Pronunciation of Conceal
/kənsˈiːl/, /kənsˈiːl/, /k_ə_n_s_ˈiː_l/

Antonyms for conceal

gat with, dis cuss, de briefs, putting the map, ex claim, co-hering, sticks for, put the line, makes ready, re-move, dis-embarking, was on the air, unshutted, cock a doodle dooing, de bunked, adds up, working in, radioing, crossing one heart, giving directions, gives an introduction, drape, ex-tolled, make a deal, telling on, innervates, brought out into the open, de-coding, bringing down the house, getting off one's chest, gotten behind, in-tend, made clean breast of, over-run, with-stand, making aware, cut to pieces, is relevant to, lay on line, throw spotlight on, give rundown, putting arm on, strut, branch out, Allegorized, ran over, preindicate, un stop, fore shadows, opened one mouth, depended up on, are one mind, re cognizing, bring in to play, play back, in sinuates, re-serve, hath dibs something, up-set, endeavor, fore-boded, sign in, having on, para-phrased, ground, re members, made pitch for, check up on, stopping in, warm up, tumbles into, put act, impinged up on, gave birth, Bumming, showboat, Mooted, showboated, pre tends, evened out, hast dealings, dis patching, over fills, be-stow, dis-plays, re-conciliate, Inventoried, showing fruit, lend-leasing, springs with, lays finger on, re joined, pro-claims, puts appearance, talk leg off, go into a huddle, over praising, in-tone, lets hair down, carry, trivialized, throw light on, de cree, auspicated, lays down, all-owing, am business, up-ends, is convenient, be-tray, say passing, schmoosing, am contact, pat the back, am of mind, out-lining, re solve, resorting to, are use, re-served, give voice, Cubing, ex-tended, out fit, upend, pro claiming, reassert, runs interference for, dis-cussing, de-luge, run on, spake piece, made a pitch, apprived, sprang up, art use, dis mounting, give utterance, over-runs, out-stretch, brings down the house, calls the shot, tittle-tattle, lighting up, drive in, laid thick, un loading, letting the cat ouf of the bag, get on a soapbox, dis cover, ex-plained, out fitted, drops hint, re lay, putting heads together, re-hashing, leaving evidence, enlarges upon, gave voice to, telling secrets, un-raveling, gat wise to, be sought, pounding into, pulls at, subscribed to, getting off one chest, level with, be littles, brought forth, be stows, counting noses, in-fused, allegate, introduce, exudating, inter-face, bob up, giving all one's got, fore token, am close to, wholesales, re strain, usher in, fore showed, brings out in to the open, fell down, Palavering, dis credit, lend-leased, giving show away, are ready, gave big picture, setting aside, puts on airs, pre pare, put on air, making book, broke a story, getting on bandwagon, emanate, dis-encumber, march in review, unriddles, burst in to song, dis-course, sticking up for, re-view, re told, enciphered, Singling, pressing for, fore arming, spreads rumor, find the key, dost the honors, are a sign of, art overjoyed, re sounding, laid line, un-earths, making run at, groupthinks, sky in, moved toward, give to do, re-torts, de-sign, boast, in-scribe, art high spirits, engage conversation, art service, turn over to, de ploying, advance(s), speak to, have a meet, drops a hint, stops in, shout, Hymning, put foot down, gets off one's chest, taking place, went all out, testifying to, gift with, re-proved, does one part, describe as, am symptomatic, made emphatic, edged in, gave one's word, re-ceded, counter signed, called aloud, learnt part, finked, bad mouth, dis-crediting, signs on, un twisting, allude to, runs lines, fatigue catch flies, Succoring, fore-telling, press agenting, recount, learnt ones part, pro position, Unbosoming, uncovering, de nude, hath meet, stopped by, being touch, be friends, Symphonizing, uncorked, lied on, swing by, doing turn, hit town, applied oneself, lay claim to, puzzle out, dis covering, looks after, make deal, lend leased, knocks down, issue, had swing at, fights for, Worded, gives the skinny on, over-laid, going town on, ordinated, Carolled, preindicating, fink on, Cabling, fatiguing catch flies, assist, art mind, black marketed, talk big, transliterates, carry conversation, dis-embark, stops by, doing number, pass down, finds key, dis cern, touch, swearing on bible, think of, instruct, corked, be friending, Caroled, relayed, went out with, dis tending, are submissive, was of one mind, in trusting, rubberstamps, showing ones face, am the air, Tokened, art happy, de-nominating, am on, appeared as, spat it out, sware on bible, Intrusted, gets bandwagon, un barred, re legate, talking leg off, gives hint, doing favor, doth one's best, bowed down, yipped, inter-related, slough, be delighted, report, checking up on, setting before, gives fair warning, under take, personized, wert obtainable, give a black eye, hard sold, am at disposal, cutting the quick, makes over, be-friends, re moving, pass the hat, re-assure, dis robe, trialing, coming apart, gives one got, bend an ear, picture, making noise, de-briefing, puts in harm's way, exerting influence, put in circulation, gives call, inter-faces, reseves, taking account of, was close to, dis-tending, called signals, drop hammer, corresponding to, fall by, braced up, puts on the map, re-strain, constates, letted ones hair down, be a source of, in forming, up-holding, crossing one's heart, speaking about, hits on, hold with, re present, making emphatic, is mind, blistered, drop line, propones, de ciphers, CUED, pro claims, talking incoherently, doest honors, feathered, diming, finking, slapped the face, pour it on, out lining, pre-faces, blow off, puts map, levelled with, stretch, make responsible for, doping out, clued one in, makes emphatic, sprang in, Exudates, ex hales, springing with, Disporting, art within view, lifting voice, describe, haddest transaction, warms up, untwists, touches on, bursted into song, drop note, gives high sign, ex tended, be-holding, ex pending, placing at disposal, de tails, had transaction, Foretokened, un mask, intrust, chimed in, keeping company with, flash about, letting out, Mouthing, Craning, put across, schmoose, de duce, brought forward, is elated, going on airwaves, re paid, slip in, dis encumber, hast to do with, choired, talks through hat, blow in, Incarnated, throws down, softsell, ex-posing, be sign of, slicing up, let the cat ouf the bag, fore tells, art obtainable, doth ones best, lay one feet, lean on, have reference to, noised about, un-buried, cry out, grin and bear it, passes around, did one's part, is happy, gave all one got, being elated, letted the cat out of the bag, moving toward, huffing puff, unwrap, encipher, be spoken, ex-cited, subscribes to, body forth, busted in, giving as example, hawking, re minds, in stalling, more lighten, take pains, were close to, re-sorted, am a witness, sized up, orientated, re-marks, learn one's part, sculpted, reconciliating, re-calls, Head-line, blow ones own horn, get to, Circumstantiated, re marked, dredging up, threw light upon, de pones, call upon, be getting, trans-fusing, ostends, lines out, ringing in, lets cat ouf bag, had do with, record, go airwaves, didst number, vocalize, pro longing, photo-graphing, un veils, give all got, make explicit, un tangled, march review, black marketing, de-nominated, crosses one's heart, weighting, sees light, bleeps, did best, threw weight around, running in to, made pitch, de-livers, Solos, re-tailing, de voted, am on air, fore run, signing on, reels off, went in to huddle, walked heavy, over-laps, sounding off, un seals, letting the cat ouf of bag, parading wares, Fluxing, swinging by, go the airwaves, re treating, carries on conversation, laying a finger on, de scribes, wise up, in-stance, de-ciphering, driving out, dis-close, lendleases, end anger, pro-motes, was a sign of, brake to, leveling with, bringing out into the open, handed on, art sign of, go with the flow, firing up, be-speak, spoke one piece, was at hand, up-dated, laying at ones door, worm in, allegating, co-ordinate, tell secrets, pressed for, hamming, de lineate, dis-credited, pouring forth, forking over, bring forward, held reading, Stoppled, Trajected, be a witness, tumble in to, re-hearses, doth one's part, leak, is accessible, laid on, paying tribute, makes scene, flapping tongue, un-wrapping, pro creates, carrying on conversation, threw light on, de-clare, throw weight around, communes with, palpate, fixing up with, dis-carded, resign oneself, acting with, wert handy, gets behind, Versing, lays claim to, be tokened, ex-haling, measure out, gets off chest, ex crete, un fold, dis charge, up-lift, be in contact, coming out the closet, are symptomatic, feeding kitty, get ink for, under-takes, was mind, shot wad, asservate, squeal, un tying, says passing, opens eyes, flung down, opening ones heart, being the air, inter facing, anteing up, be trays, talked one's leg off, stumbling on, bending ones ear, opening view, dis-mount, have dibs on something, burst into song, reaffirming, re-eking, paid tribute, un-tangling, giving the word, flapped tongue, brake through, lay one's feet, re legates, walkouting, in filtrate, reach out, fore shadowed, leave open, whistle for, under lining, gives a leg up, tying in with, fore cast, lays the line, catalogging, ran at the mouth, showed in bad light, wert a source of, de livers, be-spoke, lets in on, Chirruped, gave good account of oneself, hurried off, passed the word, out-spreads, running into, butt on, wise to, wast displayed, enlarged up on, make clean breast of, declare, beared fruit, sit in, give the word, was in business, applying oneself, pull trigger, lied in, be tokens, pro fess, clocks in, re sounds, brings view, gives an inkling, whistled for, argue, art of mind, yakketyyakked, is displayed, be symptomatic, lets out bag, tele phoning, art submissive, makes responsible for, blurting out, am elated, spitting it out, give report, campaigning for, giving do, grease the wheels, ex-pends, dis-interring, spreads out, pounded into, were on, fore warn, giving the show away, spinning yarn, ushers in, making a deal, reasserting, stretch out, brought word, goes to town on, ex pounded, Defecating, lets it all hang out, makes vulnerable, cry up, being happy, checked up on, disregard, art a source of, sweating details, makes a run at, re-affirming, in formed, dueting, dis posed, in crease, was in corner, gives a hint, setting forth, be on air, mark off, wedge in, purl, gets in act, is positive, corresponded to, passes on, un furled, be hold, slip on, un latches, uncover, give boost to, laying at ones feet, throws spotlight on, inter-depends, are convenient, laying down the law, pyramidded, uncurled, set forth, art in touch, laying on the line, out spread, de tract, blow one horn, un-fold, calls on, puts in place, bespeak, force upon, am corner, see, gives warning, Winked, ex-pounds, art of one mind, call attention to, be distributed, laying up on, rid shotgun for, letted cat out bag, advance, bend one's ear, over-turning, gives all ones got, skyed in, gat into, cuts to the quick, was in unison, sell down the river, testify, made melody, made appearance, calling the signals, stage walkout, giving thumbs-up, re tains, colloguing, letting the cat ouf bag, doing one part, gives the facts, re-telling, levels with, hath reference to, give account of, lies out, ex pressed, unstops, in cline, engage in conversation, talking one's leg off, individuates, gat ones chest, breaks to, psychs, Sharking, lays on the line, dis cussed, wising, re-sting, intercalate, running over, smells out, shoot ones wad, putting finger on, re-enacting, told tale, brought home, setting right, de-famed, over turn, retell, swear down, re-tains, hath dealings, letting cat ouf of the bag, inter-ceding, be near, drops a note, talks ones leg off, appealed to, has a shot at, interfaced, held discussion, insisting on, speaking of, poured forth, symboling, pro tested, re-viewed, fits in with, referring to, dumped on, made perfectly clear, re pay, fore boded, un riddling, tell the truth, ex-cavate, in-spired, bow down, dis-solve, letting hang out, shoots ones mouth, de-voting, drawing near, gets on horn, fore-shadowed, got off one chest, uncloaks, tweedles, de-duces, keeps in touch, be-came, fan it, puts place, return, un-bending, over laying, pressagent, head lining, fore tokens, out-line, conveyed image, pro cure, up rooted, make tense, gives voice, stooling, impinging upon, outspreads, in quired, give call, breaking a story, paving the way, de fended, bent one's ear, giving nod, dost service, talked through one's hat, paying out, ex citing, went the airwaves, bracing up, lipped, over runs, pulling on, spoke piece, gat soapbox, picked off, doth over, in toned, soft selling, belted out, was visible, proponed, coming together, antes up, dis robed, un-doing, un-bosom, give ones word, laying on, shoots wad, shows ones face, chippered, wrought for, got one's chest, make it, quoted chapter and verse, display, blathering, comes across with, dis-playing, fore-tokens, un cloaks, yakkety yakking, went with the flow, Foretokening, tell a story, ex-claiming, de feat, puts hands of, am distributed, greases wheels, dropped anchor, dig up, get wind of, up-dates, wast present, de-pressing, wert air, gat down brass tacks, talked incoherently, ringed in, re-leasing, bursted forth, impinging up on, de barring, swears to, set off, ran in to, inflects, showboats, smiling on, in stilled, lights up, is obtainable, dis-interred, was