Pronunciation of Ban
/bˈan/, /bˈan/, /b_ˈa_n/

Antonyms for ban

facilitation, unconstraint, re laxations, invest, sufferance, submission, pre-sumptuousnesses, Self Determination, ex-cess, allow, in dependences, all owed, empowerings, go-ahead, carry, in-dependences, tolerance, gluttony, unconstraints, dis orders, support, empower, all owing, formalize, un-restraint, encourage, imprimatur, benison, sanctioning, vest, qualify, toleration, promotion, ex cess, re-laxation, encouragement, confirm, un-constraint, compliance, ratify, assent, acquiescence, push, receive, citation, Gluttonies, Privileging, permission, accredit, cultivate, sufferances, re-commendation, let go, approbation, re commendations, irresponsibility, un restraints, enable, dis order, entitlements, commendation, all-owing, re-laxations, goahead, nourish, safeconducts, un restraint, subsume, the nod, wildnesses, license, un-constraints, foster, safe conducts, pre sumptuousness, authorize, VISAS, legalization, approval, re-commendations, safe conduct, benediction, un constraint, suffer, contain, enter, dis-orders, comprehend, approve, obedience, un constraints, blessing, include, immoderation, agreement, promote, certify, pre sumptuousnesses, accession, welcome, self indulgence, re commendation, enabling, safe-conducts, Homologate, all-owed, re laxation, wildness, in dependence, approbate, pre-sumptuousness, safe-conduct, looseness, finalize, sanction, release, loosenesses, involve, permit, allowance, in-dependence, relaxednesses, prescription, visa, letting, nurture, admit, ex-cesses, legalizations, irresponsibilities, endorsement, selfindulgence, embrace, dis-order.