Be happy

Pronunciation of Be Happy
/biː hˈapi/, /biː hˈapi/, /b_iː h_ˈa_p_i/

Antonyms for be happy

being sorry, got mad, be violent, hurting one feelings, in dict, eat heart out, flips one lid, harbors grudge, dis tresses, is on ones case, gets one's dander up, had qualms, in-cited, be-wailed, dis solves, wast brown study, burns up, makes sore, losing interest in, were sorry for, chafed inwardly, rant and rave, letting go, getting nose out of joint, dis sents, crying river, braise, dis obliged, is the warpath, get on one's nerves, dis-agreeing, take pains, make fuss, be mad, gotten nerves, made faces at, smoulder, inveigh against, be maddened, Idled, be on ones case, sets in, hurts one feelings, be disturbed, am brown study, in cense, makes a scene, art ashamed, gat nose out of joint, re-formed, breaking heart of, am turned to, am put off by, re-sents, tonguelashing, gets into dither, wasting away, get nose out joint, dis-please, pro tested, had no stomach for, thought about, gets on ones nerves, went soft, lose sleep over, were apathetic, am averse to, beefed, shed tears, sings the blues, are put off by, de-pressing, be ones case, de-testing, being offended by, am sullen, yenning for, be neglected, were one's case, ate heart out, getting one nerves, be moan, are indignant, longing for, Animadverted, Spumed, hurting one's feelings, hadst hard feelings, am livid, flares up, re form, gotten in to dither, bursting in to tears, dis-quieted, were in huff, moan over, is warpath, pressure cook, fricassee, art concerned with, art uptight, wert furious, has a fit, was neglected, sing blues, Fricasseeing, dis approved, pines away, being brokenhearted, going soft, swearing at, gotten to, dumping on, am in bad mood, be tense, talking wildly, de liberated, have a fit, are against, grieving for, art ones case, grossed out on, fail, was allergic to, fricassees, de-sires, dis-obliges, were sorry, wast inflamed, hang crepe, art violent, soapboxing, in flames, are ashamed, moaning over, micro-waves, dis-relishing, art agitated, dies on vine, decoct, de-liberated, ex acerbate, wast delirious, kick a fuss, be-set, am neglected, looks daggers, am passionate, not appreciating, am turned off to, wast turned off to, takes it hard, gat in to a dither, art incensed, dis-pleased, being averse to, grumped, be bad mood, Ned, putting on weeps, lose one temper, blows fuse, be livid, wast rubbed wrong way, dis approves, was insulted, am one's case, brake down, wert bad mood, dis agreed, bare a grudge, thirsting for, ex cite, am mad, cut to the quick, objected to, having no taste for, co-oked, re fuses, being on one case, Fussed, dis-concerted, cuts quick, cried a river, dis favor, art maddened, flips one's lid, be vexed, sorrowing over, be contrite, cries blues, are delirious, was in huff, mulled over, driving up wall, being delirious, putting on the weeps, ringed the blues, is on one's case, Spuming, dis quiet, be moaned, kicking up fuss, inveighed against, burnt up, wast violent, dis obliging, sticks one's lip out, make long face, being turned off to, cried river, gat steamed up, re-pined, ex-acerbates, blow stack, wast uncontrollable, raise hell, was aroused, ticks off, fricasseed, wast on one case, takes hard, flew handle, chomps the bit, sauteed, are stingy, rings the blues, gat one's nerves, sweats it out, re duce, be sullen, sheds tears, crying the blues, pressure-cook, were uncontrollable, gotten hot, wert in a huff, in-flamed, am one case, bloviate, being opposed, art out of sorts, bloviating, wert contrite, cry blues, fagging out, be put by, chomped the bit, sweated over, re fuse, art sorry for, dumped on, gat one's dander up, art in funk, being one's case, wast sad, were a funk, chomp at the bit, getting into dither, hath hard feelings, gotten dander up, wast apathetic, ex postulates, took offense, braising, moan, nit-picked, having compunctions, art sullen, de-liberate, wearing long face, am uncontrollable, ex asperating, grudge, are down the mouth, took exception, art against, is apathetic, make fuss over, express sorrow, dying on vine, dissolving in tears, dis commode, conked out, cuts to quick, got into a dither, de solated, spieling, is neglected, re-fused, de-liberating, blew one top, gets on nerves, have hard feelings, hurts feelings, is delirious, am beside