Pronunciation of Benefit
/bˈɛnɪfˌɪt/, /bˈɛnɪfˌɪt/, /b_ˈɛ_n_ɪ_f_ˌɪ_t/

Antonyms for benefit

scrape, Nail Biting, disservice, de-stroyers, black blues, minuses, traumatization, dis-coloring, bafflements, puts on spot, on the skids, handling roughly, pushing around, under-mining, maladministered, grimed, disenabling, invalidities, under mining, shenanigan, Disconsolation, Disciplining, unconsolabilities, denunciated, out bursts, do injustice to, interferes with, be-witched, thundering against, un eases, mis govern, casts a slur, being incompetent, pro scribe, dis-composure, cuts to quick, dilapidates, Chocking, dumb tricks, dis counting, slows down, over-looks, mis-take, opened up, does violence, ink spot, deformation, take swipe at, in-decency, un soundness, un braced, mudslinged, abjection, mis-handles, thorn in side, greasing palm, out-raging, Contusing, un lucks, mischievousness, cave ins, beating down, puts squeeze on, de mean, ill fortunes, catch-22's, gat way, fun and games, in adequacy, squanderings, Ballasting, hogtie, mutilation, in felicities, fun games, Hocuspocus, shoot down, goofing up, pendulum, broke down, jam up, strenuousnesses, de-form, rough spots, forlornness, loses luster, do wrong, un-pleasantnesses, dis organizations, be wilderment, dis organization, rip up, open up, in accuracies, de coys, de traction, large order, dis-advantages, de-solation, XS, cramped style, mis-demeanors, over whelming, bespatter, dis satisfies, misshapennesses, dis colored, did violence to, pinioned, ticklish spot, in-convenience, un pleasantness, out-rages, de-frocking, pinion, persecute, mismanagers, interfere, tying hands, leakage, in-validities, re-treat, putting trouble, pro vince, put spot, disenchant, dis credits, gives bad name, charge, despotizes, pressure, delictum, skein, in-validated, onus, Abjectness, saturninity, over-works, Dilapidating, dis-content, puts in a spot, hardship, irritant, flacks, mucks up, cuss out, gave a going over, flare up, over-power, sordidness, dilemma, be incompetent, losing luster, de-pressing, be wilderments, bespattered, rammed in, disenabled, topped off, ill lucks, taught lesson, de-barring, are inefficient, outgoings, untimelinesses, mis-proportion, perniciousness, doping up, de valued, up-shots, foramen, de-bits, mis-employing, were sore, anvil choru, de-cried, de fame, un strengthened, opens up, dis appearances, cramps ones style, necessitousnesses, reverse, selfconsciousness, imposes up on, prankishness, getting in the way, slapped around, cusses out, cracks down on, lownesses, choke point, un-fits, over taxing, over supplies, dis served, messes, re vile, slapped wrist, in-dispositions, cut the quick, in-sinuations, ill, pennilessness, disadvantage, emergency, un-attractiveness, blameworthiness, didst an injustice to, doth violence, ties one's hands, de-face, fast ones, un-braces, mis take, inter feres, de faced, misdirect, puts out action, under developments, be-fouled, dragged ones feet, weigh heavy up on, jamups, obstruct, de-stroyed, in-felicities, doing violence to, roguery, de faults, calvaries, exhaust, exiguity, do number on, dis-arrays, ties ones hands, be deviling, dead weights, re strains, be-deviling, BADS, untimeliness, over-whelmed, halt, over-comes, dis honored, sinking ship, criminality, mis-shaping, putting on spot, de feats, un-fitting, dragged one's feet, mudslings, interfere with, de-basements, shot down, corrupt, dis figured, dis-satisfy, re-strict, muckraking, mis adventure, de tractions, in-juries, mis carriage, bad turns, Cross-road, Indebtment, blue ruins, puts in spot, mis governing, dis advantage, dis commode, dis content, didst injustice to, gave black eye, gives the evil eye, putting in a spot, dis composures, catch, counter-weight, mis deeds, inter pose, disconcertions, macula, vileness, roguishness, holy messes, spot, un certainty, caluminate, de-forming, over turns, Torts, ramming in, dis quietudes, shortcoming, putting in spot, mischief, Dulling, tears in to, breaking down, mis-demeanor, re-vile, bemoanings, committals, put screws to, spake ill of, defame, renders incapable, put the spot, mis employ, dratted, non performances, be foul, retardments, all overs, noxiousness, mis-managers, in juries, in capacitates, Pendulums, putting a whammy on, cramp one style, despotized, put up on, self reproach, doth an injustice to, muck up, adiposities, in disposition, giving trouble, be-smirches, damage(s), dis-colors, Pigsties, dis-tort, bungs up, over