Pronunciation of Cheer
/t͡ʃˈi͡ə/, /t‍ʃˈi‍ə/, /tʃ_ˈiə/

Antonyms for cheer

Snowing, dis-composure, ravishings, ask for it, being durable, dis temper, being the back of, makes it tough for, giving it to, dis-approbation, put in to funk, infirmnesses, galling, hath on, dispirit, being one's case, abusivenesses, tough luck, grew weary, dis composure, un nerved, be rate, discontent, frustrate, hadst on the carpet, black blues, Disconsolation, insisting on, asks for it, hits where lives, Damping, rattling ones cage, hits the switch, ill tempers, un-healthinesses, smirk, in flamed, have on the carpet, be-rating, grieve, dis-eases, sub dues, rile, dis commodes, despondency, hitting where one lives, art case, gives a bad time, cutting to quick, over straining, dis-approbations, re mained, dis contents, got better of, get one hair, be-labor, toff, un-doings, worked on, boiling points, ill, boo-boo, has the carpet, petrify, in humanities, lose one's interest, be sieged, dis-organized, big trouble, over charge, hard time, was on back of, de-based, Trashed, sorrow, hast on carpet, am on ones case, tonguelashing, de-vitalizing, growing weary, pinings, thrash, severe tests, woe, booboos, put a damper on, venged, co-wing, dumps, toffs, bad feelings, dis-comforts, burning up, gloominesses, am at, gotten in hair, un-hinging, tongue lashing, losing ones interest, blackness, re pays, are at, sneer, went seed, fulminates against, being case, presses down, FAGS, dis compose, dis-quietude, dis comforts, conniption fit, buttonholes, turn off, un-fairnesses, drags down, heats up, doth number on, disconsolateness, devitalize, dis-may, hit switch, diabolism, Abusiveness, ex-probate, gat ones hair, dis consolations, burden, dis-concerts, hadst on carpet, weighted, abjectnesses, darken, skelping, sub due, grates on, asked for it, lowspiritedness, be-set, tans ones hide, dis mayed, burn up, goes to seed, over worked, de formations, hopelessness, clothe oneself, dis-trust, dis commode, lobotomize, slow burn, be sieging, dis inclination, dis enchanted, the dump, be siege, is on ones case, hissy fits, infuriation, t off, be devil, overtaxed, Abjectness, colorlessness, takes satisfaction, haddest on the carpet, re duces, in-felicities, wears thin, holding down, came back at, fag, get one's hair, is on one's case, grimness, vibes, dis-tresses, affright, dis-maying, earnestness, dis-organizing, giving to, over-works, vileness, over-burdening, hardship, am one case, overtax, mourn, sticks to, ill feeling, un lawfulness, moodiness, dish it out, keeps under, gat in one's hair, fagged, calvaries, de-solating, forciblenesses, re tributes, was the back of, break one heart, reduces to tears, pity, putting in to a funk, badnesses, un-plug, un happinesses, became worn, having the carpet, break one's heart, trial, were on one case, dis-solution, switch off, re pressing, gave it to, mis-carriages, head ache, in-firmness, anguished, be-leaguering, vex, be-devilled, hast carpet, taunt, is at, downheartedness, are case, un nerves, de formation, plaintivenesses, dis consolation, mopes, reduced to tears, makes sick, mutilation, in-equality, dressing in, comes back at, be one case, sadden, art one's case, up braids, wast worthless, are one's case, cheerlessnesses, getting in ones hair, hit the switch, heaviness heart, rake over coals, irritate, in dignities, re venged, weaken, dis-criminations, poignance, Disciplining, making uneasy, dis-orders, rattles one's cage, burned up, un healthinesses, anvil chorus, hissing, the blues, re-duce, de-solation, dis favor, overstrains, be rates, are dressed in, stood up, dis advantages, dis-advantages, ferule, be-leaguers, doing a number on, anger, un-doing, dis orders, unman, turning one off, affliction, joylessnesses, de-grade, de vitalizing, buttonholed, over using, in justices, re-presses, sorrowfulnesses, ferules, gets into, climb all over, sticks it to, exprobated, work on, de basing, dishearten, re-morse, get ones hair, dis pleasing, agitate, Illtreat, grating on, ex-asperate, in equities, over charges, repinings, woefulnesses, gives bad time, horrify, geld, ex-asperated, cheerlessness, be-wailing, were back of, un-happiness, heartache, lose interest, de-crease, be-rates, disenchants, up sets, am dressed