Pronunciation of Care
/kˈe͡ə/, /kˈe‍ə/, /k_ˈeə/

Antonyms for care

Exigencies, mis-takes, gives slip, ignore, impulsivenesses, overconfidence, heedlessness, stoutheartedness, neglect, mishandle, contemn, mis-lay, thoughtlessness, de lay, help, brush-off, carelessness, bequested, mis conduct, play truant, letting go, slip the tongue, mucks up, mis laying, moves out, leave lurch, dost violence to, crawls out, cast ashore, be-aching, selfconfidence, give slip, de camps, crawling out, dropping ball, re volt, de-fault, slip of tongue, de-spite, aid, lapse, pretermission, in temperateness, foolishness, apathy, excitabilities, in attentivenesses, move out, didst violence to, de-camped, placatings, carryingson, neglectfulness, in-security, nonchalance, cast away, de fiances, crawl out, dumps on, ingenuousnesses, fool mistake, doing violence to, un-soundness, dis-taste, sur-rendering, dis commodes, throwing the gauntlet, enterprise, folly, confidence, dis-passion, dis-favor, Gluttonies, de parting, over-look, in discretion, sneaks off, took a hike, be-quest, re tiring, in-advisabilities, give up, goofups, look down, foul ups, re-signed, impetuosity, slips out, thin ices, non-payments, precipitousness, shamelessness, mis-judgment, mis speaks, does violence to, mis behaviors, kowtowings, lion-heartedness, insensitivity, favorings, dumped on, letting be, relief, in-civilities, in-temperateness, peace, inattentiveness, in-securities, dis-courtesy, with draw, mis-demeanor, spree, bequesting, sur rendered, dis-respectfulnesses, disinterest, de-parting, un restraint, dis-liking, in temperances, doth violence to, mis-behavior, gaffe, dis-solution, mis-deeds, in-consideratenesses, profligacy, half heartedness, dis esteem, slip-up, recalcitrance, booboos, half heartednesses, Bravura, running out on, lets go, going AWOL, boo-boo, remissness, over-looking, dis-gusts, un towardnesses, mis takes, nonobservance, doeth violence to, simple mindedness, non-observances, ignorance, dis-regard, cockiness, de-terminations, gratifyings, irresponsibilities, in-sensibilities, mis-using, all owing, casting ashore, slipped out, license, screw-ups, crawled out, under standings, de faults, de parts, pre-sumptuousness, removed oneself, pre-sumptuousnesses, in-attentions, contentment, gives over, intemperateness, lays down, mis speak, de fault, happiness, de termination, thin ice, Fooleries, abruptness, de camping, giving notice, de-lays, de terminations, head out, dis-esteems, silliness, carousings, mis-cues, hot potato, treatings, de-camp, in attentiveness, tactlessnesses, licentiousness, dis courtesies, un willingnesses, toadyings, sneaked off, mis-laid, de-mises, pretermissions, babyings, going over hill, simple mindednesses, aversion, disregardances, coddlings, removing oneself, zinged, gluttony, un mindfulness, dis-tastes, mis-speaks, de camped, throwing of the gauntlet, leaved high dry, fault, omission, double troubles, dilapidate, rides off, setting out, gave notice, dis-orderliness, dis-interest, un-controllablenesses, dis satisfactions, de mises, crudenesses, in tractabilities, calm, despites, dis served, smart talk, de vised, maroon, un governablenesses, recklessness, mis used, hurt, merry-go-rounds, muck up, nonobservances, re-laxations, maladminister, flub up, in-tendance, out-rages, dis interest, audaciousness, in-accuracies, casts away, dumb trick, un concerns, dis-gust, de-fiances, merry go rounds, simplemindednesses, in attention, crudeness, manhandle, intendances, slackness, in adequacies, dis-serves, foul-ups, misspeaks, un controllability, re solutions, in discreetnesses, dis inclination, indiscreetnesses, dis tastes, gave slip, dis inclinations, merry go round, de vising, dis-orderlinesses, over-looks, un manageabilities, dis order, defiance, injure, de-faults, let continue, with-draw, fling, assistance, mis-cue, dis serves, de part, brutalize, presumptuousness, in commode, blunder, un-restraint, field days, pleasings, dottiness, hardinesses, un soundness, dis-solutions, tactlessness, in tendance, de-fiance, zinging, runs along, letted be, take a hike, in-civility, harm, dis pleasure, un-controllability, mis-speak, double trouble, laid down, carryingon, nerve, played truant, Non-feasance, in sensibility, foul-up, gave over, un manageability, dis gusts, un-responsiveness, wildnesses, cockinesses, health, un responsiveness, un-manageabilities, assurance, rid