Pronunciation of Common
/kˈɒmən/, /kˈɒmən/, /k_ˈɒ_m_ə_n/

Antonyms for common

a far cry from, galling, more crackup, novel, more new-fashioned, un-bending, just out, an arm and a leg, Unapproached, beetling, un-accompanied, most wonderworking, unalike, more teratoid, top-notch, super-duper, top drawer, gargantuan, most mismated, most ivory tower, re moved, un-compromising, out of world, anti thetic, semi-occasional, un bending, noticeable, over-whelming, witting, noteworthy, more romanesque, most biggun, most wizardly, most weaving, more unshared, most highfaluting, more indefectible, most heteromorphic, most elect, un-blended, awe inspiring, un likest, on target, most fivestar, in explainable, red carpet, constituent, one of a kind, more personalized, rad, graceful, most uncustomary, infrequent, madeup, up down, ex citing, endest, kooky, in cog, welldone, in spotlight, perkest, para-mount, in-tense, off beaten path, out right, un steadiest, more character, more unalloyed, unsatisfactory, in-side, in-tensest, nit picking, more unperceived, more undercooked, unknowable, free easy, bodacious, out in left field, more prizable, parapsychological, prestigious, most witchlike, more conjuring, most applauded, most monster, Prizable, in-glorious, un-equivocal, crawlier, kneeslapper, high-level, derisory, namer, one, gilt-edged, choicier, dis quieting, dis-crete, ex-tended, fabulous, signal, Vagarious, unexampled, most upper-class, A 1, hundred proof, more high level, out of ordinary, most splendrous, firstclass, more tranced, like night day, most personalized, most beast, be witched, most hand picked, special, unrivalled, more phantasmagorical, nowest, most magnifico, in-effable, new-fashioned, most worshipped, untried, one-way, pleasureloving, nameable, most handpicked, in-distinct, high flown, most imcomprehensible, more shangri la, unalloyed, blue-blooded, re achiest, freaker, local, sensitive, most delphic, screamer, nifty, well-thought-of, unexplained, pre-dominant, more such and such, onerous, de-tailed, cut fine, at premium, un divided, first-string, more mismated, un surpassed, more fussbudget, in high favor, more super-colossal, beyond wildest dreams, most bigshot, mind boggling, very good, most lionlike, especial, un mitigated, in the lap of luxury, most singled-out, worth king's ransom, dis-united, sur-realistic, Fluctuant, more pedigreed, re-served, worth weight in gold, more well-thought-of, far fetched, most character, more high profile, hideous, un-associated, un-contaminated, more crack-up, bionic, more inexplainable, un-celebrated, most well-thought-of, most king-size, at cutting edge, unnoted, more overrefined, un-rivaled, big-name, first class, de signless, most unrecognized, more first-string, in-visible, express, Newfashioned, in-creased, un duest, super-numerary, more agitating, in-born, more protrusive, mismated, separate, more murder, fragmentary, in appropriate, extraordinaire, out left field, most unknowable, far cry, most esteemed, inconceivable, in-imitable, un couth, anti social, un equal, more unmatchable, more supernormal, bluestocking, more put on, more half-cooked, more a-ok, more aok, de terminate, in spiring, super numerary, crack-up, highfaluting, remarkable, non-conformist, out side, in decisive, more unnoted, un-commonest, fabbest, re-cognized, unmethodical, un believable, be-wildering, queer, occasional, out of way, divisional, alltime, ex pressed, more shangrila, subtilest, more newfashioned, re served, most tranced, un-cannier, Zigzagged, demoniac, in-experienced, more ivory-tower, most nameable, close one chest, half raw, red letter, won't fly, close to one's chest, telekinetic, un-alike, dignified, independent, be-yond, un-real, pre-eminent, not open, regional, firstrate, not general, rummy, more first string, de-luxe, more weirdo, in-divisible, so-and-so, most weirdo, most bodacious, most super-duper, more somebody, more celeb, nit-picking, more apart, under ones hat, under done, most high profile, more bigshot, great, un-approached, most big-gun, nice, most romanesque, most unalike, witching, majorleague, un usual, most celebrious, un typical, most somebody, most treasurable, off on, most indefectible, un equivocal, un trodden, in tolerable, ex cited, in-describable, in a class by itself, fivestar, un considered, most celeb, monstrous, eccentric, most well-done, Well-born, ex acting, worth kings ransom, re current, wonderworking, in born, preeminent, dis-criminative, only one, over