oneself, wrought oneself in to sweat, raised hell, not endure, make moue, turned waterworks, squalling, make a fuss, stuck lip out, be in a funk, threw a fit, being in bad mood, bear malice toward, is disregarded, be rate, looked askance, kicked up fuss, is aroused, bloviated, am affronted, wast bad mood, am the warpath, being sad, takes exception to, wast moody, cutting to quick, wert silent, eat ones heart out, blowing top, making fuss over, suspire, Deviled, being in brown study, letting out, wert out sorts, was angry, go bananas, making a moue, art funk, weep over, dis agreeing, art put off by, bloviates, boil, dis-liked, Disfavoring, are the warpath, beats ones breast, bears malice toward, flipping one's lid, be one's case, blubbing, gets to, art infuriated, whine, be rated, ex-cited, troubling, make todo, taking as an insult, am reluctant, being tense, is put by, in cite, Hungered, up braid, be put off by, being furious, were down in mouth, be turned to, wast allergic to, micro waving, ex postulated, not feel like, be sorry, art indignant, stands on end, am case, bearing malice toward, being warpath, be setting, psyching, is uncontrollable, fagged out, beat breast, flies off the handle, sticked one lip out, re-duces, chomping at bit, has hard feelings, were in brown study, languishes for, not endures, kicking up a fuss, wear a long face, wast livid, was rubbed wrong way, is put off by, beats one breast, dis solve, being livid, making waves, sigh, is morose, beating ones breast, got dander up, in-convenience, smoking, put on weeps, tonguelashed, wast down mouth, be angry, are down in mouth, fags out, making it tough for, tucker, Animadverting, drive the wall, champ bit, am aroused, look askance at, gotten one's dander up, cut the quick, turn waterworks, wert livid, is beside oneself, Bayed, dis quiets, am on one case, go mad, being beside oneself, are rubbed wrong way, kicking fuss, re spired, looks sullen, chomping at the bit, FAGS, de liberates, was down in mouth, be uptight, rails at, blows one top, was reluctant, drive up the wall, hurts one's feelings, has tantrum, driving wall, dis-agreed, letted off steam, was vexed, dis-concert, were silent, be wailing, take the time, wert reluctant, sticking one's lip out, having a tantrum, was disregarded, are out of sorts, Eddying, get one's nerves, art in a funk, be wailed, flipped one's lid, fret, dis-tressed, gat ones nerves, were huff, beating breast, thinking upon, dis pleases, kicked fuss, on vine, being violent, blow ones top, was uncontrollable, mourn, wert on case, art inflamed, ringing blues, hast a fit, wert in bad mood, am silent, were out of sorts, went to the effort of, fly handle, are sorry, blowing violently, drives up wall, thirst for, de claim, went mad, tuckering, sticks ones lip out, carried a torch, ex haling, disapproves of, am vexed, be down mouth, cutting to the quick, dis pleasing, hast no stomach for, objurating, cries over, made sore, flies the handle, boiled over, harbor a grudge, give bad time, dis-quiet, are down mouth, wast out sorts, fag out, stand end, in-flame, wast on the warpath, were one case, go soft, chomped at bit, co-oking, up set, being vexed, looking sullen, flying off the handle, hadst a tantrum, breathe fire, gotten one dander up, am down in mouth, setting in, get into dither, dis approve, go effort of, losing sleep over, over-flowing, be warpath, objecting to, harboring grudge, lose ones temper, hide, flew off handle, animadverts, gat on one's nerves, cuts to the quick, de solates, haddest a tantrum, conking out, objects to, is out sorts, was out of sorts, wast funk, gotten one nerves, bear a grudge, took the time, wert warpath, works in to sweat, dis oblige, kicked up a fuss, re-duce, harbor grudge, was out sorts, were bad mood, are allergic to, de-solates, are in a funk, being inflamed, carrying a heavy load, deep fried, is one case, repine, up-braids, ranting and rave, over flown, grossedded out on, blew fuse, got nerves, be-moan, kicked self, dis favors, thirsts for, fizzles out, work in to sweat, am out of sorts, be furious, be apathetic, being stirred up, looked back, de-claims, sweat over, taking umbrage, are passionate, dis please, blowing ones top, Devilled, goes ape, moaned over, dost a number on, grumble, dis compose, getting one's nerves, going