Pronunciation of Blunt
/blˈʌnt/, /blˈʌnt/, /b_l_ˈʌ_n_t/

Antonyms for blunt

Fringing, most sharpcornered, more nimble-witted, most longhaired, tactful, sharpedged, ex-asperating, most sharp edged, whizest, more keen-edged, in-crease, ex asperates, in spired, most needleshaped, be-stirred, shark, quick the draw, burned up, most appetent, making acute, most racking, piercing, most hairline, de signing, ready, on the button, slipt past, gat smoking, more streetwise, most hyperborean, treble, extra-ordinary, Bestirred, most astucious, most acuate, slipping past, quick the trigger, in-sinuating, fire up, most blasting, loquacious, spikier, Rimming, in-filtrates, makes sharp, be numbed, out lining, sleetier, bestirs, point, brieriest, apical, most fine-spun, double edged, quick on trigger, more appetent, most strong-smelling, in know, under-hand, in crease, puts edge on, sharkest, deep, un-palatable, more sharpedged, jagged, zestier, squeeze by, most sagittate, in tent, Wormed, diplomatic, kind, bitter, in-filtrating, in duces, ground fine, most needle-shaped, most sensing, WORMS, in-spiring, splintery, more right-on, more edged, Stropping, in spire, get smoking, more carrying, lengthy, un pleasant, un polluted, un gracious, frorest, most sagittal, acuminate, more right on, most eggheaded, Piked, spikiest, be stirs, needlelike, in-spired, be-stirs, clarified, liven up, more drilling, in-goinger, most streetwise, in-goingest, in-clement, fore-sighted, sharpwitted, most hawkish, first class, most needlepointed, prickly, sur rounding, Worming, in tenser, more long-haired, acuate, on inside, more unblunted, rimiest, in side, long haired, be-stirring, firing up, in-duces, calling a spade a spade, doubleedged, keen, poignant, suave, high pitched, more einstein, more pronged, squeeze past, fine, more double-edged, more sharp cornered, more eggheaded, most long haired, spikelike, having smarts, dis tasteful, to the point, more knife edged, gallant, fine spun, in-cited, in spiring, in filtrated, putting a point on, whiffy, polite, smart, more plotting, poin, needle shaped, slip by, well informed, in cites, most splintery, slips by, calling spade a spade, more effluvious, cunning, more whetted, more all consuming, more strong-smelling, ear ground, more aculeate, Acuminous, un-pleasant, in sincere, stabbing, genial, quick on the trigger, calling a spade spade, in style, un equivocal, most numbed, going through, Sophic, in the know, more allconsuming, more knife-edged, in duce, more piked, most apical, most effluvious, more honed, in flames, tined, observing, most sharp-cornered, in flame, subtle, considerate, ear to the ground, poiner, iced, more hairline, intense, most acuminous, sagittate, puts an edge on, dis criminating, smart as tack, Filed, in cite, arrowlike, more hawkish, more nipping, right it, needlepointed, keyed up, over powering, calling spade spade, in-temperate, gets smoking, most arrowlike, long, more sharpcornered, sur rounded, in flamed, most tined, most agitating, whizer, more sharp-edged, most gelid, the point, more arrowlike, in-spires, devious, most right on, below freezing, insightful, pointed, sagittal, sharp, dying to, more infiltrating, voluble, mealymouthed, needleshaped, noses out, most odoriferous, shrewd, stinging, in goingest, wise, most drilling, more hairsplitting, unctuous, icebox, sharp cornered, two-dog night, odoriferous, most double-edged, more fine spun, In-going, have goose bumps, more razor-sharp, made sharp, more genius, liven, piping, razor sharp, out line, most icebox, needled, flyest, up on, sharp witted, talkative, bestir, rimmed, in sincerest, makes acute, Inched, smart as a tack, under-standing, keying up, brumal, in-filtrate, gotten smoking, jabbing, whiffiest, more blasting, more siberian, most aculeate, all there, more splintery, more doubleedged, ex-asperate, most keen edged, sur-rounding, most righton, more hiemal, be stirred, quick on uptake, ex asperating, keenedged, on top of, keen-edged, sharpcornered, aculeate, be-numbed, on button, kindle, out-line, more odoriferous, aid, nosey, make sharp, more righton, most wounding, Penetrant, knifeedged, most reeking, more knifeedged, to point, more strong smelling, Needle-pointed, in-creases, more keen edged, eggheaded, more sharp edged, de-finite, un ethical, more chilled, slipping by, more needlelike, most hiemal, most all consuming, ingoing, most sharp cornered, un-scrupulous, most forcing, long-haired, Astucious, made acute, boiled down, out lined, two faced, more needle-pointed, Bestirring, most entering, un-blunted, out-lines, un-adulterated, re-eking, puts