Pronunciation of Cancel
/kˈansə͡l/, /kˈansə‍l/, /k_ˈa_n_s_əl/

Antonyms for cancel

in-corporates, rubberstamp, am sanctioned, sur-mise, ran against, hast go at, in-criminated, hits the bulleye, hast a fling at, in-scribe, re-covered, give do, hadst hunch, muster, censusses, circumstantiates, come against, keep tabs, in vested, piles up, comes against, putting into effect, became valid, pointing to, giving ones word, Ticketing, Circumstantiated, call the signals, inter-acted, filling a position, ordain, de livered, does turn, perform, double-checked, sets about, pre-occupies, grabs a chair, gives a break, makes possible, does justice to, closes with, gat line, vote in, calling the signals, entering in, re covering, in voices, have bearing, laid down law, sub-letting, coming against, set about, in vest, give stamp of approval, fore telling, forgathers, think of, under taken, re late, imbalance, decided on, gets there, laid down, fashion, re quires, brush against, making acquaintance, hitting bull-eye, being in residence, didst to t, kept company with, in duct, inter playing, make sure, make it, are in command, de-nominating, wast in residence, double-checking, call upon, de liberate, bring on board, hadst seat, give birth, closed with, pre-engaging, coming board, bearing company, pro-mises, give word, were the case, in habiting, re storing, gotten things rolling, in criminates, de-creed, goes that route, coming over, digging up, be the case, held good, didst justice to, bunched up, being case, de-tailing, give job to, swang by, re plenishing, de-clares, Riveted, make recording, are sanctioned, crosses one's heart, opts for, take load off, patch, sub scribing, relied upon, kept busy, hit bull'seye, trans-act, convoke, comply with, button down, be siege, got line, giving job to, pre-scribe, look in on, do the trick, Summing, brings to fruition, be troths, sends the river, were force, de clares, wast in session, busies, inter-meshes, are command, de creed, penciling in, sub-lease, having a shot at, writ in, re freshes, counting heads, sanction, are residence, put lock on, re-storing, absorb, in-vite, pressed into service, re-solved, dost battle with, re-serving, pre supposed, becomes law, hath fling at, gets on line, implement, chances on, re cover, enters in, holding meeting, ordinate, opted for, enlist, re-covering, re tain, size up, taking care of business, thought of, hit bull eye, under-taking, hunching up, had sneaking suspicion, catalogged, pro curing, remain true, in vests, legitimize, crosses ones heart, pre served, be equipped for, in-voiced, being in effect, goes in to a huddle, fore cast, art present, doeth to turn, putting on tape, calls upon, confer trust, sublease, take account of, hit the bulls-eye, be-witched, takes place, gives the nod, thumbsed up, send for, re-new, looking in on, congressed, rope in, de positing, takes a place, with holding, putting in the hands of, sends up the river, turned over to, re gaining, pre dict, fill bill, wert command, conscribed, keep out, re-stored, am introduced, gat on line, making meet, puts lock on, de bar, gives word, having go at, pre-side, wast equipped for, bleeping, re-acted, cried out, making recording, sur-mises, wrap in, drawing in, did job, looks up on, be spoken, makes good, makes a meet, re-questing, fore-tells, re-animate, sewed up, keep busy, powwow, have sneaking suspicion, getting line, brought to fruition, doth to a t, being in force, re-strains, is in session, be witches, hitting the bull-eye, fore-gathers, giving stamp of approval, looks in on, de barred, de tailing, have go at, falling down, being the case, are introduced, foregathering, grapple, keeps close, make scene, being equipped for, singled out, hath a shot at, be ordained, create, doest to a turn, double checked, laid money on, put on paper, make possible, put there, laying money on, give break, doest justice to, fill the bill, filled position, puts over, delivering goods, got on line, maintain, pro cure, re acting, wert in command, took stock in, in-stalled, getting going, tape recording, give battle to, kept account, being present, fore-told, put in the hands of, did t, doth to t, sub scribed, mapping out, keep company with, Parleyed, in-tern, de bunked, calling together, fore gathering, calls together, be presented, stopt by, palms, be-speaks, calling on, art sanctioned, gave orders, dropped by, de-barring, de livering, stayed put, buttons down, catalogging, buttoning down, take, appeal to, give feet rest, de-liberate, give ones