Pronunciation of Assistance
/ɐsˈɪstəns/, /ɐsˈɪstəns/, /ɐ_s_ˈɪ_s_t_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for assistance

muggings, catch22's, non-successes, vicissitude, dis cord, charley horses, hamperings, point issue, un-suitablenesses, pro vocation, dam, re-strainers, don't, de fiance, monkey on one's back, Arrestation, hindrance, warding offs, re-serve, dis tress, walkout, under-mining, demurral, stone in ones path, holding pen, tough breaks, restrainers, foot draggings, showstoppers, unfulfillment, Desistance, holding pens, Infarctions, blockings, backseat driving, pryings, tamperings, sit-down, sur-cease, up-sets, worriment, dis-possession, boo-boos, dis contents, booboos, inter-meddling, re strictions, un-doings, unfulfillments, de-fiances, sub-version, pressure, prankster, cumbersomenesses, boo-boo, jamups, dis-agreement, handicap, ill fortune, proscription, de lay, in-juries, castoff, Disincentives, smotherings, de terrences, re missions, pro rogations, dis avowals, mutilations, deterrent, un susceptibilities, catastrophe, discomfort, with-standing, pain, dawdlings, de-bit, bothersomeness, jamup, cooling off period, adversity, re mission, in dignity, torment, delay, prorogation, pinion, breakoff, stallings, de parting, inter-diction, dis appearance, re-straining, un suitablenesses, disavowal, dis-appointments, dis-allowances, disincentive, kiss death, dis-incentives, meddlesomeness, bad break, un-fulfillment, stumbling block, sub versions, detriment, de privations, un-naturalnesses, flacks, de lays, barging ins, de fiances, tight spots, nono's, laboriousness, un susceptibility, XS, immurement, striking backs, prankishness, re strainers, mis conduct, un fulfillments, sur cease, sur ceases, loiterings, breakoffs, dis avowing, inhibitors, dis-continuation, old one two, can worms, stumbling stone, lockouts, dis solution, burden, intermeddlings, tight spot, dis allowance, running out ons, dis appearances, fly ointment, checkerboard, deplorings, mis doings, cumbersomeness, self-disciplines, monkey one's back, mislayings, to do, inter position, de-solation, dis comforts, inter-position, dis agreement, in-jury, mis doing, un-naturalness, thorn side, monkey ones back, de formations, de formation, inter-positions, sur face, dis comfort, sur-ceases, on the skids, disputed points, de-fenses, mis-laying, over-throw, re-buff, mis chiefs, grievance, mis-fortunes, dis uniting, dis possessions, rotten luck, hitch, ax grind, impishness, funny business, hold ups, dis-continuations, with holding, running out on, troublesomeness, brake, stumbling-block, millponds, up sets, roguishness, forestallment, mis chance, bedevilment, be-moaning, irkings, talkathons, wreckings, interruption, bemoanings, clog, coolingoff period, point at issue, arrestations, dis-favor, jam ups, dis connection, constipations, mis-adventures, de solations, de relicts, arduousnesses, re-buffs, cost, filibuster, dis-advantage, mis fortune, painfulness, de-relict, in-convenience, checkings, Retardment, dis-tresses, liability, dis-services, dis-comfort, dis affection, pain neck, dis-avowing, dis advantages, dis-incentive, mis chances, dis-may, un-happiness, dis ease, mental weights, de-fiance, coolingoff periods, re-treats, dis-appearances, out bound, dis tresses, dis-avowal, minuses, dis-eases, self restraint, dis-tress, meddlesomenesses, Emboli, de partings, re pulses, de-solations, bad breaks, foilings, un-pleasantnesses, stone one's path, counter action, de-feat, un naturalnesses, nonsuccesses, tieup, re buff, in-quietudes, thorn in one side, putting offs, old onetwos, squanderings, mis-chiefs, dis pleasures, dis-connection, discouragement, selfconsciousnesses, self disciplines, Nonfulfillment, untimeliness, de terence, in-junction, out rages, deterence, prorogations, self