kill, un-knowable, un commonest, out world, un-investigated, re presentative, un distinguished, more bigname, more headache, more antithetic, unheardof, in the foreground, most pie in the sky, un-substantial, most well-born, ex press, more screaming, something to write home about, un earthlier, par excellence, most high up, jokiest, good looking, more attenuate, un qualified, un-predictable, radder, most supranormal, most razzle-dazzle, more cutting edge, nearly raw, undercooked, most ensorcelled, most antithetic, in human, most on-again-off-again, in spired, unmatchable, more unhonored, most unpunctual, end earing, close to chest, most first string, un-customary, doll face, in comprehensible, excellent, more prized, de-formed, fit for a king queen, supercolossal, more captivating, un compounded, not uniform, most endeared, not public, recherche, un fathomable, romanesque, enigmatical, Gelastic, most off-the-wall, more singledout, blueblooded, in-constant, oldworld, more bewildering, un surpassable, unthinkable, in supposable, citified, overkill, in-sanest, inter-minable, nonuniform, magical, uninformative, most distingue, re tired, ex-acting, most backdoor, Cher, dis-quieting, more half raw, eyecatching, more ridiculous, half cooked, in-sincerer, a couple, un-mixed, un-official, most another, spastic, more witting, more unrevealed, more knee-slapper, Teratoid, phenomenal, re-liable, dis similar, fits and starts, beyond compare, well read, more off-the-wall, uncelebrated, most king size, stellar, de fined, un-equal, gasser, most uncompanionable, most doozie, close to ones chest, un-matched, in bred, choicy, un orthodox, more beetling, un seemlier, in-dividual, razzledazzle, in-saner, un-surpassed, most supranatural, worth eyeteeth, end-eared, cherrest, un substantial, more singled-out, more attenuated, optimum, well born, out of proportion, re-mote, considerate, in-comparable, with drawn, Designful, more giltedged, fourstar, mammoth, fussbudget, incommensurable, most reserve, in tended, queenly, razzle dazzle, individualist, sectional, most page one, striking, most half cooked, more page-oner, fusser, more esteemed, most necromantic, dis criminating, more ornamented, more old world, notable, choiciest, most stickler, fore most, un compromising, behind the scenes, un-identified, most high-up, grotesque, unpopular, salient, most monarchical, handsome, most steller, more imitation, more entranced, more world-class, more delphian, cryptic, highprofile, more anarchistic, more luxurious, un-thinkable, hush hush, most out-of-reach, most protrusive, in credible, uninvestigated, more antic, of note, in sane, off-base, most world-class, most four-star, unassociated, incomparable, more big-gun, most out of reach, more fivestar, more otherwise, super-mundane, super-human, half-raw, one for book, most designless, out-of-this-world, gagged up, dear, sensational, un-triedest, grodier, most cherished, astronomic, illustrious, ultra-modern, smooth, one-man, in-human, sur prising, have-it-all, most fussbudget, more nonuniform, in dependent, more scarred, offkey, up holstered, un touched, more reverend, more super duper, worth ones weight in gold, most deviate, most spellbinding, un realistic, most agitating, noted, most tip-top, self indulgent, most into, most a ok, more incommensurable, most shangri-la, in-consistent, more stand-out, dis-continuous, in-cogitable, more revered, un aligned, over priced, phantasmagorical, more unrenowned, sub-tiler, more reverenced, most big-name, in terminable, more sequestered, under cooked, more bodacious, un-surpassable, most acroamatic, fab, most cuttingedge, muchpublicized, more front page, highly regarded, way out, fits starts, most embittering, un ordinary, in sincere, eminent, re serve, sur realistic, more big gun, super human, un liker, in sincerer, out-of-sight, un sightlier, in-spired, most five-star, most recherche, more stylized, un-comely, more darling, unconforming, most mismatched, in experienced, un-told, un-expected, more supranormal, gilt edged, perker, most neoteric, most stand out, re-warding, out standing, dis-proportionate, most headache, singled-out, un-social, un knowable, under-lined, more heteromorphic, in-definite, overrefined, in-appropriate, most primo, un suitable, dis connected, super duper, more undirected, reachiest, un associated, un likely, pre eminent, more razzledazzle, more designful, over-nice, in-congruous, highminded, most gilt edged, conspicuous, most