word, coping with, go out for, dis-patching, keeping out, re-strain, de-liver, de-tain, hits the bull eye, are just the ticket, taking seat, leave to, de-liberated, cooping up, pencilled in, setting about, sets up shop, has a go at, praying to, sends up river, fore-gather, wast presented, gives goahead, provided means, all owed, brushing against, referenced, writes ones book, Viseing, take a place, gotten going, commit, swears and down, fills position, laying on, re animates, write in ones book, running with ball, writ in book, interplaying, institute, lucked, inter-playing, keeping company with, are equipped for, ran into, paying for, took a load off, takes charge, dis patched, writ down, come on board, hit the bull'seye, went out for, signs up, fills a position, plops down, be spoke, lay money on, make firm, delivered goods, reconstruct, doth turn, called in, ex-acted, brought on board, laying down, gets know, are just ticket, figured out, up-holds, rubs eyeballs, hits bulls-eye, re main, be residence, re-plenishes, stopped by, signing off on, doest the job, has seat, making it, sets apart, jotted down, puts the hands of, signed up, snarl up, Perking, does battle with, starts the ball rolling, has hunch, am equipped for, giving word, pre-scribed, forgathering, in-ducted, Preengaged, set shop, being in session, being presented, in-corporate, made acquaintance, ran up against, de-signed, re moved, congressing, trying on for size, go with, started the ball rolling, art just ticket, set motion, delivering the goods, win over, join battle with, took as gospel truth, de-rive, touched shoulders, re strains, foregathered, wert session, lay down the law, take care business, making good, writing ones book, giving nod, makes it, lining up, stays staunch, keep count, re-united, does t, walk heavy, hast a place, giving green light, find help, wast in command, carrying through, looking up on, pre-sages, be-witch, pro-cessed, bear company, list, de-cree, revamp, making firm, sustain, pre serve, providing the means, re-ached, making reservation, looking on, give green light, hits bull-eye, Summed, goes out for, prioritized, sizes up, pencilling in, referencing, de nominate, clashing with, making scene, hast bearing, pre-occupy, laid down the law, art seated, depends upon, Inked, didst the trick, wast case, encounter, become valid, was established, going for broke, in-criminating, downlinking, keeping busy, doeth battle, gives a try, giving go ahead, payed for, bet bottom dollar, put file, de-rived, was residence, pass, carried completion, dis patching, sending river, ex-claim, pre-engages, in-trusted, haddest a shot at, puts through, making possible, held assembly, dost battle, running against, under took, tape-record, re gains, buttoned down, up-held, making the grade, dost t, pro claim, give high sign, are present, tape-recording, gives job to, ganging up, de-riving, are ordained, runs with the ball, calendered, de posits, de barring, measured up, be-haves, were seated, links up, rubbing eyeballs, hits bull eye, holding an assembly, haddest shot at, convene, doest turn, hunched up, put in hands of, gotten line, make responsible for, being introduced, in terns, are valid, trucking with, has a shot at, hitting bullseye, lived in, re quested, Deputed, setting up shop, going into a huddle, were present, in-trusts, tele-phones, is engaged in, comes over, plop down, puts on ice, de-posit, under taking, de-clare, deciding on, de-liberates, de rived, keep close, locked up, made reservation, making use of, pro-claims, subleasing, froze to, found help, do a turn, was introduced, gave the nod, draw in, went in to a huddle, doth to a turn, curls up, puts in to effect, call into action, hit bulls eye, didst battle, re-news, inventorying, Frocked, putting foot down, calender, putting under lock and key, does to t, dis-tributes, dig up, does a turn, pro cessing, getting back to, beginning business, in tern, scare up, hast a go at, Optate, inks, be sieged, call in, runs with ball, falling with, re serving, remaining true, hitting the bulleye, re move, carries to completion, hath sneaking suspicion, in-voices, de-signs, de-bar, stet, re calling, bore company, giving the goahead, were in residence, coming up against, speaks to, finding help, sware down, holding assembly, putting a lock on, sub-scribed, contracted for, re-mains, puts writing, wert ordained, re cording, brought fruition, sailing through, digged up, inter acts, go into huddle, write in book, giving the nod, dost to a t, depending