Pronunciation of Composure
/kəmpˈə͡ʊʒə/, /kəmpˈə‍ʊʒə/, /k_ə_m_p_ˈəʊ_ʒ_ə/

Antonyms for composure

curveballs, allovers, wildness, cold sweats, Traumatism, dis approval, dis-approbations, terror, dis orientation, in certitude, noise, dis inclinations, malcontentments, in decisions, un easinesses, potboiler, disagreement, jitters, anxiousness, cliff hanger, blurrings, sensitiveness, mistrust, care, seascapes, upset, messes, passion, excitability, dyspathy, de moralizations, in-certitudes, chillers, emotional upsets, jimjams, dis content, un tidinesses, stirring ups, dis-tresses, up set, dis-temper, dis relish, disillusionments, dis-favor, sur prises, dis tastes, apprehensiveness, mis-calculations, muddlement, one for books, nervousness, in stability, dis arrays, dis likings, dis-approval, dis-satisfaction, shambles, re velations, cliff-hanger, un settlings, sympathy, un certainties, un eases, cloak and dagger, dis beliefs, up-roars, mis-calculation, fidgets, de-bate, un-happiness, Trepidity, dis satisfactions, dis affections, uneasiness, fretfulness, Clutterings, in disposition, dis-taste, horn, shock, nailbitings, dis-locations, dis pleasures, dis-pleasures, storm, dis play, marvel, ants in pants, un-easiness, loudness, dis-quiets, mis-trusts, flareup, discomposure, tanglings, dis orders, excitableness, topsy turvy, disheartenments, dis-mays, perturbation, Addlings, de bates, be-wilderment, pageturner, re presentation, distress, dis cord, blahs, emotion, dis tempers, nail bitings, dis-eases, ex-plosion, out bursts, astoundments, in-stabilities, up-roar, bombshells, TODO, carrying-on, in-jury, be wilderment, dis-arranging, dis-tress, dis-arrays, de bate, dis quietude, feeling, cliff hangers, carryings on, dis contentment, dis-appointment, dis-tempers, re-presentations, in credulities, dis-illusions, susceptibility, in jury, de-moralization, un happinesses, dis-belief, alarm, up-settings, dis contents, dis tresses, dis comfort, up sets, dis-relishes, mis rules, dislikings, dis-illusion, frenzy, seascape, dis liking, disorientations, page turners, in-decisivenesses, embroilings, un predictability, eyeopener, dis organization, schtick, dis composures, incensements, disheartenment, unexpecteds, dis-inclination, dis approbation, befuddlings, in decisivenesses, excitement, dis approvals, dis-traction, panic, flare up, dis trusts, dis-approvals, topsy-turvies, in dispositions, eurekas, dis location, Maydays, dis-liking, confoundments, mis giving, free for all, un-expected, mis-giving, eye-openers, worry, in conclusivenesses, mis trust, dis approbations, dis eases, emotional upset, out-looks, shivaree, re-serve, dis-orientations, dis-pleasure, mis calculation, dis-play, wrath, carryings-on, in-disposition, confoundment, suspense, in-conclusivenesses, dis-affections, dis-orders, vehemence, dis-inclinations, in securities, Uncertainties, brannigan, dis-comforts, carryingon, something else, queasiness, mixup mystifications, dis relishes, dis-relish, dis quiet, de-bates, dis-quietudes, dis comforts, one for the books, worriment, re-velations, cloak and daggers, be fuddling, ants pants, disillusionment, dis-trusts, violence, dis-ease, nailbiting, mis-take, jarrings, dis-composures, wingding, dissatisfaction, un-ease, un-settlings, dis-contentment, up setting, disturbings, de-solations, un-tidinesses, worriments, in-decision, dis quiets, embarrassings, dis-orientation, in decisiveness, out looks, curveball, consternation, discomfitings, unforeseens, up settings, disorientation, solicitude, un settling, up roar, trepidation, re presentations, dis-organizations, dis-trust, un easiness, in-securities, cliff-hangers, in-dispositions, querulousnesses, in security, malcontentment, un-easinesses, dis appointments, dis-content, dis-tractions, whim-whams, up roars, dis-tastes, in-security, thunderbolt, bickerings, dis illusion, astonishment, potboilers, unrest, epiphanies, topsyturvies, perplexings, lack of confidence, mob violences, dis locations, ex plosions, arousal, out-burst, dis temper, nail-bitings, upsettings, out look, dis may, butterfly, dis-composure, fore bodings, in-decisions, confusion, be wilderments, confoundings, un-rests, re-morse, dis taste, be-fuddling, offense, dis-order, lack confidence, suddennesses, temper tantrums, dis composure, in juries, turmoil, wingdings, dumbfoundings, dis-organization, something elses, un rest, up-setting, re-morses, mob violence, dis-array, dis contentments, un tidiness, mis-rules, querulousness, fretfulnesses, dyspathies, sur-prise, dis tractions, street fighting, willies, tip off, be-wilderments, dis-quiet, stirring up, unpredictabilities, cloak dagger, dis order, re morse, un certainty, dis quietudes, moodinesses, dis-plays, dismay, dis-may, dis organizations, dis appointment, eagerness, cold sweat, dis-quietude, ex plosion, dis array, amazement, shivarees, dis belief, dis-appointments, nail-biting, page-turner, all overs, dis cords, dis-beliefs, schticks, dis-contents, precipitousnesses, un-rest, pageturners, mis trusts, dis-comfort, dumbfoundment, stress, one for the book, de solation, turbulence, disturbance, page-turners, un-happinesses, abashings, dis-cords, mis take, cloak daggers, mis-takes, dis arranging, de moralization, anarchism, re serve, carryingson, Butterflies, un-eases, Astoundment, agitation, in decision, de solations, fury, up-set, thrillers, sur-prises, displeasure, dis-satisfactions, dis-cord, un expected, dis affection, dis trust, in conclusiveness, dis illusions, re morses, moodiness, dis-affection, un-certainty, wounded feelings, dis satisfaction, Re-presentation, in-quietudes, in-stability, one for book, trepidities, questionablenesses, re-serves, anxiety, dis-approbation, muddlements, un-foreseen, waverings, scene, in credulity, dis-favors, instability, bombshell, de-solation, disproportion, dis orientations, out-look, unsettlings, hectics, in certitudes, dis favors, in-conclusiveness, un predictabilities, dis traction, grabbers, runin, suddenness, concern, apprehension, mis-trust, fore-bodings, disquiet, Incensement, re velation, un-settling, fore-boding, disarrangings, malcontents, fore warnings, dis-likings, horns, dis plays, the blahs, dis favor, up-sets, dis tress, fore-warnings, queasinesses, un-certainties, sur prise, brannigans, Nail Biting, surprise, pins needles, imbalance, wounded feeling, re-velation, temper tantrum, fore-warning, dis mays, dumbfoundments, dis pleasure, to do, crack-up, fore boding, uncertainty, heebie-jeebies, obscurings, sensibility, dis-location, lamentation, de-moralizations, dis-contentments, grabber, out burst, dis inclination, anarchisms, mis takes, dis ease, riot, out-bursts.