turn, failure, Nevi, throwing the book at, put in a spot, de-coys, counter-balances, up braid, be-spatter, mis-placements, cracked down on, monkey one's back, de-presses, allovers, throwing book at, de-moralize, re striction, dis-coloration, doing injustice to, be inefficient, blot on landscape, pollute, dis advantages, over looked, crudded up, fly the ointment, pinions, pour in, be-grimes, mis carriages, jam, evil doings, saddled, over loads, de valuing, de-spoil, un happinesses, self-consciousness, gave a black eye, Intermitted, put on the spot, be-griming, de formation, lose shine, Trashed, dis agreements, shooting down, beat down, embarrassment, letdown, wracking up, flaw, waste, crud up, dis obliging, dis figures, got the way, give going over, de-bris, penuriousness, heaviness heart, de-spoiling, putting the spot, dis-orders, puts out commission, un strengthening, gat in way, un-attractivenesses, de privations, disco-loring, dis satisfying, dis-obliged, re probations, de-frocks, answerability, Flyspeck, be-devilled, re-prove, malignings, dis-satisfactions, bad luck, doest violence to, in validating, rap knuckles, hanged up, distress, kiboshed, dis graces, pain neck, mis cues, dis-enchanted, bung up, giving going over, mistreat, impediment, pustules, waggery, saddling with, imposed on, thunder against, place, dis enchanting, dis armed, dis services, topping off, de-means, dost an injustice to, caluminates, egg on face, de moralizes, misfortune, containerized, up sets, tying ones hands, casting out, blot, sandbags, cramp ones style, dis-satisfying, dis quiets, caveins, leakings, boundnesses, disconsolations, Foramina, holding the bag, ex communicating, de grading, tribulation, de forms, gives going over, over-loaded, bad mouth, Massing, dost wrong, dis-qualified, eyelets, deformations, dulls, ex-communicates, cross to bear, pang, be moaning, over-loading, quagmire, is incompetent, made difficult, putting the squeeze on, minding store, give works, intermeddles, bad deeds, un handiness, hole, dis tresses, out-burst, opprobriates, puts whammy on, un fitness, be smirches, downcastnesses, de files, Misemploy, monkey back, besmirchments, de-formation, de pressing, mis-represent, dis-credited, un handinesses, mis-conduct, leave lurch, dis-simulations, mismanagering, de file, be-spattered, mis chance, monkey one back, dumb trick, self-reproach, inconvenience, handle roughly, mis-carriages, dis enchanted, scar, piled up, re-strictions, dis composed, inter-meddle, tall order ticklish spot tight situation trouble, nail-biting, kept down, dis-integrates, divestments, fretfulnesses, over-wrought, be smirched, cried down, gave the evil eye, stranglehold, Retardment, fiasco, mis placement, non success, kicked around, in sufficiencies, raps knuckles, de-compose, inter mediate, hurled brickbat, fix, de solations, dis-hearten, doth wrong, dis appearance, give evil eye, dis-qualifications, deleteriousnesses, dis satisfy, blot the landscape, in-commodiousnesses, cumbersomeness, tyrranized, gets in the way, hexing, kicking around, dis-grace, de-privations, un-tidinesses, indebtments, butterfly, sordidnesses, muckrakings, un fits, flyspecks, mis treated, putting aboard, cramped one's style, nonfeasance, in-dignity, put out action, dis missed, mislayings, mix in, tampering with, illtreatments, are tender, over-taxing, counter poises, something wrongs, roughhousing, broken hearts, slip-ups, pours in, dis-reputes, poking nose in, didst violence, bad omen, cast a slur, antisocial behaviors, abjections, ouched, cuts quick, imposition, ripped up, be spatter, putting a spot, put out of commission, laboriousness, mis-applied, inter mediates, be witches, rams in, curse, unfitted, in-fraction, foot dragging, getting in way, dis-repute, was incompetent, over-supplies, de stroyer, in humanities, complains of, be-grimed, grindstones, whacking, over-tax, stain, vitiate, be grime, anti-climax, leaving stranded, re strict, selfcondemnations, needfulness, be fouled, skinned alive, dis qualifying, severe tests, over-thrown, Muddying, cross road, in commodities, dis integrated, misshapenness, monkey on ones back, holding bag, lead balloon, de based, kicks around, attend to, be smirching, Hydrae, bespatters, catch 22's, cumbrances, art sore, casualities, be grimes, mis trusts, unstrengthens, shoots down, defrocking, lentigines, giving hard time, thorn in one's side, dis-figure, mis-governed, de-cline, de bars, freight, miserablenesses, de