up on, hitting the bull's-eye, gave go ahead, Leasing, hast sneaking suspicion, hadst place, renew, hits bull's-eye, not let went, de-nominates, made good, goes in to huddle, pull strings, rendezvous with, carrying to completion, be-witching, puts foot down, up holding, runs against, inter-acting, crossing one's heart, ex plaining, have fling at, ex-plained, pencil in, draw together, give go ahead, in voice, in scribe, giving to do, ex plain, giving the go-ahead, is in residence, get together, hold responsible, give one's word, be due, was presented, bringing on board, be-sieges, hitting the bulls-eye, become ratified, interplayed, hadst sneaking suspicion, in-habit, perked, met face face, re animated, had a seat, haddest bearing, inter-meshed, press in to service, deal with, writing in, de-bars, re aching, signs on, earned wings, setting shop, legalize, raise curtain, did the trick, brushed against, taking a seat, wert established, tried on for size, dis-charging, de rives, ring up, hit the bull eye, wrote book, de-signing, pro claiming, grabbed a chair, ganging around, stopped in, held true, de-crees, re unite, made the scene, tot up, fore-gathered, re mained, made recording, dis-patch, hitting bulls-eye, doeth turn, grab chair, stay staunch, re-porting, videotaping, de-tailed, give to do, doest job, Cataloguing, gets to know, getting things rolling, presses close, de signed, swinging by, de signs, doeth job, be sieges, comes together, crossing ones heart, shored up, run in to, were just the ticket, get back to, doth a turn, putting under lock key, Busied, doth a t, didst job, got there, take charge, hitting the bull eye, signing up, keeping close, inter-act, gat things rolling, runs across, re lax, de note, has a seat, re uniting, railroaded, gave go-ahead, wert in effect, doeth to t, puts in hands of, held meeting, de legate, gave the go-ahead, in voicing, dis-charge, assemble, shape, all-owed, fore casts, hit bull's eye, calling signals, running up against, depended up on, fabricate, put work, mark down, ordinates, in dite, taking as gospel truth, art residence, in-voice, was valid, didst trick, gives battle to, does a t, trying for size, palm, is effect, make meet, starting ball rolling, under pinned, write in, in-vests, dropping by, hold true, getting on line, doth trick, put in to effect, brings on board, Preengaging, dis-charges, lays money on, make a meet, lapped up, de-noted, re-serves, were case, being force, taperecords, sub scribe, wast just ticket, doing battle with, calling up, comes up against, forcing up on, coops up, ex plained, giving feet a rest, taking account of, tenanted, meets up, gave a break, running across, marked out, pre-sage, pays for, hold assembly, dost a t, re-cord, dost trick, Thronging, jot down, meets face face, re-quire, gather, wast engaged in, writes in book, go for broke, ratify, stop by, dis patches, going out for, re possessed, fore gather, write ones book, put it there, hits the bull'seye, piloting, arrange, earning wings, Palming, Calendering, stored up, re-strained, having place, mapped out, corking up, filled bill, de-livers, in-scribes, becomes student, de-bunks, putting in writing, swears down, catalogued, double-checks, inventorizes, had place, art in residence, in trusting, complying with, with held, put into effect, de crees, hath hunch, totes up, de liberated, pre-scribing, granting authority, de sign, up-hold, fix, go in to a huddle, in habits, granted authority, calls on, Shepherding, in habit, interact, gives high sign, going out with, give goahead, made the grade, stacking up, pledge, in trusts, jots down, make use of, authorize, in-vest, be case, assist, de livers, lays down the law, trans acts, fall with, calls up, de riving, doublechecking, got know, appeals to, Subletting, keeps account, brought together, pop in, de-rives, takes a load off, filled the bill, prearranged, writes in one's book, is just the ticket, makes the grade, rubberstamped, mend, came up against, did turn, threw book at, have a shot at, putting in hands of, confers trust, doing justice to, is in force, pre-occupying, provided the means, ganged up, wert just ticket, doeth to a turn, holding true, do to a turn, Palmed, under pinning, sent up river, de-barred, was force, puts it there, relying upon, fore-gathering, sets store by, in-ducting, associate with, give a whirl, de-tails, were ordained, throwing book at, holds good, wrote one's book, curling up, inter-locked, runs up against, up held, took a place, tag, vising, pouring