Pronunciation of Closing
/klˈə͡ʊzɪŋ/, /klˈə‍ʊzɪŋ/, /k_l_ˈəʊ_z_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for closing

Headmost, mis understandings, by-places, herniation, dispartings, leavetakings, cranny, break, in-denture, big breaks, first performance, prelims, parting the way, VISAS, beginning, in dents, dis-parities, mis understanding, prolusion, in choate, RIMAS, wonts, Good-bye, introduction, out pouring, pioneerings, bi section, Exordiums, inter spaces, rabbets, on rock, pre cursory, tatter, break-offs, Herniae, fracture, rift, dis-union, departmentalizings, in-dentures, embarkation, bisections, inter-section, inter missions, infant, COMP, dis-harmonies, Prolegomenon, keyhole, leave-taking, over-sights, one says, dis-affection, more precursory, pre paring, bi sections, on the rocks, iron the fire, dis-uniting, dis-solution, more initiative, pre ludes, crack, pre ceding, dis junction, most inductive, go-ats, dis severances, dis-unity, good bye, sub-division, rupture, pothole, launching, head most, aperture, maiden, lead-in, detachings, dis relation, most headmost, bi-section, dis-continuance, dis unions, basic principles, dis-relation, cross cut, dedomicilings, de lays, By-place, by place, in consistencies, cross-cuts, mutilation, vivisection, dis-connections, cut, dis engagements, breakoff, parting ways, by-way, prologue, in-coming, pathway, in augural, dis affections, dis-engagements, byways, contrastings, preterition, more commencing, bi-sections, first taste, leave taking, parting, one's says, safe conduct, re-cess, hour, the running, dis juncture, rent, pre-faces, hernia, disaffiliations, safe conducts, re-treats, rendings, more headmost, dis-agreements, superior, walkways, opening remark, availability, walkway, by way, premier, break offs, breaking downs, inception, parting the ways, alpha, notch, basic principle, disaffiliation, dismemberment, original, breaking ups, nocks, dis parting, split, be-ginning, tester, good fortune, first nights, coverts, hours, in the running, PATHWAYS, in-choate, Cross-road, cross roads, dis-harmony, Kerf, cloughs, first showings, most commencing, preamble, in dentures, dis-continuity, disunitings, most readying, de domiciling, in-fluxes, pffft, on the rock, parceling, distinguishings, in denture, go-at, in flux, departmentalizing, inter-ludes, foremost, breakaways, pre-ceding, parting of the way, over sight, dis-affections, pre-paring, breakoffs, re-lief, nock, ex-plosion, fore most, de-lay, inter-spaces, dis-severances, dividings, most inaugural, dis junctions, inter ludes, ex plosions, cutting ups, go ats, embarkations, dialysis, dis-cord, ex plosion, out-break, inter section, dis placement, re spites, dis-placement, gorge, first showing, pretermission, in consistency, onset, inductive, eminent, in-consistencies, dis-affiliation, safe-conduct, out breaks, re-treat, pass, inter-sections, intro, segmentations, more inaugural, eyelets, exordium, Hornbook, be falling, dis severance, pre-lude, re treats, foreword, segmentation, in coming, curtain-raisers, commencement, herniations, pre faces, fore-word, morning, dis-relations, first rounds, dis connection, dis connections, more qualifying, inter sections, basic text, nascence, opening, blank, dis-unions, most preparing, look in, one's moves, first acquaintance, dis solutions, tatters, most germinal, bustup, cutoff, fore word, dis-charge, dis-junction, ones turn, most precursory, more germinal, re-spites, pre-cursory, befallings, fragmentation, out set, vent, basic texts, gulf, interstice, coming out party, incomings, go at, humdrums, Clough, dis-juncture, Scarification, ones move, dis-sections, cross road, rut, nascency, beaten paths, dis-partings, ones says, dis-junctures, in-comings, ones turns, one's move, parting of ways, gash, ventilator, burst, opportunity, one say, over-sight, exitings, most initiative, dis-section, chasm, leadoff, out-pouring, inter lude, graduatings, dis agreements, de-file, hiatus, bisection, debut, out sets, breakaway, womb, first round, disrelations, split ups, separatings, coming out parties, out-breaks, dis parities, mis-understandings, path, rabbet, breaking down, fragmentations, dis-continuities, secession, cross cuts, nascent, get-go, safe-conducts, most pilot, first performances, dis affiliation, germinal, dis unity, Dialyses, pioneer, de-lays, inter-lude, kickoff, Cross-cut, one's turns, rima, crevice, de-domiciling, curtainraiser, the hunt, dedomiciling, dis-connection, dis-parity, dis parity, byplace, more exploratory, beaten path, dis relations, pre ambles, Proem, parting way, dis harmony, preliminary, dis solution, pinhole, separation, dis placements, in fluxes, more preparing, elementary, prelude, dis partings, interpolation, dis-agreement, re spite, byway, big break, premiere, incipience, iron fire, curtainraisers, dis-charges, break-off, be ginning, one turn, leavetaking, first step, splitups, testest, incipient, pfffts, dis cords, fallingout, dis-engagement, first night, baseline, rimation, the hunts, dis charge, in-dent, Hernias, COMPS, inter space, in-flux, opener, Availabilities, valediction, incipiency, ones moves, in-consistency, more readying, intros, cloves, WOMBS, dis-affiliations, sub division, dis harmonies, most exploratory, dis continuity, dis agreement, dismemberments, dis sections, pre lude, byplaces, Foramina, schism, precursory, fore-most, mutilations, chink, launch, Disparting, openers, ravine, preface, initiation, first acquaintances, carvings, initiative, cross-roads, safeconducts, inter-space, dis-severance, in comings, more inductive, dis engagement, preteritions, breach, curtain-raiser, pre face, foramen, dis-continuances, severance, pre-ludes, out-sets, dis affiliations, keyholes, dis-cords, visa, earliest, dis affection, one move, dis union, head-most, vivisections, de lay, exploratory, rimations, re cesses, lead in, first tastes, mis-understanding, dis junctures, break-ups, over sights, difference opinion, cleavage, one's turn, tear, de-files, dis cord, cleft, sub-divisions, perforation, pre-face, de files, dis-placements, parcelings, most opening, leave takings, disrelation, be-falling, de file, more nascent, splitting ups, start, sub divisions, Ventilators, more pilot, out break, primary, day one, first steps, dis-parting, re lief, gap, dawn, dis-solutions, most nascent, ones say, bustups, split-ups, dis continuance, one moves, outset, by places, in dent, pretermissions, break ups, leave-takings, in running, dis-junctions, pre-ambles, hole, dis continuities, in-augural, dis continuances, starting, more opening, dis charges, dis section, interpolations, one turns, slit, initial, dis uniting, break-up, interruption.