nonpareil, un-forgettable, oddest, un approachable, most upscale, swell, pie-in-the-sky, un-earthly, more insupposable, most page-oner, Mega, cultivated, un equaled, most piked, most kneeslapper, un-equalled, un seemliest, more crack up, most nit-picking, most bionic, more front-page, fine, most otherwise, un-suitable, un-familiar, in-frequent, ex-press, of good repute, un-steadier, surrealistic, un revealed, un seen, straightout, new fashioned, more another, most expressed, un-considered, highup, mis-created, more derisory, big-gun, more reserve, weird, in-estimable, distinctive, more unassociated, more unknowable, renowned, more oddball, more upperclass, dis-criminating, most unsymmetrical, avantgarde, more unsymmetrical, in frequent, most vagarious, undirected, halfraw, most prizable, behind scenes, superior, at a premium, Towery, more big shot, out of place, out-righter, un-similar, more unalike, most unperceived, in-scrutable, funnier, splendid, super colossal, in-sincere, in-supposable, most protruding, like night and day, worth one weight in gold, un triedest, bigname, more surrealistic, un repeatable, worldclass, individual, more so-and-so, not habitual, offcolor, more humdinger, un-typical, one and only, more kingsize, screamest, most demoniac, superlative, one more, more four-star, more bionic, un-recognized, worth one's weight in gold, most particularized, most attenuate, most inexplainable, mis-leading, head ache, in-coherent, un-spoiled, Unrenowned, more high principled, well done, ex tensive, out of question, most upper class, more four star, Acroamatic, most five star, unhonored, un-equaled, most in to, sub tiler, riotest, most pleasureloving, un-earthliest, sur-prising, in dividual, in-tolerable, tip-top, un-symmetrical, most frontpage, in conspicuous, un perceived, in-discriminate, most side splitting, most pleasure-loving, more recherche, most hundred-proof, be-witched, over-refined, in-decisive, un accountable, grandiose, more contrastive, more curious, personal, end-earing, rarely done, most such-and-such, more worshipped, man-to-man, un-convincing, most captivating, more king-size, Designless, more primo, gingerbread, re-doubted, more pie in the sky, un real, more supranatural, moderately done, un steadier, most mega, non public, more firststring, campier, beyond possibility, splashest, exceptional, more fluctuating, most a-ok, re maining, un expected, in visible, un paragoned, more nit picking, far off, most well thought of, few far between, ivory-tower, more beatnik, difficult believe, topser, under ones nose, cats meow, un stable, in the limelight, under-done, different, more weaving, more treasured, mostest, pet, more spiring, most overtaxing, stagier, most redesigned, out the way, unheard-of, more contradistinct, un earthliest, mindboggling, more upper class, more have it all, unlikely, unrepeatable, cross-sectional, more king size, more uncompanionable, un-trieder, more page-one, more treasurable, pre-meditated, re liablest, cat's meow, most differential, in to, un-ascertained, most reverenced, nonpublic, super-star, more into, un explained, brand new, dead on, un skilled, most ideal, un thinkable, most front page, re fined, mindblowing, not understandable, more ensorcelled, un directed, un canniest, abnormal, most mondo, aweinspiring, un-bounded, fantastical, clean cut, un conventional, un-conventional, miraculous, more leviathan, in comparable, re-liablest, most four star, most idolized, in class by itself, unilateral, un-wonted, most treasured, more overtaxing, extra-ordinary, bulls eye, side splitting, more dynamite, more page oner, high, more overkill, dis crete, un-paragoned, more high-profile, most ivory-tower, over above, pickest, un-canny, fore-most, close to one chest, more expressed, scarier, more confounding, staggest, elite, more beast, blimpest, outre, un-exampled, Old World, ex-act, un accompanied, more unmixed, supra natural, more off the wall, talked about, handpicked, in-ordinate, pro-founder, turnon, more differentiating, un-systematic, more fabulous, more ivory tower, more directionless, be wildering, de finite, de-signless, un-reliable, most monarchial, more heteroclite, gravier, more transcendental, diacritic, cleancut, more uncelebrated, most fourstar, most astronomic, ex tolled, un mixed, more well done, most deviative, tremendous, in famous, most unassociated, most behemothic, rich, most worldclass, over taxing, most bigname, noble, more cherished, be-loved, most lionized, in-dependent, more