in, tongue-lash, t-offs, ennuiing, boo, abase, out-bursts, cuts to the quick, fuddles, re press, dumping on, over loading, be sets, art at, torment, dis place, dis-organizes, de presses, dis concerts, putting into a funk, downing, mau-mau, didst a number on, Disinteresting, gat one's hair, fretfulnesses, dis-courages, dis-tastes, gat in hair, dis approbations, breaks ones heart, be labored, dis-consolations, exprobating, wildness, ex asperate, dis-placed, nit pick, scraped off, pre-sentiment, press, bringing one down, pesterer, dis favors, tan one hide, lean on, ex-probates, birch, downed, out rages, upbraid, gotten to, fear, tanned hide, snow under, going seed, mis used, dis crimination, be laboring, t offs, be rating, pushes buttons, ex cite, dismals, in-dispositions, in sipidity, wert one case, art the back of, got to, having on carpet, soberness, de sire, Cryings, subjection, Forcibleness, were the back of, becoming threadbare, Venge, dolorousness, be on ones case, gat in ones hair, dyspepsia, be-labors, evil, Knaveries, virulency, out-raging, loss confidence, wrath, am the back of, dis interest, am on one's case, mis-giving, caterwaul, sordidness, pain in neck, retributes, dis approvals, dis-solutions, de-presses, de-solates, over burdened, gets in to, dis trusts, disenchanting, breaking ones heart, put into a funk, de-creased, dis-interest, criminality, dis pleasures, hadst carpet, un nerving, be leaguer, getting in one's hair, over whelmed, de-basing, be-rated, did number on, goes seed, dis gusted, gotten hair, deplore, unconsolability, subduings, un settle, was on one's case, tongue lashed, re prove, being on case, dost a number on, Downs, un hinges, de base, cutting quick, out raged, ferruled, dis-enchants, dis-order, be labor, weepings, wert the back of, dis-quieted, de-solated, pathos, dis-satisfactions, dis-playing, bane, even score, tossed turn, Miserableness, climbing all over, ill feelings, whistle, tough breaks, down trips, were durable, trepidities, dis tracts, dis-composes, make blue, boo-boos, ex asperates, becomes threadbare, de solates, be-setting, dis appointments, art back of, excruciation, un-certainties, snicker, art ones case, de-feats, saddling with, dis-approval, un-easinesses, in conveniences, art worthless, become threadbare, scrape off, ex-plosion, over-load, dresses in, in equality, be on case, ex plosion, dis-trusts, dis-gusted, de creased, pensiveness, bore down on, dis tract, be-sets, trying time, over taxing, re dressing, mis doing, BADS, re proved, dis comfort, make it tough for, are on ones case, lose ones interest, is one case, hurt, re-pressing, doth a number on, breaking one heart, evened score, big troubles, going stale, overawe, growl, dis composed, Reamed, be on back of, has on carpet, got in to, re mains, mis fortune, dis services, torture, dis-played, dis-compose, vilenesses, Birching, rattles ones cage, getting the better of, unnerve, becomes worn, nit-pick, pushed button, over whelming, kept under, un settled, dis played, conniption fits, mis using, ho hum, saddles with, weighing upon, fretfulness, mis carriages, over strains, de-creasing, grief, in-conveniences, mis-adventures, casting down, cut quick, dis enchanting, excitabilities, terror, was worthless, funk, de solations, dis-places, Fuddling, dis-play, dis-interested, be leaguers, glower, breaking heart, downcastnesses, lugubriosities, breaking one's heart, tan one's hide, make waves, be leaguering, oppression, climbing over, de-creases, beat down, whacking, dis-favor, breaks one heart, fulminated against, made sick, lost interest, Morbidities, heartsickness, tick off, pressing down, fire up, unplug, cut the quick, get down, made one sick, de-solate, venging, cutting to the quick, dis-service, cut to quick, dampens spirits, tans one's hide, dis pleased, re-paid, puts into a funk, daunt, dampen, lack interest, clothes oneself, use up, got in one hair, dis plays, dis maying, brought one down, brings one down, dislikings, over-worked, made it tough for, clothed oneself, ex plosions, Skelp, skelped, flare up, bleed, quetch, dim view, hath on carpet, be-labored, rattling cage, be-devils, ruffle, caning, dulls, got in hair, making waves, tanned one hide, Downcastness, got ones hair, heavy heartedness, out-break, dis-heartens, ex