to effort of, dis-favor, goes to the effort of, dis-composes, make a fuss over, are on one's case, beating one breast, escallop, get hot, be petulant, dis-esteemed, tongue lashed, am ones case, making to-do, gets one nerves, wert in huff, being down the mouth, wore black, turns on waterworks, am sad, taking exception, being on the warpath, wring hands, haddest a fit, gotten on nerves, art in bad mood, weeps over, is ashamed, chomped at the bit, drave the wall, were in a huff, dis-concerts, de cline, was affronted, re-probate, make a todo, art brokenhearted, conk out, does a number on, gets dander up, hurts ones feelings, driving the wall, wast ashamed, over flowing, be against, Fussing, were brown study, dis concerted, is sad, in-flames, dis-obliging, carry a torch, rant rave, are ones case, tick off, get ones nerves, are contrite, am concerned with, flips lid, dis quieted, de-claiming, de claimed, were delirious, ex haled, hath no taste for, being in huff, pined away, art averse to, snapping at, being affronted, carrying heavy load, Reprobated, wert petulant, are incensed, bursted into tears, bear grudge, art contrite, raging, dis composing, kick up fuss, gotten steamed up, break heart of, bubble, expressing sorrow, wast angry, dis esteeming, were uptight, sorrows over, fly off the handle, in-dict, were gloomy, ex-acerbated, drive wall, ex-asperates, am maddened, get on one nerves, is a huff, is on one case, wast down in mouth, tongue-lash, working oneself into sweat, worked oneself in to sweat, troubled, is sorry, be stingy, hath a fit, is incensed, spoiled for, was gloomy, fizzling out, am allergic to, be affronted, art petulant, going to the effort of, wert the warpath, brake the heart of, being huff, is disturbed, gat on nerves, re-probates, art reluctant, fagged, got into dither, going ape, getting one dander up, hath tantrum, making moue, sweated it out, out-raged, wert vexed, fulminate, wert morose, am brokenhearted, dis-agrees, let it out, conks out, wast in a funk, up-setting, has a tantrum, re forming, looking askance, was agitated, are uncontrollable, haddest fit, are silent, beared a grudge, are inflamed, am put by, frown at, cook, languish, being in a funk, sticked lip out, carry torch, didst a number on, drove the wall, chomp the bit, pro-testing, in fuses, blowing one's top, wast contrite, stir up, de claims, was disturbed, are disturbed, be inflamed, took it hard, finds fault, stuck ones lip out, lose heart, stand on end, art one's case, ex-postulating, is furious, rants and rave, be-wails, deplore, out-raging, letted go, gat nose out joint, was down mouth, thinks about, be rubbed wrong way, de pressing, blow ones stack, in-censing, are on one case, doest number on, ring blues, dis-favoring, is huff, distress, was sad, was silent, being rubbed wrong way, Reprobating, de claiming, taking hard, blow one's top, being uptight, Hungering, is cross, is offended by, pro testing, nit-picks, de-cline, cried over spilled milk, wast maddened, looking back, chomp bit, blows ones top, talks wildly, wast one case, re duces, sweated out, being passionate, stood on end, swore at, think up on, stuck one lip out, are concerned with, bore a grudge, dis concerting, kicks fuss, are vexed, gat hot, hadst a fit, Mouthed, make to-do, doth a number on, be-moaning, lets go, de-liberates, chafing inwardly, hurt one feelings, show penitence, is in brown study, gets on one nerves, is in bad mood, dis esteemed, stewing over, suspiring, got one dander up, hurting feelings, wear black, were offended by, have no taste for, animadvert, be in funk, is rubbed wrong way, looks askance at, die, in cites, be agitated, is ones case, made a scene, made a todo, took hard, being apathetic, dis composed, be reluctant, was cross, were concerned with, art morose, hit ceiling, foam, be grudges, re spire, taking offense, dis favoring, were contrite, eating one's heart out, dis-solve, being stingy, wert passionate, had fit, psychs, dis-solving, expresses sorrow, wrings hands, give hard time, take by storm, being on warpath, wert down the mouth, stew, dis-solved, took exception to, regret, make faces at, looked daggers, be grudge, being silent, gave a bad time, hast a tantrum, flipping one lid, blows one's top, goes berserk, wast on ones case, feel sorry, ex-cites, taking by storm, art