in high spirits, palms, laid down law, tele graphed, make apparent, catapulted, un-crease, de cipher, being of mind, depended upon, dis-posing, polished up, make rough guess, de scribed, give blow by blow, evens out, soapbox, lets the cat out bag, de nominates, find key, over sets, de crees, in spects, co operated, making scene, ex-changing, peaching, de fining, were displayed, dis-coursed, more discharge, frocking, give the lowdown, pour forth, point out, showed once and for all, over-laying, actions for cause exhibit, concerning oneself, are conspicuous, left to, get through, finds the key, blurt, doing one's best, yakkety-yaks, sent out, cries up, ex changes, leaves tracks, lay finger on, anted up, getting in act, having big mouth, passed down, dopes out, ex-claims, hadst a case, making certain, Foreknew, span out, works in, swore bible, re assure, pre-pared, over lap, giving hint, egressing, run off at the mouth, put the map, leaved open, making perfectly clear, passes the hat, am high spirits, wast shown, pre-cedes, Muscled, under-line, stop by, call, Unclosed, sware and down, laid ones door, laid at one door, dropped note, de fine, re fine, poses as, digs up, crystal ball it, throwing light up on, putting market, arriving at, gave an account of, lifts up voice, laying one's door, shoots one mouth, lay at one's feet, didst a number, haddest dealings, make vivid, gave leg up, clocking in, de liberate, grant, laboring point, de sired, timed in, putting the screws to, bend ear, yawn, be stowing, laid down arms, are at hand, wound up at, dis-perse, greased wheels, dropping hint, spun a yarn, re-states, over-flowed, learn ones part, establishes contact, re-joining, speaks piece, give nod, hang sign on, in toning, Re-turn, letting the cat out the bag, in filtrating, rely upon, do service, letting ones hair down, give a pointer, prepare draft, de vising, dis closing, un buries, strong arm, brings word, re joins, drives in, spilt to, was unison, came into view, wast obtainable, being mind, put harm's way, whip out, bows down, bow to, makes run at, lays down arms, re-cording, am obtainable, were jubilant, forcing up on, re plenishes, canaried, laying at one door, crosses heart, made effort, peached, dumpest, give one's got, enunciate, be high spirits, dope out, unbars, being distributed, ex-acting, appearing as, sware down, shooting ones wad, got soapbox for, are on the air, fitting in with, spun yarn, call the name of, pro longs, tele phoned, undresses, bursted out, illustrate with, does turn, leading off, put heads together, de fends, doing ones best, inter-pose, are happy, wast overjoyed, is near, give off, depend up on, most reveal, dis tended, giving boost to, bursts into song, radiate, art accessible, pre faced, de luges, inter faced, throws light on, fanned it, para phrased, had a shot at, work in, wert business, gave ring, come across with, confers trust, trans-posing, fore shadowing, drafted correspondence, was disposal, see the light, soft soaped, whipt out, evince, Disported, ex-acted, brought to view, show how, fires up, manifest, shoots one's mouth, be displayed, going in to a huddle, un loaded, holds with, lay in, inter ceded, Incarnating, got horn, say in passing, gives introduction, bleeped, dredges up, gives a call, spread, gapped, be spoke, foreshown, re-fines, is symptomatic, de-ciphers, putting into words, calling aloud, bear company, re-quire, walking one through, goes public, wert in contact, sware bible, present, kicking in teeth, un clothed, illustrating with, run over, impart, getting soapbox, re quire, learning one part, radio graphed, de liver, dragged up, coming light, tele graphing, patting back, re-enact, de-fended, running by again, Proportioning, dropt by, time in, ponies up, am dressed in, button down, re affirm, stood up, outspreading, re-word, showed one face, letted cat ouf the bag, dis solving, show face, re-conciliating, refers to, Drowsed, unbarring, horse trading, in trusted, give inkling, go in to detail, gat the horn, lent a hand, re counted, sang the praises, laying one, Dishing, make an effort, are relevant to, busting in, soliloquize, disciplined, put into words, whacking, gave clue, hast confidence of, pull the trigger, explain, described as, de code, open up, makes ones way, go in to a huddle, runs off at the mouth, disembogues, assenting to, simulcasted, re-porting, goes for broke, depends up on, lays one's door, broke story, de noting, going soft, co axing, getting on a soapbox, puts heads together, all owing, disclose, making tense, art contact, ex-hale, spreads word, getting wind of, are business, putting view, falls by, commune with, trans fuses, signed off on, say, lay bare, Chinned, putting out patrol, Ferrets, dis crediting, went in to a huddle, let cat ouf the bag, giving all ones got, un-rolls, ring in, under-lining, hold discussion, lays at one door, were symptomatic, re iterated, lotting out, re-cord, kick in teeth, was of use, wert one mind, causes to understand, paving way, re-corded, counted noses, smacking with, re solves, bended ones ear, in-validates, opens out, dropt a line, campaigns for, de livered, flashing about, re cording, re-prove, comes out of closet, pro created, putting across, Freighted, caught on, reel out, gotten through, feathered nest, smokes out, made see daylight, pushed for, fork over, inter-faced, were submissive, un-ravelling, Emblematize, re-called, inter-view, gotten the horn, met with, gifted with, giving got, keeps tabs, came strong, interconnected, make ready, out-fitted, bootlegs, worms in, press-agented, de-liberated, torpedoing, pro tract, depict, reasserted, passing around, brake story, haddest dibs something, has meet, hard sell, gave hint, laid it the line, fore know, fore showing, were in contact, Re-mark, ex posed, tabbing, gave best shot, dis close, wast on air, lifted up a voice, goes soft, ostending, whips out, up-setting, art present, call signals, shows and tell, being sign of, un cork, be-token, hit where one lives, leaves to, lays bare, un burying, in corporates, took under one wing, be-holds, over flow, put place, wised to, puts print, uncurling, re membered, holding reading, pound in to, enlighten, ex press, hadst a swing at, letted one's hair down, re-turns, was ready, un bends, lays it the line, re-commend, come into view, pro-creating, ex-plain, give an account of, enciphers, shooting one wad, foretokens, checking on, rends the air, up sets, fissuring, ex changing, nose out, am positive, come forth, exhume, come on strong, finding the key, be in unison, pre-sent, has dibs something, tout, gives lessons, un folds, dis porting, dis burses, gotten one's chest, re-questing, hitting town, huffed and puff, reeled out, fit out, pre-figure, pointing up, commends to, clue, having swing at, depending upon, ticked off, dis-patches, pounded in to, associating with, putting ones foot down, co-axing, pro-testing, passed the hat, had confidence of, explicate, labors point, is service, co-heres, said so, noises about, de-sired, de-pict, giving verbal account, fore shadow, were distributed, buttoning down, dropt note, heaped upon, over-praise, breaking silence, dis credited, under lined, haddest dibs on something, did honors, doth best, putting on the line, Secreted, Overpraising, see something coming, brings home, gave a good account of oneself, lets cat ouf of bag, wast in business, is delighted, lend leases, doeth a number, does one best, lavishing up on, Imaged, associate with, un coils, de pict, push around, un-curl, ran into, came out of closet, slaps face, sent word, in-vent, parade, ex-tract, hyping, told all, cracked to, dis graces, in vite, fore warned, busts in, getting ones chest, un-shut, dropt line, pro-tested, be unison, gives a good account of oneself, greasing the wheels, break a story, dis-mounted, in-forms, art at disposal, whacked, in-validating, make a pitch for, giving lessons, pass around, be touch, tells on, comes out of the closet, de-press, Presenting, over flown, foreshowing, said again, open view, wised up to, hath shot at, let the cat out of the bag, act with, shrilling, re-counted, flaps ones tongue, de-vising, give tip, running off the mouth, does one's best, coming out of the closet, wast a witness, get off chest, de lineated, smelling of, Carded, put shame, un-close, deposit with, pressed agent, gives the big picture, is a sign of, bend one ear, allegated, gives all one got, pegged away, letting fly, eyeball, patting on the back, do a turn, uncreased, puts to, Noised, tying with, re adies, un-loads, are handy, re-plied, hugs oneself, sware to, gave rundown, express, dis grace, hits where lives, detail, gave do, be-little, doest a turn, de-liberating, suits up, joins in conversation, bodied forth, get soapbox for, de bunks, lends hand, resigned oneself, made book, sent for, spit out, makes vivid, hadst a shot at, break, joins conversation, limelighted, drops the hammer, emblematizes, concretizes, dis solve, un-roll, checked up, de-bunking, pre indicating, trans late, gave verbal account, top pled, hath big mouth, ex hale, demonstrate, counter signs, brake silence, steamrolled, pro-tract, cutting pieces, put line, go on the air, fore-casting, laid it out, re-eked, bowing to, finking on, wast air, de-classifies, are source of, de coding, being present, blow whistle, Allying, going and on, keys up, putting on television, re capitulated, pays homage, dug up, chirrups, pro positions, yoo hoo, inter acts, de classified, Personating, unshutting, re-fining, opening to view, provide details, colorcasts, bring down the house, gave account of, de signing, fly specked, deep-sixed, laid at one's door, made public, re ached, slap the face, dis mounted, inter-viewing, fitting out, has big mouth, join conversation, maintain, let the cat ouf of bag, make a run at, pro-duces, hast dibs something, Bracketed, re-asserting, authored, peacocked, makes point, un tangle, put on the air, checking upon, in-criminate, re cited, admit, de creed, in-tending, put up with, marched in review, jumping for joy, un-folding, made it, are contact, put on something, calls it, hunt for, develop, hypostatizes, Disembogue, is within view, hath a big mouth, get under way, over-pressed, pouring it on, conferring trust, wast submissive, re-leases, engages conversation, give as example, lending hand, slapped in the face, letted the cat out of bag, sells down the river, end-owed, Jollies, re-serves, in-spire, clanging, made a deal, associates with, in tone, gets the horn, Volunteering, dis entangled, bursts out, opened mouth, giving to do, lavished upon, depositing with, work with, gives a clue, inter depend, out stretches, lights upon, discover, pound into, chimes in, stumbled on, put down for, spreading around, fire up, is submissive, de-legate, bobbing up, saw light, am touch, puzzled out, come to, Intonating, goes on the airwaves, had dealings, re stating, pro-viding, pre tend, hint at, gives a pointer, confide, de-barring, un-barred, Chirruping, pro-vide, getting things rolling, grinning bear it, re marking, giving back, setting off, over-praised, co heres, inter-acting, throws the towel, multi plying, hunts for, un curls, telegraph, putting appearance, inter-connect, soapboxed, marking off, drops a line, showing tell, dis playing, up root, feather a nest, were high spirits, letting one hair down, is handy, be tray, laying finger on, de pone, swearing and down, lays at one's feet, gave ones got, take place, figures out, page, hadst confidence of, giving two cents, double-checking, pro-rated, tattletaled, didst ones best, soft soaping, tells why, dis play, says under oath, caroling, hadst crack, shout out, Whiffed, opened one's heart, in-quiring, sub scribing, says again, show up, ex hume, conferred trust, edge in, de voting, calls attention to, gotten in act, letting cat ouf the bag, puts up for sale, laying door, bore company, dis closed, re pose, slipped on, doest a service, sweetening the pot, un rolled, go into huddle, re porting, un veil, sashaying, Unlatching, makes way, pre paring, deals in, pushed around, re-iterated, patting oneself on back, rooting for, punches the clock, signing off on, wast delighted, dis-grace, measured out, nosing out, re tire, piloting, breaks story, dis-mounting, told the truth, re-presented, pro visions, took pains, clue one in, foreshows, doest the honors, pre sents, go in to details, ex plaining, rushes off, let one hair down, lays gaff, dealt out, submit, dueted, giving a good account oneself, having a crack, stopt in, look, cross one heart, ride shotgun for, cock a doodle doo, does service, assents to, comes together, worked in, was use, smooth along, wert source of, get off one's chest, doth service, press-agenting, be on, up-holds, letted have, sizes up, wert visible, cuts quick, saying under oath, co ached, sashayed, over setting, cuts to quick, putting the hands of, singing praises, conveying image, de nominated, avow, gives verbal account, un-folded, shooting wad, ex claimed, punch the clock, in criminates, flowed out, gat back to, have big mouth, asservated, got on bandwagon, dis covers, jogged memory, blows in, pro-pound, deepsixes, in sinuating, was sign of, flapping ones tongue, are in contact, am happy, render, high pressured, in tend, high pressuring, trans-fuses, runs mouth, stretches out, unstopped, co here, wedged in, re states, gets chest, lay down arms, inflect, give a hint, close deal, counter-signed, up-lifts, un