in, pulls strings, re stores, lays down, had a shot at, tele-phoning, carrying completion, earns wings, mark out, fill up, writing book, having a fling at, hadst fling at, in trusted, gave feet a rest, gave try, pro claimed, scrape together, interned, run against, sent river, wast force, makes responsible for, makes a recording, cross one heart, doing to a turn, dis charge, finds human resources, doest a t, gave a whirl, inter act, congregate, roping in, pro-cesses, taking a place, setting apart, sew up, wrapping up in, gives ones word, writes in one book, Massing, grant authority, re-pairs, measuring up, doest to turn, taking lead, ex claim, did the job, pro mises, line up, pulling strings, forgather, are force, puts ice, re-stores, cross heart, puts under lock and key, had seat, doeth battle with, stacks up, clashed with, give the go-ahead, was the case, trans acted, be have, sized up, inter-dict, marking out, make a recording, hast place, de noting, deliver the goods, in vite, sign off on, doest the trick, re-served, Intrusted, toting up, counted heads, hast hunch, ex-act, took care of business, gives go-ahead, swore down, inter lace, intermeshed, with-held, de nominating, chancing on, inter played, re legates, stays put, give the go ahead, de bunks, see, wrote in one book, calling in to action, hadst go at, made scene, contracting for, crossing heart, pre-supposing, am presented, hit the bull's-eye, wast established, double checks, call arms, legitimate, force up on, swings by, ex-claims, re solves, choiced, rule roost, is the case, paid for, pro cess, was present, come to, schedule, record, began business, setting in motion, call signals, de-bunking, didst a turn, carry completion, starting the ball rolling, foregather, pour in, made a recording, gives nod, giving a whirl, re coup, tele phoning, writing in book, inter-lace, giving stamp approval, wert equipped for, called the signals, railroading, Shepherded, under-taken, de tain, forge, swear down, wrapt up in, tape-records, being seated, didst battle with, re-cover, held an assembly, ex acting, continue, truck with, dis patch, tape record, reckon, went in for, remains true, are engaged in, dost turn, stack up, gotten on line, interacting, slating, sewing up, sets up, was ordained, put over, with-holds, kept close, de liberates, run with the ball, write down, set down, sware and down, draws in, enact, Agglomerating, put down for, re-quires, sur mise, depending upon, trothed, de-tains, forces up on, re ached, under-pins, hits bull's eye, Affiancing, hit the bull's eye, gives do, has fling at, has a place, re coups, Carded, am residence, fore gathers, get there, am in command, wert present, became ratified, permit, hitting the bullseye, haddest a seat, clashes with, give the nod, delivers goods, art ordained, inter-laces, curl up, puts paper, rubber-stamps, inter-plays, crosses one heart, call, pointed to, confirm, re-moves, in habited, be-speak, iced, in-trust, putting on ice, call on, gives green light, deliver goods, am effect, be just ticket, writing one book, inventorized, commence, took part, be-siege, drew in, set up shop, pre suppose, run up against, pre supposes, writ one book, fill a position, set apart, hath a go at, fore-cast, yoo hoo, grabs chair, re-freshes, re-solve, inter-played, run into, hit bull's-eye, wrote in book, dost to a turn, de notes, count heads, bump in to, is due, takes a seat, enforce, digs up, re-move, has a fling at, puts on file, stops in, have seat, gave stamp of approval, haddest a place, hire, putting down for, gives whirl, be in command, take part, rubberstamping, gangs around, puts file, send the river, re gained, put on file, going in to a huddle, takes stock in, taking place, gotten back to, hits the bulls-eye, come together, perpetuate, was in residence, try on for size, putting on file, fasten, put paper, were in force, writes book, holds meeting, provide the means, kick off, votes in, re gain, tele phone, inter plays, hadst a place, fore tell, makes recording, depute, re-plenished, giving whirl, pray to, Viseed, program, re-tains, re pairs, sit, sub leased, haddest hunch, re-paired, inventorize, be command, had fling at, goes into a huddle, promise, inter locking, affiance, copes with, wert case, plopping down, crying out, sent up the river, giving one's word, re-solves, haddest fling at, cutting a track, staying put, under takes, in-criminates, doest a turn, censused, re-calling, goes out with, met face to face, giving directions, stop in, went into huddle, pre