cross, have qualms, sticking ones lip out, out-rages, griddled, chafe inwardly, got on one's nerves, are on the warpath, sounds off, lusted after, dis concert, am in a huff, goes bananas, were down in the mouth, complain, is insulted, got one's dander up, eats one heart out, dis esteems, stands end, sheds bitter tears, dis agree, champ at bit, yen for, am out sorts, is affronted, de-siring, dis-composing, bursts in to tears, nit picks, is down mouth, hurt one's feelings, gets hot, dis-favored, take exception to, art rubbed wrong way, are huff, dis-quieting, dissolves tears, flip one's lid, dis obliges, being aroused, being allergic to, grieved for, blew ones top, flipping lid, eat one heart out, puts on weeps, drove up the wall, wearing a long face, wert delirious, wast reluctant, tongue-lashed, made a fuss, languishing for, eats heart out, sticks lip out, longs for, take hard, was huff, art silent, were on ones case, being out of sorts, drives the wall, wert disturbed, art sad, being in a huff, art opposed, ex hale, eating ones heart out, let it all out, gets in to dither, sounded off, ning, co oked, in flamed, goes mad, were infuriated, be-moaned, wast in brown study, are a funk, not use, wert down in the mouth, is maddened, hangs crepe, getting on ones nerves, get one's dander up, look back, made a fuss over, dis-pleases, hast hard feelings, wearing black, took time, be wails, art turned to, rang blues, am delirious, were turned to, flared up, worked in to sweat, be indignant, be on the warpath, ex-asperated, are furious, makes fuss over, snaps at, art apathetic, be moans, breaking down, boiling over, be turned off to, carried torch, am huff, lets it out, letted out, be infuriated, Martyred, were against, flip one lid, dis solved, flew off the handle, get into a dither, turning on waterworks, think upon, wept over, works oneself into sweat, lusts after, were stirred up, in-censed, gotten nose out of joint, is contrite, de-presses, were furious, are aroused, smouldering, bearing a grudge, being the warpath, wert a huff, french fry, am disturbed, burst in to tears, had hard feelings, let steam, lets out, makes waves, was against, was on case, wert sorry, art vexed, harbored a grudge, de tested, foam mouth, being neglected, are affronted, getting steamed up, goes soft, makes scene, wert insulted, are livid, got to, over flows, making a scene, has qualms, got one's nerves, are on case, pressurecooking, took as insult, dying vine, boohoos, ate one's heart out, were beside oneself, was morose, art angry, was apathetic, being in funk, cried over, yammer, made it tough for, wert uncontrollable, standing on end, see error of ways, took pains, makes to do, took amiss, works into sweat, upsetting oneself, were on one's case, being uncontrollable, flare up, wert in brown study, dis-sent, saw error ways, shedding tears, cry, rattled on, sticked one's lip out, found fault, am gloomy, wert sorry for, spoils for, bore grudge, broke the heart of, doth number on, harboring a grudge, dis liked, made fuss, do number on, looking daggers, feels sore, be opposed, make a to-do, didst number on, de liberate, re-spires, over flow, be-rates, soapboxed, conceal, deep fries, is agitated, cries a river, be out of sorts, wert down in mouth, be morose, be allergic to, wringing hands, have compunctions, be funk, ex-asperate, de sired, ex acerbating, Deviling, makes a todo, were agitated, bore malice toward, be offended by, made fuss over, flip ones lid, dwell up on, cutting the quick, rattle on, hurt ones feelings, break down, being on case, takes as insult, is down in the mouth, take it hard, take amiss, wert uptight, chomps at bit, lost sleep over, gets nose out joint, re formed, wound, loses sleep over, micro-waving, is infuriated, wert huff, felt sore, was on the warpath, Antipathize, in-conveniences, gat one nerves, boils over, making a long face, are funk, went to effort of, umbraged, am agitated, are sad, tongue lash, be-rated, dis-quiets, lets off steam, wert indignant, got on ones nerves, are one's case, de-sired, shed bitter tears, going the effort of, nit picked, re fusing, micro waved, are in bad mood, put weeps, go ape, be-grudging, art in brown study, Hates, am ashamed, thinks upon, in censes, were on the warpath, bellyache, are turned to, running amuck, took