Pronunciation of Center
/sˈɛntə/, /sˈɛntə/, /s_ˈɛ_n_t_ə/

Antonyms for center

shell, top-side, fenced in, radiate, lee, top-sides, out-posts, the max, corner, slipping past, by pass, vellum, by-passed, top sides, peg down, glumes, in filtrating, be set, hook on, in tegument, bordering, end points, perimeter, in filtrated, encase, close in, walled in, Wormed, is on edge, ex cess, carapace, in undated, confines, lines up, in-cline, set off, co-oping, utmosts, plastrons, out skirt, pin down, slipped past, shore, old-line, closing in on, be-sieges, tacking on, de-fines, borderland, de toured, being the edge, marked out, re strainers, over lap, Exteriority, hitch on, cordons, outskirt, by passed, lakeside, seaboard, be-leaguer, Inching, scabs, in-vest, slipt past, lakeshores, being on edge, be adjacent to, dermas, be-leaguers, close on, art adjacent to, be sets, Inched, boundary, allineated, by passes, in-filtrating, glume, sieging, lie alongside, Elbowroom, dermises, cutoff points, superficialities, lying alongside, externals, zodiac, cutes, noses out, Girdled, slipping by, sur rounding, be the edge, am adjacent to, Abuttal, in vests, be leaguer, re strictions, withouts, hooking on, being on the edge, circuit, restrainer, margin, margining, circumference, Margined, surroundings, ordinated, boxes in, re-straining, being adjacent to, de-lineate, dirndl, walling in, circumnavigation, front ranks, Labra, furrowed, be leaguering, de fining, co-oped, enclaves, be ginning, left-of-center, divide, cutoff point, disjoin, riversides, sets bounds to, ex-tents, top spot, pegged down, title role, be-sieged, cloverleaf, fence in, Gluing, detoured, de-toured, circumnavigations, under-lines, max, Trussing, lied alongside, slub, teguments, top side, rickrack, outlying areas, Plastron, re strict, pannier, right, residential areas, re-strainers, exterior, in vested, brinking on, under lines, re-striction, sur-rounding, under line, boxed in, re-strain, littoral, steers clear of, de-lineated, out-doors, midis, closed around, equator, enchained, skirt, tassels, inter section, de-touring, be leaguered, culotte, pro-portions, Flanking, boxing in, enchains, sarong, slubs, limit, butted on, wert the edge, marchlands, brinks on, Labrum, exteriorities, butting against, in-undated, Trending, lakesides, enchaining, gravitated toward, surface, VS, in-vests, waterfront, frontier, re strained, being edge, am edge, am on the edge, midi, out side, in-filtrate, be on edge, enfettering, Manacling, re-volutions, disperse, scatter, be sieges, lining up, heavies, farthest point, was on edge, panniers, Manes, staking out, co oping, allineating, edging, under-lining, the maxes, waterfronts, slip past, gingerbreads, cloverleaves, be-sieging, outer, closes in on, super-stratums, closes around, re motes, mark out, be-sets, be sieging, pins down, burked, left, Superstratum, hooked on, re strains, Worming, sands, are on edge, ultimates, littorals, ex tents, de tours, butts against, slips by, by passing, lied along, extreme, fencing in, contouring, valances, surround, closed on, is adjacent to, be-leaguering, periphery, out lines, strop, BURB, residential area, encasing, loins, far outs, side, superstratums, out-lined, vellums, far-right, hitched on, queuing, strands, brink on, Fringing, seaboards, external, encrustation, rightish, line up, superficies, liberal, wert on edge, trussed, tacked on, re strainer, v's, out-side, be setting, encircled, remotes, by-passing, brim, closing on, nosing out, in-vesting, Rimming, labium, out-skirt, closed in on, pericarp, be-siege, kilt, enclaved, riverbanks, husk, zodiacs, in clines, hooking up, rickracks, OVERS, mosts, edge, dis-position, blockading, line demarcation, hedge, in-scribes, culottes, de