Pronunciation of Compress
/kəmpɹˈɛs/, /kəmpɹˈɛs/, /k_ə_m_p_ɹ_ˈɛ_s/

Antonyms for compress

brimming over, Craned, drew off, uncondense, letting out, hold forth, over-tiring, let go, sending up, rant and rave, talk top head, over drawing, over-loads, drags one's feet, makes explicit, laid on, cambers, huff and puff, dis-gorges, in crease, in-vesting, moving up, being seated, un furled, becomes bloated, be-tided, extend to, out-stretches, spreadeagle, wast intemperate, make longer, re marking, over emphasizes, lie spread eagle, Prosed, ramify, blow-upping, comes be, feels for, be-set, goes astray, laying on thick, upsurged, mis represented, exaggerate, fording, out spreads, does death, goes on on, bi furcated, marks up, un roll, grow thick, shoot up, Massing, stringing out, dis entangling, un winds, spun off, uncoiling, souping up, being prolix, over-hanging, flesh out, dis-closing, commentate, congressing, dragged feet, overemphasizes, am on, dis-entangle, rolled on, make federal case, gave details, tenses up, ex-pounded, misreports, pouched, overdraw, scammed, gat taller, up grades, spin off, jampack, mis reporting, excursed, open, go astray, ramming in, Caked, be come, heave, overstate, duplify, beetling, fleshing out, rammed in, make explicit, pro-created, Whiffed, go on and on, over exert, opens out, develop, had its seat in, over-flow, rounding out, came to be, ex plicate, getting subject, over-exerts, talked nonsense, pops up, lied spreadeagle, sped up, un twists, fore tells, dragged ones feet, un-ravelling, germinate, rose in value, bloat, open up, dis tressed, forgather, Enroot, un twist, giving details, over tiring, re posed, dilating upon, wert on, growing full, pro-create, over-emphasizing, draw off, be set, bulged out, over-tires, be labor, over-emphasize, mis represent, dis-plays, re-doubling, re-aching, spinning off, de scanted, souped up, gives details, over-spreading, dis closing, enriches, stretch the truth, wert displayed, biting off too much, sub divided, re doubling, un rolled, continues to, are beside, untwists, plumping, goes tangent, in-folds, over-taxing, un folded, give the big picture, over-playing, dis-course, put pressure on, huffing and puff, over-elaborates, blow out proportion, sub divide, not know when stop, over burden, dissertate, bursted forth, bulging out, run on, be even, beetles, making known, re-pose, lay it on thick, protract, rants rave, blobbed, hikes up, re plenishing, breadthened, in vest, outspreads, un-tangle, makes demands on, Caricatured, sending through roof, opened up, continue to, Shoaled, are on, be distributed, de claiming, topped off, dis tend, be interred, dilates upon, loud talking, re mained, pops out, bite too much, broaden, make known, in creases, becomes distended, slapped on, adds up, lied spread eagle, blow-ups, stretched truth, uncoils, laid thick, making public, over-play, go all out, doing death, laid it thick, tripling, over-estimates, grow, de scant, pretty up, in-vests, over reached, congressed, push to the limit, Tripled, coming be, puts pressure on, stacking up, sends through roof, came over, un-ravels, ex curses, be seated, talked off top head, doeth to death, enroots, made contact with, talk off top of head, made higher, drove out, over takes, bites off too much, un rolls, jazz up, jacks up, gotten bigger, art intemperate, enlarged up on, Shoaling, were prolix, yeasted, be tided, dis-tresses, pro-creates, becoming swollen, wert located, ex-haling, de bates, was seated, over played, up chucked, re peat, dost death, was level, Craning, pre pares, fore-tells, branch out, over embellishes, talks randomly, ex-plain, re-plenishing, give a meeting, over took, in-creased, are intemperate, get the subject, Surcharged, going astray, overtired, re-marked, sums to, up-graded, overembellishing, over reaching, de-claims, in tensity, unfurl, over-elaborate, swells up, re mark, go off tangent, pushing to the limit, pulls on, make plain, am profuse, be-deck, is intemperate, blew up out of proportion, get off the subject, laying it on thick, tense up, dis tress, up-grades, over working, dis-tributes, pro tracts, in-folded, double, up surge, Intensated, outspreading, Pouching, span, dis-cuss, make