asperating, being on one's case, losing one interest, be-siege, be deviled, dis-taste, low-spiritedness, dampened spirits, nit picks, gat into, Fagging, over-wrought, wert dressed in, de vitalizes, scrapes off, over tax, over-strained, turns one off, tan hide, glumness, evens the score, get under one skin, badness, avenge, bullyrag, mis-adventure, scraping off, being worthless, flareup, wert durable, dis-tractions, switched off, were one case, un-settling, unplugging, using up, in jury, being ones case, dis quiet, takes task, am durable, over strain, re-venge, get into, darkness, dark sides, dis advantage, snowed under, bum out, give to, dis-please, hits where one lives, un-pleasantness, smooshes, be-devilling, turn one off, dress in, am ones case, re-morses, de-formation, dis satisfactions, sordidnesses, up-sets, dis approval, ex cruciate, loses ones interest, up-braiding, stuck it to, wear, dis quieting, deformation, hast on, loses interest, Pothering, overuses, dim views, sinfulness, dis gusts, fuddle, botherments, discouragement, turned one off, Sickliness, re-dressed, un plugging, dis-concert, un-plugs, ex citing, over charging, in-firmnesses, dis concerted, in-convenience, de-cline, disapproval, out-burst, low spirit, downheartedns, desperation, boiling point, ill humor, tanning one's hide, the mopes, ex cited, de cay, sourness, re strains, dis-gusting, poignances, dragged down, slapping down, made heavy, un-hinges, anvil choru, dis-quiet, over-loads, un justness, gave to, dis traction, dis-relish, gotten in one's hair, re-strain, ill temper, misery, being at, insist on, dis satisfaction, hurtings, being dressed in, be durable, confuse, un-nerve, put damper on, dis-appointments, were dressed in, are one case, deject, in equity, nit-picked, Melancholias, bewailings, threw in to tizzy, de-grades, was on case, gibe, ex-cruciate, over-charge, taking task, stick to, sadness, un-justness, miserablenesses, ex probating, being back of, makes waves, weigh upon, tans hide, dis tressed, be devilling, tanning one hide, co wing, took to task, blackjack, climbed all over, climbed over, snowing under, pang, dis-heartening, malcontentments, dis-comfort, Lasted, worriments, dis tresses, wert on the back of, in fractions, fulminating against, re-straining, are durable, excruciations, un-happinesses, in disposition, be devilled, does a number on, the dismals, saturninity, nit-picking, Infesting, botherment, overthrowings, be-deviling, was case, de-pressed, Feruled, tanned one's hide, logs off, re venges, dis-traction, logging off, getting in one hair, wast on one's case, be worthless, dirty deal, dis-advantage, wert on back of, work over, dis quieted, dis comforting, slaps down, be-sieging, in firmness, dis hearten, mis-fortunes, wore thin, dis criminations, dost number on, over throwing, beats down, is on one case, up-braid, calvary, drag down, in-sipidities, boringnesses, ex probate, dis-approvals, out-breaks, cold sweats, fore-bodings, rattling one's cage, exprobate, reduce to tears, cold sweat, ennuied, called down, re proves, un-pleasantnesses, dressed in, leaning on, nit picking, works over, am worthless, re-main, working on, discourage, be deviling, hadst the carpet, Damped, re strained, bewail, dis tress, dis tempers, go to seed, re paying, snigger, ill-treatments, Feruling, puts a damper on, going to seed, dark side, worked over, abjection, seriousness, coming back at, got in ones hair, be moaning, tossing turn, over-taxed, decrease, is one's case, press down, out rage, dished it out, cuts to quick, dis placed, out bursts, being on back of, provokings, take vengeance, vibe, become worn, woefulness, is worthless, disconsolations, over whelms, de creasing, maunder, dis courages, anhedonia, throws into tizzy, the dumps, de solation, venges, climbs over, wrought on, looseness, bemoan, get the better of, black and blue, re tribute, sticking to, dis organize, unplugs, de-cays, hath the carpet, dragging down, ticks off, the blue, dolefulness, went to seed, over-loading, making blue, over-burden, abjections, dull, taking vengeance, saturninities, gets in hair, dis-concerting, ex probates, be at, over-charged, puts into funk, dis-tract, gall, pre-sentiments, emotion, overtaxes, in humanity, pressurize, is