ɹ_ˈa_t_ɪ_k/

Antonyms for aristocratic

Commutual, most characterless, most proletarian, in-effectual, conjunct, most down-at-heel, co-incident, proletarian, shoddy, most inferior, lower class, second class, communistic, democratic, prosy, most secondrate, un-worthiest, degraded, prosiest, lowgrade, most intermutual, most grovelling, stereo typed, un-refined, junior, comformable, unvaried, knavish, ordinary, workingclass, impure, most communistic, un distinguished, humble, co incident, most socialistic, un-varied, mean, un sophisticated, dis reputable, low grade, more workingclass, more socialistic, down-at-heel, second rate, wornout, in effectual, secondclass, re-gular, most working-class, most lowborn, re gular, characterless, un worthiest, more down at heel, hackest, in-delicate, more correspondent, base, plebeian, uni-versal, most working class, well known, dis-honorable, illegitimate, un-cultivated, inter-mutual, more communistic, dis graceful, most unvaried, plain, most commutual, wellknown, most workingclass, prosier, un refined, most conjunct, un-distinguished, egalitarian, dis honorable, un washed, second-rate, common, unpretentious, in formal, more down-at-heel, run of the mill, middling, modest, un varied, dis-reputable, in-formal, un-washed, pre vailing, more proletarian, more commutual, more lowborn, un cultivated, working-class, secondrate, workaday, un worthier, un worthy, un-worthier, most correspondent, more working class, in significant, more characterless, inter mutual, most workaday, in delicate, lowborn, socialistic, more working-class, dis-graceful, in common, uni versal, most community, down at heel, subordinate, Intermutual.