facing, maladminister, mis applies, dis enable, wearing away, tear into, dis figure, cast aspersion, in competency, dis-order, drags ones feet, be-wilderment, cutting the quick, self condemnation, dis agreement, ex asperate, dis-satisfies, de crease, disapproval, mis-handle, mis-trust, Banefulness, un timeliness, be-grime, big stink, ravaged, does an injustice to, putting out commission, puts a spot, grease palm, in-dignities, giving the works, weighing heavy up on, dis quietude, weighting, dis-qualification, dis colorations, inter-mediated, trying times, un-braced, ax grind, jinxed, over work, keeps down, de fault, unbracing, lead balloons, de-composes, dis tort, de-traction, dis-honors, in decency, spoilings, mis-direct, in solvency, in equities, over-taxed, preventives, un-luck, in discretion, blockage, obstacle, over-loads, gives evil eye, dis orders, dis-composures, mutilations, mudsling, mis employed, Miserableness, inter lope, de-value, threw the book at, dis-figured, heaping up, un luckinesses, mis adventures, dis-favors, slung mud, dis-mantled, longitudes, de lays, begrimes, subjection, imposing on, in-capacitating, be witch, breaks down, Misproportion, pickle, torn apart, takes a swipe at, gets way, de-crying, de presses, wast tender, dis-honor, tight situation, de spoil, dis-credits, loosenesses, un-handinesses, dis-quiets, tied ones hands, gave works, dis-possession, unfits, de-grade, keep down, traducings, dis ease, peccabilities, lamentation, disenables, dis enchants, falls short, under mined, over whelms, lost shine, un-fitness, mixes in, un luckiness, over powering, speaks ill of, does a number on, underdevelopment, tie one hands, dispiritedness, flareup, took swipe at, de-files, can worms, dis-arming, torn in to, un-luckiness, fulminating against, re-verse, mis shapes, dumping on, inter-pose, pressingness, de crying, dis-serves, wert inefficient, throws monkey wrench in, in-experience, de-bars, in crimination, heap up, Disincentives, re-morses, dis-service, mis-calculation, gave a bad name, unwieldinesses, tight spots, non feasance, the blues, dis-counted, greases palm, male faction, drags one's feet, pre-vents, in-accuracies, fore boding, total loss, hang up, throw book at, un-luckinesses, sub-versions, depression, swears at, be smirch, de-filing, in-validating, g factor, be-devilling, de base, voodooing, violate, dis credit, nonsuccesses, handles roughly, de stroy, dis illusion, Denunciate, un fitted, inter-loping, dis integrates, unbrace, fly ointment, dis-armed, over-sights, ants in pants, gat in the way, denunciates, weighed heavy up on, gives a hard time, dis-agreement, antisocial behavior, dragging one feet, down trip, boundness, unfitting, de clines, dump, fore-boding, villainizing, mis employing, over powers, re morses, de-values, intermeddled, in sufficiency, up-shot, in capacitated, devoirs, re duces, poured in, de-stroying, mis-treat, de-crease, in-discretion, havoc, unbraces, hitch, in discretions, mis represents, re-strains, doth number on, wherever, dis coloring, be-devil, Melancholias, over burden, dis esteems, despotizing, traumatizations, pauperisms, out-bursts, looseness, drag one feet, put upon, doth violence to, loss of innocence, Intermeddle, be devils, imposes upon, un-timelinesses, puts aboard, undoing, dis graced, re-treats, abuse, de frocked, re prove, strait, duty, non-successes, in jury, over whelmed, stroke bad luck, de-brises, dis-tresses, dis-missing, doing wrong, fell stroke, cheerlessnesses, dis-illusion, de-file, de-stroys, Tars, re morse, DRAT, responsibility, cut quick, dis simulation, casting slur, puts on the spot, excess baggage, answerabilities, in dispositions, weighted, imposing upon, monkey on one back, committal, getting the way, ex-asperating, victimize, cave-ins, in commode, de filed, up-braids, defrock, mis treat, dis-commode, lowness, spoilt, objected to, hooha, short circuits, pain, mucked up, gotten in the way, ex-communicating, banefulnesses, badmouth, un-soundnesses, beats down, re-duces, full court presses, taking care of business, wonts, mis calculation, de-basement, dis-mays, mis treating, evil behaviors, gat the way, re-proves, insolvency, unlawful acts, casting spell on, torn into, ravishings, be-rates, gave hard time, in-capacities, dragging ones feet, kiss death, de brises, Delict, over-powering, out burst, deplorings, self condemnations, mis-govern, coverts, mis deed, dis mays, in-commodities, be witched, de-faces, in fractions, de spoiled, de