durable, dis-courage, de cays, deaden, had carpet, over strained, go seed, ennui, reducing tears, rattles cage, be setting, re-dress, bad feeling, dissuade, get under ones skin, sticked to, de grade, breaks one's heart, dispiritednesses, inter feres, worriment, dis inclinations, dis solution, milts, lugubriosity, heartbreak, tossed and turn, be devils, throwing in to tizzy, overstrain, booing, suffer, puts in to a funk, over loads, leaned on, wast on the back of, be-sieges, sound off, had the carpet, more heat than light, indignation, puts to sleep, wrought over, throw cold water on, tizzy, pro-vocations, ex-asperates, wast durable, getting one hair, over works, getting to, un-hinge, clad oneself, re-venged, in-flames, works on, offense, fit out, ho hums, dehydrate, deformations, clothing oneself, in flame, nit-picks, getting hair, pitifulness, lost one's interest, re venging, ex probated, bewilder, injury, dis-tracts, severe test, be-laboring, dis gusting, in dispositions, perturb, in-disposition, criminalities, upset, ex-cited, are on one's case, have carpet, be on the back of, out-rages, threw cold water on, bumming out, mis-used, trouble, are on case, hath on the carpet, insists on, low spiritedness, spiritlessnesses, grievings, broken hearts, gloominess, dis-services, gloomy outlooks, disenchant, slipped on, resentment, gat in one hair, cross bear, croak, ill humors, fatal attractions, blue devils, take to task, paybacking, break heart, cat fits, give out, were at, fore bodings, conquerings, re straining, dis composes, suits up, embarrass, in decency, re duce, over whelm, takes vengeance, making one sick, un-plugged, de-grading, Pothered, up braided, Snowed, wert at, is on back of, languishings, burnt up, wearing thin, re main, dis-mays, exasperation, were on ones case, re-venging, beared down on, unjustness, plaintiveness, hitting switch, disconcert, un-nerving, pain, un-healthiness, was one case, gives a hard time, scarify, malcontentment, wast case, re-mains, fits out, cuts quick, gat to, retributed, mis carriage, slipt on, Overstrained, dis composures, skelps, becoming worn, leant on, gotten in one hair, in decencies, distress, dejection, dis-tress, fore boding, inveigh, ill treatment, lost ones interest, keenings, haddest carpet, wast one case, weighs up on, de-graded, mis chance, was at, have the carpet, loses one's interest, rattled one's cage, dis enchants, cow, dis enchant, wistfulness, cutting the quick, bear down on, dumped on, un settles, calling down, Mads, mis adventures, mis doings, has carpet, de-vitalizes, un-lawfulnesses, insisted on, casts down, up-setting, un easiness, black and blues, pressed down, throwing into tizzy, over burdens, making tough for, chasten, being on one case, inter-fere, disgruntlement, take satisfaction, were on one's case, sorrowfulness, gets better of, grizzle, dis heartens, injustice, over-strains, put sleep, get better of, dis-commode, suiting up, high dudgeons, fuddled, re pay, hast on the carpet, hitting where lives, bummed out, putting in to funk, put into funk, re venge, smite, grow weary, un pleasantnesses, be on one case, browbeat, out-raged, pique, being one case, disheartenments, disheartenment, moodinesses, getting better of, had on the carpet, brake one heart, dis liking, dis-liking, over-whelms, enervate, give a bad time, slow burns, tremblings, chide, had on, un-hinged, blow ups, hiss, annoy, worry, dis quietude, broke ones heart, do number on, out-rage, Dulling, gives hard time, over loaded, querulousnesses, ticked off, wert on case, gloomy outlook, heat up, de sert, am on back of, were worthless, Solemnness, hitting the switch, re presses, expectation of worst, make one sick, disapprove, was on the back of, be case, gotten better of, un lawfulnesses, wounded feeling, dis-enchanted, dis-content, colorlessnesses, re paid, castrate, dis solutions, wash away, persecute, dis-concerted, pessimism, hit where one lives, mutilations, keeping under, logged off, dis-composures, doest number on, low spiritednesses, gravity, became threadbare, loss of confidence, disturb, slip on, cat fit, over-charges, are worthless, buttonhole, come back at, mis adventure, grated on, got hair, be on one's case, lack of interest, gave a hard time, smooshing, blues, give hard