Pronunciation of Aversion
/ɐvˈɜːʃən/, /ɐvˈɜːʃən/, /ɐ_v_ˈɜː_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for aversion

liking, velleity, pre-tensions, darling, bent, Thirstiness, rapport, benefit, Propensities, attachment, delight, re-gard, ex tension, re cognition, solicitation, get up and go, relish, partiality, drutherses, pre dispositions, conations, idolization, volition, druthers, thirst, sweetheart, pre-disposition, connector, Pash, care, importunity, re-cognitions, de-light, predilection, beauty, de lights, fancy, taste, de termination, prurience, Accoutrements, re solutions, shine, alacrity, favorite, pre-possessions, de-sire, loving, re-cognition, de sires, Importunities, accoutrement, co-nations, treat, co nation, under standings, Valuing, Amore, big eye, de-termination, promptitude, de terminations, big eyes, amores, felicity, co nations, re cognitions, solicitations, approval, pre possessions, gluttony, dis-positions, gratification, Conation, de-lights, treasure, under-standings, dear, brisknesses, kindness, prizings, Palates, re-solution, tendency, affection, thirstinesses, possessiveness, beloved, Gluttonies, esteem, devotedness, marvelings, passion, use, dis patch, pruriency, pleasure, appetite, possessivenesses, briskness, de-sires, satisfaction, willingness, leaning, respect, connectors, propensity, pre tensions, dis patches, favor, preference, glorification, desire, dis positions, ex-tensions, de light, like, de-terminations, ex-tension, blessing, dis-position, co-nation, dis position, re-solutions, zeal, valuings, ambition, love, fire in belly, devotion, joyousnesses, re gards, doting, joy, honey, worshippings, dis-patches, inclination, emotings, dotings, enjoyment, de sire, get and goes, promptitudes, get and go, appreciation, pashes, dis-patch, pre disposition, salacities, get up go, under standing, salacity, cup tea, fondness, re gard, under-standing, admiration, sympathy, penchant, joyousness, palate.