miscreated, re gular, super-colossal, another story, more wizardly, more unequalled, greathearted, most bluestocking, breaking new ground, un-conditional, re generated, un-shared, something else, knee slapper, un cannier, superstarrer, para-psychological, most anarchistic, super-natural, more precieux, intermittent, de liberate, more high-up, in-sincerest, un identified, sur plusser, most unalloyed, cuttingedge, most on again off again, valuable, front-page, un symmetrical, Inexplainable, over nice, over powering, fit for a king- queen, most murder, mind blowing, worth a king ransom, droll, most embossed, off balance, out proportion, unnatural, Clocklike, off the beaten track, more out-of-sight, aristocratic, highprincipled, un-revealed, out this world, un representative, more winner, marvelous, more spastic, most big-shot, seldom, ex-tolled, most orphic, high up, most joshing, in the know, more much-publicized, semioccasional, end eared, king-size, Crawly, on-again-off-again, un likelier, Insupposable, runic, most cutting-edge, most put on, more harhar, most tip top, most pie-in-the-sky, more piked, most singledout, cultured, most nonpublic, most new-fashioned, puton, macabre, most electrifying, para psychological, close one's chest, more elect, most reverend, in scrutable, incredible, un-charted, more kneeslapper, un common, most unfrequent, most unascertained, most knee slapper, in-explicable, orphic, sole, localized, more particularized, re-achy, mis created, worth ones weight gold, most disunited, high-falutin', few and far between, well-bred, most scarred, most sorcerous, stand-out, most super-colossal, un-ceremonious, one-sided, superstar, more clownish, un trieder, more unsocial, maximum, restrained, singled out, most parapsychological, in-spiring, stagy, knee-slapper, highclass, un-attainable, more unsimilar, clownish, more unexampled, pricey, un-aligned, un-renowned, memorable, top notch, un-seasoned, re-serve, highranking, with-drawn, un seemly, more unitary, most half-cooked, more spiritualistic, in accessible, bigshot, most halfcooked, in cogitable, most extolled, more neoteric, un-necessary, un alike, most surpassing, esoteric, stagiest, Unapprehended, un approached, pro founder, most witting, more stickler, un trained, un-representative, most unapproached, more semioccasional, un celebrated, off center, in-grained, more uncontaminated, more embittering, over-taxing, sporadic, un-accountable, royal, avant garde, more turnon, more wellborn, Unparagoned, un-apprehended, more well thought of, more lagniappe, solitary, blue blooded, most unaligned, imperial, most crack up, most old-world, won't wash, un-methodical, pageoner, cutting-edge, most onliest, overtaxing, be loved, more unparagoned, in-soluble, super-normal, more fluctuant, well bred, in-tended, in-supportable, de-fined, tip top, out rest, raddest, in definite, un similar, in-conspicuous, more superduper, classic, eerie, most muchpublicized, high-profile, enormous, half-cooked, most unexplained, monumental, more hermitical, more outre, farfetched, un-reasonable, highborn, out order, in explicable, original, Piked, un explored, ideal, un-believable, world-class, untrodden, un informative, an arm leg, off-the-wall, un likeliest, more wonderworking, extraordinary, luxurious, prominent, regal, at odds, unorthodox, more individualizing, un-touched, most unitary, most newfashioned, most heteroclite, terrific, un-perceived, big gun, main, in-formal, un honored, most leviathan, grand, most antic, spick and span, particular, more high-principled, more five star, un-likeliest, elegant, most crushing, most whopper, most schismatic, be yond, salt earth, more cuttingedge, high priced, most big shot, under lined, most razzledazzle, un rivaled, more rubric, more untrodden, more world class, more orphic, more lionized, sub-lime, more uninformative, distinguished, more half cooked, best ever, un-balanced, supranormal, most extrusive, more closet, out ordinary, un customary, in divisible, unequalled, pre vailing, out-of-reach, most unmeasurable, un-common, most apart, off wall, un-rivalled, certain, more sorcerous, un forgettable, most off the wall, dis continuous, un-earthlier, un-skilled, unsimilar, un-used, worth king ransom, most entranced, most insupposable, beyond belief, pre dominant, un-tried, most teratoid, ensorcelled, most unapprehended, un-distinguished, brilliant, most upholstered, most hundredproof, most ornamented, most spastic, hetero-clite, more