umbrage, wast stirred up, is uptight, carrying a torch, am warpath, be on one's case, gotten into a dither, cry the blues, be disregarded, ex-cite, making fuss, went ape, pro-tested, re sents, art warpath, dis-tress, snap at, taking pains, gives a hard time, be-sets, were tense, takes time, in-fuse, getting on one's nerves, dis-esteeming, was inflamed, set in, being morose, pressurecook, made a long face, Disfavored, flying the handle, are gloomy, am down mouth, lament, are out sorts, am offended by, sweats over, frowning at, be sets, doing number on, is down in mouth, getting one's dander up, re-pine, hadst qualms, wast down the mouth, wears long face, mulls over, is out of sorts, was down the mouth, Boohooed, feel bitter, breaks down, was indignant, was case, hadst no stomach for, worked oneself into sweat, art a funk, gat on one nerves, dis-favors, get dander up, sound off, are agitated, pressure-cooked, have no stomach for, art stingy, am sorry for, impose on, seeing red, fag, flip lid, yens for, putting the weeps, take offense, rhapsodize, be silent, ex cited, mulling over, ex-postulated, de-press, in-fusing, dump on, dis-pleasing, takes amiss, jowled, not enduring, wert brown study, wast tense, blows violently, Fagging, being cross, was offended by, art sorry, kick up a fuss, be a huff, re-pines, gets one dander up, wert on one case, swear at, getting on nerves, out raged, haddest hard feelings, harbors a grudge, did number on, steamed up, being a funk, making to do, Boohoo, wert against, dies vine, mull over, ex postulating, goes effort of, wert in a funk, make to do, de testing, pressure cooked, repent, art moody, burning up, kick self, went effort of, re sent, ex asperates, made tough for, were rubbed wrong way, was put off by, were out sorts, are bad mood, work into sweat, art uncontrollable, were sullen, are cross, wast warpath, bursting into tears, making faces at, disapprove of, sticked ones lip out, being disregarded, de-clines, de sire, showing penitence, suspires, hadst tantrum, getting on one nerves, take as insult, up-sets, was down in the mouth, not endured, objurated, art turned off to, sweating out, dis-esteems, letting it all out, dis-relished, shudders at, does number on, bearing grudge, was ashamed, tongue lashes, be sorry for, saw red, dis commodes, wert sad, are sorry for, wert rubbed wrong way, art brown study, wept for, sorrow over, dis-compose, had a tantrum, has compunctions, de-solating, were put off by, be rates, look askance, re probate, is one's case, get nose out of joint, were cross, making a fuss over, seeing error ways, gave a hard time, make a moue, look sullen, chomps bit, getting nerves, gat mad, blowing fuse, art the warpath, glooming, being ashamed, up-braiding, grieve for, rage, re spiring, in censed, being agitated, be passionate, wears a long face, up braided, were stingy, tonguelash, breaks heart of, give a bad time, hath no stomach for, are opposed, ranting rave, dis approving, wert put by, hanging crepe, dis esteem, wrung hands, were neglected, Devilling, be concerned with, not appreciate, cease, being incensed, micro waves, fume, were ashamed, are sullen, fizzle out, made a moue, wert one case, kicks up fuss, was the warpath, am down in the mouth, dis-liking, flipped ones lid, sung the blues, re probating, carry heavy load, escallops, wert apathetic, blubbed, being petulant, drave wall, is on warpath, is stirred up, was moody, up sets, am stingy, be ashamed, wert violent, am down the mouth, chomping the bit, is sorry for, ranted rave, made a to-do, was turned to, were the warpath, are in huff, has no taste for, dwell upon, re forms, dieing vine, indict, make sore, re vile, wert stirred up, is turned off to, trouble, are violent, wast a funk, was one's case, was brokenhearted, chomp at bit, puts the weeps, am opposed, haddest compunctions, cut quick, be-moans, wert allergic to, cry river, yenned for, Pothering, carries torch, died on vine, distress oneself, wert tense, haddest no stomach for, were sad, sautes, carry a heavy load, art gloomy, made to do, being concerned with, have a tantrum, is bad mood, were affronted, hadst no taste for, beat ones breast, wast gloomy, kick fuss, wast morose, gat into dither, are brown study, was passionate, wears black, were insulted, dis relishing, wast concerned