Pronunciation of Come
/kˈʌm/, /kˈʌm/, /k_ˈʌ_m/

Antonyms for come

bagging it, make progress, gets on wagon, be-aching, untied knot, Divaricated, relationshipping marriage alienate, divorced oneself from, was unlike, sneak off, dedomiciles, called it day, buzz off, becomes airborne, put up white flag, left high dry, taking powder, sur-ceasing, fore-gone, Rusticated, leave hanging, cease, putting on the outs, dis-sever, flying the coop, leaf, makes getaway, went to ones room, beating hasty retreat, coming naught, inter change, legated, lifts off, block, dis agree, egressing, moved out of, became airborne, Absenting, Sallying, dis sents, de taches, yo yo, bi-furcate, sur rendered, kite, be ached, hit the bricks, bi-furcates, played hooky, caved in, cutting it out, inter changed, schisming, pays out, off-loaded, removing oneself, giving someone slip, set out, disaffiliated, de scending, stopping working, be questing, calls day, go separate ways, spoofed, quitted cold, hide, dis-solve, get a move on, calls it day, re tired, de parts, de ceases, played dead, left flat, dis engaging, gets free, getting a move on, divorcing oneself from, dis affiliated, dis mantled, goes bed, takes on the lam, be fell, throw in the towel, de-parting, bad farewell, am no more, puts white flag, ex filtrated, coming away, going to sleep, de domiciles, came naught, repress, de camped, with drawn, aliening, gave way, de-mises, gets the hell out, shake leg, make time, art unlike, divorce from, bi-furcating, dis-unites, leaving behind, went one room, gat the hell out, mis lays, take on the lam, being no more, dis affects, hitting the bricks, moving on, dropped out sight, dis owning, quit the scene, dis unified, re volt, locomotes, depart, making hostile, de materialize, came apart, dis-engaged, leave high dry, dis solve, dis-joined, call day, taking the air, dog it, giving up the ship, dis engage, ups and die, dis locates, dis mount, pulling back, being gone, comes apart, got move on, desert, bag it, ease out, ducked out, pro-cessed, got on the wagon, cashed in chips, go over the hill, unties knot, stepped gas, locomoted, leaved high and dry, gotten the wagon, taking to air, mis-carrying, kept going, going away from, absquatulate, say goodbye, bi-furcated, take to air, left no trace, pause, de-domicile, dis-engages, got away, be done for, dis-affect, be-ached, leave behind, violating oath, being swallowed up, is gone, dis carded, throw towel, absents oneself, takes away, all-owed, turning aside, all owed, passing on, re pealed, sub-dividing, deliver up, cut and run, flies coop, leg it, threw in the towel, flaked out, mis carry, buy it, excursed, violated oath, running out on, dedomiciled, give someone the slip, de-camped, hightails it, went south, dis-affiliated, de-domiciled, with holding, tergiverse, gat on the wagon, dropt out of sight, take hike, de materialized, cutting run, leaved stranded, trans migrating, stepped on the gas, goes scotfree, Re sign, dis affected, re-signs, giving ground, faded away, drops out of sight, dying out, takes it on the lam, off load, dis-solved, took out, ex-tracts, go along with, retro cedes, runs for the hills, re-versed, disunified, was gone, throws in the towel, divaricates, march out, pushing on, pushing off, lifting off, made progress, re-move, head out, takes one's leave, setting forth, OUTS, upping and die, goes to sleep, cuts it out, quit scene, sur-ceases, YOYO, making vacant, gives up ship, be fallen, breaking loose, get free, do vanishing act, art gone, ex-pire, de cease, marches out, dis-continued, ceased to exist, did vanishing act, separating from, ends service, gat away, divaricate, de camps, falls away from, goes scot-free, makes progress, gives work, getting on wagon, dis-carded, stopping participating, made oneself scarce, dis sever, change sides, ceased exist, taking cure, took it on lam, balk, goes room, got hell out, hurries up, ex-filtrated, am unlike, slipt away, un-links, go, getting lost, setting out, make a break, making haste, segmenting, leaving