buried, dime, pin down, consociate, preindicates, de-livered, de-faming, gave a tip, cross heart, untwist, co operates, headlining, unroll, has a case, came together, un-folds, am source of, corking, meting out, art handy, talks in to, de-ploying, Tendered, wigglewaggled, re-commending, bursting out, going for broke, calling on, closes deal, lays a finger on, wigglewaggles, had shot at, letting the cat out of the bag, bleep, gat off one chest, putting in plain english, gave forth, un stopping, Siring, under line, putting on the map, giving one's got, Individuating, give a boost, de-creed, fore bode, getting one chest, putting the line, sees the light, winds up at, authoring, call out, interdepending, lend leasing, bringing forward, interrelates, de-cipher, bringing forth, mention, give, dis-pose, raved over, hath to do with, un bolted, putting accent on, pats on the back, hard selling, sing praises, letted slip, gives an account, para phrasing, re turns, Stoppering, giving one's word, provide, made an appearance, more relinquish, fanning out, clocked in, seeing through, called it, distribute, leads into, drave out, fore-warns, art hand, lay at one door, letted it be known, folded up, consorts with, is overjoyed, give lessons, letted the cat ouf of the bag, be-hold, double-checks, gives a tip, let hang out, drop the hammer, rubs in, belt out, place disposal, asservating, re hashed, enucleates, drops hammer, taking from the top, lay at one's door, doeth ones part, speeds up, gives ground, sits in, bring forth, sur-renders, turning over to, make familiar, crossed heart, shoot one wad, deliver, gave the lowdown, letted all hang out, didst part, re capped, tumbled into, choirs, force up on, fore-cast, ex act, go soft, opens one's heart, am relevant to, makes noise, put out patrol, de-voted, fits out, let the cat out bag, counter signing, dis charges, laid one's door, grand-standing, de liberated, de-rives, doest ones part, getting off chest, pass word, de vised, re-quired, dis charged, be at hand, keep tabs, staged walkout, gives word, Inflecting, dis-burses, fighting for, trumpet, left tracks, coming across with, solicit, being in touch, blowing hot air, humped, making pitch, are dressed in, coming to light, re-solving, give word, wises up to, get wise to, putting bug in ear, art at service, re enacts, was symptomatic, un dressed, Overpress, un crease, gets in the act, dis robes, belling, go with flow, tabbed, figured out, parcel out, doth turn, in form, confer trust, depute, gave introduction, innervating, lets it hang out, re-lated, consenting to, leans on, give way, strings out, am of use, gives all got, dis-entangled, ex-hales, in-filtrate, un-blocking, de-riving, dis cussing, fanned out, improves mind, being on air, associated with, pre sages, de posited, am unison, over lapping, act as if, laid it on line, de-coded, read, rests on, timing in, palm, paid out, lays up on, dis-burdening, singles, lining nest, dropping line, orientates, said under oath, was hand, ex tends, art ready, kept company with, taking delight in, says uncle, did favor, throw light up on, Reamed, dropt a note, parcelled out, out-lines, uncloak, touched on, holding forth, left evidence, be little, making known, crystalling ball it, opens ones heart, telling story, Tokening, goes on air, hitting up, forearmed, Mothered, ex-pounding, labored point, runs off mouth, dis-played, put in harms way, overpresses, re-seve, came forth, was air, spins a yarn, auspicate, warn, dis-robing, come out closet, catapulting, natters, dis patch, de luged, pre-sage, de claimed, make over, making one's way, giving tip, feathering, says loudly, de-signs, inter pose, gets through, crossing heart, re-quiring, forced up on, gets on bandwagon, calling name of, give with, put wise to, un-winding, drops anchor, de nudes, makes clean breast of, payed back, circularize, dost best, forking out, ex plicate, shoot one mouth, break through, de-claims, cover, unfurl, gets soapbox for, being submissive, gave the show away, inter-depended, re-solved, bring word, pre-indicating, lets out, de scanted, gave pointer, lays ones feet, connecting with, chippers, pours forth, got ink for, torpedo, works with, makes deal, leaves evidence, fore-shadows, gives a ring, drags up, deepsix, let one's hair down, dis-courses, de-pones, burst out with, has reference to, steamroll, posing as, fore-runs, re-hearse, gives one word, apprive, nears, un wind, pours on, fore bodes, coming out closet, gets soapbox, gotten off chest, brought down the house, shook out, slipping in, am a source of, holed, fore-know, wert symptomatic, pro-curing, in-vents, puts on something, bad for, over-filling, trialed, conveys image, tells tales out of school, inter-depend, stock up, apprise, unbosom, talk incoherently, made familiar, whipped out, showed bad light, de signs, make certain, de positing, slips on, art corner, wising up to, in-sinuated, gave boost to, drew near, ex pound, PREPS, widen, got in the act, be-tokens, resigning oneself, de faming, Consociated, carried conversation, ratting, inventorying, in-tones, dis card, making much of, gotten ink for, ordinates, un-clothed, gives directions, came light, witness, laying on line, sets out, giving voice, diagramed, talked one leg off, opened view, made much of, shows ropes, hit on, having a swing at, lay down the law, lays forward, see through, giving vent to, colorcasting, bends ear, art near, art unison, lending a hand, fixt with, passes word, italicize, beared company, is of one mind, dis-charges, alluding to, gotten to, am in corner, talking through one's hat, un-covering, wast near, fatigues catch flies, laying one door, puts the map, deep-sixing, de sires, tip one's hand, re lax, lavishing upon, keep posted, be contact, gave words to, de fined, getting act, checks up on, put market, goes on on, moves toward, pro moting, gave the skinny on, assert, shoot one's wad, pulls the trigger, opened eyes, get down to brass tacks, give birth, played audience, fall in, say so, does ones part, gat in to, opening out, being contact, rent air, give boost, inter-cedes, dis solves, give ground, dis embarks, run the mouth, pop, tattle, being jubilant, gave a lift, pre scribe, un latch, collogued, is at hand, puts on view, interdepended, dis-burdens, clue in, un lock, RE-CAP, got wise to, re strains, clinches deal, un curling, bringing word, skywrite, make one's way, gets down brass tacks, ponying up, dis carded, de-pone, am joined with, comments on, un latching, fanning it, alludes to, leading in to, de tail, looks like, running at mouth, expend, draws a picture, wert hand, laying forward, pro-visioned, sue for, make known, out stretching, give orders, in-quire, bade for, giving good account of oneself, wind up at, disjects, got the act, un-dressing, de pose, dis-robes, in vents, convenienced, puts to something, made a pitch for, Subjecting, give an inkling, swearing down, de-posited, made apparent, appeals to, co ordinate, de-classified, laying gaff, in-spirited, over-filled, un-corks, wises up, re-minded, breaks silence, un-latches, opened out, send forth, gives do, kept tabs, opening one's mouth, lets the cat ouf bag, de-codes, fore tokening, call it, fling down, inter viewing, making vulnerable, dis-play, un bolting, slipped in, re-curred, getting it up, gotten into, Intonated, is ready, black-marketed, do one's part, shows once and for all, re-ceding, in validating, take out on, re-plenishing, in-form, overpraise, lifting up a voice, coming over, crossed one's heart, pre cede, co-here, hint, in spirited, hammed, jabber, un wrap, Ostend, let the cat out the bag, be disposal, sub scribe, giving ones got, didst a favor, pro long, labored the point, dost turn, put map, dis gracing, is source of, throw in towel, took battle stations, takes under one wing, reaffirm, showing face, lie in, un ravelled, feathering nest, make one way, de-noting, in-spirits, tell tales out of school, trans-fuse, un-locked, shed light on, re-plenishes, yakketyyaks, struts stuff, dis mount, going all out, uncoiling, giving words to, dis courses, in-spiriting, heaps up on, did the honors, labor point, sends out, re-enacts, flow, are displayed, giving a good account of oneself, goes in to detail, re assured, giving a tip, pro positioning, holding with, make ones way, laid on one, pressing agent, pre-scribe, incarnates, throws weight around, shows the ropes, punching the clock, shot one's mouth, bended an ear, opens wide, gives utterance, were elated, run interference for, going on on, show bad light, wast the air, congratulate oneself, lifting a voice, inter relates, playing audience, get chest, de claiming, Foreran, register, gives blow-by-blow, in-fusing, opened one heart, re seves, is air, re lays, tipping one's hand, de-bars, give skinny on, feeling up, cut the quick, re-tailed, trying hard, doing service, dost a number, re commending, flaps one's tongue, thinks of, pass the word, standing up for, spieled, be-friended, lining a nest, got one chest, interacting, stick for, uncurls, re-proving, unriddling, make book, lay line, opens heart, re tailing, lend lease, spins out, popped up, dost one's best, making effort, showed tell, in-vest, lay it line, give fair warning, shoots out, introes, put hands of, in-corporate, patted on back, stumbles on, being obtainable, fore-bode, blackmarketed, correspond to, stopples, feed kitty, Cubed, ran at mouth, picking upon, make pitch for, slipt on, made merry, gotten off one's chest, broke silence, talk through one's hat, pick off, smell out, de fame, quoting chapter verse, spreads the word, ran on, set apart, shoot off mouth, having a case, dis-posed, dropping note, laying bare, convey image, didst the honors, gat on soapbox for, bring out into the open, getting soapbox for, speak ones piece, marked out, re-tire, lift a voice, Harbingering, getting down brass tacks, art the air, rides shotgun for, act out, drop hint, de-liver, give voice to, swore up and down, made taut, in-filtrating, cock-a-doodle-dooing, wert close to, makes book, give do, cutting to the quick, rodomontaded, putting up with, make evident, gave account, run by again, hast a big mouth, depend upon, leaved trace, inter connect, let all hang out, patted the back, put in to words, gat to, walkouts, go down line for, de rives, retells, personalize, hurrying off, went with flow, constating, hadst shot at, hanging sign on, pay homage, are sign of, furnish, de-siring, take charge, are the air, am submissive, got a soapbox, Traject, de livering, Percussed, re-seves, foreshowed, relies upon, crops up, clinched the deal, ex tend, made over, doing a service, upending, dis-tended, turning to liquid, sells on, be spake, intro-duces, re produces, be handy, art in business, smell of, dis charging, bends one's ear, bursting out with, touch on, brought view, giving instruction, Lotting, gave an inkling, pops up, puts on to, be lieve, pressagented, re-stored, dropt the hammer, gives pointer, wells over, re-affirm, spilled over, dis-closes, un stopped, uncrease, illustrates with, are overjoyed, had on, dis-patch, rest on, bring home, giving inkling, doped out, put bug in ear, un-clothing, puts for sale, pre-tending, talked big, sets before, re-serving, get act, put on view, in-crease, groupthink, runs the mouth, giving ground, am convenient, causing to understand, iced, calls shot, is hand, doeth favor, de-scants, re commend, intro duce, Disembogued, laid at feet, re paying, dropt a hint, shouted out, talking idly, de-nudes, giving a clue, recapitulate, under score, de-bar, run off mouth, picks up on, dis-burdened, out-spreading, re tires, simulcasts, am present, see light, taking battle stations, Disemboguing, re cites, consented to, breezed in, unbolts, blowing in, sends forth, shedding light on, trajects, go along with, pro-longed, takes under ones wing, making way, re-proves, puts on the market, all-owed, signify, were convenient, Disciplining, parades wares, showing one's face, be-spake, showing how, kibitzed, lay one door, art joined with, are high spirits, be overjoyed, lent hand, pro mises, kicks teeth, ratted on, holding out for, un-earthed, taking pains, spring on, blow one's horn, going public, un cover, running off mouth, leveled with, sur rendered, hath crack, Deputed, puts in the hands of, putting on the market, wast use, showed how, hold forth, got down to brass tacks, gave a good account oneself, plumped for, reached out, tele-graphed, ex-claim, blew in, shows once for all, personate, gave a leg up, tele-phones, Blathered, give facts, looks in on, reels out, ex-tracts, tells a story, un-masks, passed on, crosses one heart, giving big picture, putting forward, in spect, own up, sell down river, grew larger, hast a swing at, is on, clothed oneself, letting slip, fore show, dis burdens, pre scribing, re peats, payed homage, Unshroud, haddest to do with, have transaction, put with, re capitulates, key up, school, doth one best, turned over to, pro creating, talking foolishly, putting two cents, un-leashing, spun out, marches review, punched clock, sware up and down, re-strains, re tiring, were relevant to, ex-haled, gets on soapbox, roll in, individuated, out-fit, told tales out of school, pro-positions, making responsible for, dragging up, soapboxing, speaking one piece, ran off mouth, makes habitable, be-spoken, up-dating, come to light, see coming, re presents, gave black eye, proclaim, belts out, putting for sale, sets off, de famed, go on on, wert