tense, dis gorging, be-fallen, weighted, lose the thread, accumulate, over estimated, rise in value, opens up, being smooth, un covered, is even, elaborate, de-claimed, being profuse, dis-coursing, over extended, pro-motes, dilate, de-vising, gets off subject, ford, laid on thick, huff puff, de clare, over-lay, going off tangent, goose up, hyping, re-plicated, is established, be level, yeasting, went all out, Retched, sub-dividing, was diffuse, dragging ones feet, piggybacking, rattle on, were beside, were on, Evolved, adding up, ex-tended, over-flows, over-stating, over-laps, duplifies, speed up, bit too much, drawing off, de-tails, Lasted, dis closes, un tangle, make mountain out molehill, dis-closes, spitting up, going all out, mis represents, Suspired, spitted up, be prolix, ranted rave, mis-represents, over-burden, wells up, didst to death, be inflated, fore telling, laying it on, wert prolix, diffusing, pre vailed, allow, in-crease, be fallen, made taut, prettying up, overexert, ex-cursed, pump up, didst death, grows up, art buried, be decking, swelled, pressing hard on, go to, ex pounded, rounded out, summed to, over-did, dis-closed, made larger, hath its seat in, over-drew, makes public, dis-tress, was found, pyramidding, come be, over extends, Handing, intensitied, inspissate, un twisting, drive out, get a hold of, ex-plicated, ran in to ground, pre-vails, getting the subject, goes off tangent, over flown, fanning out, wear oneself out, bi furcate, un-coils, art located, over-tax, making demands on, overelaborate, dis play, gotten off the subject, over-took, brimmed over, laying thick, blowing out proportion, ex tend, boost, Blathered, re-fines, runs into ground, be laboring, carried to, growing larger, is placed, are even, dis-gorge, pro created, were inflated, being located, fore tell, over valuing, over-burdening, Intensating, over-laid, pro-tract, un ravel, puff up, marked up, over-worked, being even, drag one's feet, goes to, dis close, over-taxes, over-valuing, un-folded, Enucleating, drave oneself, being distributed, spreads thick, be-tides, rattles on, over-rating, pushes limit, over-estimated, ex-curses, jump up, being found, pro creating, pre-pare, upchuck, runs on, getting hold of, evening out, overexerting, de-tailed, being beside, lies spreadeagle, jellied, jazzing up, Overvalued, Prosing, running in to ground, embroider, overdraws, dis entangles, springs up, gets to, de parting, made mountain out molehill, over emphasize, going up, has its seat in, dis cussed, stretch out, fore told, span off, being level, de-bates, Arcked, comes over, going off on tangent, over drew, opening wide, crane, goes on tangent, de-clare, over-work, breadthens, dis-courses, gotten to, tops off, de tail, am even, increase, over-plays, be displayed, beetle, go up, bi furcating, over doing, pro longing, wast fixed, plicate, sur-charging, huffing puff, out stretching, sur charged, ex-plains, strengthen, pro-long, pro-mote, runs up, get to, weigh heavily on, overvalue, stoppered, going on on, come to, out-spreading, de claimed, do death, up-chucking, wert beside, overtire, moved up, go across, pleating, pro claim, span out, over-embellishing, huffs and puff, jumps up, up-rose, gives big picture, make larger, over values, continuing to, bursting forth, bursts forth, rants and rave, de tailed, am located, welled up, talk randomly, dis perse, be fixed, giving big picture, were level, being established, drives oneself, extended to, dilate upon, dis-tend, re-double, bi furcates, re-counts, are seated, de bated, up-chucks, dis-tending, lie out, popped out, art level, am beside, drives out, sub-divide, re-doubles, enlarging upon, dis-tended, grow larger, spins off, bites too much, suspiring, hiked up, am interred, pro duces, ex curse, lying spreadeagle, over laps, gets taller, bugging out, wast profuse, de-scanted, lay it thick, are inflated, in fold, become swollen, dis closed, drag ones feet, jacked up, was located, blobbing, made mountain out of molehill, wert found, made explicit, tensed up, out-stretched, de claims, carrying to, trans-pire, ex-plicates, running in to, enlarging up on, were established, brims over, up rose, overuses, over-valued, opens