point on, most knife edged, horned, most honed, re sourceful, in-sincere, penetrating, more forcing, in-spire, burn up, most whetted, most horned, more fine-spun, strengthen, most allconsuming, twofaced, nobodys fool, most puncturing, out-lined, razorsharp, poinest, most brumal, ingoinger, strong smelling, most hairsplitting, spiked, most nimblewitted, one-dog night, crazy like fox, un-due, smart as whip, more argute, more sagittate, more horned, most unblunted, quick witted, most carrying, fond of, ex-asperated, dis-tasteful, Stropped, sharpen, short-and-sweet, more agitating, in going, un scrupulous, most vinegary, quickwitted, brierier, in-cite, sharp-cornered, over whelming, quick on the draw, more razor sharp, nosed out, twodog night, de-signing, quick uptake, conic, got smoking, in-flame, allconsuming, right-on, most suffocating, most piked, nosing out, most tapered, more tapered, nice, most chilled, more numbed, bland, passing through, quick the uptake, most numbing, in-flamed, most strong smelling, putting point on, in-tensest, pro-founder, making sharp, double-edged, slip past, quick on draw, un adulterated, most needle shaped, out lines, margining, Inching, smart as a whip, in filtrate, most fine spun, Lacerating, more brumal, knows what what, most doubleedged, knife-edged, squeezed by, more tipped, in goinger, most knife-edged, quick trigger, put an edge on, most razorsharp, up-setting, un blunted, smooth, quick draw, strop, over-powering, more sharpened, slipped by, most nimble witted, strong-smelling, most intensified, more sharp-cornered, pro founder, hiemal, reserved, more reeking, most penetrant, tuned in, getting smoking, zesty, burning up, clearcut, in creases, fires up, most tipped, most sharpedged, sur-rounded, sleetiest, ex asperate, dis-criminating, more sensing, more needle shaped, streetwise, most right-on, un-equivocal, nose out, un-duest, knife edged, needle, more tined, laid on the line, zestiest, more astucious, puts a point on, skullest, burnt up, most soprano, briery, more all-consuming, hairline, more short-and-sweet, skuller, squeezes by, more acute, most edged, pro found, most sharp-edged, more entering, more sagittal, needle pointed, in sincerer, most nimble-witted, more permeating, most iced, below zero, in-creased, most pyramidal, in tensive, onedog night, more pyramidal, in-duce, more penetrant, nimble witted, frore, politic, penetrative, fore sighted, more intensified, dis agreeable, more needleshaped, quick, pro-found, knows whats what, conditional, most plotting, over-whelming, most razor sharp, clear cut, whiffier, most algid, two dog night, slipped past, most crushing, on the inside, more nimble witted, help, edge, more puncturing, re eking, righton, keys up, under hand, more wounding, keen edged, pronged, in nutshell, most pronged, more keenedged, more double edged, putting edge on, in tense, spiky, most sharpened, all consuming, scratching, cold, putting an edge on, most keenedged, pungent, nobody fool, in-sincerest, needle-shaped, more racking, in temperate, most nipping, squeezing by, ear to ground, de-voted, urbane, more apical, sharp as tack, in-sincerer, make acute, more needle pointed, more needlepointed, whet, most keen-edged, more razorsharp, SHARPS, streetsmart, more vinegary, dis-agreeable, nimble-witted, dis pleasing, un-polluted, sharp as a tack, ingoingest, in-flames, courteous, enliven, smartsest, put point on, de finite, key up, most siberian, in-tense, algid, be stirring, strops, highpitched, in sinuating, put edge on, slipt by, most razor-sharp, most shooting, Fine-spun, more gelid, re fined, right to it, un-duer, sharp edged, firstclass, burns up, more unpolluted, encourage, more paralyzing, knows what's what, under standing, more acuminous, vinegary, more nimblewitted, effluvious, most knifeedged, in creasing, sharp-edged, savvy, frorer, un-ceremonious, most einstein, Margined, razor-sharp, de voted, in-tenser, assist, more penetrative, laid the line, more suffocating, in filtrating, in spires, Unblunted, ear the ground, most double edged, most argute, extra ordinary, spiny, welldefined, all-consuming, cutting, quick on the uptake, squeezes past, more acuate, un duest, more needle-shaped, ex-asperates, un due, most short and sweet, in-tensive, most infiltrating, most needle-pointed, most needle pointed, dis-pleasing, Sharped, be-stir, un-gracious, acute, trenchant, more sophic, more longhaired, un-ethical, most permeating, in flaming, unpolluted, smartser, rimier, hawkish, up setting, increase, Sharping, most needlelike, tapering, one dog night, out-lining, be stir, in a nutshell.