cays, dis-heartens, mis governed, dis-serve, ouching, trouble, fore bodings, over loading, tied hands, Counter weight, re strained, putting out action, hard lucks, hindrance, misplacings, over loaded, over taxes, awkward situation, dis appointments, dis courtesy, doeth a number on, puts spot, dis-compose, delictums, pushed around, misdirecting, taking a swipe at, malign, in capacitating, Hydras, dis consolations, bug, tonnage, dis composing, mis handle, un-fairness, cramps style, gave the works, demandingnesses, up shots, sadness, be witching, dis illusions, dis-appearances, impose up on, nodule, anti climaxes, de rogations, got way, dost a number on, dis-graced, de-creases, mis-employ, odium, dis honoring, thorn in ones side, attends to, cramping ones style, Forcibleness, fault, thorn side, interfering with, mis-cue, fell short, getting way, funny business, de value, de cline, dis incentive, de-bit, tyrranizes, pre vents, de composing, blotched, misgoverning, cicatrix, de-mean, devilments, dis appointment, mis used, lost faces, de moralizing, wert incompetent, be sore, be-rated, difficulty, imposed up on, invalidity, giving the evil eye, un-timeliness, de-cay, beauty spots, gloominesses, double trouble, disconsolatenesses, pokes nose in, actioned, give bad name, dis-counts, inter-fere, dumped on, pouring in, dis oblige, dis comforts, over worked, dis illusioned, inter-posing, mis steps, demandingness, blotching, trying time, pejoratives, in-criminations, blackheads, de stroyers, in-accuracy, in justices, inveigling against, leave stranded, melancholy, giving works, dis-organization, do an injustice to, over-whelms, keyhole, willies, in decencies, sandbag, conquerings, anti-climaxes, dis credited, casts spell on, the rub, are sore, rapped knuckles, de-formations, nailbiting, mis shaping, de-basing, heft, inveigle against, over-whelm, de-valued, goofed up, objecting to, mis demeanors, mis handles, calvary, pile on, gotten in way, dis-integrating, mess, dis-mantling, dost violence to, contuses, de-rogations, in-solvencies, mis-deed, tough luck, un bracing, scandalmongerings, dis-enables, dis qualified, rotten lucks, in-solvency, whiteheads, ill treatment, in-justice, in-validates, casting a slur, pensiveness, give black eye, cats cradle, de lay, Begriming, tonnages, dis-consolations, did an injustice to, block, dis-ease, Illtreat, over-work, dis integrate, tore into, dis-composed, were incompetent, mis-shapen, sinfulnesses, heaped up, mis handled, de-lay, leaved stranded, dis tressed, speak ill of, dirty trick, object to, re proved, low spirits, casts aspersion, out break, be-rating, dis possessions, deleteriousness, stomping ground, put a whammy on, pain in neck, be fouling, exigency, out rages, HOSED, misdirects, in-fractions, chock, puts out of action, blot on the landscape, break down, dis-honored, hold-up, inter-meddled, dis possession, over look, scandalmongering, mis-used, makes tough, mark cain, imposed upon, TODO, ball chain, banged up, over burdens, self reproaches, tamper with, un strengthen, doeth an injustice to, gfactors, mis takes, de-composed, tie ones hands, de bar, inter posing, inveigles against, rotted, Downs, fatal attraction, slip-up, over-burdening, un-strengthens, doest injustice to, misgovern, rough go, painfulnesses, contused, co-oked, cave in, cussing out, making tough, throw the book at, dragging one's feet, penury, dis-graces, cat cradle, put to trouble, be-witching, ought, made tough, un timelinesses, bothersomenesses, noxiousnesses, fun and gameses, hold ups, under taking, ex-communicated, does injustice to, sub version, tarnish, puts a whammy on, double binds, stone one's path, gives a bad name, mis-deeds, inter cede, dis-obliges, ink spots, opening up, stone path, crime, mis-chiefs, giving a bad name, dis-incentive, pauperism, hangup, in-commodes, re probation, out-going, over-supply, dis qualifies, unlawful entry, bunged up, under-takings, de-cries, dis hearten, in humanity, dis-honoring, misemploying, greased palm, Malefaction, de-formed, mis behavior, de bris, criticalness, de-faults, gets in way, dost injustice to, devilment, rag on, be-spattering, fell strokes, ravish, dis commodes, Freighted, aggrieve, dis-color, losings, re-morse, in-adequacy, de meaning, casting aspersion, blemish, in dignity, black and blue, get the way, dis-served, roughs, intermediating, un sightlinesses, inter-ceded, mis-directed, dis-counting, intermediated, immobilize, dis-mantles, dis composure, overtax, making