service, end angered, reaching out, un-wraps, most disclose, opens doors, unbolted, speaks to, acted out, stretching out, de-posing, retelling, being conspicuous, being witness, is on air, para-phrases, opened ones heart, laid on thick, marked off, shooting off mouth, were accessible, siphoned, un-shuts, bare fruit, crack to, laid ones feet, sculpts, went on the air, forks out, gave thumbs-up, leads to, swear bible, most divulge, communed with, being at service, lets the cat out of the bag, co-unselling, swang by, be-speaking, end-angering, sprung with, softsells, over pressed, un-tangle, pulling trigger, symphonizes, clinched deal, puts harms way, in-tends, let go with, ex haling, passes the word, fore-armed, brag, getting down to brass tacks, got the horn, give a ring, breaking story, doth favor, in sert, stands up, lets cat ouf of the bag, drive out, re-presenting, in criminate, look like, inter-connecting, made explicit, Summing, lay ones feet, made known, open mouth, seeing coming, bursts in to song, takes pains, pro-longing, letting be known, chimed with, fore-tokening, lay the line, art in unison, de-tails, swishing, head-lined, unloading on, leaved evidence, lay forward, re-minding, re-warded, trot out, be at service, trivializing, slices up, gives skinny on, runs by again, re tailed, rolling in, am in business, marched on, overpraises, forked out, re cline, canary, gave to do, laid at one feet, disjecting, dealing out, blether, takes delight in, fit in with, Overset, makes tense, laid on line, polish up, in-sinuate, dis-ported, gives good account of oneself, re cognize, re-sounding, Serenading, tied in with, drest in, ex-hume, shoots off one's mouth, puts wise to, double-check, rend air, gat on the horn, was high spirits, inter-relate, Moonshining, deploy, thumbs, shot mouth, give one's word, going the airwaves, re tails, am service, hand in, un ravel, closing deal, bear up on, got things rolling, learning one's part, hold reading, dis tend, gives thumbsup, open eyes, out-fits, look on, billboarded, come in to view, sur-faced, sending for, dis-gracing, dis credits, calls name of, re-tiring, put screws to, pro-vided, kicks in the teeth, fissured, huffed puff, spreads around, calling the shot, didst one part, wert at hand, most confess, am jubilant, told secrets, over-turn, lays it out, acting as if, be gotten, diffused, talks nonsensically, de-tracts, figure out, un covers, tele vising, spilt over, in trusts, drowses, inter viewed, bodied, gives tip, letting one's hair down, getting through, re-leased, pre figured, leaning on, consorting with, say under oath, sculpting, de pressed, de-posits, de liberating, de-posed, be ready, doest one part, leave evidence, Bunged, thumbed, was contact, inter view, lay on, gives a black eye, un leash, in-venting, leaving word, certify, de-claim, gave skinny on, evidence, providing details, talks into, tells truth, pro pounds, take from the top, dis gorges, goes out with, hath do with, are on air, put accent on, comes forth, having dibs something, re-words, in nervate, under-scores, throws lead, breezes in, unbended, in quires, sets aside, wert happy, re-aching, haddest reference to, huffs puff, having crack, un creased, commended to, let it be known, hadst swing at, grinning and bear it, psyching, kicked in teeth, lot out, more unbosom, got with, speeding up, speaks one's piece, gave with, dis-embarked, bootlegging, placing disposal, inter-connects, find out, air, un-wrapped, wave around, is in touch, try hard, de ciphering, re strained, make noise, gave show away, drops by, emit, lays on line, parade wares, un-pack, fitted in with, knocked down, Patted, draw a picture, gives show away, depending up on, ring up, lendleased, bare, didst favor, clues in, un bars, in tended, marking out, gat off one's chest, wast a sign of, de-signing, getting chest, up-date, smack with, give one word, kicking off, Ratted, parcelling out, flourish, proclaims, ex-pressing, spitting out, is disposal, un packed, lies in, opens up, dis-cern, send out, passed hat, fore-knows, going on the airwaves, putting the arm on, letted be known, made one way, speaking to, paves the way, gives report, gave vent to, re-call, holds discussion, scream bloody murders, sliced up, wast at hand, decree, be accessible, tipping off, letted in on, dis graced, re-turned, softsold, gat act, un bended, dis-tributes, inter relate, torpedoed, proffer, drop a line, dress in, re produced, ballyhooed, carry on conversation, dis-charging, running mouth, has swing at, doeth a service, Snowed, cuing, have a swing at, evening out, over-pressing, put bug ear, puts the arm on, grand standing, un folded, de fames, were shown, lets the cat ouf of bag, gives for instance, show in bad light, cried up, screams bloody murder, thinking of, wast convenient, re-capitulated, muscles in, bursting forth, pre-sents, sent forth, proponing, publicize, counter-sign, Harbingered, reeling off, shoots up, illuminate, making it, dropped hint, get one's chest, dealt in, fore-running, disject, up-root, symbolled, hitting on, trivializes, were source of, being near, consign, trans-fused, over-flown, un locked, ex-press, tells all, has a crack, was at service, form front, letted cat ouf of the bag, lay thick, goes with the flow, called out, whipping out, appeal to, reconciliated, reenacts, strike as, kept in touch, catalogged, giving an inkling, passes hat, didst ones part, was submissive, got it up, hugged oneself, re-asserts, up date, rolling out, pre indicated, spills to, wast high spirits, in-criminating, teach, gave thanks, re laid, called the shot, pre face, took under one's wing, giving a boost, walk one through, talking in to, Whiffing, give show away, uttered, ex-plicated, giving a ring, spreading out, butts on, got wind of, making one way, prepares draft, de luging, put spotlight on, gotten soapbox, Palmed, un does, make merry, over-lap, mount, stakes out, gives a report, didst one's best, in vented, de bars, dis-cuss, inter ceding, breaks it to, pro tracts, re seve, pro-rating, have dibs something, wast of mind, swear to, is of mind, being relevant to, de coded, makes conversant with, introing, were at service, unbar, get the act, giving clue, marches on, give the big picture, blow own horn, fans out, opened up, patting on back, keeping in touch, run at mouth, comes around, un-lock, was handy, showcase, gets one's chest, Sired, giving a pointer, takes under one's wing, throw lead, fly speck, ex acting, grinned bear it, was conspicuous, brought down house, un masks, was service, puts next to, resorted to, bending one ear, in-stalling, lay gaff, letting cat ouf of bag, in-stilled, up turn, played to audience, pouring out, marks out, apprives, spake about, Sided, ex plicates, de-nominates, outed, un-riddle, laid on the line, gets with, greasing wheels, un-fasten, most relieve, trans-lated, crystaled ball it, ex tract, dis-gorging, drave in, speaking for, doeth one best, deposited with, de-vise, make scene, was shown, be-sought, circumstantiates, opened one's mouth, make available, art witness, lifted up voice, made noise, re-moves, popping up, in-quired, art in corner, going with flow, laid bare, lays it on line, de signed, hadst a crack, pop question, laying at door, got off ones chest, circulate, laying on one, sold down river, calling signals, run mouth, gets things rolling, hath a shot at, walkout, throw overboard, un veiled, shakes out, dis-cards, disinter, shows up, giving with, blurt out, sweeten pot, lend, paved the way, Bottoming, egressed, re calls, giving the nod, in spires, pro-pounds, leaned on, throwing in towel, doest service, double checks, reseving, yakkety-yakking, levelling with, promulgate, humbles oneself, un shutting, swings by, putting bug ear, gave voice, spilled to, gives all one's got, intercalates, ratting on, in-vested, wells forth, schmooses, pops in, re-straining, implicate, standing by, pro posed, bringing out in to the open, come around, reaffirmed, gives birth, cock a doodle doos, un doing, doest part, Bodying, utter, spring with, pulled on, lined out, hath a meet, feathering a nest, fixed with, check on, laying down, lead in to, rely up on, toll, bearing fruit, opens fire, de luge, hath swing at, pre-scribing, refer to, are joined with, swore to, actioned for cause exhibit, let hair down, got off chest, letting all hang out, putting something, over turns, wert shown, breathe, calls aloud, give up, re capitulating, gotten on soapbox for, be came, told tales, cross one's heart, selling down the river, pops off, came on to, be the air, over-fills, defecate, putting flea in ear, shot one's wad, let out bag, give forth, ex-pending, walks through, wises, am hand, shooting off one mouth, pre-ceding, re-sounded, going with the flow, crushes against, hath a crack, bring light, circularizes, crush against, tele-cast, pulling the trigger, making point, are disposal, shot off ones mouth, gave high sign, ex pounds, going in to detail, ex haled, un-bolting, re warded, wert near, inter depended, lays one feet, catches on, getting with, kept posted, gave back, trans fusing, ex pends, pyramidding, giving skinny on, pre sage, be tokening, forked over, show one's face, takes from top, opens one mouth, un-winds, flaunt, lay at ones feet, hinting at, gave all one's got, disjected, go on the airwaves, in creasing, over filling, shooting mouth, am on the air, catching on, prep, sets forth, does ones best, de-duce, exude, inter-ceded, got soapbox, letted cat ouf bag, being dressed in, ex-pend, tipped one's hand, diagrammed, has case, spin out, dis gorging, making explicit, Co-ordinates, let be known, being a witness, Appareling, interface, art at hand, actioning for cause exhibit, show ropes, give out, showed clearly, un-bosoming, sitting in, out lines, be conspicuous, put something, yipping, re-joined, Enswathe, tips hand, over-press, opening fire, sees something coming, over-fill, tele-casting, radiographs, tip off, laying it on line, re capping, is a witness, taking under one wing, resorts to, showcases, pushing around, let cat out bag, giving a hint, working for, giving ones word, gave orders, re asserts, make pitch, unbolting, cantillating, insisted on, giving high sign, let cat ouf of bag, is of use, re-tails, making liable, argue for, puts air, multi-plying, in-toned, personates, giving leg up, dumping on, insinuate, making an effort, set out, paying back, wound at, doeth turn, confess, swear up and down, wast contact, bends an ear, noses out, haddest crack, sets down, un block, de-claimed, in spiring, un dresses, re cord, un clothe, reconciliate, runs off the mouth, coming around, tele-phoned, arrive at, alluded to, learnt one's part, be business, de-scribing, knuckle, purls, engaging conversation, pointed to, breaking down, prayed to, open one heart, pays out, flattered oneself, be elated, counter-signs, goes into huddle, in-clines, go down the line for, pro-mote, laid one feet, be service, run off, clad oneself, talked in to, out-stretches, run into, gave ground, fore-casts, laid the line, ventriloquizes, drafts correspondence, over lays, gives facts, forming front, reaffirms, stand by, ex-plains, throws towel, skying in, Symphonized, had big mouth, pre-figures, overfilling, co unselling, pro vide, makes a scene, in-sinuating, give a good account oneself, closing the deal, being business, bursts out with, smelled of, give a call, pro-vision, writes up, un-closed, fork out, de-bunked, lay it on line, art touch, fore casts, popping off, de-vised, gives lift, swearing up down, corresponds to, un raveled, unbend, doing ones part, pro-bed, playing back, moonshined, feathers a nest, were happy, allegates, making clear, rubber stamped, gat through, tweedle, open one's heart, re fines, huff puff, ex-crete, un-load, tele cast, ex-cite, made rough guess, flapped ones tongue, haddest a crack, doest one's part, threw light up on, un twists, doth honors, pro-longs, be joined with, traded, connected with, were disposal, interconnects, be in business, acting out, patting oneself back, reported, putting to, comes apart, pass, telecasting, giving account of, dis course, comes out closet, made evident, unbent, more disburden, pro visioning, bringing to view, runs off at mouth, provides escape, upended, ordinating, come, pave the way, bended one ear, peacock, being unison, groupthinked, called the name of, lays one door, cluing one in, break it to, taking lead, re-worded, bear upon, fore-knew, drowse, saw something coming, giving boost, un-latched, formed front, un-shroud, pat oneself on the back, divulge, letting out bag, puts view, up-ended, in-formed, comes light, sing the praises, ex pounding, hitting where lives, get it up, re peat, double checking, punched in, playact, checking up, putting on view, say loudly, makes a pitch for, shoot up, laying at one's feet, un winds, gets off one chest, leans over, acts out, yakkety-yakked, up lifted, un covering, end-angers, making taut, chippering, un coiled, pinned down, exclaim, gotten chest, leant over, let in on, cuts pieces, wert at service, put the hands of, goes the airwaves, pro-claim, goosing, sweetened the pot, blurts out, commenting on, made one's way, over flows, re storing, brings to view, Frocked, putting up to, un wraps, broadcast, show fruit, vociferate, over turning, picks upon, trans fused, over-flow, bending ear, canaries, throw in the towel, in-trusting, lendlease, defecates, show clearly, gave a hint, re-pays, re-quests, dropping the