consciousness, dirty trick, incommodiousness, dis continuances, sit-downs, un-easiness, menace, jam-ups, un easiness, internment, the rubs, barrier, lockout, care, pro-rogation, selfpossession, bothersomenesses, weirs, rotten lucks, arduousness, sitdown, molestation, interpositions, barrings, cunctation, interposition, parryings, de-partings, counter-action, fetters, constipation, cumbrances, TODO, off limits, in-dignity, dis-allowance, elusion, dis appointments, in-commodiousnesses, hard times, falling away, disavowings, excess baggage, detention, un-fulfillments, paneling, imperviousness, old one-twos, unhandinesses, fore-stalling, de solation, mis conducts, mischievousness, preventives, de-privations, preclusion, opposition, damage, non-success, in commodiousnesses, sit down, embargo, dis-service, restrainer, waggery, de privation, in-susceptibility, quellings, mis-adventure, break-offs, stone in path, cooling-off periods, be-devilment, inter dict, grinding halt, un doing, Unhandiness, bar, un fitness, no-no, deformation, cutoff, dis mays, fretfulnesses, inter-dict, excruciations, indebtments, internments, grinding halts, un-happinesses, blank walls, pinions, re-pulses, mis-placing, time river, retarding devices, un fitnesses, stop, old one twos, cinchers, protectings, logjam, painfulnesses, dis-satisfactions, catch-22's, psychological baggages, misplacings, provokings, re buffs, loss, pro-vocation, chokings, catch 22, dis unions, mis adventures, whole new ballgames, re-views, monkey on one back, interference, de relict, naggings, re-versal, sur-face, sieges, dis-favors, mis-behavior, with standing, tarryings, un-suitableness, de-formation, break-off, shooting pain, re-striction, millpond, dis-composure, self government, holding floor, cooling off periods, be-devilments, dis pleasure, dis-mays, thorn in ones side, monkey on ones back, dis favors, hardship, Bilboes, elusions, screeching halt, dis continuations, keeping ins, de-parting, dis-union, un-fitnesses, off limit, on skids, holdup, dis possession, dis quiets, de fenses, on the skid, in dignities, Indebtment, re versal, sub version, thorn ones side, in commodity, dis avowal, roguery, un-easinesses, re-strainer, in susceptibility, dis order, catch 22's, dis quiet, excess baggages, desertion, mis adventure, setback, re treats, in commodities, embolus, be devilments, de-terence, impedance, up-shot, dead weight, de terences, falling aways, in susceptibilities, hang up, harassment, self-consciousness, holding the floor, nonfulfillments, re-treat, hard time, check, sublimations, dis solutions, un-fitness, un-timeliness, meltdown, in juries, mis-chief, non fulfillment, cropper, forestallings, in-dignities, demurrals, defectings, dis-orders, troublesomenesses, dis incentive, dis-solutions, de bits, time up river, dis-comforts, pro-vocations, brick walls, dis affections, inhibition, fretfulness, out-rages, fore bodings, retardments, constraint, dis satisfactions, injury, de feat, in-junctions, re-view, re striction, re-strictions, shenanigan, break offs, de-creases, dis-contents, dis-ease, losings, hangup, mis behavior, trouble, devilments, dividings, jam up, dis-continuances, reversal of fortune, woe, dis-avowals, about face, dis-solution, mis-doings, withholdings, blank wall, mis behaviors, vexings, full court presses, deadweight, mis placement, dis-affection, dis appointment, dis eases, inter missions, pro vocations, fore boding, infarct, dis-order, mental weight, no nos, hoo ha, pain in neck, dis continuation, sabotage, obviation, stone one path, self-discipline, dis services, rub, dis-cords, dis-continuance, holding backs, de bit, non success, don'ts, cincher, dis agreements, misplacement, milldam, old one-two, re searches, tough luck, de-terences, de