it tough, puts to trouble, in commodity, injure, beauty spot, de famed, slow down, mis placements, loss innocence, banging up, dis figuring, blows off, over come, mis behaviors, dis-quietudes, dragged one feet, be-smirched, tearing in to, mental weights, defrocks, inter-meddling, containerizes, pro scribes, doing number on, black and blues, out-raged, wert sore, piles on, in commodes, put out commission, mis chances, hour decision, mixing in, drag one's feet, inter mediating, mis-using, under-development, disadvantage(s), tore, worriment, de formed, maculations, oversupplying, busybodied, dolefuls, thorn ones side, big troubles, mis-representing, re duce, tied one's hands, out going, slaps wrist, un-fitnesses, be-devils, mis-conducted, de-faming, de grades, un pleasantnesses, doing an injustice to, Despotize, contuse, deprivation, double troubles, dis-enchants, meltdowns, under-mined, drags feet, implosions, dis repute, dis-cords, monkey on one's back, misdirected, mis governs, gat involved, mis-cues, botched situation, de stroyed, tight corners, Neediness, throw monkey wrench in, tie hands, fast one, made it tough, gets involved, am tender, begrime, vicissitude, blue ruin, dumb thing do, Catatonias, selfreproaches, Necessitousness, Non-performance, gives a black eye, cruds up, big stinks, put out of action, pre-vent, de-famed, being inefficient, cracking down on, hoodoo, imperativeness, mis conducts, were inefficient, de press, implosion, ex-asperate, inter-ceding, defect, dis courtesies, de faces, ruinings, in-disposition, de moralize, pollution, keeping down, in capacitate, moodiness, overtaxed, de-moralizing, makes it tough, rendering incapable, woefulness, pre vent, ill luck, be little, de formations, jam-ups, giving a hard time, intermit, doeth injustice to, mis trust, dis compose, actioning, grindstone, out raging, disputed point, wistfulness, imperativenesses, over-supplied, hurls brickbat, imposing up on, sub stance, inter-cedes, de cay, co-oking, cold sweat, casting a spell on, meltdown, de-stroyer, ruin, slings mud, un-rest, un fitnesses, dis arms, saturninities, Butterflies, give trouble, re versal, impose upon, bangs up, de-solations, ill-treatment, put aboard, art tender, kick around, immorality, dis-oblige, slaps around, detriment, Saddling, selfconsciousnesses, over-supplying, taking out, doest violence, pro-vince, mis-governs, tears apart, inter meddle, wracks up, hard luck, soup, de-spoils, de-merit, leakages, mis fortunes, Tarred, ex-communicate, oughts, damn, over-load, oppress, puts the spot, revile, dis may, worsen, ties one hands, dis-obliging, sub jugate, inter cedes, dispprobation, over-sight, dis qualify, in accuracy, out raged, in capacity, weepings, suffering, un-suitablenesses, mis conduct, Winging, dis-qualifies, the worst, bad break, in-competencies, dis eases, gives the works, un-fit, cost, de-base, de rogation, maladministering, did a number on, dissimulation, mis-handling, mis fortune, blame, un suitablenesses, wrongful entry, in-equity, cross-roads, dis crediting, fooled with, booboos, in conveniences, lugubriosity, mis shaped, tops off, spoke ill of, dilapidate, catch22, throwing monkey wrench in, did wrong, mis representing, Downcastness, up-braided, on skids, ragged on, be-wilderments, inter posed, taint, cramps one style, in-validate, blameworthinesses, dope up, inter loped, gotten the way, left stranded, on the skid, care, doing violence, un luck, wracked up, slap wrist, put in spot, weary loads, dis approvals, dis enabled, Divestment, adversity, stone ones path, choke points, over working, stumbling stone, libelings, bad turn, bane, is sore, dragged feet, self-condemnations, de pressed, ill-use, dis-tress, un-brace, adiposity, lost luster, giving evil eye, out-goings, de-tract, dissimulations, mis chiefs, de cry, dis-tressed, weigh heavy upon, de frock, mis-applies, Freighting, sub-stances, under development, tough lucks, thundered against, teaching lesson, ants pants, wistfulnesses, tight spot, over sights, decrease, up-braid, putting out of commission, dis-heartening, over coming, arduousnesses, dis-comforts, skins alive, de compose, mismanagered, de fames, in-decencies, zinging, got in way, penalty, pustule, dis-advantage, up set, strenuousness, un-strengthen, debase, rotten luck, dis-composing, complained of, de-frock, sinking ships, dis-colorations, de filing, encumber, out-rage, perniciousnesses, un-certainties, be devilling, evil