electrifying, un-paralleled, in-temperate, most zigzagged, un sightliest, out of line, shangri la, laffer, un systematic, unmeasurable, Ender, mis mated, freakish, open and shut, un commoner, most pitted, all time, pre meditated, more mostest, most shifting, more magnifico, such and such, most designful, more disunited, distingue, super starrer, singledout, more designless, out way, hushhush, Contradistinct, un paralleled, most miscreated, re cent, upper crust, Incogitable, un-important, newest, magnificent, un clear, farther, de-solate, de-terminate, more on-again-off-again, most derisory, well appointed, most unrevealed, wellread, un-likely, more well born, inadequate, pleasure-loving, over-powering, un imaginable, over blown, most towery, more new fashioned, close ones chest, more unapproached, most spiritualistic, un social, bits and pieces, most page-one, precieux, in soluble, more oldworld, offbase, most directionless, namest, un-measurable, un-mitigated, un frequented, more off-base, an arm a leg, most upperclass, spectacular, bugged out, most fluctuant, un hinged, more welldone, giltedged, most dynamite, redletter, most much publicized, in temperate, alembicated, most untrodden, component, most overpriced, more incogitable, most unrivalled, prodigious, civilized, wonderful, more deviative, Magnifico, most killing, re-liabler, most hellacious, one only, sterling, contrastive, uncustomary, most har-har, talked of, more pageoner, un-attached, ultra modern, most ivorytower, more turn on, more matriarchal, most shangrila, un earthly, un wieldy, in clouds, grandest, pedigreed, most lagniappe, most turn on, outside chance, supreme, overpriced, highflown, few, rare, reachier, distinct, splasher, clear as mud, un discovered, dewiest, more hellacious, more frontpage, un-stablest, uncommon, in determinate, hypothetical, un predictable, most surrealistic, out-standing, more adored, most regenerated, more applauded, in left field, bigleague, most smashing, most cutting edge, selfindulgent, more har-har, turn-on, more peregrine, de-liberate, un defined, one-on-one, sur-plussest, goodlooking, monarchial, wizardly, backdoor, over done, un noted, more high up, more off base, ex tended, more designated, bizarre, most kingsize, hit nail head, flashest, second to none, most telekinetic, hard to please, most beyond, in-commensurable, partial, most overnice, in formal, most imitation, wise up, wellknown, un wieldier, campy, un matchable, unparalleled, un-related, most unrepresentative, wont wash, topsest, most redoubted, re-gular, outrageous, un-due, most uncompounded, spookish, more towery, most contradistinctive, most revered, most incog, most unparagoned, in-credible, un recognized, preternatural, more hundredproof, un familiar, more nonpareil, unsocial, most crackup, more imcomprehensible, more nit-picking, most pleasure loving, more such-and-such, most attenuated, high-falutin, more unfrequent, more refreshed, outstanding, most spookish, single, more a ok, de formed, unknown, eremetic, most underlined, more leonine, brandnew, big as life, oddball, un-settled, most high-principled, ex-cited, un-seemliest, more gilt edged, un-seemlier, high minded, most humongous, most venerated, most out of this world, re liabler, un frequent, dis gusting, most supernormal, de testable, para mount, re-presentative, more turn-on, farout, protrusive, most darling, un-repeatable, unitary, ex act, more hand-picked, un reliable, most gilt-edged, differential, super-starrer, most super duper, the end, urbane, most unrepeatable, imposing, most pedigreed, a few, in apprehensible, more mega, uncompounded, most super colossal, most firststring, gassest, highbred, something write home about, more clashing, most unmatchable, high class, un-commoner, most prized, most front-page, protuberant, off record, priciest, un-sightliest, more so and so, sur-plusser, uncanny, number one, most claimed, in side, un renowned, steller, more humongous, most faltering, queenliest, worth weight gold, more unrepresentative, supra normal, more incog, un disclosed, upperclass, un-likest, Supermundane, re warding, arcane, un-directed, superb, un clearest, more acroamatic, in consistent, more endeared, more unrecognized, out of reach, more backdoor, quirky, hetero clite, in-defectible, most special, whimsical, un-wieldier, more muchpublicized, more supercolossal, more witchlike, un wonted, un-noted, bigtime, highfalutin', unconventional, in store, more tip top, one for the book, crawliest, most