feats, encirclement, drag, in-commodity, un-susceptibilities, straitjackets, with-holdings, nonsuccess, dis-affections, sitdowns, mis-conducts, under-minings, forestallments, block, re-verse, charley horse, arrest, dis composure, bafflements, re-missions, milldams, self denial, self discipline, hurdle, blockage, mis-giving, strenuousness, with holdings, old onetwo, un doings, dis continuance, inter diction, dis-advantages, un-rest, reverse, croppers, thorn one's side, over throw, dis-cord, donts, mis-placements, bedevilments, self consciousnesses, excruciation, the worsts, un-pleasantness, mis-chance, un fulfillment, obstacles, fly the ointment, Cumbrance, dis-possessions, cloggings, jeopardy, bad turns, self possession, de-feats, big stink, mis chief, un rest, on skid, blockade, cramp, subversivenesses, difficulty, keeping in, scar, sur faces, under minings, dis allowances, impedances, bottleneck, no no's, un-doing, stone path, stayings, re strainer, hold-up, dis content, sub-versions, in commodiousness, be devilment, mis placing, meltdowns, in-justice, dis incentives, fore-boding, infarction, de-lays, deterrence, un-handiness, curbings, counter-actions, obstruction, inhibitor, dis union, re serve, thorn one side, weir, mis fortunes, sublimation, mis-chances, dis-agreements, fore stalling, panelings, thwartings, cooling-off period, un suitableness, backseat drivings, dis-pleasure, de-relicts, departings, inter positions, trespassings, subversiveness, Intermeddling, deformations, dis-content, re verse, non-fulfillment, going back ons, thorn in one's side, dis-connections, monkey back, disservice, evasion, stone ones path, big stinks, disavowals, dis-appointment, maroonings, screeching halts, de-privation, rascality, flack, snag, checkerboards, selfgovernment, in jury, re search, prevention, out-rage, full court press, tartan, thorn in side, with-standings, de-crease, the worst, deterences, psychological baggage, jam-up, prohibitions, uphill battle, splittings, de-formations, striking back, inter meddling, unwieldinesses, mis giving, de-lay, disunitings, showstopper, dis connections, dead weights, cunctations, in-commodities, funny businesses, conquerings, non successes, mutilation, dis satisfaction, BADS, hurt, de-terrences, stone in one path, wall, de creases, de terrence, dis composures, unwieldiness, rationings, re view, self-consciousnesses, de-bits, nono, Re-search, stonewallings, un pleasantnesses, lamentation, out of bound, desistances, no-no's, talkathon, dis favor, drawback, restraint, pro rogation, up-shots, bad turn, un-handinesses, un happinesses, waywardness, un-rests, catch22, un handinesses, deadweights, repression, up shot, dis service, non fulfillments, logjams, pro-rogations, re-serves, forsakings, non-fulfillments, dis-satisfaction, un pleasantness, de crease, re-mission, in-conveniences, booboo, in junction, hooha, un handiness, mis-conduct, monkey one back, bafflement, tie-up, dis-quiets, un naturalness, ball chain, re straining, the rub, up-set, tough lucks, frustration, spoilings, castoffs, be moaning, re views, problem, dis cords, dis orders, counter actions, un timeliness, withstandings, herculean tasks, dis-composures, limitation, under mining, dis-quiet, harm, devilment, in junctions, brick wall, in justices, dis advantage, foot dragging, in conveniences, selfdisciplines, tough break, walkouts, procrastinations, haltings, shooting pains, tacklings, disputed point, retarding device, obstacle, molestations, de-terrence, ill fortunes, up shots, over-throws, dis-appearance, strenuousnesses, selfconsciousness, selfdenial, marrings, partition, impediment, up set, grievings, stumbling stones, head ache, weary loads, over throws, impedings, dis may, dis-unions, straitjacket, dis-uniting, whole new ballgame, dis-pleasures, stoppage, mis laying, Downs, mis placements, uphill battles.