Pronunciation of Clearance
/klˈi͡əɹəns/, /klˈi‍əɹəns/, /k_l_ˈiə_ɹ_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for clearance

Cumbrance, prohibition, in junction, re-serve, injunction, disapproval, impediment, hang up, denial, inhibitors, catch 22, taboo, preclusion, inhibitor, dis-advantages, dis-allowance, dis-incentives, clog, re striction, de lay, suppression, no no's, opposition, re-serves, embolus, obstacle, re-strictions, obstacles, infarction, impedance, fore-stalling, dis-advantage, dead weight, veto, hangup, sentences, deterrence, de-terrence, de-lay, thwartings, condemnation, inter diction, de terence, deterences, in-junctions, ban, out of bound, forestallments, no-no, de-terrences, nonos, sublimations, block, dis advantage, deterence, no-no's, exclusion, de-terence, don'ts, de-terences, sieges, prevention, Infarctions, de lays, dis allowance, self-consciousness, dis-allowances, blank walls, encirclement, out bounds, catch22's, retardments, re strictions, dis incentive, Retardment, re-striction, forestallings, obviation, refusal, disincentive, Disincentives, catch22, off limits, re probations, blockage, logjam, no-nos, prohibitions, dis approvals, inter-dict, de terrences, selfconsciousnesses, catch 22's, off limit, don't, inter-diction, donts, bar, self consciousnesses, de terrence, forestallment, re serve, blank wall, de terences, re probation, closure, infarct, inter dict, logjams, no nos, dis advantages, cumbrances, sublimation, dis-approval, repression, dis-approvals, fore stalling, discouragement, in junctions, Emboli, dis allowances, DONT, dis-incentive, in-junction, selfconsciousness, dead weights, dis incentives, nono, dis approval, self consciousness, impedances, catch-22's, nono's, out bound, revocation, blockade, grounding, de-lays.