Pronunciation of Compliant
/kəmplˈa͡ɪ͡ənt/, /kəmplˈa‍ɪ‍ənt/, /k_ə_m_p_l_ˈaɪə_n_t/

Antonyms for compliant

bad tempered, most declinatory, indisciplined, more uncomplying, un-limited, more insubmissive, no ifs ands buts, termagant, most termagant, single minded, most stiff-necked, more withstanding, un dependable, un complying, stubborn, ex act, un-equivocal, un yielding, out control, most anarchistic, un stable, hardheaded, most uncomplying, errant, on-a-tear, in-constant, most absolutist, un-questionable, un-predictable, most combating, more cussed, out rightest, impolite, more self-willed, un disciplinable, un-stabler, more dissentious, dissident, dis-orderly, more sabotaging, dis orderly, in arms, selfindulgent, more off base, in-disciplined, uncomplying, dis affected, most hardheaded, set ways, un adulterated, un compliant, un qualified, more declining, pre-eminent, in subordinate, un healthiest, more anarchistic, in-submissive, fractious, Crossgrained, more rioting, more assertory, ill-bred, un stablest, more contending, cross grained, insurgent, un bending, more insurrectionary, un-blemished, un tarnished, un-tarnished, impudent, most cross grained, in-exorable, most cussed, set in ones ways, unyielding, no joke, un-yielding, stiffnecked, in-temperate, re fusing, stiff-necked, rebellious, un-conditional, most insubmissive, out-righter, pigheaded, un-mitigated, perverse, in-finite, no catch, obstinate, recalcitrant, most out-of-line, in disciplined, un-willing, un mitigated, more stiff necked, self-willed, most refusing, more objecting, un flawed, un-stablest, most contending, un-complying, un-qualified, set one's ways, selfwilled, on a tear, undisciplinable, firm, ill-mannered, de generate, more crossgrained, no strings attached, un-healthy, singleminded, un equivocal, up arms, un-abridged, more termagant, resolute, more stiff-necked, stiff necked, with-standing, un healthy, out of line, most selfwilled, non compliant, in finite, no ifs ands or buts, hard nosed, most rioting, un-shakable, most stiff necked, pre eminent, most off base, in corrigible, more declinatory, most declining, un deniable, un stabler, more out-of-line, more gladiatorial, most stiffnecked, more stiffnecked, ex-act, un abridged, militant, set in one ways, more undisciplinable, anarchistic, dis-loyal, tumultous-tumultuous, more absolutist, more off-base, un reasonable, inflexible, out righter, most withstanding, most crossgrained, un restricted, un governable, un manageable, dis-affected, un-controllable, set in ways, un-adulterated, absolute, most indisciplined, peevish, selfassertive, un-deniable, out line, with standing, un healthier, more refusing, more attacking, un-restricted, sovereign, most sabotaging, nonconformist, insubordinate, more out of line, noncompliant, un-stable, un predictable, de-finite, most attacking, more selfwilled, opinionated, more out of order, gladiatorial, most insurrectionary, tumultoustumultuous, determined, most objecting, rowdy, undisciplined, dis-obedient, froward, in-tractable, in temperate, most dissentious, un-reasonable, un disciplined, more on-a-tear, disrespectful, un ambiguous, self indulgent, self willed, un controllable, off-base, more self willed, most cross-grained, set in one's ways, absolutist, in flexible, re-fusing, most off-base, rebel, out-of-order, wilful, head-strong, most out of order, set ones ways, in-fallible, Declinatory, un-dependable, un-healthiest, insubmissive, defiant, more offbase, disorderly, unruly, un-bending, most gladiatorial, most self willed, rude, wild, out right, in-corrigible, Refusing, in submissive, dis loyal, badtempered, un willing, offbase, more roughhouse, most assertory, straight out, tumultous tumultuous, out-of-line, in-flexible, in-subordinate, in tractable, set one ways, un conditional, un-manageable, de finite, Assertory, more combating, non-compliant, dissentious, out-right, un-compliant, hardnosed, dis obedient, unamenable, insolent, de-generate, most self-willed, most on a tear, cross-grained, un-governable.