Pronunciation of Blockage
/blˈɒkɪd͡ʒ/, /blˈɒkɪd‍ʒ/, /b_l_ˈɒ_k_ɪ_dʒ/

Antonyms for blockage

carrying outs, stepping stone, instrumentation, re presentation, re sources, medicant, benisons, steppingstone, symbiosis, re-sort, emolients, course of thought, logrolling, un-folding, promptitudes, re dress, be quests, pre sent, co operation, Symbioses, dis patches, healing agent, natural process, co adjutant, expedition, pre valence, fellow workers, right-hand manwomen, in-citation, helpfulness, counter-irritants, pro-motions, right-hand person, secondment, byway, salve, by-way, counteractants, pre-eminence, ongoings, counteragent, dis semination, succorer, counter measure, re-commendation, dis-patches, co adjutants, standbyes, sub way, path, Enzymes, working outs, egg in ones beer, joining ins, in-puts, anti-dotes, restora tives, combined efforts, para-professional, adjuvant, pathway, elixir vitaes, temporary workers, healings, writeoffs, giftings, synergists, sub ordinate, cure, ancilla, re lief, give and take, radical stimulu, byways, Counter-agent, re-source, re-turns, catholicons, right hand people, stepping stones, facilitations, a hands, pre eminences, re-dresses, right-hand man-woman, Counterirritants, circulation, patronage, promptitude, de fenses, carryingout, donation, synergist, trans formation, leg up, melioration, pre-sent, coadjuvancies, co-operation, sub-stances, assist, do parts, counter-agents, legups, flowerings, dis suasions, natural processes, cerates, correctives, travellers, egg one's beer, haste, teamings, paraprofessionals, input, ways means, cross-cuts, re-volution, right-hand manwoman, help, pro-positions, catalyst, counterirritant, re-cognition, shot in arm, righthand people, stand-by, Temps, telltales, adjuvants, sub ordinates, boostings, advantage, goodwill, re presentations, pro-cess, de-fenses, championings, pre eminence, doing business with, re-presentative, para professionals, reliever, shot the arm, time saver, right-hand people, in-put, un folding, dis-seminations, tip off, co-adjutants, leg-ups, convenience, dis-semination, synergisms, anti dotes, fore warnings, beaten paths, carrying-out, co-action, voyager, in-citations, do one part, temporary worker, Re-presentation, re-commendations, aperture, pro-cessions, pro positions, right-hand persons, re courses, fore-warnings, trans-formation, in-formations, anti dote, aid, co action, course thought, dis seminations, clearance, ministrations, pro-cession, re cognitions, helping hand largesses, trans-formations, counter-measures, egg ones beer, countermeasures, trans formations, re-sources, recourse, legup, do ones part, emolient, co actions, egg in one beer, reactant, confunction, trans-mission, ace hole, in-formation, in puts, medicament, participation, playing balls, Re-turn, pro cess, in crease, re-sorts, in formation, Catholicon, counter measures, doing business withs, motivations, taking parts, benefit, sub-stance, shot in the arm, head-way, counter irritant, head way, alleyways, helping hand largess, doorway, write offs, right hand man woman, pro cessions, Subsidiaries, in junctions, dis suasion, cerate, re cognition, counteragents, be-quest, cross cut, therapeutics, restora-tives, wave makers, ace the hole, reactants, serviceabilities, fellow worker, writeoff, re-lief, egg in beer, pro-fits, radical stimulus, two cents' worth, carrying-outs, co-adjutant, domestics, fore-warning, sub-ordinate, stepping-stone, a hand, right hand manwomen, re-course, carryingouts, succor, in creases, counter-measure, alleyway, kindness, countermeasure, pro motion, re-volutions, pre-sents, Cross-cut, maturations, walkway, in-junctions, be-quests, maturation, egg in one's beer, benison, flows, crutch, pre-valence, by way, sub stance, do one's part, re course, pre valences, righthand manwomen, walkways, in formations, egg one beer, do one parts, synergism, re volutions, dis patch, stand by, re-courses, logrollings, cooperation, co-operations, stepping-stones, physic, trans mission, right hand person, in-junction, stand-byes, co-actions, pro cession, Counter-irritant, advice, doorways, furtherance, in-crease, ministration, time savers, sub-ordinates, do part, Coadjuvancy, anti-dote, trump, proprietary, pre-eminences, pro-motion, counter agents, traveller, sub-way, shot arm, voyagers, re presentative, taking part, confunctions, entrance halls, evolution, serviceability, behalf, in-creases, enzyme, trans missions, pro-cesses, re-dress, re turn, cross cuts, re turns, counter agent, ace in hole, facilitation, paraprofessional, opportuneness, motion, re volution, counteractant, dis-patch, flowings, combined effort, sub stances, re-presentations, wave maker, Anabasis, right hand persons, re dresses, healing agents, entrada, in junction, dis-suasion, PATHWAYS, do one's parts, backing, opportunenesses, in citations, pro position, medicants, step forward, tipoff, pro fits, leg ups, Pharmacon, egg beer, re source, counter irritants, be quest, anabases, assistance, circlings, steppingstones, ancillas, dis-suasions, re commendations, dissuasion, opening, dissuasions, Teaming, pro fit, re commendation, restora-tive, right hand manwoman, co operations, beaten path, pro motions, under taking, under-taking, righthand manwoman, transformations, word the wise, Gifting, righthand persons, in citation, restoratives, pharmacons, instrumentality, orifice, under-takings.