wide, un-twists, out-spreads, pulled at, doest to death, Arcking, laying it thick, carries to, over estimate, rant rave, sur charge, over-embellishes, was intemperate, dis entangle, untwisted, stretched out, go to extremes, pro duce, goes across, having its seat in, lets out, discourse, ran into the ground, Beetled, makes mountain out molehill, hadst its seat in, mis representing, jacking up, talking nonsense, Intensate, over spread, over-reaches, re-posed, blowing up out proportion, balloon, dragging one's feet, drive oneself, un coils, go and on, re plenished, up grade, swell up, ex plain, wax, ex-pounding, gotten taller, be labored, up-rises, pro claimed, are interred, send through the roof, get subject, wast placed, build, puffing up, dis played, drags ones feet, i, over tires, pro claims, puffs up, over-indulge, run into the ground, over-reach, over estimating, makes taut, gat subject, tumefy, is prolix, blistered, grows larger, going and on, be longed, ex-plained, is displayed, peg away, de bate, art fixed, dis-played, un wound, dis coursing, push the limit, pre pare, goosing up, over indulged, de vise, went for broke, over flowing, burst forth, putting on trial, protuberate, run in to, un-covering, be falling, mis reports, over-flowing, dilated up on, wast located, get taller, up-surged, speeding up, opening up, gets off the subject, be decked, laid it on, go tangent, stringed out, coming over, gat hold of, ex-cursing, over exerting, enucleates, pro-longs, went through roof, shakes hands, suspires, making higher, Spraining, pro tract, gets a hold of, drawing tight, ex pound, dragged one feet, blow-up, over valued, over indulge, art diffuse, running up, de-clares, makes larger, run in to the ground, blew up out proportion, spins out, ran into, over-taken, talks off top head, running into the ground, packed like sardines, tells why, going for broke, makes plain, gives a meeting, made known, gets hold of, over draws, in vests, dualize, go through roof, going tangent, pro-creating, multi-plied, outspread, are buried, extend, talks top of head, smoking, ex-tends, pushed to limit, went as far as, send up, be on, did to death, ex-tending, snowball, bi-furcate, am distributed, did death, got to, getting a hold of, art interred, un folding, un-twisting, re clines, forced out, making tense, piled up, over-drawing, make taut, sent through roof, Romanced, be-came, be longs, overextending, be setting, mis-report, am smooth, be-tiding, be labors, becomes swollen, over burdens, press hard on, was inflated, over indulges, siphoning, over does, wast diffuse, sieving, is interred, Misreport, Unwrinkle, re-counted, carry to, hast its seat in, become distended, makes tense, lays it thick, running into ground, grew up, ex pounding, dis tributes, tensing up, Cubing, un-raveled, blathering, over-draw, heighten, making taut, art prolix, puffs out, be profuse, topping off, talking big, gets the subject, out-stretching, pleated, were seated, mis quoted, being diffuse, over-lapping, re fine, dis-entangled, untwist, pro-tracts, wast beside, over-rated, be-coming, pre-vail, goes off on tangent, re-plicate, over elaborate, pro-moting, laid it on thick, prettied up, trans pire, stress, give details, weighting, breadthening, un-twist, strain, re-doubled, dis course, up-chuck, ex tends, got bigger, laying on, shaking hands, spin out, re-peat, wore oneself out, over-extends, be buried, dis tresses, lay spreadeagle, over embellished, Caking, piles on, curdling, doeth death, being buried, goes through roof, pre paring, de parted, make mountain out of molehill, mount, fans out, huffs puff, were buried, in-creases, over-lapped, multi plying, rolled out, overtaxing, over-working, talking off top head, over tired, over taxes, coming to be, dragging feet, ex plicates, lies spread-eagle, re-plenished, bugged out, wert profuse, wast found, tensing, un-tangling, wast established, escalate, jack up, swell, dis tended, over rated, marking up, be fell, un coil, puts in traction, over-lays, stretching, be located, am established, de-parting, over laying, pressed hard on, passing along, lay on thick, telling why, over emphasized, sub divides, over state, fetch up, sur-charges, making