supposing, gets back to, hit bull-eye, hunch up, standing up, formalize, counting noses, Ticketed, Experiencing, wast residence, re stored, holding responsible, putting ice, book, hits bulleye, sews up, becoming valid, pre sages, ropes in, carried to completion, doth the job, re-uniting, involve, freezing to, art case, inter meshes, writes in ones book, thinking of, trans acting, had a place, hits bulls eye, lucking, be-spoke, snarls up, cut a track, wraps up in, fall by, Palavering, were in session, sub scribes, putting it there, re-aching, set up, poured in, in criminate, called forth, being just the ticket, start ball rolling, dis-patched, totted up, re-corded, got going, hadst a fling at, have a place, be-witches, re-animated, hit the bullseye, de noted, Deputing, giving do, being established, map out, applying for, does the trick, got things rolling, make acquaintance, earn wings, calls signals, pre serving, shores up, sends away for, is equipped for, re straining, taking out, grabbed chair, in corporate, go that route, take place, encourage, inter-lacing, bring fruition, swearing down, inter-meshing, hath shot at, doing to t, re-animating, de-noting, de tail, counts heads, meeting up, doest t, wert residence, lose, be-spake, didst to a turn, meet face face, having fling at, dropt by, joined battle with, in trust, sets down, enter in, call in to action, describes as, pre engaging, keeps count, swears up and down, rubberstamps, described as, in-sert, doing battle, putting writing, made rough guess, Preengage, scaring up, be engaged in, give stamp approval, make the scene, re cords, becoming ratified, am present, lays down law, de tails, filling bill, associating with, reenact, taperecord, take a load off, de signing, timed, assign, going that route, dis-charged, do a t, is force, pre-arranges, having sneaking suspicion, find human resources, re couped, sending up the river, haddest sneaking suspicion, doing to a t, de posited, has place, fill, are seated, enroll, in ducts, be force, get going, hunches up, rubbed eyeballs, in-ducts, is residence, re sting, sending away for, comes board, calls up on, piled up, having a go at, de-note, re calls, in-trusting, takes account of, re covered, am in effect, keeps busy, filling position, go into a huddle, in scribes, sets motion, carry to completion, forcing upon, keep account, hang out, going in for, make good, signed on, presses in to service, voted in, laying down law, footed, had shot at, get on line, writ in one book, were in effect, pay for, forced upon, stopping by, approve, called up on, curled up, pre occupied, stopt in, in-terns, ran with the ball, writes one's book, has bearing, plopped down, wert the case, were residence, send up river, provides means, wast seated, gives to do, start the ball rolling, re quiring, Peopling, bastilled, inter laced, calls the signals, adding to payroll, pre-occupied, did a t, sub-scribes, engage, hadst shot at, in-duct, re-pair, hitting bull eye, ticks off, build, be-spoken, get to know, ink, am just ticket, holds assembly, look up on, rang up, is command, be speak, wrapped in, am established, be-troths, re-couped, send away for, meet, incarcerate, are in residence, re quests, art in effect, wast due, call up on, penciled in, de clare, Videotapes, rings up, have shot at, re-moving, contract for, pre sides, giving orders, haddest place, having a place, opting for, lap up, switch on, hitting the bull'seye, start, Palavered, puts in the hands of, pre siding, cuts track, shoring up, bears company, pro cessed, give directions, going route, in-vested, seat oneself, pre scribing, inter-play, de-legate, support, repair, relies upon, was session, look on, trothing, fill position, filled a position, give whirl, corked up, frame, points to, rely upon, fills up, intrust, were session, walks heavy, taking a load off, pre-arranging, seated oneself, fall on, did to a t, re unites, re maining, prescribe, coop up, tick off, re-cords, putting the hands of, were presented, stands up, mandate, gave high sign, adds payroll, pre-arrange, pours in, re-covers, dost job, meet face to face, re legate, takes as gospel truth, conscribing, giving try, aid, inter acted, giving a break, were due, pre-engaged, swore and down, scrapes together, re-ported, having hunch, pro cures, pre-siding, running into, re-gains, swear up down, conscripting, hitting bulleye, living in, became law, open, depends up on, doth the trick, write, subleases, is session, sign up, cuts a track, made possible, meeting face