high dry, makes a getaway, turned aside, becomes invisible, go to bed, dematerializing, dis mantle, buckling under, called quits, take to the air, take the air, laying down, leaving high and dry, be-quested, stepping the gas, left behind, hitting bricks, kicked the habit, get wagon, goes to one room, abide, de-vise, putting the outs, regress, ate humble pie, superannuate, delay, be falling, re-treating, runs out on, dis-unifies, retro grade, comes naught, went away from, wert done for, be-falling, says goodbye, sneaked away, extricated oneself, gives the ship, going to bed, dis-joins, be-fell, go ones room, re-treat, gives slip, hightailing it, comes to naught, hanged up, took place, trans-forming, be quest, go west, re treats, shove off, Dichotomized, leaving service, dis-affiliate, dis-perse, de-scended, move on, storms out, bi furcate, re coil, took on lam, ex cursed, puts the outs, moving back, be-fallen, gave notice, fore went, called it a day, dis-continue, turning coat, flying coop, fade away, dichotomizes, separate, retreat, sur renders, step down, be-quests, dis-embarks, hit the trail, dis-owning, takes one leave, crawl out, plays truant, up and die, making ones escape, heads out, cashed chips, go like lightning, relationships or marriage alienate, dis-solving, with-drew, run away, takes a walk, de vised, Embarking, yo yos, dis agreeing, calling day, severing connections, hits trail, cashes in chips, dis engages, bought it, dis agreed, sub divide, ex-curses, re-tiring, came to naught, wert lost, ceases exist, de-ceasing, hang it up, packs it in, trans-formed, de-scending, dis unites, beat hasty retreat, taking lam, re peal, sews up, ex-cursing, being lost, goes west, be-gone, mis carries, relationshiping or marriage alienate, ex-filtrating, divorced from, works out of, re-locating, Demising, Burlesquing, de tach, sets at odds, walked out, Sallied, makes oneself scarce, give up, break out, extricates oneself, call it day, gave work, gave up ship, leaves behind, eat humble pie, go over hill, took away, un couple, going over the fence, yo-yo, crawling out, went over the hill, eased out, wast unlike, dis-sents, kept aloof, signing off, fading away, eats humble pie, stops working, fly coop, knuckles, hanging up, kicking the habit, going one room, de-scend, de-parted, call a day, nip, separated oneself from, lets be, flaked off, running off, got wagon, detain, moves fast, duck out, de camping, dis joining, starting back, ex filtrating, beat a hasty retreat, running for hills, mis-laying, took powder, letting be, step the gas, dis-locates, rusticates, stem, Pensioning, factoring, make escape, abandon, Caricatured, makes time, ceasing to exist, make tracks, bursted out, vacate, go to one room, hit road, easing out, doest vanishing act, giving the ship, sub divides, dis-appears, go to ones room, taking it lam, goes to room, dogging it, dis locating, dis-appear, dis charge, delivering up, secluding oneself, remain, Ratted, putting white flag, dis-mount, leaves holding the bag, get away, toss in, throwing in towel, retro-cedes, broke loose, dis owned, abdicate, sur rendering, take on lam, dis severing, de-domiciling, calling it day, got the wagon, dis unify, take cure, put on outs, give up work, dis charged, play hooky, dis places, unlinks, takes on lam, take a hike, leaved hanging, eases out, gets a move on, are gone, signed off, make break, ex-cursed, giving slip, busting out, moves back, retro grading, gave ground, dis mounting, re-volts, re-coiled, gave slip, divorcing from, relationships marriage alienate, disaffiliates, sneaked off, yo-yoed, packing in, pro cess, re-tracts, ceasing exist, wast done for, goes to ones room, shrink, stepping on the gas, leave stranded, de domicile, inflect, leaving stranded, offload, play dead, obstruct, makes quick exit, dis sent, took off, de materializing, relationshiping marriage alienate, flakes out, branching, going to room, re-pealed, stealing away, sets out, step gas, gets the wagon, moving fast, melted away, sur ceased, packing up, hits