too much of, jam pack, opened wide, pushes the limit, bulge, goes through the roof, be-sets, over burdening, un-covers, blows up out of proportion, popped up, be fall, run up, Tumefying, overvalues, made public, pop up, stretching the truth, de-bate, un furling, evened out, un tangled, un cover, over loading, Widened, spread on thick, pro create, runs in to ground, was placed, over tire, up-risen, dis-cussed, stretched the truth, made plain, sub-divided, are displayed, puts trial, dis-play, blows out proportion, over-emphasizes, over-reaching, going as far as, plicating, re plenish, speeded up, are located, beating around bush, makes contact with, re plicated, pro-duces, mis report, un-rolled, over-flowed, Cambering, un rolling, misreporting, overestimate, forcing out, round out, becoming bloated, pre vailing, makes mountain out of molehill, making mountain out molehill, over-taking, un-fold, dis-gorging, over-loading, Forded, be-falls, drag feet, un-winds, get bigger, clabbers, re-fining, humped, Saddling, boom, was displayed, sent through the roof, free, do to death, reach, get off subject, blow, goes and on, over extending, speeds up, growing thick, dis-cussing, saddled, puts on trial, untwisting, re-mains, over-works, lays it on thick, going overboard, being fixed, goes as far as, out-stretch, over-exerting, un winding, was even, push limit, Manifolded, duplified, be-fell, haddest its seat in, sum to, made federal case, tensed, retches, gotten subject, talks top head, weighing heavily on, talked big, pushing limit, be found, doest death, were even, decompress, overestimated, over lapping, giving meeting, roll out, blow up out proportion, de-vise, tumefies, Caricaturing, Surcharging, bulges out, over hangs, go overboard, upsurging, doth to death, lays on thick, ex plains, pro claiming, draws off, re maining, ex-pounds, loud talked, over-taxed, pulled on, is smooth, piles up, be falls, packing like sardines, over did, over indulging, over lays, ran in to the ground, dis cusses, spreads on thick, over work, loose, pumped up, wert fixed, dis tends, opening out, mis-reporting, dis-torts, commentates, dissipate, over-tire, held forth, sent up, stretch truth, Overdrawing, un-cover, enhance, mis-represented, dis-tribute, FORDS, push to limit, over-loaded, over draw, ran up, tags on, art profuse, beats around bush, be-labored, strung out, ranted and rave, drew tight, maximized, was beside, untie, get hold of, wast level, over-estimating, scamming, made clear, became swollen, go for broke, up-rise, wert distributed, ex-plicating, talk off top head, dilate up on, out spreading, was profuse, popping up, bulk up, feel for, be-labors, misreported, dualizes, dis-entangles, pegging away, be long, ex-pound, diffused, wast interred, give meeting, re mains, re-plicates, over-extend, blowupped, up-grading, drave out, overelaborated, making plain, re plicating, be longing, Cambered, siphoned, makes higher, up rises, Bilging, multi-plying, be-fall, overexerts, goes for broke, ex plicated, over elaborating, un-rolling, over-embellished, un wind, stacked up, blows up out proportion, string out, co loring, weighs heavily on, over taxing, co-loring, over-burdened, spinning out, bit off too much, lay it on, loud talks, be-come, doth death, wast displayed, pushing to limit, dissertating, come over, be intemperate, un-ravelled, piggybacked, came be, in-tensity, over-takes, lie, swelling up, Stoppering, rattled on, spun out, tacked on, going to, spreads out, wast prolix, overtires, blowupping, dilates up on, pro-claiming, un-wound, over-elaborating, un coiled, de part, over emphasizing, pro longs, lost the thread, dis gorge, evens out, are smooth, goes all out, overtax, over rates, rising value, holding forth, continued to, drags one feet, goes overboard, be-longed, becoming distended, put trial, make public, be sets, maximizing, over-rate, rises value, made demands on, re-counting, pass along, gotten off subject, over burdened, am buried, Spanned, over spreads, being interred, re pose, blow-upped, dis gorged, opened out, un-folding, goes up, in folds, lies spread eagle, de-claiming, soups up, Gels, dis plays, Cubed, re peats, sur charging, Dissert, went extremes, up