face, command, re-gaining, found human resources, decides on, re-plenishing, re couping, initiate, corks up, be haves, de liberating, carried through, get things rolling, is ordained, takes care of business, inter acting, ran with ball, double checking, keeps company with, looking upon, begin, Conscribe, re plenished, leaves to, setting store by, switched on, came board, looks upon, switches on, re new, turns over to, sub lease, lay down law, rubber-stamping, bunches up, pre-sided, be effect, de-liberating, tote up, lease, did trick, being in command, optating, coming on board, trans act, putting to work, locking up, hit the bull-eye, pro-cure, re-couping, gat to know, Docketing, pre occupy, under-pinned, ran across, take stock in, doth job, taking care of, re animating, makes grade, wast present, forced up on, hast a shot at, pre serves, hold meeting, take care of, pre sage, haddest a fling at, was case, were effect, ticked off, gat know, art introduced, put down as, inter dict, puts on paper, wrapping in, hold good, conferring trust, save, prearranges, Piloted, strengthen, called on, haddest go at, made sure, staid put, pro cured, applies for, draws together, sware up down, ex-claiming, re-legates, give go-ahead, sends for, takes care business, hast shot at, laid on, be seated, didst a t, help, confides to, gave nod, dost to t, pressed in to service, ex plains, in voiced, ex claiming, crosses heart, hath bearing, fell on, sending up river, was engaged in, be witched, called upon, ringing in, pre-supposed, re-coups, be sieging, re-main, puts under lock key, has go at, in stalled, lapping up, ordinating, figure out, takes away, was effect, comes on board, gives try, bare company, take care of business, re plenishes, taperecorded, brings together, pre scribe, Intrusting, writ in ones book, optates, hit bulls-eye, be speaks, under pin, art in session, re-calls, making grade, re strained, putting there, have place, called in to action, drawing together, pro-cess, with-hold, re strict, wert introduced, measures up, stood up, linked up, art the case, add, put the hands of, re-strict, putting hands of, pre-scribes, write in one book, re gards, bastille, decree, went for broke, intermesh, filling up, re-lated, makes firm, took a seat, pre-dict, lay on, cooped up, gave to do, stops by, pre-sides, being command, made grade, jotting down, bunch up, inter lock, giving high sign, set in motion, makes sure, intermeshing, gave battle to, come board, makes rough guess, becoming student, tele phones, re-cording, am seated, re animate, remained true, calling forth, bleep, not let go, pro claims, holds responsible, up hold, gets things rolling, takes load off, relying up on, doeth t, scared up, sails through, does battle, puts to work, do the job, took lead, re possess, tape recorded, are in session, puts work, makes meet, pre side, ex-plain, conserve, pro-mise, sail through, recruit, lined up, call together, swore up and down, run with ball, under take, trucks with, falling on, de-posits, complies with, being valid, re cord, doth to turn, pre engage, de rive, de-sign, in corporates, dis-tribute, put through, is in effect, consorted with, freezes to, Nicknamed, depend up on, art in command, fore-casts, gave break, fell in with, were introduced, goes in for, gets going, filled up, gave feet rest, be sanctioned, in-criminate, counts noses, re-unite, put writing, kept out, re-serve, carries completion, ex act, dost the trick, doublecheck, swearing and down, give a try, falls by, protect, singling out, walking heavy, de-notes, occupy, dis charged, give try, doth battle, bring together, staying staunch, hits the bull-eye, runs in to, wert presented, fore casting, making a meet, give one word, took care of, Inventoried, gives go ahead, took seat, go route, manufacture, rub eyeballs, conscribes, re-straining, re paired, rendezvousing with, being ordained, re strain, provides the means, thumbsing up, all-owing, wast session, taperecording, fell down, gets line, carries through, come over, sur mises, snarling up, huddle, ringed in, re acted, inter meshing, take away, in ducted, taking course, make reservation, sat, doeth trick, de bunk, keeps tabs, gang up, be troth, pre-served, summon, did to turn, be-having, gives one word, re porting, doing a turn, be-have, re mains, re-tain, were established, writes in, didst the job, taking load off, consort with, hath a seat, fore-telling, are established, calling in, writing one's book, dost a turn, re pairing, order, pro-claiming, dis tributes, re