Pronunciation of Brain
/bɹˈe͡ɪn/, /bɹˈe‍ɪn/, /b_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n/

Antonyms for brain

simpleness, wisecrackers, bonehead, fatheads, foulup, ass, dimwit, donkey, foul ups, churl, fathead, fools, dingdong, goofballs, airheads, dumdum, know-nothings, physicality, goofball, featherbrains, lowdown, ding-dong, skunk, dummy, bumblers, twerp, lunkhead, schnook, standin, innocents, density, gooses, beefheads, jerk, goon, airhead, YOYO, jugheads, lame brains, cad, knucklehead, knownothing, thickhead, in-nocent, half-wit, chump, gag person, bungler, illiterate, brawn, imbecile, slowness, schmo, dorks, yo yos, info, de tails, dumbness, lamebrain, louse, illiterates, lunkheads, know nothings, numbskull, in competent, funny persons, out to lunch, Gorillas, nincompoop, gag persons, foolishness, co medians, tough guys, boob, clown, stinker, pea brain, halfwit, show-offs, doltishness, lummox, co median, addlepate, mis-managers, tough guy, practical joker, lowbrow, ignoramus, oaf, in nocent, hammerhead, scatterbrains, dunderhead, scatterbrain, lame-brain, muffer, hardheads, yo-yo, dunce, idiocy, know nothing, Muddler, foul-up, heel, knuckleheads, de-tails, witlings, pigeon, body, clodpates, philistine, duffers, in-formations, feeblemindedness, harebrain, loonies, sap, dunderheads, cretin, dullness, yo yo, anti-intellectual, muttonhead, yo-yos, schlemiel, know-nothing, gorilla, addlebrains, ding dong, stupids, wisecracker, addlebrain, dodo, born fool, born fools, fumbler, dopiness, cur, muddlers, lame brain, birdbrain, co-medians, show-off, clod, nitwit, Clodpate, clumsy oaf, blockhead, turkey, in formations, in-competent, dumb oxen, stupidity, strongarm, in-formation, duffer, mis manager, dummkopfs, clumsy oafs, senselessness, dumbbell, strong arm, Witling, pigeons, madcaps, fatuity, gag people, mental defectives, dodos, in formation, birdbrains, dumdums, dork, dolt, half wit, sillies, dunce seefools, fool, funny people, screw ups, mis managers, muttonheads, bumbler, knownothings, matter, foul-ups, bozos, ninny, bruiser, schnooks, snake, lightweights, dope, bruisers, denseness, bozo, addlepates, goof balls, goof ball, DUMBO, moron, fumblers, cutup, numskull, JUGHEAD, goose, Dodoes, pea brains, out lunch, pinhead, ignorance, idiot, dullard, beefhead, stupid person, setup, funny person, yoyos, mental defective, mismanagers, simpleton, numbskulls, Mismanager, beast, lout, simples, spoiler, creep, foulups, oxen, stupid people, ox, twerps, show offs, Hardhead, boor, co-median, spoilers, dumb ox, tomfool, incompetents, jackass, imbecility.