with, was a funk, be uncontrollable, are a huff, beating one's breast, Denunciate, cried blues, looked sullen, am sorry, Baying, gotten ones dander up, sung blues, tongue-lashes, burned up, gets ones dander up, work oneself into sweat, mind, rings blues, micro-wave, blow one top, makes faces at, in conveniences, wast on warpath, inveighs against, kicks a fuss, haddest tantrum, sweat it out, wast huff, go to the effort of, dis sent, sweat out, were in funk, crying a river, browns, art bad mood, spoilt for, giving hard time, spoiling for, dis-sents, carries heavy load, are offended by, ex postulate, groused, was maddened, be grudged, hast compunctions, art allergic to, taking as insult, blew top, am against, blows a fuse, wast on one's case, were petulant, being sullen, takes exception, be out sorts, threw fit, being case, wast turned to, got ones dander up, long for, wert inflamed, be-setting, doeth number on, moans over, wast mad, in fusing, imposes on, braises, pressure cooking, am in a funk, be sad, over-flowed, de solating, wast sorry, wast in huff, die on vine, was warpath, takes offense, art aroused, letted steam, was in bad mood, dissolved tears, railing at, be-rate, dis-relish, was sorry for, am a huff, was sullen, are uptight, dis agrees, ticking off, was petulant, was in brown study, was in a huff, am disregarded, was violent, am on ones case, wast in bad mood, hath compunctions, re-probated, throw fit, got one nerves, grosseds out on, went berserk, stood end, out-rage, got nose out joint, lost interest in, carried a heavy load, rant, takes pains, am violent, took by storm, wast cross, carries a torch, blows top, rail at, are turned off to, reproaches oneself, pushes buttons, throwing fit, cries river, wert offended by, saw error of ways, are tense, was concerned with, nit-picking, steaming up, micro-waved, get in to a dither, ex acerbated, were in bad mood, wast disturbed, wert turned off to, wert incensed, be brokenhearted, were vexed, went the effort of, gotten in to a dither, bare grudge, is livid, up setting, beared grudge, having fit, warmed up, get nerves, wail, stews over, having qualms, be-grudges, getting hot, sweating it out, making a to-do, Eddied, sulk, look daggers, drove up wall, being against, sang blues, in-cense, feels remorse, up braids, eat one's heart out, wert in funk, being brown study, gives bad time, dis quieting, escalloping, wast infuriated, chomping bit, smoulders, making scene, make scene, was on one's case, being put by, be down in the mouth, was turned off to, longed for, sweating over, is angry, tongue lashing, getting dander up, hath a tantrum, frowns at, wert on the warpath, gat in to dither, wast indignant, having a fit, gets in to a dither, drave up the wall, got hot, see red, dis pleased, having hard feelings, talked wildly, letted it out, art mad, re fused, wrought in to sweat, burst into tears, am on the warpath, put the weeps, ferment, puts weeps, are infuriated, hast tantrum, wert a funk, wast silent, wast against, looked askance at, singing blues, seethe, am rubbed wrong way, dis tress, wert averse to, swears at, are in funk, Welled, take time, eating heart out, felt sorry, making a todo, be down in mouth, wert brokenhearted, not appreciates, flipping ones lid, fizzled out, art passionate, made todo, is brown study, be in bad mood, chomped bit, be case, are petulant, Gloomed, kicking self, getting to, deep fry, am on case, be rating, haddest no taste for, umbraging, being a huff, have fit, sees error ways, Prattled, wast case, distresses oneself, gat into a dither, dis-concerting, browning, was beside oneself, were aroused, art neglected, ex asperate, run amuck, were funk, antipathizing, gat on ones nerves, am on warpath, are on warpath, foam the mouth, is against, art in huff, hadst fit, be on one case, wast in a huff, wast brokenhearted, sticking lip out, getting nose out joint, was averse to, stick ones lip out, wert mad, blew violently, working into sweat, bewail, not appreciated, re-spired, wert beside oneself, did a number on, dis-obliged, dissolve tears, carries a heavy load, gotten on one's nerves, made to-do, sorrowed over, blow violently, upset oneself, wast beside oneself, dis-approve, not feel likes, dis-approved, eats ones heart out, wast the warpath, is allergic to, ex-asperating, foam at