hammer, consent to, herald, allegorizes, in tones, feeds the kitty, dis interred, talks idly, check upon, owning up, talks through ones hat, laying the gaff, gat a soapbox, did a favor, looked after, swore on bible, made pregnant, ran lines, dis-credit, do best, meet with, coming on strong, radioed, be-stows, de classifying, transmit, Ventriloquizing, pre-indicate, is one mind, unshrouded, open out, hath on, rehearse, heap upon, pre-aching, starts ball rolling, gotten bandwagon, am at hand, swore up down, tips ones hand, untwisting, Freighting, gave warning, re-paying, dropping by, Retold, fore knew, wast a source of, deal in, feather nest, in-spect, hanged sign on, put in appearance, referred to, over praised, re view, do ones part, out fitting, giving ring, puts on television, making appearance, pray to, giving an account, Unbosomed, led in to, up-held, attracting attention, inter connects, press-agent, open heart, haddest case, keying up, putting in charge of, kick in the teeth, re-cords, smoked out, breaking through, did number, joined in conversation, bidding for, inter acting, went on the airwaves, re-capped, found the key, re-member, pro posing, chronicle, do honors, cock a doodle dooed, cantillates, spread the word, take delight in, cause to understand, being in corner, un-tangled, gave one's got, were use, lay on the line, gotten a soapbox, spake ones piece, re-assures, plug, got on a soapbox, blow horn, deep sixed, re-assured, soapboxes, let ones hair down, un-coiling, roll out, catch on, conveniencing, de ploy, re aching, being hand, de-luging, ex acts, comment on, un coiling, had dibs something, up held, in-undated, be-come, waves flag, co operating, throwing weight around, wert conspicuous, Mothering, re hearses, spill over, closes in, putting place, gotten ones chest, de-barred, de-noted, voice, de fending, being one mind, art symptomatic, drops note, dis entangling, closed in, looking after, puts on guard, smelling out, dis-embarks, rattled on, in trust, comes on to, up dated, out-stretching, pro create, being handy, assent to, sticked for, embody, pro-positioning, lets be known, shooting one mouth, re join, make vulnerable, ties in with, connects with, come light, spreads it around, re-cited, un bosomed, unlatched, light upon, throwing light on, did one best, easer, Dragooning, clothe oneself, come out the closet, fly specking, laying it line, am of one mind, over-lapped, play to audience, de-bunks, ex cites, wave flag, didst best, gat off chest, un-curls, putting in the hands of, un raveling, getting bandwagon, dis burden, recite, de-posit, under-lines, Consociating, draw near, chimes with, un-corking, re-produced, sheds light on, wast joined with, put on act, Ferreting, sub-scribes, hits up, showcasing, constated, un-seal, swearing bible, tell tale, rumor, be come, handed, un-coiled, in spiriting, wast in high spirits, Intercalated, give account, occupy oneself, left open, making habitable, un-creasing, in clines, de-scanted, raves over, waving around, fore-warning, is jubilant, most disburden, makes appearance, disseminate, appareled, wert of one mind, writ up, un closed, did ones part, dressed in, de-scribes, re quired, rode shotgun for, para phrases, threw lead, un shrouds, are air, speaking ones piece, putting on the air, sur-face, pointed finger at, re-calling, makes rough guess, spoke one's piece, puts bug ear, dis played, forced upon, let it hang out, were within view, putting print, talk one's leg off, gave tip, are close to, doeth honors, re citing, Periling, be happy, edges in, putting in circulation, crane, re lated, un-twist, strikes as, showing and tell, pro cured, wert in touch, joined conversation, read riot act, chime with, lay at one feet, blow one own horn, take under one's wing, lavish upon, un seal, zinged, re counts, gave evidence, puts market, wrought with, showed and tell, re eked, bodies forth, does a service, pulling at, shows one's face, art business, re serving, reflect, doest ones best, wiggle-waggle, said loudly, getting on soapbox, ex-tolling, lays at ones feet, un-loaded, drum in to, fore-showing, give a leg up, haddest a meet, were corner, putting flea ear, un-shrouded, de sire, inter face, tells story, pay out, Ventriloquize, ran by again, pro portion, doublechecking, head lined, lay feet, crying out, gat off ones chest, in-spiring, went for broke, wast on the air, gat things rolling, called on, be stow, sware up down, gives forth, chime in, growing larger, letted it all hang out, chiming in, deeding, casting out, putting harm's way, made ones way, un-burying, shoots off mouth, dis-patched, gave thumbs up, sweating it, re counting, puts in harm way, gat wind of, lay it on, Piloted, passing the hat, fore runs, nosed out, popped off, have a big mouth, puts the hands of, called upon, actions for a cause exhibit, stoppered, deep-sixes, hangs sign on, even out, gave the high sign, crossed one heart, up lifts, leaves word, ex tolling, breaks a story, patting oneself the back, de-pressed, go and on, fold up, kicking teeth, de posit, makes liable, parcelling, un bosom, un-bended, re-quires, marks off, co operate, look after, re-curring, smelt of, un fasten, un-burden, Allegorizing, drove in, clinching the deal, runs off, skywritten, ex tending, in-trusted, go for broke, sprung on, inter-acted, topple over, measures out, reenact, picked up on, Thumbing, pre facing, opening heart, lay the gaff, de codes, blethering, gave a boost to, makes public, inter-relates, trans-pose, points up, letting it hang out, appears as, end owing, letting the cat ouf the bag, wert in business, giving all got, lays at ones door, gifting with, Shrilled, finked on, Shepherded, lay it out, wast handy, re pays, dresses in, hast crack, crushing against, flinging down, re proved, re words, pre dict, makes effort, take from top, giving blow-by-blow, gives thumbs up, bursting into song, inter depending, re leases, tells tale, lining out, art air, laid one door, shot one wad, intro duces, places at disposal, setting out, sends for, letting have, slapped in face, re fined, crystals ball it, makes it, Oversetting, de scribe, ex plains, de-votes, tele-phoning, re torts, dis mounts, doeth a turn, commit, Propone, made plain, go into detail, trans ported, told truth, in fusing, was on, be in corner, making apparent, pre-ached, be of one mind, bring view, depends upon, were on air, pat back, gave nod, laying claim to, put to something, yakketyyakking, shoots one wad, swears up down, head-lining, consort with, gotten wind of, deposits with, make melody, traffic, crystalled ball it, pre-cede, tele vise, making a pitch for, does a turn, gat the act, cried out, re moved, flap one tongue, let the cat out of bag, put up for sale, knock down, wert relevant to, was overjoyed, hath a swing at, gossip, making see daylight, are accessible, got on soapbox for, get in the act, un-bolt, re-peat, yakkety yakked, establishing contact, mark, lets all hang out, put on to, Mouthed, be-tokened, am overjoyed, in validate, show once for all, under-taking, ex-cites, spill beans, advocate, de pressing, radiographing, popped in, were a source of, pre-faced, gets the act, getting back to, art jubilant, pick upon, arrive, photo graphed, un-earthing, lets one hair down, soft sold, bended ear, rolled in, breaking to, speaking one's piece, bobbed up, most unload, dis-gorge, re stores, exudated, threw down, Gifting, brings out into the open, suited up, yakkety yaks, wast jubilant, doeth best, singsonging, come together, took delight in, shot off mouth, wert displayed, re asserting, de briefed, pony up, getting wise to, were ready, swishes, re ported, calls upon, horse trade, smacks with, were mind, make clear, filled in, assented to, get on soapbox, doing part, owned up, making plain, opening one's heart, clarify, ex plicated, keeping posted, be comes, was a witness, are unison, auspicating, lays on thick, deals out, springs up, de scribing, opening one heart, pegging away, give got, doth number, giving blow by blow, play audience, re stated, enumerate, are visible, gotten off ones chest, inter depends, Hawked, stood by, gives ones got, uncoiled, un bosoming, make plain, wert a sign of, thrashed out, un earthed, dis-gorges, lays it line, make liable, lay it on the line, re-adies, hotdogged, ex pose, re-clines, hit upon, re affirmed, re posed, goes in to details, over running, un-bent, Unbury, caused understand, de-signed, makes explicit, in-spirit, send, giving testimony, intonate, walk through, dost favor, waves around, de fines, ballyhooing, is distributed, laying line, made vivid, un-stopping, put harms way, throwing in, make conversant with, bends one ear, putting circulation, carrying conversation, show one face, jiving, unstopping, re presenting, exert, made scene, puts in plain english, makes plain, preconizing, patted oneself on the back, dis embarking, knuckles, giving forth, inter posed, break to, un did, dictate, opened heart, blew smoke, speak of, wear, hadst do with, Mooting, de-scanting, communicate, harmonize, speak piece, jollying, un-shrouds, art conspicuous, singing the praises, unburying, un tied, clock in, walked one through, cough up, pre pares, un clad, gat under way, looking like, re-marking, put on line, para-phrasing, publish, re-treated, un-ravelled, cite, punched the clock, bent an ear, wast source of, took out on, dost honors, being corner, putting airs, talked idly, re tort, un drest, lighted up on, lays at door, tele-phone, under-scored, wast unison, letting it all hang out, give thumbs up, pro pones, re-treating, un-stopped, come out of closet, slapping face, patted back, ran interference for, de classifies, gives thanks, enswathed, was on air, accessing, polishes up, getting on horn, shoots off one mouth, un-packs, dost a turn, pose as, de notes, deal out, dost a service, puts the market, hurries off, in-stilling, run, interdepends, gets on a soapbox, got off one's chest, goes into details, hadst dealings, most confide, gives expression, punch clock, de tailing, does a favor, re-affirmed, got on soapbox, spin a yarn, put in two cents, puts in appearance, re cords, setting down, bowing down, lay down, made an effort, extend, yakketyyak, went into details, fill, peg away, counter-signing, art visible, pats on back, keep touch, makes available, lay ones door, babble, having a shot at, intro, impinged upon, over-praises, rang in, lets slip, sending forth, letting it be known, in-sert, be use, in-validate, gotten under way, jumps for joy, pro pone, campaigned for, lets the cat out the bag, crushed against, speak one's piece, pro-created, didst a service, make point, am a sign of, tell, shoot off one's mouth, lots out, para phrase, fixing with, ex-pose, flap ones tongue, said uncle, un-covers, in venting, de bar, gotten the act, called up on, didst turn, interfaces, puts into words, hand on, Emblematized, wast at disposal, de-brief, pick up on, re-conciliated, swore down, in vent, hitting up on, soliloquizes, haddest a shot at, wast close to, over-set, coming on to, do favor, un-furled, haddest meet, are touch, trans literates, makes much of, speaks ones piece, Provisioning, was displayed, get the horn, makes the scene, pro portions, un-cover, Unshut, putting map, state, making a scene, ex posing, put on television, runs over, made sure, talking big, brake down, calls signals, paid back, spitted out, brake it to, wedges in, lie out, un bending, dis-burse, unburies, sues for, giving voice to, burst out, Worsting, does over, laid gaff, grins bear it, learned ones part, go the air, going on air, upends, sued for, ex plicating, expose, perform, sprung in, doth a favor, lays line, praying to, shaker, leaning over, peacocking, ex-pended, digging up, coughing up, walks one through, grinned and bear it, be speaks, passes down, doth one part, lays down law, checks upon, count noses, sub-scribed, was touch, laying the line, overfill, wert submissive, bear fruit, giving the lowdown, drew picture, take account of, wert convenient, digged up, softselling, puts on the air, speeded up, getting off ones chest, muscled in, lets cat ouf the bag, break story, greased the wheels, are jubilant, rattles on, fore boding, calls the signals, thrash out, lay on thick, shooting off ones mouth, putting line, intimate, put charge of, did ones best, dis ported, be visible, tread boards, re iterating, inter-posing, putting on something, going to town on, talk through one hat, fixes with, introed, be jubilant, Noising, pats the back, un bar, line up, re-turning, end angering, concretized, symphonize, learn one part, flapped one's tongue, lavishes upon, lift up a voice, pro viding, leading into, goes town on, interfacing, put on the map, bears company, further, caused to understand, am visible, put ones foot down, bursted in to song, opens ones mouth, pat oneself the back, barraged, inter-relating, lotted out, pro-pones, lays door, illustrate, drag up, descriptioning, putting forth, came out of the closet, getting one's chest, tumbled in to, most relinquish, staking out, line nest, interconnect, up set, opens one heart, un-leashed, in spire, doing one best, narrate, gets back to, art convenient, working with, forcing upon, talked leg off, ticks off, be positive, did part, doth part, actioning for a cause exhibit, got to, head lines, putting on guard, be dressed in, sound off, pre-scribes, ex change, reified, parting with, root for, dost ones best, re-storing, wert in corner, ex-plicates, providing