off, dis-served, un-governablenesses, risky business, goofup, consolation, in consideration, inattention, in-temperatenesses, ran out on, in docilities, in-docilities, all-owed, under-standing, in sensitivity, under mined, re laxation, strands, in considerateness, enterprises, in-subordination, lion heartednesses, un-willingness, in discreetness, dumb moves, dis orderliness, calmness, de-mise, Misspeak, despisements, came away, un-controllableness, ran along, answerabilities, in stabilities, mis-deed, dis-courtesies, leave, effrontery, taking a hike, moving out, in-sufficiency, inadvertence, mis steps, de-camps, Beaching, lethargy, Demising, in disposition, dislikings, dis-commode, dis serving, de-vise, be quested, dis-pleasure, re-laxation, Dilapidating, gaffs, give notice, factiousnesses, loss innocence, disregardance, says goodbye, dis orders, absurdnesses, spending expeditions, benefit, goes west, not care, dis-respectfulness, de fiance, dis interests, un-concern, carryings-on, non feasance, leaving high and dry, un-soundnesses, dis-serving, goes forth, mis-laying, set out, ride off, disrespectfulnesses, negligence, in civility, under-standings, non payment, despise, bravure, Sallied, blessing, let be, dis-likings, giving the slip, left behind, left high and dry, in sanities, excitability, casting away, dis pleasures, in-dispositions, dis likings, out-rage, slip up, self confidence, un-seemliness, sur-render, foulup, taking leave, de-part, dis respect, slip ups, lionheartednesses, intemperatenesses, be trays, preterition, be-quests, dis taste, insouciance, delinquency, lay down, de spites, sneaking off, with drew, dis favors, unkindness, goof up, in-convenience, boo-boos, re-tiring, going over the hill, howlers, unwiseness, mucked up, go over the hill, maltreat, leave high dry, quiet, in advisabilities, ex cess, in-differences, un controllableness, over-confidences, in-considerateness, pre sumptuousnesses, walks out, forbearance, de-parts, de sert, in-accuracy, neglectings, emotionlessness, dis-appear, mis demeanor, brushoff, relaxednesses, in tractableness, intrusiveness, ingenuousness, with-drew, in-discreetnesses, leaved high and dry, gave the slip, in-attention, dis-satisfactions, be-quested, halfheartedness, in-consideration, gives notice, in-sanities, insensitivities, pre sumptuousness, bacchanalia, takes hike, passivity, danger, un restraints, in advisability, violated oath, did violence to, in-sensibility, de-sert, un responsivenesses, heads out, in-dignities, impulsiveness, goes over the hill, in-adequacy, legating, in accuracies, in-tendances, in temperance, dis-inclinations, field day, rebelliousnesses, in docility, dis passion, Non-observance, Stranding, ex-cess, oversight, dis solution, in-advertence, coming away, foolery, pro-vocations, unpreparednesses, flubup, in conveniences, mis deeds, all-owing, in temperatenesses, un concern, exposure, takes leave, suddenness, goof-up, half-heartedness, mucking up, un-responsivenesses, selfindulgence, flubups, intractableness, slipping out, goof-ups, pro vocation, be questing, re-signs, in-difference, in-stability, inattentivenesses, slipperiness, sur-renders, in tractability, mis deed, irresponsibility, de-camping, de-vised, re signs, over sight, de-parted, dis-orders, loosenesses, pamperings, out raged, un certainty, letting stay, leave stranded, pleasure, simple-mindednesses, Sallying, run out on, let stay, inconsiderateness, re-solution, in dignities, dilapidates, letted stay, re tire, went over the hill, be quests, in-tractabilities, re volts, doest violence to, over confidence, casts ashore, un-certainty, carryings on, mis-used, dis appearing, valiance, peacefulness, un-controllabilities, in-tractablenesses, dis orderlinesses, in civilities, leaves high and dry, in-temperances, immoderations, tranquility, re-tire, sets out, audacity, imprudence, Hates, in consideratenesses, going away, run along, re tired, de spite, in attentions, emotionlessnesses, violates oath, in stability, mis lays, de-spites, dis-respects, headed out, out-raged, leaving behind, be tray, de camp, in-disposition, in-discreetness, remove oneself, contempt, default, in-tractableness, dumping on, un-reasonableness, over look, dumb tricks, evil doing, non-feasances, answerability, mis lay, dis regards, plays truant, mis take, letted continue, brashness, sur renders, dis-order, dis serve, in-adequacies, takes a hike, mis-conducts, smart