Pronunciation of Benevolence
/bənˈɛvələns/, /bənˈɛvələns/, /b_ə_n_ˈɛ_v_ə_l_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for benevolence

mis chief, swinishness, Sybaritism, greed, de-gradation, swindle, crooked deal, miserlinesses, mis fortunes, niggardliness, in-jury, barbarity, mis chiefs, selfishness, unworthiness, crust cynicisms, gormandizings, dolce vitae, dis-affection, hindrance, animosity, beastlinesses, ex cess, criminalities, un kindnesses, de-basement, disfavor, stinginess, sternness, insensitivity, ruthlessness, fast one, sharp practice, pitilessness, unscrupulousness, shady deal, la dolce vitae, injustice, Knaveries, savageness, piggishnesses, frameup, hatred, biles, malignance, Double dealing, dis-services, malignancy, ex cesses, burning candle at end, mis-fortunes, in-continence, incivility, in-dignities, shady deals, un-kindnesses, querulousness, hate, toughness, crankiness, Downs, inhumanity, Churlishness, re venges, fast ones, in-decency, overbearance, dis affections, malevolence, unfeelingness, diabolisms, gimmie, contemptiblenesses, dis repute, ill will, de spite, life in fast lane, illiberality, selfimportance, Contemptibleness, interference, heartlessness, burning candle at both end, sordidnesses, antagonism, maliciousness, illtempers, in-justice, re venge, graspingness, debauchery, in dignities, unworthinesses, un friendlinesses, despites, de-spitefulnesses, abjections, un scrupulousnesses, diabolism, dis-affections, in-satiablenesses, harsh feeling, un-friendlinesses, burning candle end, doubledealing, unscrupulousnesses, bad turns, hatefulness, fast living, de basement, sharp practices, barbarousness, intolerance, burning candle both end, self-seeking, belligerency, smallmindedness, fast livings, un worthiness, the gimmie, virulence, piggishness, un friendliness, loosenesses, impediment, ill-tempers, smallmindednesses, illtemper, vitriol, la dolce vita, spitefulness, Insatiableness, graspingnesses, vilenesses, in decency, greediness, un worthinesses, un-scrupulousness, de spites, fast shuffles, antipathy, hurdle, beastliness, hatefulnesses, dis service, crooked deals, grimness, out rages, lownesses, venom, hostility, vileness, crust cynicism, harshness, dis-service, dis-repute, meanness, disservice, callousness, truculency, shamelessness, ill-temper, militance, double cross, ex-cesses, crankinesses, inimicalities, over-indulgence, cold-bloodedness, gimmies, criminality, malignances, spite, dis-favors, dis services, in justice, de-spite, dolce vita, mercilessness, mis fortune, un kindness, un-kindness, de gradations, knavery, Inimicality, in-satiableness, in temperances, de-spitefulness, in decencies, out-rages, bile, in jury, cruelty, in satiablenesses, in-decencies, un-worthinesses, ripoff, in-continences, in continence, ill temper, unfriendliness, harsh feelings, insatiablenesses, miserliness, dis-favor, ill tempers, abjection, in justices, shamelessnesses, un-scrupulousnesses, lowness, over indulgence, re-venge, in juries, ex-cess, gluttony, malice, de gradation, frame-up, incompatibility, in satiableness, severity, stinginesses, Unkindliness, life fast lane, frame ups, unkindness, bad turn, sordidness, the gimmies, Gluttonies, KNavishness, de spitefulness, de-spites, out-rage, sybaritisms, dis-reputes, churlishnesses, astringencies, evil, looseness, de-gradations, esuriences, thoughtlessness, acrimony, sinfulness, inconsiderateness, dis favor, esurience, frame-ups, overbearances, de spitefulnesses, obstacle, un-worthiness, savagery, in temperance, swinishnesses, rancor, in-temperances, in-justices, dis favors, astringency, de basements, enmity, dis reputes, frameups, de-basements, sinfulnesses, over indulgences, dis affection.