Pronunciation of Award
/ɐwˈɔːd/, /ɐwˈɔːd/, /ɐ_w_ˈɔː_d/

Antonyms for award

re dress, penalty, de frauds, attend to, de fraud, due process, de-barred, slapped with, Constitutionality, re-dress, rapped knuckles, teach a lesson, fair plays, Re-turn, deadlock, un-happinesses, Sconced, sub ordination, Punition, hits with, mis-using, give going over, punishment, judicature, punish, what for, de privation, selfcontrol, refuse, getting your, teaching a lesson, taught lesson, de bar, gave the works, crack down on, re-turns, selfgovernment, fine, hell pay, re views, teaching lesson, giving a going over, fair treatment, rap knuckles, de-sert, de bars, de-privations, gives going over, de servings, slap wrist, ex-torts, de-frock, square deal, dis-missed, confiscate, get his, re venges, disciplinary action, rapt knuckles, judicatures, pay through the nose, de frocking, re venge, sufferance, ex-act, de sert, gave a going over, mis used, in-junction, re-view, branch of knowledge, dis-advantage, de-bar, sufferances, defrocks, tie, paid through the nose, ex act, de-cree, cracks down on, seize, threw the book at, domestication, re-proved, selfcommand, resume, sub-ordinations, self-mastery, punitive measure, what is coming one, ex-acting, inculcation, give a going over, dis advantage, payed through the nose, self masteries, paid through nose, self command, re proved, just dessert, pays through the nose, due processes, re dresses, Disciplining, dis missed, rough treatments, chewing outs, self-commands, judicatories, cracked down on, giving going over, self control, re view, de-frauds, de-serving, make pay, defrocking, self government, what is asking for, threw book at, pay through nose, meed, selfmasteries, get her, give the works, coercive measures, re-venge, sconces, chastenings, re-views, deservings, standoff, punitive measures, sub ordinations, fair play, what is coming to one, coercive measure, throws the book at, reasonableness, taught a lesson, sanction, giving works, dis advantages, de frock, slaps with, selfmastery, re-dresses, rapping knuckles, gives a going over, hit with, seal of approval, un happinesses, give works, dis missing, throwing the book at, self-masteries, disciplined, de crees, mis-used, branch knowledge, re turn, self mastery, gives the works, raps knuckles, de frocks, throws book at, defrock, what is asking fors, discipline, drillings, re-commendations, in junction, self restraint, gave works, meeds, de-bars, stamp of approval, de-privation, ex-tort, appropriate, slapped wrist, disciplinary actions, re-prove, de-fraud, giving the works, Levied, getting yours, de barred, gave going over, payed through nose, paying through the nose, castigation, just desserts, ex-acted, re prove, deserts, sconce, attending to, mulct, paying through nose, deny, reasonablenesses, teach lesson, withhold, dis-advantages, in-junctions, legal processes, rough treatment, de-frocks, de-frocked, re-proves, ex tort, gives works, stamp approval, throw the book at, re-commendation, made pay, slapping with, selfcommands, teaches lesson, legalizations, halt, constitutionalities, de-crees, draw, punitions, re commendations, hitting with, defrocked, domestications, de serving, get hi, making pay, Sconcing, in junctions, re commendation, de cree, justice, square deals, what one is asking for, dis-missing, attended to, re proves, fair treatments, get hers, throw book at, ex torts, slapping wrist, re-proving, talions, de-frocking, self-command, cracking down on, disciplinings, chastisement, slaps wrist, teaches a lesson, makes pay, pays through nose, de-servings, what one is asking fors, damage(s), goahead, legalization, un-happiness, hell to pay, de barring, de frocked, slap with, judicatory, ex acting, de-barring, stalemate, forfeit, seal approval, ex acts, what fors, re turns, de privations, mis using, throwing book at, retain, attends to.