escape, takes charge, spreading rumor, pre-paring, let know, un bosoms, re-caps, laid feet, un dressing, letted go with, un riddles, ex pressing, eyeballs, bobs up, ignore, keeps touch, strutting stuff, made clear, being in high spirits, breaks through, jump for joy, prime, hast on, arrived at, steamrolls, relying up on, engaged in conversation, being of one mind, personizing, put before, blow smoke, lullabying, crossed ones heart, put one foot down, makes clear, un-dresses, giving expression, snitch, Manifolding, spake of, lullabied, do a number, got chest, ex-claimed, tell tales, noising about, sur-facing, hast swing at, puts circulation, making ready, lifted voice, symboled, uncloaked, pro testing, un folding, makes a pitch, gives evidence, letted it hang out, blew off, plays to audience, going air, peach, deal, Trajecting, were unison, decipher, re-tain, hadst a big mouth, shoot off ones mouth, checks on, relied up on, de posed, overpressing, march on, quotes chapter verse, showing once for all, grows larger, re member, un wound, un rolling, resort to, gets ink for, shot off one's mouth, swears down, de-ployed, doing honors, push, walkouted, kibitz, de-feats, re leasing, send for, taking out, ordain, be-held, lining up, throws wide, spoke for, are at disposal, pro positioned, re-asserted, put view, give a report, getting in with, re-laying, sate in, are service, un earth, relies up on, laid it on the line, doublechecked, de-liberate, stooled, hadst dibs on something, Apparelled, inter cedes, pinning down, put on map, press-agents, give vent to, shoots off ones mouth, took under ones wing, exhibit, getting in the act, fore-knowing, showing once and for all, un-locks, thrashing out, patting oneself on the back, letting cat ouf bag, had a big mouth, close in, swore and down, dis-porting, signs off on, doest one best, opening doors, lets hang out, shows one face, laying it out, in-validated, slaps the face, un-bends, make sure, in-scribes, coughs up, take battle stations, de scanting, running off, blurted out, raise, barraging, insist on, warmed up, go on airwaves, bent ones ear, re-commends, re-told, setting apart, re curred, enlarging upon, doing the honors, has dealings, dis-entangle, un-riddling, un-veils, are present, heap up on, horse traded, ex-changed, dis-closed, gat on bandwagon, called name of, un winding, un shroud, un cloak, pro-create, move toward, is in corner, gave an account, bears fruit, puts across, does the honors, gave ones word, run off at mouth, came across with, strongarm, made liable, dis cusses, be holding, gets it up, heaps upon, showed ones face, wiggle-waggles, un-blocked, be submissive, spread out, am conspicuous, lied out, open ones mouth, consorted with, lines a nest, letted one hair down, letted out, over-flowing, giving report, unveiled, taking out on, saying loudly, raving over, comes over, Purled, re iterate, dis-charge, times in, over-presses, lay one, went in to details, flings down, puts in circulation, reading riot act, gotten off one chest, slaps in the face, wiggle-waggled, opened fire, open ones heart, being symptomatic, are positive, are distributed, re viewed, called the signals, blowing smoke, chirrup, doeth one's part, laying it the line, smoothed along, smoking, double-checked, dis-credits, ex-tend, tried hard, call up on, pro pose, being a source of, pushes for, pro pounded, give one got, goes into detail, rubber-stamping, let out, applies oneself, re views, out-lined, un-wrap, puts on to something, up-turning, made habitable, dropped a hint, are in corner, springs on, shaking out, opened doors, was joined with, gave as example, bleeping, re-ported, clothes oneself, casts out, rended air, open to view, un barring, give for instance, cracking to, swearing to, de-ploys, un locking, acted with, rodomontading, de-fending, gat horn, un-twisted, out spreading, be shown, inter-facing, de barred, spread rumor, lays thick, make a scene, seeing something coming, wigglewaggle, give thumbsup, was corner, resting on, interact, under-scoring, throwing lead, blows hot air, were positive, oversets, un leashed, bare company, pre-tended, dis-entangling, soothsaid, be convenient, says in passing, lifted a voice, uncork, un-did, fitting with, bent ear, Parcelled, diffuses, place at disposal, slapped face, doeth part, re presented, relied upon, letting cat out of bag, pro portioned, up ended, laboring the point, foretell, consociates, stumping for, is touch, open one mouth, smacked with, giving the high sign, bearing company, re-lax, bringing down house, holds forth, make the scene, un earths, give pointer, puts one's foot down, pre-scribed, give all ones got, re-enacted, dropping anchor, meets with, un masked, pre ceded, dis-cover, appealing to, part with, argued for, in-creases, point finger at, made deal, goes the air, lend hand, sped up, saying again, unloaded on, wast distributed, belting out, improve mind, overpraised, re-views, give faith, de tailed, shakest, fore-run, puts the screws to, wast one mind, giving lift, wast dressed in, pat oneself on back, de-classifying, give thumbs-up, colorcast, hotdog, went on air, told tales out school, ringing up, re move, yakketying yak, turn to liquid, runs on, dis-graced, re-laid, shows clearly, cut quick, with stands, lighting up on, ex-act, am displayed, gets wind of, break down, butted on, does best, does a number, collogue, dropped by, re-capitulates, gets into, be friend, itemize, put in harm way, gave a black eye, does honors, parceling out, un rolls, toe line, skinning alive, nattered, talking one leg off, un masking, trans-pire, give instruction, putting plain english, deep sixing, de-sire, gasconade, plays back, put in charge of, re producing, stopt by, pats oneself back, cry, argues for, pre figures, hugging oneself, slipt in, threw in, be hand, lay upon, speak, were a sign of, out with it, brings forward, de-tailed, kicks the teeth, give lift, being source of, re tells, be source of, drove out, re-tells, am delighted, transliterating, gotten on soapbox, advertise, is unison, puts line, all owed, light up, got in act, telling all, trans-literate, clinching deal, re-tell, black-markets, phonated, owns up, taking under wing, got ones chest, go on air, reenacted, breeze in, cock-a-doodle-dooed, de-notes, cuts to pieces, in-stalled, hitting where one lives, de presses, phonating, fore-showed, were present, sub scribes, learnt one part, had to do with, makes pitch for, dis burse, un-fastened, up-lifted, closed the deal, re clines, de-positing, dost ones part, un shut, pre-tends, impinges upon, diagraming, sweat details, dis-tribute, made conversant with, put next to, dis-robed, pro vides, took out, puts ones foot down, gives a boost, doeth over, kick off, de press, slap face, un-bury, pulled trigger, pre faces, un curl, gotten down brass tacks, drop by, shooting off one's mouth, re sorting, be mind, sur faced, holds a reading, am within view, deepsixed, talked through ones hat, Handing, tele-vise, pounds into, is sign of, pegs away, pre tending, puts in two cents, pre-figuring, de brief, be stowed, keyed up, laid one, patted oneself the back, am at service, doing one's part, clues one in, gets horn, de-fines, are a source of, carried on conversation, re minding, leave to, fed the kitty, rave over, calling shot, span a yarn, re hash, un ravelling, over-lay, winded at, sweated it, lie on, wast in contact, gotten with, in-trust, descriptioned, pre indicates, is business, un-bars, wert witness, dressing in, telling tale, sell on, intonates, up-rooting, cut to the quick, pop in, sweetening pot, making a pitch, testified to, wast on, in-trusts, break silence, hath a case, told story, co ordinates, art in contact, talk nonsensically, un bolts, letting cat out bag, gat soapbox for, flowing out, re prove, wast accessible, pro bed, sprang on, having shot at, wert sign of, pro-visions, open fire, making familiar, let fly, opened ones mouth, clothing oneself, hotdogging, offer, sweats details, pre-dict, is corner, laying thick, doth a service, re-plying, de-note, inter posing, gives as example, over-sets, turns to liquid, referencing, spread word, hast a crack, most unbosom, give the show away, de-luges, go on and on, causing understand, crystaling ball it, running off at mouth, wast relevant to, cutting to pieces, de legates, ex-pound, did a service, quoting chapter and verse, more unload, lean over, shot one mouth, makes pregnant, rings up, having dealings, dredged up, getting on soapbox for, playing to audience, put the screws to, is the air, leant on, trans pose, re-strained, un cloaking, has transaction, shoot off one mouth, wising up, took account of, calls up on, give testimony, ex cite, held a reading, Bleating, re plenishing, radiographed, muscling in, do one part, un-masked, were a witness, am air, re conciliating, get on the horn, own, Spilt, de bunking, start ball rolling, fore-known, wert the air, Serenaded, are witness, up turning, attracts attention, flashes about, un twist, give black eye, laying upon, goes on the air, being use, uncoil, laid down, dis cards, bent one ear, engages in conversation, puts on air, overpressed, un curled, putting on map, un-shrouding, in vested, kibitzes, in stilling, didst one best, un-twisting, went to town on, un riddled, be-comes, de-fine, puts airs, pre aching, wast of use, taking under one's wing, over-lays, takes care of, DIMES, dis tributes, shoot wad, punching clock, gat bandwagon, showing in bad light, gat behind, slap in the face, foretoken, Purling, let cat ouf bag, in-stall, art in high spirits, uncloaking, in tends, doth a turn, re hashes, drawing picture, de fend, put the market, clued in, pours out, go to town on, be of use, getting into, putting one's foot down, sweetened pot, thought of, comes into view, tick off, pro-vides, gotten one chest, spinning a yarn, making evident, put to, art source of, simulcasting, de vise, dost one best, lays one, got down brass tacks, go town on, are delighted, paraded wares, un corking, lets fly, bringing home, in-filtrates, called shot, keeps posted, give directions, closes the deal, up-turn, pro-rate, tipped off, being in contact, weighted, Ventriloquized, flattering oneself, being on the air, re marks, un load, in stances, had crack, be held, dis patched, lines up, keeps company with, Prattled, Carolling, un shrouded, being service, re-cede, re-stating, re-cedes, gave word, trans literate, went town on, de-vote, inter-cede, acts as if, gat on horn, in scribe, putting to something, dropped hammer, un-furling, relate, in-nervate, tie in with, labors the point, makes pitch, put in hands of, broke it to, exult, ex-plaining, hadst big mouth, re-legate, had a crack, pro claim, ex cavate, telling the truth, hits town, be in touch, give a tip, lay it the line, gives blow by blow, gives a good account oneself, reveal, Soliloquizing, flashed about, took under wing, bring out in to the open, making ones way, leaned over, being within view, hadst transaction, re mark, grow larger, giving a report, did a number, flapping one's tongue, un-earth, put on airs, throws in the towel, circumstantiate, keep company with, letted hair down, showed the ropes, gave a boost, be on the air, grand stand, wrought in, puts foot down, giving word, uncorks, giving a leg up, kick teeth, have shot at, reenacting, out-fitting, re store, tip, un covered, gat on soapbox, re-presents, de ciphered, dis-mounts, stage, afford, does one's part, get down brass tacks, releasing, give an introduction, out line, be-littles, being accessible, de briefing, tittletattle, in fused, out-stretched, in validated, re-counts, wast sign of, rubbed in, over pressing, winded up at, went in to detail, points to, give the high sign, says so, de nominate, acted as if, brought out in to the open, talks leg off, re-gard, de-classify, letted cat ouf of bag, throwing towel, sticked up for, spreadeagle, lifts up a voice, re warding, sees through, laid at ones door, un-curled, dis solved, gave a pointer, pro-pose, Caved, being convenient, walked through, set right, foreruns, is use, accessed, paid homage, pro visioned, swears and down, prepping, represent, brings forth, ex pended, double checked, wast in unison, forearming, shark, doublecheck, kicks in teeth, blows smoke, tele-vised, be-friend, un creasing, give words to, got under way, lets know, saw the light, handed in, un-bar, huff and puff, dost one's part, going in to huddle, gives with, put the air, comes to light, be of mind, give all one's got, spin yarn, blew hot air, letting the cat out of bag, gives an account of, rubber-stamped, congratulated oneself, cluing in, pro-portioning, gave good account oneself, look in on, up lifting, were in touch, drafting correspondence, being at disposal, de note, de-scant, calls the name of, yakkety-yak, re curring, un-leashes, were the air, shows in bad light, co-aching, put an act, un-creased, up holding, drowsing, goes in to huddle, gave the facts, re-lease, huffs and puff, looking in on, be friended, art delighted, rubber-stamps, giving all one got, steamrolling, talks through one's hat, fore warns, de-fame, reading the riot act, re-tort, in fuses, rattling on, bursts forth, un-cloaks, put plain english, letting in on, shouts out, gives account of, holds reading, dries run, re telling, am accessible, out lined, coughed up, come apart, release, appeal, putting in hands of, foreknow, bend ones ear, did service, un-creases, dropped line, tipping ones hand, lights up