talks, all owed, goes awol, be-ached, dis-respect, preteritions, enjoinders, laziness, give over, in-stabilities, foulups, ex-cesses, left stranded, disrespect, spending expedition, advantage, said goodbye, booboo, un-towardnesses, hardiness, dis-favors, dis-appearing, slip, dis liking, over looks, shamelessnesses, un-certainties, dis appeared, Re sign, violating oath, under mining, easiness, come away, re-solutions, Winging, impetuosities, dump on, mis judgments, un-thoughtfulness, impetuousness, merry-go-round, mis using, pettings, go over hill, in considerations, self reliance, in subordination, profligatenesses, dropping the ball, be aching, going forth, joyfulness, leaved behind, sur rendering, mis conducts, under-mined, bravuras, unpreparedness, un-concerns, be-questing, fool trick, over-confidence, throwing of gauntlet, mis-demeanors, letted go, take hike, be quest, mis-conduct, leave behind, witlessnesses, re tires, unmindfulnesses, non observances, carrying-on, re laxations, goodwill, non feasances, un-thoughtfulnesses, with drawn, in-attentiveness, out rages, dislike, mislay, un certainties, lets be, be ached, out-raging, dis-satisfaction, dis courtesy, be-trays, dis-appeared, re-volt, indulgence, goes over hill, solace, leave high and dry, de-termination, in advertences, dis appear, fool tricks, selfreliance, extravagance, halfheartednesses, in adequacy, walked out, goof ups, Factiousness, slight, unwisenesses, permissiveness, under-mining, mis cue, leaf, bacchanalias, in tendances, pertness, dis gust, inadvertency, de-vising, leaves behind, indiscretion, Permissivenesses, slip-ups, screw ups, wildness, un mindfulnesses, hot potatoes, over-sight, kick around, daftness, un-seemlinesses, pro vocations, leaves high dry, in-discretions, dis respectfulness, dis-passions, leaved stranded, dis-serve, neglectfulnesses, dis appears, in sufficiency, un controllabilities, removes oneself, impugnments, in accuracy, dis respects, dis-commodes, fool mistakes, dottinesses, Profligateness, in-conveniences, re signing, un-reasonablenesses, mis judgment, dis-esteem, with draws, witlessness, good times, in commodes, brush offs, dis esteems, un controllablenesses, content, with-drawn, immoderation, mis cues, lets continue, sur-rendered, hate, with drawing, leaving high dry, intendance, in-sanity, giving slip, say goodbye, presumption, in-sensitivity, re-volts, in tractablenesses, in-docility, inconsideration, out raging, dis-inclination, insouciances, lionheartedness, desert, Illtreat, misgovern, un-preparednesses, daftnesses, in-sufficiencies, un preparednesses, disrespectfulness, went awol, hatred, mis behavior, simple-mindedness, rode off, brush-offs, mistreat, dis satisfaction, Despisement, selfassurance, forget, dis passions, un thoughtfulnesses, joy, comfort, unwariness, intrusivenesses, delight, in security, half-heartednesses, go west, be-tray, de-lay, un willingness, lets stay, un seemlinesses, placidness, do violence to, howler, passivities, laying down, in difference, ease, dis-appears, jeopardy, comes away, de lays, took leave, went west, indifference, over sights, un reasonableness, looseness, slipperinesses, obliquity, in securities, in differences, self indulgence, un preparedness, went over hill, in sanity, overlookings, in subordinations, letting continue, having no use fors, dis commode, re signed, disregard, left high dry, Uncertainties, dis-pleasures, having no use for, non payments, pluckiness, pre cariousness, rebelliousness, pre-cariousness, in-sensitivities, un-manageability, dis respectfulnesses, spoilings, mis-lays, brushoffs, enjoinder, leaving stranded, go forth, de vise, flub-up, self assurance, dumb move, dis-regards, dis regard, un thoughtfulness, dis favor, heading out, in discretions, over confidences, simplemindedness, in-commodes, dis-interests, gives the slip, Demised, encouragement, un seemliness, horse feather, in sensibilities, moved out, satisfaction, dumb thing do, un governableness, composure, sneak off, took hike, in-subordinations, in-advertences, mis-take, over-sights, in dispositions, dis solutions, taking hike, un reasonablenesses, leaves stranded, intrepidity, under standing, de parted, pre cariousnesses, in sufficiencies, Obliquities, in sensitivities, de mise, temerity, pushiness, absurdness, inadvisability, un-willingnesses, with-drawing, indiscreetness, in-discretion, legated, goes away, saying goodbye.