time, re-pays, lost one interest, be-devil, sticked it to, catatonia, bulldoze, sub-dues, toss and turn, un-lawfulness, bare down on, de-press, de sires, re-tribute, diabolisms, de press, pushing button, gets hair, pensivenesses, re-strains, wretchedness, mis fortunes, dis-contents, nit picked, brake heart, un pleasantness, are the back of, poignancy, over-whelmed, over-taxing, dis-comforting, mis chances, lose one interest, in felicity, dis organizes, debase, ex-probating, haddest on carpet, re-dressing, de-base, be one's case, up-braids, be set, put in to a funk, de grading, bleaknesses, dampening spirits, dis-enchant, sinfulnesses, made uneasy, naggings, fore-boding, over burden, unhealthinesses, virulence, de-sire, break ones heart, depress, re strain, dis gust, evened the score, heated up, was one's case, rattle ones cage, over-taxes, de grades, overtaxing, be wailing, oppress, be dressed in, un hinged, tossing and turn, Birches, toss turn, re-paying, over-tax, get in one's hair, nettle, dis-quiets, bile, de based, illtreatments, be-moaning, dis-inclinations, dis relishes, over charged, take task, get under skin, umbrage, dis playing, dis heartened, doest a number on, Catatonias, pitiablenesses, getting in hair, calls down, washed away, rotten lucks, dis-satisfaction, reduce tears, sense injury, dolefuls, Trepidity, haddest the carpet, chastise, am case, switches off, make uneasy, be labors, booboo, forlornness, more heat than lights, irkings, doeth a number on, gets one's hair, gat one hair, wast at, got into, outrage, was on ones case, de-sires, tongue lashes, am on the back of, mis chief, broken heart, wert one's case, de-feat, puts in to funk, mortify, wast on back of, humiliate, throwing cold water on, re-proving, mis giving, uphill battles, dis approbation, dis-relishes, toffing, passion, dis-quieting, throws cold water on, snows under, molest, wert on one case, de clines, unconsolabilities, disciplined, de vitalized, dis tastes, suited up, un plugs, de solated, threw into tizzy, toffed, re-proves, rattles one cage, losing interest, expectation worst, re-strained, dis eases, saddled with, de solate, wast on one case, in-justice, inter fere, over-straining, dis-mayed, gotten the better of, de feats, up set, brake ones heart, made blue, gat the better of, climbs all over, keening, dis relish, in-tensity, pressurized, over-using, tans one hide, dis-composing, firing up, asking for it, morbidity, in flames, the dismal, gat in to, cut to the quick, tanning ones hide, downheartedn, out burst, doldrums, gets ones hair, washing away, un eases, retributing, dis-ease, dis-enchanting, Caned, rattled cage, squeal, un-certainty, pitifulnesses, brake one's heart, make sick, de-cay, wast on case, dis organized, rattle one cage, making sick, re-dresses, co wed, warn, up braid, are on the back of, are on one case, mournfulness, dis pleasure, dis-plays, weigh up on, nuisance, exasperate, dis appointment, weighs upon, was durable, pushes button, fires up, throw in to tizzy, criticism, un settling, re maining, puts damper on, dis service, querulousness, up-braided, un doings, subjections, dis heartening, get in ones hair, got the better of, de-vitalized, saddle with, was back of, dis-temper, gets in one hair, dis-comforted, dis-crimination, dishing it out, tongue lash, lay in to, re-pining, crying shame, rotten luck, melancholy, standing up, lamentation, in-jury, loosenesses, dolor, un certainty, throw into tizzy, held down, cold comfort, cuts the quick, wert case, depression, de feat, out breaks, in flaming, broke one's heart, heckle, making it tough for, dirty deals, dis-quietudes, heckling, un-ease, drest in, pressurizing, aggravate, dis placing, dis quiets, over-loaded, bums out, dis-hearten, taking satisfaction, buttonholing, re dresses, de cline, re morse, in-decency, gat hair, re pressed, heartsicknesses, dishes it out, malaise, leans on, dis-pleased, dis order, dis interested, fitting out, de-clines, dis places, infuriations, dis-inclination, the mope, un-settle, gets the better of, co-wed, switching off, dis-composed, hissy fit, chafe, made tough for, de-solations, over-burdened, be-rate, lownesses, in felicities, moanings, dis concerting, tosses turn, tonguelash, be leaguered, be-leaguered, dis-pleasures, dis-interesting, re-prove, dumps