on, be-speaks, ties with, Belled, went on on, walking through, showing one face, wert present, puts flea ear, un ravels, press for, whistles for, exudate, fight for, over flowing, over flowed, doeth ones best, am sign of, shakes on, presses agent, puzzles out, re cognized, telling tales, over praises, get together, spreading it around, most discharge, haddest a swing at, left word, rang up, un-clad, Trolling, running off at the mouth, learns part, doest turn, hypostatized, command, appriving, overfills, letted fall, pro-fess, stop in, gave instruction, un clothes, un bent, jive, Parceled, comes in to view, rested on, joining conversation, in-vests, signing in, kicked the teeth, un-tied, re quiring, puts screws to, taking care of, bore fruit, laid at door, fore-warn, opened to view, starting ball rolling, were service, put in the hands of, tell on, de legate, looked like, put appearance, de-fend, gave testimony, shot out, set down, do part, letted out bag, lined nest, strung out, dragoon, gat one chest, gotten act, be-lieve, rubberstamping, double check, gave a clue, giving rundown, marches in review, signs in, goes in to a huddle, push for, places disposal, flash, uncurl, bring down house, talks foolishly, lead to, re-late, prays to, are in high spirits, hast big mouth, pop off, putting spotlight on, was relevant to, gives one's got, lavished up on, up turned, having dibs on something, showing the ropes, sub scribed, Unstop, re-affirms, hadst reference to, concerns oneself, impinge up on, throwing the towel, do one best, wert dressed in, Gassed, Fluxed, tips off, ex pire, gave lift, being at hand, pre sent, learns one part, swearing up and down, ostended, be witness, rooted for, up-ending, were in business, laying on thick, laying it on, coming into view, tenders, goes on airwaves, dost part, run at the mouth, is witness, de-picts, prepared draft, tip one hand, wert within view, dis-carding, feed the kitty, bows to, goosed, being ready, re iterates, dis-covers, in-toning, folding up, unshuts, are in touch, give good account oneself, gave expression, breezing in, humbled oneself, commending to, reaches out, acts with, shows tell, impinge upon, rended the air, chinning, ushered in, skywriting, re-counting, Unriddle, shoot out, inter-connected, goes with flow, de liberates, put on the line, in-vented, being disposal, runs at the mouth, cries out, wast touch, letting hair down, purport, gives orders, de posing, talk foolishly, goes airwaves, showed face, stand up for, gives words to, slips in, give the nod, fore-tells, re-stated, un-rolling, was in touch, appear, say uncle, staging walkout, sub-scribing, more confess, stocks up, inter views, calling upon, intrusts, span yarn, makes one way, tells tales, blazon, foreruning, is joined with, join in conversation, makes known, ante up, gotten back to, more reveal, re commends, skinned alive, placed at disposal, smoking out, laying down law, Grand-stand, pays tribute, have swing at, crosses ones heart, un sealing, got behind, in undated, screaming bloody murder, propagate, perspire, marching on, sweats it, makes one's way, un fastens, re plenish, diagramming, re-fine, putting in two cents, de-lineate, Re-present, went soft, makes sure, riding shotgun for, came in to view, pulled at, be one mind, pleaded for, un closing, gave boost, blackmarkets, talks one leg off, trans fuse, out spreads, poured it on, grand stands, pave way, dis-card, were on the air, gave call, make way, un wrapped, unshrouding, re sting, going into detail, swear and down, inflected, sold down the river, giving fair warning, indicate, bursted out with, lend-leases, lavish up on, doing over, keep in touch, wert of mind, bruit, re quests, un-curling, spout, spat out, re-sort, re-cognized, threw in the towel, cock-a-doodle-doo, does number, wert disposal, clinches the deal, re-marked, draft correspondence, sized, gotten horn, dis-solves, denote, gave for instance, jog memory, co aching, Personated, ran off the mouth, showcased, passing word, was present, gives two cents, transliterate, up setting, dis-entangles, tumble into, un-bolts, be-tokening, de tracts, laid finger on, struck as, makes a deal, Deputing, Caving, put circulation, betray, pull at, has a big mouth, dumper, re-joins, occupies oneself, inter related, re ceding, threw towel, were of mind, praise, haddest a big mouth, diffusing, in criminating, put, singsong, lies on, go into details, re-commended, re-capitulating, do the honors, wast visible, wised one up, goes and on, inter relating, pro-positioned, doublechecks, talks incoherently, soft-sells, go in to huddle, wert accessible, rolls in, enswathing, re quested, provides details, laying open, crying up, do ones best, lends a hand, put airs, prevail up on, stopple, re-solves, phonate, pro-mise, habituate, un loads, are in unison, fore casting, wast elated, strutted stuff, re lease, cutting quick, run in to, spreading word, takes under wing, under-lined, communing with, counts noses, laying feet, shoots mouth, adding up, spread around, outspread, talk ones leg off, laid one's feet, pre-indicated, did turn, Torpedoes, spake for, advise, have crack, rubberstamp, fore-token, speak one piece, welled forth, phonates, makes aware, Tendering, draws near, dis burdened, auspicates, wises to, read the riot act, Periled, sculpt, shouting out, de picts, turns over to, taking under ones wing, making over, telling truth, slapping in face, more disencumber, de scants, dialogued, make aware, being air, handing in, sung praises, rubberstamped, gave way, fore armed, ordinate, dis covered, ex claiming, keeping touch, giving the facts, inter dict, dis robing, pre ached, humble oneself, go all out, hath transaction, re conciliates, showing ropes, cropt up, un blocking, wert on, tries hard, show ones face, letted know, in-creased, un locks, wast service, loaned shark, art a witness, pro-portioned, letted the cat out bag, grin bear it, crop up, Enucleating, un clothing, un-drest, co-operates, toppling over, leave word, skywrites, spoke of, are on, tipped hand, de-nominate, quotes chapter and verse, shoot one's mouth, leaving tracks, rends air, tell all, re quires, relying upon, in vest, coming strong, brandish, engaging in conversation, be-stowing, notify, making pitch for, in quiring, having confidence of, under-score, go with, end owed, Palavered, re cognizes, told on, get on bandwagon, puts harm's way, lead off, checked upon, pronounce, fix up with, spread it around, have a crack, re late, gets ones chest, granting authority, badmouth, gives to do, re-cline, get in to, connote, let fall, soloing, wast ready, re-treat, calling it, drop anchor, tittle tattle, marching in review, parceled out, speaks one piece, fans it, be close to, passed around, marched review, doeth service, fed kitty, did one part, joining in conversation, poured out, humoring, talks one's leg off, ex pend, lay at feet, in vests, checked on, de-code, measuring out, putting one foot down, showing bad light, ex-plicate, blowing off, didst over, took from top, gave one got, had dibs on something, up dates, makes familiar, had a swing at, went public, up rooting, puts in to words, dost number, finding key, closed deal, natter, suiting up, yakketied yak, para-phrase, ran off at mouth, rending the air, dis-covering, carries conversation, descry, anteed up, counter sign, goes down the line for, cuts the quick, parcels out, show once and for all, donate, be air, unburden, waving flag, gave inkling, talk, shows face, dropt hammer, appear as, pay back, Re-sound, be corner, un-masking, opens view, un-cork, leaves trace, giving account, trans-literates, letted cat out of bag, Patting, sur rendering, pro-pounded, actioned for a cause exhibit, dump on, concerned oneself, chirp, dis-tends, forces up on, get in with, improved mind, give introduction, being a sign of, doeth one's best, are hand, re-legates, sur face, opens mouth, called attention to, be-getting, get on horn, makes certain, impinges up on, most lighten, re wording, ex claims, up-turns, punches in, turn liquid, puts forth, give back, ex plained, pushing for, clinch the deal, elucidate, give ones got, talk idly, most disencumber, takes place, un riddle, saw coming, telecasted, paves way, attracted attention, under took, make pregnant, putting wise to, giving pointer, re joining, un corked, be-stowed, give all one got, re state, stopping by, wert contact, inform, buzz, telling why, dis patches, tell why, swears bible, winds at, lays at one's door, giving evidence, doest number, marching review, hadst a meet, with-standing, deep-six, being close to, were sign of, Emblematizing, black-market, Slotted, lays the gaff, get things rolling, re tired, am use, pro-pounding, re laying, flap one's tongue, tele phone, wast within view, gave facts, in-criminates, sur-rendering, saying uncle, give an account, go air, lined a nest, slice up, strut stuff, bung, unearth, making conversant with, inter faces, pro-cure, hast dibs on something, goes down line for, be token, in scribes, dost over, Trolled, designate, having a meet, co-operating, skins alive, make sense of, dis-closing, made point, re-pay, putting in appearance, did a turn, untwisted, innervate, moots, is close to, bid for, un veiling, over-praising, in-quires, puts in charge of, Bracketing, de bunk, ex cited, being high spirits, gotten in with, rattle on, de-fends, putting next to, came over, thrashes out, paying homage, making clean breast of, learn part, de-cree, slaps in face, punch in, is a source of, re eking, topples over, tele-casts, fore telling, un-bosoms, talked into, up ends, fore-shows, end angers, smiled on, letting the cat out bag, bust in, broke to, tells tales out school, sticks up for, re-pose, goes all out, giving thumbsup, cantillated, take care of, get a soapbox, am one mind, dis entangles, point to, dis plays, am handy, pro mise, gotten on horn, percusses, beat drum for, coming forth, slap in face, de-tract, sur renders, un leashes, get into, with-stands, fore-told, enlarge upon, let have, yip, goes into a huddle, un-ravels, de vote, spilling to, haddest swing at, puts the air, un-clothes, leads in to, holding discussion, went air, show tell, shoot mouth, symbolling, de-clares, doest best, inter-posed, re-conciliates, stuck up for, in-cline, speed up, headlined, declassify, is on the air, dis-covered, deal with, lit up on, up-lifting, gives clue, re-lay, parenting, dropped a note, fore-shadowing, be speak, tie with, re worded, un-coil, ticking off, re-produces, allegorize, Stoppling, laid down the law, talks through one hat, came out closet, was convenient, clinch deal, un stops, fore running, gives vent to, be-gotten, de ploys, under taking, cock-a-doodle-doos, counsel, re calling, lays it on, Perilling, reads riot act, gets in to, re-minds, in-corporates, dispense, plumps for, establish contact, pro cures, over laid, art close to, having transaction, in forms, re-members, ex-tends, apply oneself, jogging memory, un earthing, throw towel, pro-claiming, shooting ones mouth, preconizes, pro-cured, de-ploy, made the scene, Say again, takes out on, tipping hand, re-stores, show the ropes, ran mouth, Unlatch, wises one up, shoots one's wad, hit up on, was positive, put up to, gooses, auctioning, stopped in, unshrouds, reify, in-vesting, give verbal account, in-spires, got in to, uncloses, rolled out, swears on bible, drawing a picture, payed out, re-hashes, easest, ex plain, make see daylight, slur, came on strong, up lift, tele-graphing, un-veiling, dished, sings praises, dis-tend, de-claiming, un-veiled, throws in towel, Lipping, puts harm way, alert, attest, wert of use, re hashing, am disposal, lines nest, going the air, telling tales out school, grant authority, gives the nod, gave the word, rolls out, opens to view, makes evident, convey, dis-patching, re stored, gotten soapbox for, Circumstantiating, enlarging up on, puts forward, being on, punches clock, pop up, un-riddles, feathers nest, inter-views, sur facing, drop a note, pleads for, with stood, un pack, Palming, Personize, wast at service, sweetens the pot, Shepherding, doest one's best, Parleying, wast in corner, doest favor, de-ciphered, un-closing, televise, shows how, put on guard, promote, leading to, Carding, lay down law, let it all hang out, improving mind, having to do with, canarying, prepped, calls out, occupied oneself, hadst meet, un-buries, up-turned, quote chapter and verse, pro-long, puts spotlight on, dealing in, lets the cat out of bag, went into huddle, talking through one hat, leave trace, give a clue, be speaking, drop a hint, lets ones hair down, cropping up, pro pounding, was a source of, gets wise to, swear on bible, doeth the honors, held forth, re-posed, up turns, un-barring, come over, giving for instance, gives the show away, overfilled, heaping up on, doing a turn, dis-charged, feathered a nest, trans pire, do number, un roll, shows, Unclose, re turning, puts on line, de clares, swished, pro-fesses, dis pose, pro-posing, re plenished, wert mind, was elated, doeth number, put on market, re-ached, in stalled, butting on, tele phones, in spirit, get one chest, lets cat out bag, learned one's part, re-iterate, went down the line for, de-pose, hits where one lives, skies in, kept touch, inter cede, calling up on, fixed up with, put forth, bungs, is at disposal, gets in with, vaunt, seeped, railroaded, cross ones heart, de sign, ex-posed, threw wide, lets have, standing up, be a sign of, art positive, describing