fine, Furrowing, sur rounded, closes on, closing around, pinions, re-cord, squeezed by, ex-cesses, cakings, ordinating, are edge, de-tours, de fines, Roped, re-strict, de-fined, wast on edge, tassel, absolutes, far left, tack on, steer clear of, squeezes past, circle, cirque, outskirts, dis positions, was adjacent to, out-lines, riverside, tacks on, in-clines, selvages, WORMS, sarongs, wert edge, ordinate, sieges, de lineated, hem, aheads, Burking, in vest, under-line, were adjacent to, wast edge, dis-positions, lay siege to, setting bounds to, wert on the edge, selvage, enclave, tutus, inter-sections, equators, the mosts, sur-face, outlying area, dissipate, be-set, in-tegument, bourne, pipings, de lineate, are on the edge, Purlieu, under lined, Burkes, trim, encrustations, close around, abuttals, de-fining, squeezing by, ordinates, marks out, Cinching, sur faces, out line, inter sections, super stratum, DISCS, dis position, be-setting, am the edge, butt on, re volutions, dermis, lays siege to, de tour, in-scribe, in scribes, fringe, out skirts, re-mote, burbs, co lure, pericarps, the most, marginal, bound, super stratums, border, Cinched, suburbias, in filtrate, detouring, Superstrata, topside, carapaces, out lining, over-laps, lay alongside, lip, pinion, laying siege to, bournes, line, in cline, re cords, title roles, inter-section, closing in, in scribe, re-strained, curb, circlings, hooks up, slip by, Allineate, butting on, in-teguments, squeeze by, hem in, MERES, shutting in, hooks on, brinked on, cirques, mane, over-lap, bind, setting off, riverbank, in-vested, are adjacent to, re strain, top spots, allineates, gingerbread, kilts, BERMS, strops, co oped, pegs down, fences in, Caking, be-leaguered, ecliptic, out doors, out sides, mini, Colures, marked off, lie along, suburbia, out-line, superficiality, lying along, marking off, super-strata, sets off, Trenching, is the edge, slipped by, incrustation, lakeshore, sand, Colure, be sieged, marks off, enclaving, rim, sur face, in teguments, lies alongside, were on edge, stakes out, de touring, is edge, rimmed, externalities, wast the edge, in-scribing, brink, valance, suburb, loin, be on the edge, re-volution, re straining, sur-faces, sur-rounded, de fined, line of demarcation, by-passes, co lures, peripheral, Flanked, re-strictions, parallel latitude, windings, butt against, Enfetter, By-pass, Labia, enfettered, be-ginning, were edge, art the edge, closes in, mark off, shingles, out-lining, nosed out, sieged, cutis, de-tour, out posts, Berm, enfetters, glued, ex-ample, goes around, tegument, pinioned, Trenched, farthest points, laid siege to, lamina, under lining, epidermises, blockaded, coastlands, butted against, borderlines, super-stratum, lay along, out-sides, cloverleafs, conservative, verge, outside, re-cords, out-skirts, close in on, box in, cordon, sheathings, disc, ex-tent, are the edge, re-strainer, enchain, shut in, Pinioning, Y's, wast adjacent to, were the edge, Stropped, in-filtrates, pro portion, Minis, hook up, was edge, incrustations, butts on, dirndls, under-lined, separate, pro portions, was on the edge, co-lures, gravitating toward, marking out, lies along, epidermis, ex ample, coastland, be leaguers, leftish, Sided, steering clear of, define, slipt by, super strata, topsides, turnings, closed in, be edge, restrainers, re striction, derma, reactionary, set bounds to, shuts in, wall in, going around, be siege, ecliptics, burke, ex-cess, full turn, re-strains, nose out, out lined, cutises, co-lure, queued, squeezes by, frame, squeeze past, pro-portion, wert adjacent to, Manacled, Ys, crust, framing, skirtings, parallel of latitude, de-fine, pinning down, re cord, elbowrooms, ex tent, am on edge, pinned down.