doing, unattractivenesses, mis-doings, waywardness, pro-scribe, unstrengthening, gave evil eye, malefactions, herculean tasks, hamper, calamity, dis favor, be-witch, put a spot, stone in one path, hydra, attended to, dis-figures, slowing down, in experiences, de merits, un braces, doth injustice to, non successes, thorn one's side, crisis, slap around, sidelined, dis simulations, big trouble, running downs, took a swipe at, de stroys, busybodying, grievings, disillusionment, in convenience, stone in path, moodinesses, teaches lesson, disenchants, uphill battles, throws book at, taking swipe at, slip up, in commodiousness, impishness, male-factions, sorrowfulness, booboo, locale, oversupplied, re-striction, catch 22, Intermitting, impedance, got involved, nevus, de forming, Bespattering, be spattering, de-bar, got in the way, put trouble, un-rests, every which ways, mis-handled, handicap, minus, un fairnesses, male-faction, slapping wrist, dis-enabled, act god, over supplying, un-lucks, tyrranizing, didst violence to, stomping grounds, inter-mediating, slapping around, dis-appointment, load, exiguities, de-filed, sinisters, stumbling block, poachings, non performance, cramped one style, hosing, harm, pile it on, ex-asperated, de coy, percolation, wreaking havoc on, thwart, bang up, un-naturalness, mis doings, mucking up, Obligatoriness, dis-comfort, handled roughly, over-worked, in-discretions, zinged, be-smirch, putting whammy on, tampers with, un-handiness, de-pressed, counter balances, over comes, cuts the quick, task, un-doing, crudding up, over-throws, diabolisms, little bit, swore at, bunging up, long row to hoe, mis-fortunes, re straining, mixed in, mis handling, sub-stance, dis tress, corner, dump on, puts the squeeze on, de-grading, mis direct, griming, psychological baggage, dis obliged, unwieldiness, head ache, disconcertion, monkey ones back, over throwing, impedances, inveigled against, did injustice to, inter-posed, troublesomenesses, be rates, mis doing, de feat, overtaxes, de frocks, manhandle, pre venting, mis conducted, de means, cramp style, inter-mediates, rapping knuckles, knock around, de-lays, weighs heavy upon, hocus pocus, with holdings, un-pleasantness, mis represented, up-setting, dis-satisfaction, dis service, mis-governing, dis enchant, holy mess, muddies, putting to trouble, deformity, mis-employs, takes swipe at, be rate, dis mantle, saddles with, sorrowfulnesses, dis-arms, tare into, tore apart, dis-continuances, casts slur, mis proportion, heavy heartedness, out-break, impingement, croppers, dis-possessions, hickey, throws the book at, mis-treats, ill treatments, Pinioning, giving a going over, in-experiences, thunders against, put whammy on, double bind, dis quiet, wrong, dis continuance, cramping one style, un-fairnesses, skinning alive, interfered with, disability, un-sightlinesses, in dignities, point at issue, counter balance, flash the pan, mis shape, dis-may, injury, de-feat, wreaks havoc on, mis-adventures, ill fortune, pro scribed, top off, inter meddles, falling short, dis-mantle, drats, in validate, mis using, un attractiveness, tore in to, unlawful act, un-strengthening, hexed, dis enables, fool with, boo-boo, ex asperating, complaining of, tarnishes, over-whelming, over sight, de-press, stroke of bad luck, tying one hands, rags on, dis gracing, blow off, leave in lurch, did number on, re-versal, in adequacies, tare in to, be-smirching, mis placing, mis managers, be spattered, failings, being tender, outrage, needfulnesses, hour of decision, did violence, failing, mis applied, piled it on, nonsuccess, dis-quiet, blistered, mis-chances, misgoverns, mis demeanor, ticklish spots, cast out, counter poise, marrings, re-strain, call down, selfreproach, piling it on, mis-represents, prankster, puts upon, deadweights, piles it on, un-soundness, thorn in one side, dis arrays, hex, in-jury, mis directing, in-capacitates, be-spatters, art incompetent, dis order, maladministers, sorrow, re strain, disenchanting, weightiness, cutting quick, begrimed, mis laying, be rated, getting involved, self consciousnesses, be-rate, dis comfort, jam-up, gave a hard time, dis missing, dis color, un-suitableness, Unhandiness, over-working, grievance, Maculae, tar, de-cays, dis-appointments, dis contents, counter-balance, dis-integrated, heaps up, in tensity, non feasances, dis-agreements, de-merits, Knaveries, in-capacity, doth a number on, dis mantles, render incapable, un tidiness, de-fames, putting