off base, un-honored, un-usual, re achier, un-matchable, unfamiliar, un due, can't miss it, solid gold, super normal, most nonuniform, extra, un-known, unpunctual, optimal, worth one weight gold, most concocted, de solate, high falutin, un-approachable, more out of sight, one-of-a-kind, top flight, scarce, Inapprehensible, most halfraw, un-imaginable, pleasure loving, more witching, super starrest, re doubted, most wellborn, Miscreated, in limelight, more stupefying, most gingerbread, Unascertained, hermitical, most leonine, more five-star, high level, page-one, most stand-out, more monarchial, more whopper, re-designed, more ivorytower, most stylized, most half raw, most highprofile, such-and-such, at variance, dis-graceful, impressive, reachy, in sanest, little known, in distinct, more side-splitting, more idolized, most giltedged, in congruous, De Luxe, un-trained, rarest, wayout, more out of this world, out the question, re-splendent, semi occasional, un tried, more diacritic, handcrafted, more unexplained, more out-of-reach, strange, have it all, mis matched, most off-base, refined, un-likelier, fabber, fit for king queen, un-sung, more gelastic, more unconforming, un-steadiest, zero cool, un-stabler, topdrawer, more hundred-proof, Neoteric, second none, most closet, more much publicized, wellmade, quaint, super-starrest, supra-natural, more distingue, off key, in-tenser, most side-splitting, stag, more prominent, doozie, more redoubted, dis united, upwards of, non-uniform, un-clear, off beaten track, un known, most welldone, elliptic, sur plussest, de-finite, more handpicked, dis criminative, more horrifying, more bluestocking, in tenser, un conditional, sub lime, un canny, most novel, more underlined, un-canniest, un companionable, more spookish, un mistakable, reputable, out righter, most supermundane, more nameable, hypo-thetical, more razzle-dazzle, sophisticated, unique, anarchistic, more intensified, unusual, un-ordinary, under one nose, most characterful, un-natural, out line, most alembicated, more high-level, un accustomed, high-grade, un related, blow by blow, most big name, Contradistinctive, more in to, un-wieldiest, more nonpublic, sub tile, hundredproof, most lauded, most horrifying, most superduper, uncontaminated, worth one's weight gold, more lionlike, dis-orderly, polished, courtly, most fabricated, pretty penny, dewier, campiest, in-cog, outlandish, insufficient, most rubric, in-explainable, makebelieve, more side splitting, singular, colorful, new, well known, queenlier, clearcut, more gilt-edged, unprecedented, more on again off again, un stablest, nower, champest, in-valuable, mondo, unmixed, supranatural, most screaming, a ok, great big, most have it all, more monster, pro found, in-accessible, Arrestive, most clownish, more unmethodical, firststring, more supermundane, most puton, close chest, more super-duper, unrepresentative, un-disclosed, un-accustomed, most unmixed, subtiler, more onliest, in conceivable, more upper-class, more gingerbread, un ascertained, more halfcooked, most beatnik, highpriced, un exampled, without equal, most undercooked, more defined, un methodical, easily seen, un-qualified, un contaminated, un-frequent, deficient, celeb, most highprincipled, un attainable, un even, super star, monarchical, innovative, razzle-dazzle, un-attended, more earmarked, redesigned, la di da, most defined, most clashing, Champer, high ranking, most incogitable, witchlike, dis-gusting, more worldclass, de-testable, icest, over refined, more big name, tasteful, high-up, more pampered, to fore, un conforming, more highprofile, palatial, bull eye, most phantasmagorical, un rivalled, more runic, off color, in imitable, big-shot, characteristic, most world class, more smashing, more pitted, more hand picked, funny, choice, in glorious, in finite, most new fashioned, most unsocial, most arrestive, extra ordinary, re-achiest, salt of earth, most shangri la, superstarrest, most plodding, under nose, more seldom, ivorytower, un-couth, most razzle dazzle, more zigzagged, un convincing, rum, four-star, characterful, anti-thetic, un ambiguous, most crack-up, most big gun, cat meow, patriarchal, un-hinged, most sequestered, most uncelebrated, un blended, more claimed, confidential, un-explained, more unrivalled, most bohemian, Celebrious, most inapprehensible, non uniform, un-mistakable, precious, in tense, un-clearest, more pleasure-loving, 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