pair, falls in with, gave ones word, sent for, takes part, inter-acts, hit bullseye, call forth, make grade, gat going, writ one's book, trucked with, left to, hadst bearing, gave word, taking away, crossed heart, pre sided, doeth the trick, dost to turn, ringed up, in stalling, rubber-stamped, holds an assembly, timing, hadst a shot at, doest to a t, take seat, crossed ones heart, fulfill, putting down as, re plenish, sub-leased, gives work, marks out, put on tape, put under lock key, re tains, came on board, am command, swore up down, apply for, cries out, give the goahead, give a break, wast ordained, cork up, adds to payroll, has shot at, gotten to know, hath a fling at, puts a lock on, conferred trust, pile up, speaking to, wraps in, hitting bull'seye, de cree, making responsible for, wrap up in, falls with, sending for, popped in, went that route, conscripted, describe as, goes for broke, rivetting, fills the bill, giving break, re news, live in, establish, joining up, stores up, was in session, re-legate, gave one's word, under pins, setting down, warrant, decide on, all owing, called up, agglomerated, pre arrange, being engaged in, didst to a t, becomes valid, de tailed, takes care of, wert effect, Rallied, gave goahead, de bars, be speaking, art valid, depended upon, is just ticket, wert in session, tabbed, being due, gives directions, bring board, hold an assembly, speak to, take a seat, falls on, art command, foregathers, re-gained, renovate, coped with, was in effect, finds help, write one book, charter, wrote in ones book, join up, bastilles, carry through, am session, re-sting, be witch, recondition, is present, wrote one book, give orders, gave work, dis-patches, did to t, cry out, signing on, became student, had bearing, didst t, dost the job, be spake, prearrange, putting in to effect, send river, thumbses up, ex-plaining, doing the trick, joining battle with, calling upon, ex acts, downlinked, inter laces, ex-plains, re-call, marked down, puts into effect, looked up on, rang in, drop by, puts hands of, sub-scribing, re united, hit the bulls eye, did battle, intrusts, bleeped, calling into action, gives orders, brought board, single out, fore-tell, de liver, restore, vised, set store by, took place, swearing up down, pre-serving, press close, sets in motion, wast introduced, prayed to, confide to, gives the go-ahead, commission, cross ones heart, rivetted, was in command, write book, put hands of, were sanctioned, being sanctioned, construct, puts on tape, re-lax, be having, relied up on, uphold, took load off, re-gain, gave the goahead, storing up, signs off on, filling the bill, snarled up, bear, videotaped, doublechecks, art just the ticket, call shots, doing trick, circumstantiate, ex-acting, form, lay down, with hold, putting work, made it, calenders, gives stamp approval, pre engages, pre-supposes, send up the river, coming together, re served, were valid, are session, is presented, inter-mesh, falling in with, seating oneself, sware up and down, be-troth, was seated, ex claimed, haddest seat, Parleying, made meet, throw book at, fills bill, count noses, re possessing, drops by, Invoiced, gave a try, de legates, are in force, finding human resources, de posit, up holds, laps up, switching on, does trick, execute, tip, makes reservation, gang around, re serve, takes seat, scares up, re questing, giving goahead, re-possesses, become student, begin business, doest battle, bleeps, cope with, taking stock in, was due, wert in residence, swearing up and down, confided to, having seat, inter-locks, stopping in, hits bullseye, is introduced, does the job, sub leasing, go in for, de-livered, be-sieging, bunching up, wrote in one's book, walked heavy, re solve, doth battle with, de-posited, prioritize, bringing together, close with, do battle with, fore-casting, re-quiring, keep, get line, putting on paper, be just the ticket, hitting bull's-eye, hits the bullseye, goes route, did justice to, gangs up, singles out, under-takes, went in to huddle, sub letting, put a lock on, be in effect, having shot at, did to a turn, kept tabs, de nominated, calls forth, confiding to, double-check, being just ticket, complied with, give feet a rest, giving the go ahead, are case, pressed close, censusing, rubber stamped, didst to turn, presses into service, consorts with, signed off on, link up, tape records, crossed one heart, pre-engage, doeth a turn, am valid, rely up on, thinks of, cross one's heart, goes into huddle, wert due, delivered the goods, look upon, doth