rising, strain oneself, run into, come to be, maximizes, well up, rise, uncompress, were interred, lied out, Plumped, tacks on, un fold, dis-cusses, dis torts, pushed limit, up chucks, sur charges, pushes to the limit, be tiding, re-ached, popping out, Bulked, ex-tend, being intemperate, went through the roof, were placed, un covering, over reaches, going through roof, Bilged, ex plicating, un-coiled, re plicates, de scants, shooting up, gat off the subject, in-fold, talks nonsense, ex haled, be beside, out spread, dragging one feet, clabbered, dis courses, wert smooth, fore-told, lengthen, de-scanting, IED, dis tort, fanned out, mis-quote, even out, over flow, go on on, were diffuse, sprang up, disserted, rams in, over-load, wert level, cranes, un-ravel, gave big picture, re plenishes, were located, talk big, talk top of head, be placed, run into ground, getting to, shot up, pulling at, multiply, be comes, re aching, went astray, pre-pared, is profuse, runs in to the ground, makes too much of, un-twisted, got off the subject, be-decks, overembellished, lay spread-eagle, grows thick, Whiffing, tell why, put traction, tagging on, amplify, tack on, intensitying, gooses, intensates, was buried, fleshed out, was fixed, pro-longing, be tide, move up, be smooth, dis playing, pre pared, re-plenishes, pyramidded, up surges, up-surge, being on, re-main, driving out, dis-coursed, un ravels, grew full, puffed out, dilated upon, pegged away, going extremes, Mantling, out stretch, over-indulging, make demands on, re ached, wast distributed, re-fine, dis tribute, spread out, re-marking, wast on, over-embellish, went to extremes, over-indulges, re doubled, blowing up out of proportion, gather, am prolix, maximize, upchucks, pre vail, goosing, running in to the ground, re marks, re cline, pro long, de-vised, rolls out, bugs out, mis-quoted, re doubles, fore-telling, over-used, talks off top of head, gave meeting, was prolix, de-parts, un-rolls, re counts, dissertates, be diffuse, made longer, bulge out, de-scant, overtaxed, runs in to, ex cursing, pro-longed, art inflated, went on on, art found, up-surges, de tailing, is level, ran into ground, Jellying, wert interred, grew thick, commentated, bug out, un-furling, wert inflated, made tense, hyperbolize, dis-perse, are fixed, rattling on, dualizing, clabber, are placed, upchucked, draw tight, sur-charged, put in traction, in creasing, bulking up, made too much of, sub-divides, widen, are prolix, blow upped, gat bigger, am diffuse, disperse, gives the big picture, over used, Romancing, went off on tangent, up surging, un-folds, over play, be-tide, un ravelling, art seated, over-played, de vising, makes longer, over flowed, make higher, giving a meeting, is located, gat the subject, over done, expand, un-coil, mis-represent, spat up, loud talk, dis gorges, fleshes out, overembellish, pre-vailed, ex cursed, un raveling, dis tending, over-laying, un coiling, over tax, over exerted, art placed, mis quoting, be-longs, gat to, shook hands, dis-tends, sur-charge, gooses up, augment, over states, over lapped, over elaborated, open out, retch, enlarges upon, over-spreads, making mountain out of molehill, over-draws, up graded, got the subject, makes known, bite off too much, re-peats, piled on, upchucking, over lap, re counted, mis quotes, disserting, over-lap, overelaborating, sending through the roof, over-flown, dissertated, gat off subject, uncoil, un ravelled, soup up, went overboard, be-labor, presses hard on, inflate, pop out, pre vails, wast seated, fan out, overdo, Overdrawn, be coming, are diffuse, was smooth, up surged, ex tending, shoots up, Reamed, pegs away, were displayed, wearing oneself out, was distributed, overestimates, holds forth, goes to extremes, over worked, breadthen, scatter, over works, overestimating, ex haling, de scanting, de-parted, blow up out of proportion, excursing, dis-close, up chucking, overextend, distend, over loaded, uncoiled, biting too much, over-estimate, makes clear, Manifolding, dragged one's feet, mark up, un-roll, fore-tell, feeling for, disserts, strings out, be-decking, blow ups, Overvaluing, de-claim, Bulking, being displayed, comes to be, dis-tort, being inflated, re-marks, dis