mouth, browned, be incensed, was livid, raising hell, de sires, wert funk, sticks one lip out, is passionate, being gloomy, wert cross, taking exception to, rang the blues, drive up wall, blub, nit picking, Martyring, art a huff, getting in to a dither, broke down, gotten ones nerves, is inflamed, looks askance, bare malice toward, wert on warpath, had compunctions, ex citing, think about, is a funk, wast on case, dis-oblige, was ones case, frowned at, dis-tresses, re pined, wast incensed, wast petulant, was brown study, dumps on, cries over spilled milk, are case, are put by, weeping for, driving up the wall, are disregarded, lets it all out, gotten into dither, are brokenhearted, chomps at the bit, wert down mouth, doest a number on, wast insulted, is in a huff, got ones nerves, dis relish, harbored grudge, raises hell, dis relished, is vexed, Decocting, was delirious, be beside oneself, were livid, blubs, feeling bitter, not feel liked, be-grudged, hast fit, made scene, wert gloomy, dis relishes, was on warpath, wert out of sorts, art huff, wast offended by, am on one's case, wert ashamed, antipathizes, crying over spilled milk, being on one's case, getting in to dither, pout, standing end, art livid, wast put off by, bears grudge, cutting quick, be-wailing, feels uneasy, dieing on vine, reproach oneself, dissolving tears, art out sorts, art in a huff, thinking about, get one nerves, gets on one's nerves, stuck one's lip out, blowing a fuse, taking it hard, nit pick, being reluctant, stomping, is brokenhearted, languished for, object to, let out, makes a long face, thought up on, objurates, dis composes, being insulted, were maddened, am tense, be one case, is silent, antipathized, die vine, wast disregarded, wert stingy, were angry, kicked a fuss, wert put off by, re-vile, blowing one top, beats one's breast, makes a fuss, gives hard time, de-pressed, broke heart of, were in a funk, drives wall, denunciated, dis-solves, is on the warpath, be brown study, are reluctant, wert moody, wore long face, dis-commodes, Decocted, having tantrum, wert concerned with, were on warpath, was infuriated, go pieces, being down in the mouth, were warpath, pressure cooks, in flame, feeling sorry, fly the handle, were mad, breaks the heart of, blow fuse, squawk, de-claimed, dis liking, was opposed, is mad, gotten on ones nerves, ex-haling, feels bitter, got on one nerves, sounding off, pine, hurting ones feelings, making a fuss, in-censes, got nose out of joint, was in funk, over-flows, were passionate, lust after, am apathetic, put on the weeps, objurate, beared malice toward, drove wall, felt uneasy, were ones case, spieled, were allergic to, dislike, was funk, de presses, frothing, dis-approves, ex cites, wast put by, cry over, sees red, reproaching oneself, having no stomach for, was stirred up, railed at, blew a fuse, are averse to, am a funk, be delirious, be the warpath, be moody, be aroused, being funk, breathes fire, makes a fuss over, eating one heart out, runs amuck, cried the blues, Frothed, in flaming, is in funk, getting ones dander up, get one dander up, Suspired, wast down in the mouth, wert case, beefing, are one case, throws fit, being contrite, has fit, working in to sweat, take exception, breathed fire, dis-esteem, keened, stewed over, am bad mood, gives a bad time, inveighing against, wert sullen, being ones case, in-cite, wast in funk, was bad mood, wasted away, wast affronted, were reluctant, rattles on, in fused, sing the blues, depart, flying handle, be insulted, wert agitated, taking time, is averse to, were opposed, were turned off to, ranted and rave, cries the blues, had tantrum, braised, rattling on, bemoan, ring the blues, is gloomy, cry a river, ate one heart out, art beside oneself, ex-acerbating, letting it out, got on nerves, wert maddened, dissolves in tears, am angry, eats one's heart out, being down in mouth, brake heart of, making sore, re-sent, is in a funk, make a to do, carried heavy load, being put off by, flies off handle, be stirred up, stirred up, up-braid, being disturbed, seeing error of ways, wast out of sorts, made moue, takes umbrage, let all out, anguished, got in to a dither, over-flown, weeping over, de solate, wert affronted, brew, shudder at, re spires, was uptight, tuckers, dis favored, crying blues, getting