Pronunciation of Base
/bˈe͡ɪs/, /bˈe‍ɪs/, /b_ˈeɪ_s/

Antonyms for base

meridian, in-crease, arrogant, high, move, vestigal, butt end, most uprisen, miscellaneous paraphernalias, up raised, pre-eminences, makeweight, re fuses, more lifted, over-weight, too much of a good thing, up right, over-weights, in creases, de-lay, over-indulgence, tip, bigtime, re lief, pinion, supplement, upper extremity, crest, post-scripts, crowning points, refined, re-laxations, over-flow, over-kills, carry over, pleasing, bits and piece, maximum, overage, inter missions, shavings, residue, re cesses, super-abundances, uplands, the limits, ex-tensions, fate, motleys, over stocks, pendants, incidental, remainder, this that, Dilatations, rest, tiptops, fulsomeness, residuals, elevated, pre eminences, over dose, residuum, up risen, grand, eminence, just, all the way, most vestigal, over weights, surfeit, noble, stretchings, de bris, auxiliary, over stock, pre-eminence, over-stocks, maxis, most high rise, flowerings, intensification, destroy, pro tractions, overkill, mosts, acme, fastigiums, over doses, sublimity, tag ends, outgrowth, fastigia, over indulgences, over supplies, overkills, ex tension, upheaved, more upraised, counter-parts, re-pose, supercilious, super-abundance, distension, pro fit, over-supplies, high spot, most upraised, pendant, uppity, capsheaves, high flown, re motes, out-sides, first place, bellyful, pro fits, spreading outs, moral, re-cord, pinions, something extra, remotes, sundry items, most uplifted, de lays, up-right, inter lude, finial, surplusage, up surges, post scripts, over-load, shard, de lay, re mains, most high-rise, blow off, backwash, up to here, nice, unconsumed, child, oversupply, utter-mosts, the ends, ex-cesses, somnolences, miscellaneous paraphernalia, pinnacle, extension, balance, overdose, nimieties, ex-tents, high points, most upheaved, carryovers, pro traction, honorable, height, supererogation, lengthenings, this and thats, inter ludes, re-creations, post script, de-bris, highminded, good healths, honest, bits piece, over kill, over-flows, utter-most, climax, zenith, drawing outs, post-script, end piece, effect, up-risen, finishing touches, the end, ethical, distensions, over-run, most lifted, something extras, dreaminesses, somnolence, upper extremities, highrise, ultimates, solstice, counter-part, residum, over supply, up heaved, over-runs, overweights, too muches, over-kill, best day, over-stock, pre eminence, overmuch, excellent, more uplifted, byproduct, inordinancy, crown, capstones, in-creases, inter-lude, bottom of barrel, crescendo, finishing touch, aftermath, redundances, kind, re cord, bells whistles, re maining, capstone, makeweights, Capsheaf, scourings, genuine, butt ends, up there, ex-tension, nimiety, peak, pro-fusion, enlightened, residual, ex-tent, conclusion, carry-overs, filler, most balance, up here, the limit, re laxations, irreproachable, sur-plusser, more high rise, corollary, consequence, high minded, rounding-off, over flows, reputable, fulsomenesses, blameless, branch, spire, fruit, prime, ex cess, over-supply, head, re-creation, good, airfoil, survivor, odds ends, aftereffect, in crease, bits and pieces, high rise, good health, crowning touch, more balance, pure, over flow, legitimate, rich, more uprisen, OPTIMA, super abundances, inter-ludes, best days, up-lifted, re-cess, this thats, dreaminess, counter part, rounding-offs, culmination, motionlessnesses, this and that, Overfullness, in-sert, outside, apogee, sur face, development, Vertices, up surge, heyday, re-lief, over-fullnesses, over abundance, carry-over, Leavings, over-fullness, hangover, over-abundance, up-standing, Aiguille, max, motionlessness, Exteriority, more upheaved, wealthy, utter most, sur plussest, sundry item, head lines, humane, re-laxation, finials, de-brises, dis tensions, up-surge, roundingoffs, dis tension, over loads, re spites, luxuriances, Head-line, carryover, high-minded, most unconsumed, bottom barrel, spin off, re laxation, re creations, sur-plussest, highland, too much a good thing, greatests, more highrise, apex, over weight, residua, continuings, remnant, ex tents, unerring, up-heaved, more vestigal, intelligent, un consumed, ex tent, re pose, sur faces, too much good thing, pro-fits, echt, de-lays, nth degree, blow offs, exalted, de brises, re creation, upland, Capper, intellectual, others, highflown, more unconsumed, remains, annex, re-fuse, re spite, high point, aristocratic, issue, ex-cess, aiguilles, ailerons, prolongation, in sert, superficies, pro-fusions, outcome, re-cords, dis-tension, exemplary, un-consumed, crowning point, over-loads, ne plus ultra, Subsidiaries, out side, proper, utmosts, product, guiltless, most highrise, incident, utter mosts, re-main, protraction, superior, up-raised, over muches, over kills, Overdoses, re main, uncorrupted, imperious, over-abundances, over abundances, by product, over indulgence, dilatation, haughty, parings, high-handed, noontime, solstices, carry overs, incorruptible, trivia, variant, wing, recrements, sur plusser, dis-tensions, Recrement, pro-traction, over much, more high-rise, top, Uncorrupt, un-used, residums, pro-tractions, aileron, complement, crowning touches, towering, re-mote, first places, high-rise, overfullnesses, over fullness, re fuse, high spots, surface, highwater mark, upright, airfoils, righteous, noon, roundingoff, too much of good thing, highest point, exterior, uttermosts, counter parts, overplus, clean, over runs, sundries, overstock, sum, rounding offs, all way, re-mains, summit, springtime, bellyfuls, leave, up lifted, overpluses, vertex, sub lime, maxes, cappers, sub-lime, ell, result, sur-face, seemly, re-spites, great, over-muches, over-dose, excess, pro fusions, out sides, bits pieces, extreme, over fullnesses, up-surges, re cords, fastigium, cutoff, up standing, end, pediment, over-doses.