Pronunciation of Clumsiness
/klˈʌmzɪnəs/, /klˈʌmzɪnəs/, /k_l_ˈʌ_m_z_ɪ_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for clumsiness

cunnings, lustiness, facility, gracefulness, one things, wizardries, re cognitions, what it take, virtuosities, flair, agility, ex pertness, particular activity adeptness, ingenuity, aestheticisms, wizardry, craft, in-tensity, grace, handinesses, dynamism, dis criminations, expertise, shapeliness, dis patch, what take, nimbleness, in-sights, lithesomeness, dis-patches, good taste, proficiency, in tensity, caritases, under-standing, dis-patch, lissomenesses, the right stuff, dis crimination, smooth sailing, mind for, Ableness, Aestheticism, ablenesses, knowledge, masterships, artistry, re cognition, head way, well being, the goods, expertisms, the good, inside story, birrs, sub stance, handiness, virtuosity, birr, ex-pertnesses, ability, expertism, re sourcefulnesses, quickwittedness, sub-stance, head-way, know-how, craftship, ones thing, spryness, the right stuffs, masterlinesses, litheness, vigor, hardiness, quickwittednesses, skillfulnesses, child play, adroitness, in sight, quickness, wellbeing, sprynesses, lissomeness, re-cognition, mastership, craftships, re-sourcefulness, hardinesses, one thing, sub stances, particular activity adeptnesses, ex-pertness, under standing, smartnesses, what takes, promptitude, lithesomenesses, dis-criminations, skillfulness, under standings, dis-crimination, under-standings, in-vocations, in vocation, compassionateness, compassionatenesses, in sights, skill, ex pertnesses, promptitudes, get up and go, dis patches, culture, knowhow, mind fors, CARITAS, shapelinesses, smooth sailings, dexterity, childs play, lustinesses, brisknesses, in vocations, briskness, in-sight, know how, savoirfaire, gracefulnesses, lithenesses, dynamisms, re sourcefulness, mastery, what it takes, sub-stances.