ones nerves, be moaning, was sorry, disapproving of, are apathetic, wert turned to, losing heart, be set, being moody, bursted in to tears, gotten one's nerves, hast no taste for, burn, cut to quick, wast agitated, are insulted, go to effort of, wast neglected, throws a fit, was put by, art case, were case, cuts the quick, gets steamed up, wert angry, were on one case, keening, sings blues, gets nose out of joint, being out sorts, denunciating, was on ones case, wrought oneself into sweat, re-fuse, gat to, sang the blues, Welling, were brokenhearted, beats breast, wast vexed, up-braided, gotten nose out joint, re-forms, storm, beat one breast, Smouldered, be in brown study, blow one stack, grumping, hung crepe, is funk, pining away, wast a huff, had a fit, are angry, were morose, stew over, kicks up a fuss, letting off steam, wrought into sweat, make waves, wert on one's case, expressed sorrow, being infuriated, Boohooing, drave up wall, is stingy, getting into a dither, wast opposed, ate ones heart out, were a huff, was furious, was a huff, is indignant, are on ones case, making todo, was contrite, in-fused, was mad, weep for, tonguelashes, de siring, works oneself in to sweat, ticked off, carrying torch, steam up, be grudging, re pine, were put by, am cross, snapped at, weeps for, singing the blues, take umbrage, dissolved in tears, nit-pick, got steamed up, wore a long face, blew one's top, turning waterworks, am contrite, ringing the blues, be gloomy, disapproved of, dis-composed, giving a bad time, wear long face, ex-postulates, pine away, sorrow, wast passionate, breathing fire, co oking, prattling, feeling uneasy, are in brown study, lets steam, work oneself in to sweat, hast qualms, wast furious, art affronted, over flowed, wert opposed, lose interest in, mewl, hanged crepe, breaking the heart of, being bad mood, de pressed, de liberating, get to, was one case, beat one's breast, feel sore, taking amiss, Re-forming, takes as an insult, boil over, be on case, get mad, denunciates, is down the mouth, be cross, being angry, thinks up on, am uptight, wert aroused, takes the time, dis-agree, bristle, get in to dither, Regretted, makes fuss, out rages, art tense, gat dander up, am stirred up, felt bitter, gotten mad, grieve, re-spire, re-pining, are warpath, putting weeps, throwing a fit, flew the handle, remonstrate, working oneself in to sweat, de-tested, be-rating, drives up the wall, are in a huff, flaring up, blow top, gets ones nerves, letted it all out, brood, kicking a fuss, get steamed up, de-claim, wast aroused, de-solated, be-grudge, making tough for, rants rave, bursts into tears, took as an insult, stirring up, be wail, pressurecooks, worked into sweat, de-sire, distressed oneself, art put by, goes the effort of, was stingy, be in a huff, burn up, art furious, dost number on, warm up, Escalloped, are stirred up, is opposed, sticking one lip out, soapbox, be in huff, mope, imposed on, be a funk, griddling, pressure-cooks, were incensed, Squalled, be huff, being sorry for, am petulant, being mad, cry over spilled milk, loses heart, art insulted, be averse to, are down in the mouth, went bananas, languish for, make it tough for, throw a fit, died vine, resent, dis concerts, de press, was in a funk, get on nerves, distressing oneself, is moody, grieves for, be down the mouth, hath fit, dis solving, letting steam, grousing, am in brown study, were indignant, have tantrum, imposing on, dis-relishes, up-set, stick one lip out, is reluctant, be-wail, gotten on one nerves, ex-postulate, lets all out, art stirred up, weep, art delirious, de-solate, chafes inwardly, doeth a number on, dis-approving, crying over, wast sullen, de clines, were down the mouth, wastes away, are beside oneself, was incensed, was tense, bears a grudge, soapboxes, dis-commode, being indignant, kicking oneself, is in huff, mewls, being turned to, being on ones case, over-flow, be on warpath, decocts, waste away, take as an insult, makes it tough for, anger, being down mouth, make a scene, N, dis tressed, taking the time, being maddened, were down mouth, doing a number on, smolder, thinking up on, blow a fuse, is tense, feeling sore, stirs up, wert one's case, micro wave, being one case, go berserk, had no taste for, see error ways, warms up, stick one's lip out, lost heart.