spot, be-littles, counter-weights, dis-approvals, poundage, mis giving, puts trouble, dis serves, severe test, dis-appearance, counterweights, de barred, hot potatoes, drawback, leak, incommodiousness, pro-scribed, vituperate, de merit, restraint, un naturalness, misfortunes, knavery, dis mantled, affliction, impede, doeth number on, burden, weighed heavy upon, dis-eases, mis-applying, took out, mis-represented, disillusionments, re-strained, rough spot, dis obliges, sinfulness, be-fouls, inter-lope, funny businesses, in-commodity, out breaks, defrocked, wreak havoc on, illegality, de-frocked, over powered, disaster, be tender, dis counted, bad omens, over-taxes, cast spell on, blew off, tight situations, over-turn, in-conveniences, wherevers, de-grades, in commodiousnesses, mis represent, spoil, are incompetent, be fouls, swear at, over looks, sub-version, fretfulness, Non-feasance, rips up, dis heartened, give a black eye, does violence to, nonperformances, fun gameses, Tarring, drag ones feet, pre-venting, misemploys, de bit, diabolism, de-moralizes, over-throw, Chocked, intermits, dis incentives, little bits, dis serve, over burdening, fools with, tort, in experience, un certainties, gives trouble, re-pulses, saddle with, woe, re strictions, ex communicated, mis apply, wrongful entries, albatross, abomination, opprobriating, does number on, dis-services, hurl brickbat, misplacement, unlucks, cutting to the quick, villainize, wound, cast a spell on, mis-conducting, de barring, de-composing, dis array, dis mantling, pro-vinces, counter weights, co oking, dis coloration, sinker, blowing off, damage, containerizing, putting screws to, rapt knuckles, in competencies, un-doings, flack, dis colors, give the evil eye, mis-shape, anvil chorus, de grade, be griming, get in the way, full court press, point issue, in-sufficiencies, brand, dost number on, dis-enchant, tampered with, dis-courtesies, de cries, de faming, re proves, cussed out, un-certainty, blahs, de moralized, over thrown, give a going over, Ballasted, de-forms, pigsty, be-little, skin alive, caluminated, maltreat, inhibitor, didst a number on, bleaknesses, fatal attractions, de privation, hard times, hot potato, dis approval, de-clines, minding the store, disputed points, dis-heartened, didst wrong, slinging mud, dis-esteems, down trips, whacked, to do, ill-treatments, pre-vented, Misgoverned, painfulness, de-barred, over tax, threw book at, anti climax, mis-placing, the dumps, out goings, opprobriate, scourge, dis grace, leaves stranded, attending to, inter ceding, cry down, dis-crediting, make tough, hurt, dis-colored, slowed down, g factors, tyrranize, dis-figuring, Cicatrices, piles up, dis-credit, up braided, de frocking, fulminated against, make it tough, un-bracing, denunciating, cave-in, mis-laying, de spoiling, muddied, dis heartening, dis-favor, devoir, g-factors, sling mud, stop, tie one's hands, be spatters, nonperformance, doest an injustice to, dis-qualifying, fall short, un-happinesses, de solation, guilt, cross roads, slip ups, de composes, dis cord, over whelm, re-proved, counter-poise, unbraced, counterweight, the worsts, with-holdings, inter meddling, thorn one side, psychological baggages, inter lopes, tied one hands, doped up, woefulnesses, teaches a lesson, selfcondemnation, pins needles, mis-conducts, gave trouble, de basement, voodooed, lugubriosities, un fitting, mis-calculations, dis-cord, re-straining, bother, overtaxing, be-deviled, dis serving, de-coy, Dooming, ex-asperates, over-coming, Cumbrance, un naturalnesses, mixt in, bad fortunes, de-facing, mis-apply, teach a lesson, un-sightliness, de creases, un doing, dis-array, dratting, misproportions, ex communicate, was inefficient, liability, blot landscape, putting on the spot, be littles, over throw, botched situations, under-developments, nail-bitings, inter fere, mis-adventure, backstabbings, un-easiness, inter-meddles, tear in to, be-fouling, cropper, de-tractions, calls down, make difficult, dis honors, tough break, puts screws to, under-taking, unholy messes, punish, threw monkey wrench in, in felicity, tight corner, de-faced, un-naturalnesses, nuisance, doest number on, misery, lose luster, cramp one's style, disconsolateness, de-rogation, taught a lesson, de spoils, is inefficient, re treats, over throws, catastrophe, de-valuing, melancholia, computer malfunctions, gotten involved, be deviled, dis-courtesy, re pulses, containerize, in validity, unhandinesses, dis-serving, inter-cede, pigpen, cutting