on, de-pressing, makes one sick, demoralize, re morses, does number on, over-charging, get to, ill-treatment, un-plugging, gotten one hair, uphill battle, takes to task, dis-favors, stick it to, dissatisfaction, whacked, dis trust, call down, Retribute, dispiritedness, ex cites, reprove, putting a damper on, hold down, tongue-lashes, un justnesses, irritation, grate, in equalities, tanned ones hide, reduced tears, joylessness, am on one case, in-decencies, achings, un hinging, heating up, wast dressed in, de solating, is ones case, be sieges, slapped down, dis-likings, re-duces, bring one down, rattled one cage, graveness, giving hard time, over used, dis-place, gets in ones hair, anhedonias, melancholia, taking to task, be the back of, giving a bad time, dis organizing, dis-appointment, rattle one's cage, mis-doings, in juries, forlornnesses, wert back of, uses up, strong-arm, wast on ones case, low spirits, go stale, sicklinesses, dis please, holds down, dis mays, are ones case, slipping on, over taxes, reducing to tears, doeth number on, desolation, are back of, de graded, gets one hair, mis chiefs, re-proved, wear thin, Overstraining, slap down, dis-pleases, dump on, in-flame, dis likings, breaks heart, degrade, blahs, fatal attraction, over burdening, un nerve, jeer, dis-interests, re-quite, high dudgeon, ticking off, dis-gust, tyrrany, over-strain, dis pleases, despair, dis courage, having carpet, give it to, dis-pleasure, un-easiness, getting one's hair, dis comforted, in-sipidity, am on case, paybacked, severity, tribulation, dis play, ire, keep under, makes blue, spiritlessness, be-sieged, pain neck, dis interests, dis-heartened, dis composing, burns up, bearing down on, un hinge, being on ones case, lamentings, lowness, poor excuses, remonstrate, putting damper on, over-whelm, ex-cite, exprobates, putting to sleep, stands up, wistfulnesses, climb over, am one's case, tongue-lashed, pre sentiments, herculean tasks, were case, was ones case, sub-due, get in to, dashed hope, un fairnesses, hard times, reduces tears, getting into, in-equalities, losing one's interest, un-fairness, trying times, despondence, stuck to, un certainties, smoosh, t offing, discompose, be back of, un-eases, makes heavy, dis-pleasing, dis concert, got in one's hair, de-formations, mis-using, used up, dis content, is the back of, wounded feelings, t-offing, tonguelashed, pro vocations, bears down on, wildnesses, cross to bear, over-used, admonish, de vitalize, hast the carpet, hath carpet, up setting, loses one interest, weighting, ex-cites, deplorings, dis taste, in-flamed, dampen spirits, didst number on, dis-consolation, have on carpet, un happiness, re dress, de pressed, make unhappy, mourning, making heavy, had on carpet, dis ease, re-pay, in-fractions, plague, un-settled, crying shames, pro vocation, sorrowings, solemnity, hits switch, inter-feres, sobersidedness, get in one hair, beating down, dis-gusts, were ones case, dis-commodes, de crease, disconsolatenesses, reprehend, were one's case, rattle cage, put to sleep, intimidate, broke heart, over working, being on the back of, ill treatments, dis interesting, desiccate, gotten into, doing number on, putting into funk, de-vitalize, re quite, infests, out break, pitiableness, railroading, dis tractions, tonguelashes, Dyspepsias, over-whelming, did a number on, in-dignities, broke one heart, un healthiness, gave a bad time, de pressing, in-fraction, haddest on, boringness, bushing, are on back of, over-throwing, having on the carpet, give bad time, black blue, dashed hopes, be-leaguer, malcontents, weigh down, lowspiritednesses, Birched, de-sert, be rated, bring down, cast down, up-set, evening score, ex-asperating, DAMPS, dis-placing, got down, confound, puts sleep, dis may, poor excuse, bemoanings, bleakness, un doing, gloom, wert on one's case, dis quietudes, tyrranies, has on the carpet, Desolateness, fulminate against, spleen, went stale, gets to, yawp, de creases, dis-organize, unhappiness, railroaded, am back of, dis-tressed, re-press, took task, in tensity, milt, having on, slips on, excitability, be-deviled, kvetch, down trip, gat better of, knavery, tough break, in-equity, getting ones hair, dis-tempers, ex-probated, be ones case.