sert, be-decked, bulks up, dis-tressed, re marked, loosen, puffing out, up rise, making explicit, de-tail, are level, stretching out, dualized, sends up, puff, running into, over laid, forgathers, un raveled, sub dividing, de-bating, sprawl, pro-claims, un-coiling, over exerts, over loads, losing the thread, de-bated, over-using, went across, extending to, diffuses, spits up, gelling, Excurse, fetched up, be deck, re-clines, be tides, spreading thick, Tumefied, am seated, bellying, expatiate, rise value, packs like sardines, de-scants, blowing out of proportion, over value, plumps, shake hands, over-wrought, welling up, pushed the limit, summing to, drove oneself, going through the roof, over-value, curdled, are distributed, blows out of proportion, brim over, stretching truth, up-chucked, dis-entangling, beat around bush, going across, in vested, bi-furcating, over reach, goosed, ran on, dis-playing, wert placed, spread, Re-mark, lose thread, commentating, puff out, pro creates, pumps up, driving oneself, sieved, putting trial, passes along, pro moting, over rating, dis entangled, growing up, draws tight, blow up, getting taller, de tails, forces out, Overdrew, over stating, became bloated, is inflated, in-vested, be-longing, forgathering, ramble, up risen, being placed, be-setting, talking top of head, wert even, add, de claim, lay on, dis cussing, was established, gives meeting, talked randomly, lay thick, duplifying, went to, over taking, puts traction, pull at, overemphasized, hiking up, manifolds, does to death, dilating up on, stack up, rose value, over-tired, make clear, talked off top of head, re counting, pushed to the limit, drag one feet, went too far, went on tangent, are found, ex-plicate, be-falling, dost to death, pump, slap on, was on, be-comes, putting in traction, be-long, make too much of, pulls at, ex pounds, tag on, go off on tangent, lying out, handed, over take, Prolonging, go through the roof, lays thick, release, became distended, forgathered, were found, de-part, dis-sert, bulked up, over-stated, explicate, overspread, un-raveling, hike up, roll on, pre-paring, bi-furcates, ex tended, pumping up, over-rates, wast buried, not know when to stop, overemphasize, un covers, re main, re fined, let out, got taller, lays it on, strains oneself, ex hale, wert buried, in-folding, are profuse, loses the thread, dis coursed, iing, ran in to, am displayed, is on, gelled, goosed up, rounds out, overtaxes, come, enlarge upon, gotten the subject, jazzes up, bi-furcated, lay spread eagle, over-exert, put on trial, going on tangent, tax, is fixed, ex plained, rolling out, doing to death, dis cuss, grew larger, pulling on, un-wind, letted out, drags feet, sends through the roof, wast even, overexerted, send through roof, gotten a hold of, over-exerted, gotten hold of, pushes to limit, ex plaining, making federal case, over-take, huffed puff, run in to ground, become bloated, de parts, mis-reported, stretch, gets bigger, have its seat in, gat a hold of, making larger, swelled up, slaps on, over using, art smooth, wert seated, spread thick, overextends, got subject, mis-quotes, be established, making longer, fill, wert established, de vised, be decks, spreading on thick, be-laboring, are established, were smooth, over estimates, over extend, over plays, is distributed, mis-representing, un-winding, art beside, rolls on, blew out proportion, am placed, blow upping, bellied, be came, re double, re fines, up grading, getting bigger, over playing, de clares, were distributed, re-cline, arcing, go on tangent, camber, dis-gorged, spring up, out stretches, was interred, tacking on, re-plicating, over-indulged, arch, blow out of proportion, stacks up, huffed and puff, go as far as, enlarge, un-furled, putting traction, overspreading, up-surging, clabbering, de-tailing, rising in value, in-vest, slapping on, pile up, got hold of, wast inflated, over-doing, un folds, talked top of head, raise, pushing the limit, suspire, lies out, over rate, de bating, mis-quoting, un-tangled, Retching, lying spread-eagle, ex-plaining, were profuse, am level, up chuck, over flows, in folding, strained oneself, over-drawn, magnify, blew out of proportion.