the trail, being unlike, dis appearing, make scarce, dis-join, kiss goodbye, be quests, de-camp, didst vanishing act, going ones room, gotten away, dis-unify, were swallowed up, de-sert, getting away, went sleep, turn aside, breaks it off, are done for, taking hike, gets away with, take turns, bi furcated, runs away, dis locate, wait, re tracts, dis-sent, fore-going, re volts, come apart, disunifying, dis severs, with holds, giving up ship, kissed goodbye, lifted off, rolls over, takes cure, steals away, is lost, cashes chips, expire, move fast, becoming airborne, leaved no trace, make a getaway, cashing chips, were gone, divorces from, eating humble pie, mis-lays, dematerializes, ex cursing, goes different ways, goes scot free, re coils, pro-cessing, go scot free, continue, took ones leave, permutating, Knuckled, dis-mantling, yo-yos, dis-charging, hand resignation, go scot-free, setting at odds, un-linked, Inflecting, standing down, went forth, GITS, Burlesqued, Beaching, stopped participating, heads for, sneaking away, ratting, de vising, secede, fail, going over the hill, bust out, hitting the trail, were off, calling a day, making progress, makes tracks, dis-affiliating, surrender, sends up, head for, are swallowed up, re cedes, going to one room, absents, moves out of, shakes leg, quit cold, taking one leave, gave over, set at odds, snuck away, sur ceases, with held, goes over the hill, offloads, getting on the wagon, called it quits, separates oneself from, hurried up, dis embarks, stepped on it, making break, going over hill, pass out, re tiring, move abroad, give ship, disappear, throwing towel, evacuate, dropping out sight, gotten hell out, quitting scene, excursing, skiddoo, took a powder, sending up, buzzing off, makes haste, discourage, playing dead, de scended, stormed out, ended service, tossing in, dis unite, de-camping, withdraw, draws away, dis embarked, take the cure, ex curses, turned coat, giving up work, takes place, end gradually, draw away, ups die, running for the hills, stay, lose, made ones escape, keep going, re-tire, exfiltrating, dis-appearing, parted with, takes the air, lam, dis-affecting, taking out, hitting trail, step it, gives ground, moves abroad, hightail it, be quested, made quick exit, part, sneaks away, got away with, stepping it, dis affiliate, skipped out, de ceasing, disunifies, upping die, hits the sack, off-loads, dropped out of sight, beating a hasty retreat, took hike, takes a powder, ending gradually, turn coat, headed out, exfiltrated, making a break, taking place, quits cold, made one's escape, quits the scene, diverge, called a day, dematerialized, goes sleep, de materializes, going scotfree, exit, gave the slip, cut run, cash in, dis perse, gives up the ship, dis-affects, runs off, leaves flat, off loads, burst out, set odds, freeing oneself, took the air, gotten free, trans migrates, gets on the wagon, kick habit, cutting and run, mis lay, gave the ship, going AWOL, takes to the air, letted go, died out, offloaded, tosses in, legging it, driving apart, dis affiliating, disaffiliate, dis-locating, drop out sight, relationshipped marriage alienate, shake a leg, trans migrated, dis embark, dis-joining, went to sleep, dis-placing, dis charging, go forth, dis embarking, going different ways, be lost, left stranded, hem haw, beats hasty retreat, threw the towel, letting continue, saying goodbye, removes oneself, gotten on wagon, kicks habit, trans-migrate, dichotomize, signs off, step on it, taking on the lam, yoyoing, giving work, re-verse, retrogrades, re-locate, dis unifies, dis charges, un coupling, denies oneself, lays down, go one's room, handing resignation, dis-mounting, skiddoos, retro grades, hits bricks, sub divided, frees oneself, with-drawn, moving out of, flew coop, throws the towel, trans-posing, taking turns, gives notice, be-questing, took it the lam, hamper, de-domiciles, dis-place, be fall, un link, make oneself scarce, dis mantling, took the cure, un linked, untie the knot, give notice, trans-forms, leaves