to quick, dragging feet, mis cue, mis chief, sub stances, de-moralized, in validated, mis-employed, rough goes, de-fault, pest, up-sets, un-easinesses, loss, hinder, mis-treated, give a hard time, poked nose in, cross bear, dis consolation, give a bad name, dispiritednesses, pro vinces, obligatorinesses, give hard time, over works, dost violence, large orders, objects to, flash in pan, wreckings, be devil, puts out of commission, problem, ill-treat, mis shapen, in-capacitated, over burdened, wrought havoc on, do violence to, bad deed, de-cry, de cried, de-spoiled, on skid, doing a number on, over-looking, dis favors, disenable, snag, de-stroy, catatonia, besmirchment, cramped ones style, teach lesson, dis-enabling, mis-takes, take a swipe at, non-feasances, up braids, cut to quick, mis-chance, dead weight, dis continuances, un-happiness, vilenesses, dis-contents, be-witches, mis-behavior, re verse, inter ceded, poke nose in, ex communicates, black blue, cries down, in criminations, piling up, un tidinesses, let down, mis manager, dis-missed, uphill battle, in-capacitate, un strengthens, evil, tough breaks, foot draggings, mis proportions, mis-giving, doeth violence to, dis-organizations, sidelining, low spirit, calling down, put squeeze on, dis integrating, in-competency, with holding, broken heart, over supply, de-feats, dis-commodes, dis-incentives, de-graded, were tender, tragedy, cuts to the quick, be rating, dis cords, de-privation, swearing at, dis torts, mis-chief, disciplined, pro scribing, dis reputes, dis-composes, up-braiding, catch22's, bad fortune, dumb thing to do, de stroying, de-meaning, cramps one's style, abjectnesses, passion, dis composes, de-tracts, was tender, dis satisfaction, doest a number on, cast slur, hanging up, constraint, saddled with, cut to the quick, detraction, computer malfunction, de face, dis-illusions, dis-enchanting, dis qualifications, un doings, misconducted, dis-enable, disparage, tare apart, mournfulness, self consciousness, makes difficult, un rest, drag feet, re-proving, de basements, downside, plight, ties hands, crack down on, over-burdened, co oked, fardels, egg face, dis heartens, intermediates, repulsivenesses, over-throwing, bothersomeness, chocks, fardel, villainizes, arduousness, in-tensity, un-eases, hard time, putting upon, ex asperates, weightinesses, dis esteem, stumbling stones, dis-simulation, obstruction, disable, un-ease, de basing, in-sinuation, sub versions, dis-consolation, does wrong, fooling with, up-set, over supplied, be devilled, barrier, rascality, bafflement, rendered incapable, blackhead, un easiness, dis-integrate, malconformations, tax, destruction, put on spot, ripping up, de graded, am sore, stone in ones path, wast incompetent, jam ups, mis employs, un-fitted, de bits, dis satisfied, dis-illusioned, wreaked havoc on, badnesses, boo-boos, out-breaks, hog tie, criticalnesses, excess baggages, losing shine, casts a spell on, de-fame, dopes up, keyholes, dis satisfactions, awkward situations, stigma, Mismanager, dismals, dis-gracing, dis qualification, up setting, goof up, delicts, de-based, re-duce, casts out, total losses, un suitableness, jamup, unholy mess, de tracts, be-foul, drags one feet, DE Form, over-powered, inter-feres, counter-poises, in-sufficiency, misemployed, pile up, unease, up shot, over-look, crying down, de values, underdevelopments, trial, brake down, dis-satisfied, badness, mis conducting, tearing into, hefts, dis-qualify, casuality, trauma, dis-torts, stone one path, hoo ha, the dump, soreness, unconsolability, piled on, sinkers, mental weight, be-moaning, vilify, impecuniousness, in equity, dis honor, being sore, dis-continuance, deadweight, mis applying, dis arming, pensivenesses, cavein, mis treats, be grimed, trespass, caluminating, mis-directing, soups, dis-quietude, male factions, art inefficient, in validates, de tract, bad breaks, criminalities, disincentive, cheerlessness, de composed, stumbling-block, cumbersomenesses, disco loring, called down, cramping one's style, complain of, cramping style, dis-esteem, get in way, mis directed, withholdings, dis-approval, Unstrengthened, deface, mis-carriage, over-burden, dis enabling, the rubs, dumps on, cross, un sightliness, bleakness, wrack up, mis-shapes, un brace, dis counts, jinx, push around, troublesomeness, entrenchments, gives hard time, in-adequacies, cold sweats, dispprobations, didst number on, un-strengthened, Intermeddling, gives a going over.