Bad fortune

Pronunciation of Bad Fortune
/bˈad fˈɔːt͡ʃuːn/, /bˈad fˈɔːt‍ʃuːn/, /b_ˈa_d f_ˈɔː_tʃ_uː_n/

Antonyms for bad fortune

divine sanction, pre eminences, re-gard, Luckiness, re-cognition, leg-ups, lifesaver, discovery, Benedicite, egg in one's beer, egg beer, lifesavers, success, dumb luck, trump, boon, joy, favor, godsend, re source, fortuitousness, profit, streak luck, run of luck, pro fits, Algorithms, advantage, stumbling upon, benisons, legups, happy chances, ace in hole, divine sanctions, re-source, unforeseen event, stumbling up on, egg in ones beer, algorithm, tossup, big breaks, pre sent, in the cards, de light, in the card, sur-prises, re gards, re lief, pro fit, egg ones beer, re cognitions, in-novation, godspeeds, treat, re turns, pre-eminence, de-signs, sur prise, luck outs, in vocations, blessing, fifty fifties, re cognition, pre-sent, toss up, de-lights, egg in one beer, in card, happy chance, egg one beer, pro-fits, fifty fifty, de signs, in novation, leg up, big break, pre-eminences, fifty-fifties, pre valence, benefit, pre valences, sur-prise, stumbling upons, pre-sents, health, pro cess, luck, well being, pro-cesses, dumb lucks, pre-valence, fortuity, streak of luck, softheartednesses, sur prises, re sources, benedicites, softheartedness, egg one's beer, legup, pre eminence, re-lief, leg ups, de lights, stroke luck, tripping over, re turn, good fortune, fortune, good, good luck, re-turns, mercy, happiness, luck out, unforeseen events, de sign, victory, tripping overs, benison, Re-turn, de-sign, wellbeing, in vocation, egg in beer, ace the hole, in-vocations, re-sources, Dainties, fifty-fifty, in novations, fiftyfifties, gain, pro-cess, de-light.