service, takes powder, take flight, hinder, left hanging, gat the wagon, re move, take one leave, making a getaway, de-vising, taking it on lam, goes over hill, bi furcates, bags it, make getaway, gat wagon, move out, be-tray, ran away, steps it, delivers up, sur-render, buying it, dis continues, dis-embarked, Trooped, hit sack, kisses goodbye, with-drawing, took to air, ran for the hills, mis-laid, rode off, takes it on lam, left holding bag, paying out, moving out, went over fence, legating, skipping out, vamoose, dis-uniting, leaved flat, dis affiliates, dis mounts, run off, giving notice, plays dead, goes awol, move back, dis uniting, putting on outs, packs up, went ones room, takes it lam, keeping aloof, pro-cess, got on wagon, cease work, sur-renders, inter-change, taking one's leave, untie knot, hitting sack, dogs it, dis placing, made tracks, bidding farewell, takes air, retro cede, puts outs, step on gas, vanish, untied the knot, aliened, re-cedes, re-cede, blow, de-taches, being done for, re coiled, trans ported, de mise, is off, hand in resignation, marched out, hightailed it, branched, buzzed off, calling quits, linger, trans migrate, went west, gave someone the slip, taking ones leave, re pealing, pulled back, start out, wriggling out, cash chips, re-ceding, caving in, took lam, packed up, made escape, sub-divide, ran for hills, seclude oneself, makes hostile, made scarce, de-ceased, dis-cards, stepped on gas, give work, hurrying up, be gone, suppress, pass on, leaves hanging, hang up, make vacant, gat move on, kicked habit, shook a leg, ride off, de sert, evanishes, takes it the lam, drive apart, wert swallowed up, gave ship, escape, went scot-free, separated from, leave holding the bag, makes one escape, re tires, kick bucket, rolled over, go bed, Retrograding, re tract, dis mantles, gives up work, ship out, re signed, inflects, making one's escape, making tracks, are unlike, gat on wagon, buckles under, keeping going, made vacant, dis appeared, upped die, fore-went, passes on, dis-unified, re versing, making escape, be-falls, went different ways, hits sack, give up the ship, go scotfree, dis-located, riding off, leaving holding the bag, die out, leave holding bag, cashing in, throw in towel, turns aside, ex-filtrate, left service, tergiversing, giving way, paid out, dieing out, re locates, emigrate, ceasing work, halt, hands in resignation, de-ceases, disunify, sew up, violates oath, dis-card, walks out, making quick exit, kissing goodbye, flies the coop, outed, stood down, am off, made hostile, going forth, takes walk, push on, taking the lam, were done for, headed for, flee, sur-rendered, ex haling, stands down, put on the outs, untying the knot, stepping gas, ex-haling, get hell out, call it a day, retro-grading, shaking a leg, throws towel, dis carding, goes to bed, stepping on gas, lets go, de domiciled, come naught, Stranding, pack in, dematerialize, absenting oneself, starting out, be falls, took a hike, slips away, run for the hills, made a break, defect, skips out, changed sides, trans forms, dis engaged, running along, ex hale, denied oneself, tergiverses, dis-placed, shakes a leg, cash in chips, be aching, came away, make one's escape, re ceding, pack it in, lessen, bagged it, goes to one's room, dis-places, ducks out, decrease, Retrograded, puts out to pasture, dedomicile, get on wagon, started back, take place, hanging it up, making oneself scarce, taking away, egressed, crawls out, bursts out, got free, stopt working, fades away, ceases work, am done for, unlinking, dis-owned, leave lurch, caves in, dis solves, mis-lay, mis carrying, stole away, goes away from, take lam, break loose, brake it off, sneak away, move out of, worked out of, re-coil, unties the knot, knuckle, putting out to pasture, Trooping, stepped it, packing it in, re moving, shipped out, bequesting, relationship marriage alienate, went to one room, re moved, bid farewell, took it lam, exited, put the outs, calls a day, de scends, be swallowed up, kicked over, dis-continues, cuts