as, passing on, skied in, touching on, putting on line, did one's best, showing clearly, hit up, un-blocks, pro-portion, went the air, dropped a line, drops line, tumbling in to, un-bend, gets one chest, Knuckled, out stretch, ex cretes, gotten in the act, got into, fore arms, fan out, circularizing, did over, come on to, pro-portions, sur-rendered, picking up on, throw light upon, talked through one hat, throwing light upon, in filtrated, made ready, ex-cretes, un-twists, holds out for, are a witness, gives account, un burden, re-producing, does part, didst one's part, puts on map, putting on air, under lines, giving the skinny on, be within view, tips one hand, comes out the closet, up-hold, de-legates, de duces, de-feat, call the shot, puts bug in ear, spit it out, writes, braces up, pre pared, turns liquid, gotten things rolling, un wrapping, auctioned, make public, put on the market, with standing, un bolt, rub in, trans posed, show, asservates, in-criminated, puts television, talk through ones hat, came around, gave faith, let cat out of bag, pounds in to, dis-robe, throws light upon, inter-act, rending air, gave all ones got, re cap, makes apparent, being in unison, re tail, rat on, making available, are shown, in-scribing, lays open, wast of one mind, reconciliates, pre cedes, put arm on, ringed up, limelighting, de-tailing, de-sires, un-cloaking, cantillate, making pregnant, un-cloak, congratulates oneself, give expression, re plying, lets cat out of bag, walking heavy, bends ones ear, drew a picture, re straining, hold a reading, sounded off, consents to, granted authority, re-cognizing, come up on, dis interring, putting television, claim, telling a story, laid open, re-lays, gives boost, fits with, verify, has shot at, hypostatizing, payed tribute, well forth, Craned, hold out for, spins yarn, up dating, wert a witness, pre figure, referenced, Sluiced, having a big mouth, call aloud, holding a reading, doest a favor, give blow-by-blow, re-moving, quoted chapter verse, gat in with, got through, re-sounds, speak about, concern oneself, wiggle waggle, blethers, Provisioned, get ones chest, Constate, give two cents, turned to liquid, hadst dibs something, get horn, action for a cause exhibit, meted out, dost a favor, co-operate, de-scribed, wert at disposal, re-warding, gets to, gunned, dumps on, pro-tracts, springs in, make much of, re affirming, gives the word, Sharks, have confidence of, laid door, throwing down, make perfectly clear, circularized, comes on strong, fore told, smiles on, brake a story, buttoned down, under taken, lay at ones door, inter act, dis-graces, do one's best, devote, in spired, singsongs, un-ravel, lay open, call the signals, call on, hinted at, huffing and puff, in corporate, pressagents, is conspicuous, in-spects, picks off, forks over, in-fuse, dis coursing, found key, getting horn, worming in, wiggle waggling, dis posing, up hold, letting fall, gave blow by blow, gets under way, innervated, re-capitulate, coming in to view, takes from the top, deeded, over-flows, laid it line, collogues, re-tail, get off one chest, doing a number, are at service, be-trays, kicking in the teeth, wiggle waggles, sing, fatigued catch flies, dragoons, arrives at, was distributed, pats oneself on back, make effort, billboarding, spits it out, spieling, un-riddled, reel off, insists on, parted with, call name of, hands in, spring in, telegraphs, patted oneself back, pro vided, told a story, action for cause exhibit, lays ones door, bended one's ear, pro-claimed, fore-show, made tense, pro-creates, picking off, intro-duce, puts up to, dis embarked, making melody, being in business, be present, lays at one feet, dis perse, is in contact, checks up, re-plenished, smelled out, out fits, mark out, de claim, dis burdening, ex-pounded, be coming, fore-boding, un furling, re-peats, de-luged, turned liquid, inter connected, ex tolled, lighted upon, lift voice, Subjected, dis-gorged, wert elated, work for, re-produce, getting to, has dibs on something, suggest, trivialize, seeing light, Manifolded, wert touch, laying at one's door, de-crees, re proves, tip hand, pro vision, puts in hands of, walks heavy, came to light, make a point, felt up, de ployed, threw the towel, calling out, un-dress, detect, looking on, wiggle-waggling, Parleyed, hast shot at, send word, connect with, laying one feet, cause understand, un-cloaked, cropped up, giving way, comes strong, re tain, radio-graphing, fore-tell, junked, fore tell, quote chapter verse, dropping a note, didst a turn, burst forth, dis-coursing, grand-stands, are elated, letted the cat out the bag, unfold, Bleated, wising to, attract attention, co hering, pins down, in spirits, radiograph, re-state, hadst case, lets the cat ouf the bag, spills over, vaporing, stretched out, draw picture, spilling over, puts before, be holds, go bat for, de-livering, spill, flow out, breaking it to, bringing view, sees coming, putting screws to, swears up and down, were conspicuous, lets one's hair down, rats on, re viewing, talk through hat, lifts voice, taking from top, bring to view, up-sets, were business, Dragooned, gat ink for, came apart, gave thumbsup, subscribe to, haddest on, gives ones word, am in contact, waved around, multi-plied, campaign for, talked ones leg off, was happy, strain, manifolds, gotten wise to, soft-sold, being overjoyed, wert high spirits, de-nude, gives back, were of one mind, put forward, re serve, shake out, letting go with, being visible, wert positive, being displayed, showed one's face, re questing, tied with, opening up, bids for, kicking the teeth, was within view, giving a call, under takes, doth ones part, un-rolled, end-owing, broke through, fore-shadow, de siring, gets down to brass tacks, am ready, un shuts, Clanged, kibitzing, co axed, ex-plicating, tell story, end-anger, putting air, gat one's chest, Apparelling, putting the air, fore knows, un-wound, bootlegged, re sound, bottomed, un done, worsted, re caps, were dressed in, pre ceding, re asserted, sweetens pot, falling down, make a pitch, call shot, un coil, de claims, swash, blethered, learns ones part, concretizing, Gunning, produce, patted oneself on back, were overjoyed, led to, puts one foot down, wholesaling, gives voice to, drives out, bowed to, de feats, de-bunk, dis-cusses, spill to, were visible, lays it on the line, putting foot down, laying ones door, sur faces, go public, de-tail, dropped the hammer, hitting upon, pro fesses, uncreases, tumbling into, plays audience, put air, learning part, provided details, pro-cures, describes as, pounding in to, paved way, dis-solving, dost one part, un fastening, un shrouding, gave blow-by-blow, gat chest, talk in to, giving facts, hast case, polishing up, ferret, pre-sages, press agented, birthed, shook on, cutting to quick, learning ones part, dis entangle, was one mind, fore-bodes, dis carding, more confide, more relieve, lighting upon, un corks, doing a favor, re-treats, art relevant to, get bandwagon, tattletaling, crossing ones heart, wast in touch, Bunging, gets a soapbox, un sealed, giving an introduction, groupthinking, spits out, let slip, railroading, tumbles in to, de-briefs, puts on the line, are corner, forerunning, fore known, held out for, re turn, dis-burden, sang praises, open, broke down, leads off, de-fined, being joined with, heaped up on, help, laid claim to, makes perfectly clear, shooting up, sweeten the pot, re-solve, in tending, re conciliated, cast out, takes account of, gives big picture, be relevant to, commend to, stick up for, doth a number, laid a finger on, laying at feet, were witness, puts guard, art shown, dropping a hint, pro-moting, knocking down, unloads on, giving introduction, subscribing to, transliterated, give the skinny on, wert on the air, putting in place, un bend, cut pieces, putting with, nattering, un fastened, giving an account of, cut to quick, de classify, talk into, give a good account of oneself, is contact, selling down river, held with, radio graphing, putting harm way, cranes, over-lapping, wast corner, try out, make run at, calling the name of, reifies, come strong, smells of, blow hot air, re affirms, concretize, sur-render, didst honors, uncoils, bending an ear, doing best, spreading the word, de-lineated, be-coming, denude, speaks for, commented on, give leg up, is high spirits, was witness, vent, un blocks, profess, putting hands of, kicked teeth, black-marketing, took care of, parceling, sizing, is visible, stocking up, dis coursed, poured on, were joined with, in-tended, doth the honors, didst service, un-mask, are in business, cracks to, brace up, pulls trigger, unload on, have do with, lying on, puts charge of, Defecated, played back, makes sense of, stands by, sounds off, makes taut, putting in print, re capitulate, chiming with, selling on, co-operated, gets off ones chest, sets apart, re-cites, rush off, inter-dict, draws picture, springing on, hast a case, re gards, wise one up, having case, de scant, throw wide, size up, update, de riving, pro rating, haddest big mouth, throwing overboard, inter-acts, dis tends, putting on to, enciphering, congratulating oneself, pre-face, wert distributed, blows off, gives a lift, looks on, multiply, blackmarket, un-bosomed, tweedling, deepsixing, smooths along, be-friending, un-veil, de votes, re commended, stood up for, shed, leaving to, ran the mouth, up holds, gives testimony, exemplify, Peaches, prove, gave an introduction, hath dibs on something, gave a report, sending word, dredge up, was source of, preindicated, jollied, OUTS, lilting, were in high spirits, took from the top, pulls on, flows out, sells down river, shoot ones mouth, in-sinuates, coming out of closet, re-paid, be obtainable, jives, upturning, lift up voice, giving one got, being of use, pass hat, re-sorting, giving call, throw in, re-hash, were at disposal, gets act, de posits, get back to, runs in to, de-fining, flapped one tongue, personizes, stringing out, being shown, in sinuated, going into details, were one mind, speaks about, in-stances, pass on, de rive, uncreasing, dump, get off ones chest, kick the teeth, dried run, pro-mises, giving warning, blab, in validates, re treats, noise about, un-dressed, un-tying, give the facts, co-axed, sold on, de-rive, putting down for, gifts with, laid it on, re served, fly specks, laying ones feet, leaving open, highlighting, tip ones hand, fixt up with, sweated details, eyeballing, in sinuate, being positive, got bandwagon, wert in unison, de nominating, going into a huddle, post, do a favor, haddest do with, dropt hint, bursting in to song, wising one up, letted hang out, exert influence, throws light up on, gives a boost to, with stand, un-raveled, passing the word, am witness, re cedes, check up, co-ached, un-does, pro curing, put one's foot down, pre-pare, inter acted, came out the closet, point up, tipped one hand, de rived, brings down house, slipping on, pro claimed, bodying forth, talking ones leg off, unburied, cop plea, dis-cussed, prattling, in quire, re-assuring, saying so, more divulge, were air, opened wide, putting in harm's way, calling attention to, pro duce, Neared, runs at mouth, wast symptomatic, siphoning, de-fames, dropt anchor, dis gorge, hast a shot at, deputes, spring up, giving good account oneself, dis embark, un-loading, made available, haddest a case, parented, were touch, talked through hat, de-presses, pouring on, pressagenting, giving a lift, blow ones horn, gat in the act, blackmarketing, hotdogs, passed word, choiring, swear up down, puff, de-briefed, give hint, in-forming, waved flag, makes a point, presses for, un-coils, giving orders, get behind, pointed up, under-taken, stump for, Intrusting, laying one's feet, re corded, wast happy, choir, be in high spirits, lays feet, flap tongue, radio-graphed, striking as, bending one's ear, laid the gaff, un dress, Telegraphing, let the cat ouf bag, bring bear, folds up, dis closes, come out of the closet, Cabled, causes understand, was near, made a scene, haddest shot at, pointing to, dropping a line, breaks down, stages walkout, preconized, have a shot at, sluicing, smoke out, laid at ones feet, bring out, Summed, place, showed ropes, letted fly, letting know, predicate, am shown, sung the praises, swank, highlighted, art a sign of, laying it on the line, let the cat ouf of the bag, losest, Bummed, more disclose, skywrote, winding at, give clue, got in with, un-shutting, gives got, gets on soapbox for, hits upon, took place, simulcast, were in unison, drying run, resigns oneself, importing, string out, doeth a favor, ex-pire, are within view, de-rived, putting charge of, photo graphing, opening eyes, unbosoms, had meet, over-setting, pro duces, laid forward, shows bad light, lit up, un cloaked, running interference for, were obtainable, winking, ran off at the mouth, throwing wide, dis gorged, be at disposal, un packing, dimed, skin alive, opening wide, plead for, soloed, de clare, wised, put finger on, humbling oneself, pour on, sending out, being delighted, ex-tending, interrelate, gave two cents, closing in, array, de-scribe, de noted, close the deal, dialoguing, do a service, haddest confidence of, making public, gassing, pre-figured, buttons down, took lead, dis tribute, were of use, re-sorts, de-liberates, in creases, shot ones wad, smoothing along, spake one's piece, labor the point, does favor, re-assert, going out with, talked foolishly, puts arm on, dis-solved, Snowing.