Pronunciation of Commendation
/kˌɒməndˈe͡ɪʃən/, /kˌɒməndˈe‍ɪʃən/, /k_ˌɒ_m_ə_n_d_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for commendation

bawling outs, taunt, dirty linen, scolding, ex-postulation, be rating, call downs, dis eases, parting shot, ex-postulations, buffoonery, in-gloriousness, sermon, Reviling, damnings, CCS, parting shots, de-basing, dis-courtesies, in justices, lowdown dirty, inculpation, brickbats, up-braidings, dis-repute, under-estimation, dis credit, rankout, floutings, whine, dis-approvals, mis manage, low down dirty, up sets, recriminations, putdown, Fooleries, lecture, re-presentations, dis approbation, upbraiding, in-criminations, bawling-outs, cutting remark, mud slingings, mis-representation, ex-probations, chewingouts, in gloriousnesses, dis favors, harangue, mordacity, quinines, re monstrance, reproach, condemnation, de gradations, in disposition, cheap shots, call down, dishonor, scorcher, dis-graces, pejoratives, bawling-out, grumble, mis-handlings, Whinge, in juries, bad-mouthings, dis graces, stigmatizations, idle rumor, libel, cutting remarks, pushing around, fulmination, dis-order, dis favor, ex postulations, backhanded compliments, de gradation, cursings, slander, inculpations, raggings, up-sets, verbal abuse, signifyings, de-traction, dis content, dis-favor, re-prehension, out-rage, aspersion, talking tos, dis-pleasures, blame, objurgation, dressingdown, piece ones mind, objurgations, piece of one mind, Laughters, kick in teeth, in jury, bad mouthings, in dignities, beratings, underestimation, ex-pose, in-sinuation, be-rating, up set, answerabilities, telling-offs, Pilgarlic, slap in the face, de-tractions, de rogation, dis satisfaction, dis-approval, puton, re pulses, Buffooneries, bawlingout, scandalmongerings, backhanded compliment, low-down dirty, correction, mis manages, mis representation, dis credits, dirty linens, slap face, mud-slingings, disgrace, dis-honors, accusation, slap the face, badmouthings, be-ratings, dis-ease, detraction, piece mind, telling offs, talking-to, talking to, vituperation, groomings, muckrakings, faultfindings, kicking around, de-rogations, ex-probation, re-crimination, scoffings, re-criminations, in-disposition, re buff, re presentations, piece one mind, tauntings, humblings, in gloriousness, impugnments, dis-esteem, censure, mis-manages, lament, dis orders, dis-approbation, needlings, dis-grace, ex pose, disrespect, hard time, fault findings, up-braiding, dis-approbations, recrimination, chewing-out, mis deeds, skeleton in closet, kick teeth, dis-respect, mis-deed, dis-orders, fault finding, bad presses, re prehensions, underestimations, re probations, obloquy, mis handling, upbraidments, piece of one's mind, pilgarlics, dis respects, re-pulses, hard times, abuse, ex postulation, dis esteem, re-monstrance, rank outs, re buffs, kicking arounds, mis-handling, under estimation, debasings, piece one's mind, low-down dirties, impeachment, going overs, mis deed, Causticness, dirty laundry, upbraidings, exprobations, disapproval, mis applications, mud slinging, dis reputes, what fors, mis-deeds, kick the teeth, ridicule, dis repute, de tractions, re presentation, ingloriousnesses, mis application, be ratings, slap on wrist, re monstrances, skeleton closet, goingover, rebuke, malignings, re crimination, mud-slinging, tongue lashing, plaints, impeachments, in-gloriousnesses, de basement, Ingloriousness, sardonicisms, dirty digs, in-sinuations, chidings, upbraidment, libelings, scurrility, dis approvals, lampoonings, de-gradations, ex probations, dis-content, dis-eases, bad press, mis-application, bawlingouts, mis-applications, plaint, re criminations, stigmatization, de traction, reprimand, tellingoff, quinine, knifings, lowdown dirties, dis-pleasure, out-rages, denunciation, scandalmongering, muckraking, calling downs, black lists, ex probation, rank-outs, pushing arounds, de-rogation, indictment, de rogations, up-set, earfuls, dis-respects, chewing outs, dis-courtesy, answerability, rank-out, attack, de basing, reprovals, kick in the teeth, exprobation, dis-credits, re-monstrances, reprehension, in crimination, brickbat, talkingtos, de-basement, de-basements, cheap shot, sardonicism, what for, in-justice, dis-favors, verbal abuses, dis-satisfactions, chewingout, slap wrist, admonition, dis courtesies, in-jury, mis representations, smearings, dis ease, put-down, scandal, fault-findings, rankouts, hosings, traducings, backstabbings, dis contents, disbarment, mis conducts, slap in face, foolery, in-dispositions, re probation, out rages, mis handlings, dis grace, ill repute, reprobation, tonguelashing, dis honors, hosing, dis-credit, incrimination, Re-presentation, criticism, rank out, dis pleasure, mis-conduct, low down dirties, dis-contents, in dispositions, dis-honor, dirty dig, scorchers, Ragging, under estimations, disparagement, dis approval, dis-satisfaction, causticnesses, dis order, object ridicule, in criminations, telling-off, stink, dis respect, dis esteems, dis-esteems, dirty laundries, derision, de-gradation, dis honor, dis-reputes, calling down, under-estimations, chewing-outs, revilement, in-dignities, mockery, black list, object of ridicule, gibe, disbarments, dis approbations, up braidings, dis pleasures, running downs, earful, dis satisfactions, defamation, dis courtesy, piece of ones mind, mis-conducts, mis conduct, de basements, talkingto, complaint, re-buffs.