run, taking it on the lam, stop working, wast off, dis-engaging, removed oneself, goes ones room, went scotfree, call it quits, tosses it in, let continue, slips out, transmigrate, am swallowed up, putting up white flag, going away, packed in, flew the coop, dis continued, kick the habit, handing in resignation, busts out, went to one's room, retro ceding, de-mise, Whiffed, took to the air, with-draw, am gone, slipped out, kept apart, ex filtrates, flaking out, goes over the fence, putting out pasture, leave flat, take off, stop, started out, trans-form, dis-mounts, wert gone, rid off, taking a walk, re coiling, sub-divides, dis-severs, coming to naught, bite dust, fore going, de part, dis-unite, retro-grades, marching out, gives someone the slip, de-cease, give the ship, stood aside, separate oneself from, rolling over, mis carried, stop participating, de-materializes, give up ship, de-camps, becoming invisible, quitted scene, ex haled, ships out, retro-ceding, trans forming, separates from, re-coils, cut it out, gives someone slip, dis-united, re-located, take air, melts away, taking a powder, kited, severed connections, re-tract, stand, dis-appeared, pull back, ex-tract, trans-migrates, is done for, sur-ceased, pull out, re signs, de-vised, slow, pro-cesses, hands resignation, un-linking, trans-pose, went bed, trans formed, took leave, drave apart, re-treats, lift off, dis-charged, drives apart, stopt participating, all-owing, de ceased, freed oneself, wrought out of, stepped the gas, leaved service, buzzes off, storming out, gets away, takes to air, retro graded, took walk, took one leave, with draws, sewed up, dedomiciling, goes south, taking flight, beats a hasty retreat, changes sides, gitting, inter-changes, getting away with, re locating, gives ship, play truant, gat hell out, re verse, passed on, leave no trace, with-holds, inhibit, un links, make ones escape, packs in, sur-cease, changing sides, dis-mantles, cashes in, breaks loose, made haste, starts back, dis-carding, being off, un couples, dis affect, getting the wagon, stunt, took a walk, parting with, brake loose, be no more, ran out on, dis-locate, hold back, legs it, stops participating, conceal, set forth, throws in towel, with draw, de scend, cashing in chips, skidaddle, evanished, handed in resignation, leaving holding bag, setting odds, become invisible, Mouthed, is no more, payed out, parts company, ends gradually, un coupled, dis-mantled, went to room, leaved holding the bag, leaves holding bag, run out on, mis laying, went to bed, be tray, gives over, take away, busted out, retro-graded, hanged it up, denying oneself, resign, moved out, tossing it in, moving abroad, lets continue, inter-changing, sets odds, takes ones leave, keeps going, crawled out, break it off, dis-engage, cuts and run, going south, sub-divided, Evanish, throwing the towel, dis-severing, ending service, buckle under, trans posed, went over the fence, give the slip, took cure, buckled under, re tire, delivered up, stand down, breaking it off, sub dividing, dis located, take a walk, deny oneself, pass, keeps aloof, un-couple, hung it up, get away with, letting go, handed resignation, dis continue, dis unifying, gives the slip, dis united, be unlike, gets hell out, went scot free, extricating oneself, leaves stranded, sur cease, makes break, takes the cure, quitted the scene, turns coat, were no more, re-coiling, ducking out, with hold, skip out, took one's leave, yo yoing, washed hands of, re-moves, were lost, ex pire, shilly shally, end service, goes away, makes ones escape, skedaddle, check out, re-tires, interrupt, made time, going like lightning, was lost, letted continue, laid down, send up, sur-rendering, gotten a move on, wast no more, makes scarce, took the lam, bi furcating, taking to the air, Excurse, dis-affiliates, de-tach, giving the slip, dis severed, put out to pasture, tossed in, take leave, get off, de-scends, kick over, dis-mantle, wast lost, made getaway, hit bricks, un-link, takes leave, quitting the scene, hits the