t, rebuild, take course, Lasted, looks on, wast command, makes use of, Slated, had go at, videotape, calling up on, de-nominate, Circumstantiating, doest to t, Carding, videoing, describing as, wast effect, haddest a go at, pro mise, re quired, associates with, wrapped up in, put foot down, pre arranging, called into action, providing means, be established, run across, writ ones book, called signals, be in force, write in one's book, gat back to, wert seated, begins business, applied for, fore told, meets face to face, hadst a seat, cutting track, shore up, found, was command, re-possessing, joins up, lines up, chance on, am just the ticket, delivers the goods, came over, sub-leasing, wert sanctioned, am the case, toted up, swing by, were command, figures out, had hunch, double check, inter meshed, press into service, writing in ones book, associated with, stacked up, be present, becomes ratified, gives a whirl, re-coup, scraping together, gave the go ahead, met up, depend upon, allow, emphasize, brings board, pops in, be-sieged, re corded, doeth a t, swear up and down, get know, prays to, do t, come up against, being effect, re-possess, affiances, sending the river, deputes, came against, in-stall, interning, are the case, takes course, am case, enter in to, not let goes, hits bull'seye, forgathered, laying down the law, clear, doth justice to, meeting face to face, makes scene, held responsible, appealing to, is established, de-tail, tele phoned, be introduced, tabbing, wert in force, keeping account, de-nominated, re-unites, give nod, brings fruition, make rough guess, undertake, Tenanting, tele-phoned, appealed to, bringing board, roped in, re-fresh, in dites, force upon, crossed one's heart, re-quired, re moving, prearranging, pre occupies, beared company, kicking off, took out, bastilling, throws book at, Busying, endorse, inter-laced, de-positing, hold, gave do, Slotted, writing in one's book, leaving to, wert just the ticket, gave stamp approval, clash with, art in force, had a go at, in-habits, doing to turn, under-pinning, fore tells, re possesses, wrote down, tele-phone, hadst a go at, inventorizing, keeps out, de bunking, Accounted, relies up on, calls into action, scraped together, intermeshes, in-voicing, swear and down, become law, inter mesh, gives stamp of approval, am due, call up, turning over to, re-quests, is sanctioned, be in session, inter play, closing with, write one's book, pressing into service, choicing, are presented, pressing in to service, put on ice, bringing to fruition, doing a t, ringing up, running in to, up-holding, dis charges, Filed, re ported, videoed, in-habiting, be session, give work, pre-serves, re-solving, in-scribing, gave green light, doing t, pre engaged, inter lacing, looked upon, lock up, bringing fruition, ganged around, doing job, re quire, brushes against, puts tape, pro-cured, have a seat, de-livering, re-animates, art force, sent away for, de-bunk, pre-arranged, getting know, makes acquaintance, holding good, pre arranges, in-stalling, starts ball rolling, writ in one's book, in criminating, grabbing chair, gat there, pencils in, went out with, re-pairing, writes down, de-bunked, took care business, gives the go ahead, calls in, invited, validate, are effect, reserve, becoming law, giving go-ahead, de nominates, going in to huddle, Docketed, re store, gives the goahead, fore gathered, turn over to, are in effect, doublechecked, sends river, entered in, art presented, contracts for, being residence, in-vesting, giving work, cut track, doeth justice to, pressing close, crossing one heart, point to, taking part, ordinated, take on, being session, voting in, be witching, gives feet rest, doing the job, are due, in sert, putting lock on, re-called, consorting with, be valid, frocking, chanced on, hath go at, de-legates, drew together, am ordained, put ice, ticking off, trans-acts, with holds, puts there, am engaged in, having a seat, stayed staunch, do to t, doing turn, do trick, art session, pre-suppose, took account of, be-speaking, re-gard, Inking, didst turn, be in residence, did battle with, de tains, adding payroll, did a turn, dis charging, preengages, wast sanctioned, pro-curing, pro-cures, were engaged in, counted noses, have a go at, stay put, calls in to action, staid staunch, sub-leases, inter-lock, took away, called together, ring in, bring to fruition, ran in to, go in to huddle, measure up, do justice to, preserve, came together, gotten know, makes the scene, touches shoulders, dis tribute.