bricks, come to naught, re peals, runs for hills, Demised, calling it quits, dis appears, went awol, gotten the hell out, take the lam, going over fence, re-volt, get move on, de-materialize, relationshipped or marriage alienate, be off, give ground, going room, broke it off, calling it a day, shaking leg, falling away from, clock, buys it, become airborne, took it on the lam, left high and dry, off-loading, letted stay, called day, drops out sight, move, disaffiliating, Caricaturing, cashed in, dis-severed, estrange, played truant, goes like lightning, leaving hanging, hit trail, with drawing, call quits, kicking habit, kicks the habit, art swallowed up, give over, re-signed, calls it quits, go off, check, divorce oneself from, going to ones room, makes escape, quits scene, dis placed, dis-mounted, gat away with, dropping out of sight, dis agrees, go different ways, starts out, go room, hangs it up, sign off, took air, going bed, trans-migrated, dies out, ex tract, taking air, went one's room, de-materialized, goes one room, dogged it, keeping apart, off loaded, Whiffing, flaking off, go south, sectioning, keep apart, be-fall, de-parts, taking a hike, dis-agree, bids farewell, comes away, skidaddles, slipped away, de parted, Unlink, recede, went separate ways, make quick exit, made a getaway, dost vanishing act, goes forth, sneaks off, dis-agreed, dis cards, impede, taking walk, steps on it, melting away, de-materializing, dis join, be trays, dis continuing, ceased work, dis appear, cease to exist, de mises, inflected, wert unlike, lay down, un linking, with-hold, stands aside, skiddooing, pro cessed, made break, take walk, leave, going sleep, exfiltrate, calls it a day, de-part, coming apart, got a move on, putting outs, go out, sneaking off, dis-agrees, dissuade, quit, yoyoed, drove apart, calls quits, takes a hike, took on the lam, drawing away, un-coupled, slip away, up die, giving ship, un-coupling, dis-affected, dis-charges, fell away from, doing vanishing act, flake off, yo yoed, cease exist, trans pose, de domiciling, stopped working, taking the cure, leaving flat, getting hell out, take powder, arrest, dis affecting, work out of, is unlike, takes hike, stall, all owing, walk out, gotten on the wagon, bursting out, make haste, divorces oneself from, went over hill, re-ceded, rides off, was off, gat a move on, bequested, dis-agreeing, slipping out, Dichotomizing, wriggled out, dropt out sight, playing hooky, blow hot cold, miss, run for hills, dis solved, fore gone, trans form, dis-continuing, tossed it in, fly the coop, art lost, put white flag, making time, said goodbye, plays hooky, shipping out, come away, ex curse, gave up work, threw towel, lit out, gat free, mis-carry, remove oneself, stand aside, gets wagon, am lost, heading for, re-moving, doth vanishing act, was done for, Rusticating, quitting cold, sever connections, re signing, steps on the gas, inter changes, pro cessing, taking leave, legged it, give way, melt away, takes the lam, de parting, step on the gas, dis-embarking, takes flight, give slip, skiddooed, drew away, with drew, ex filtrate, dis-embark, re treating, dis mounted, moves out, dis-charge, de vise, dis-unifying, go away from, put out pasture, dis place, shillyshally, re-peals, be-quest, part with, going separate ways, making scarce, dis joined, spoofing, went like lightning, compress, take it the lam, heading out, re locate, bade farewell, were unlike, moved on, kiting, dis solving, dis joins, Git, pay out, with-held, dis-solves, skidaddling, Pensioned, wast gone, cramp, inter changing, yo-yoing, makes a break, go over the fence, get out, Divaricating, making one escape, re-treated, extricate oneself, get the wagon, doeth vanishing act, give someone slip, skidaddled, locomoting, goes separate ways, permutate, drop out of sight, sent up, dis card, gitted, take a powder, sets forth, re located, wast swallowed up, ceases to exist, re-locates, be-trays, moves on, taking on lam, cave in, became invisible, rusticate, de camp, gets move on, art no more.