Pronunciation of Condense
/kəndˈɛns/, /kəndˈɛns/, /k_ə_n_d_ˈɛ_n_s/

Antonyms for condense

de vise, dis cussed, make federal case, string out, inter laced, Agglutinating, re peat, flesh out, run on, goes across, dis-armed, drags feet, Toning, Tumefied, arch, become bloated, be stowed, sent through roof, brought forward, overelaborated, pro-duces, develop, letted out, fetched up, loosen, dis-integrate, pops up, inter lace, goes to extremes, swelled, put forth, stretch truth, bellying, bi furcated, drag one feet, forgathered, un folding, hyperbolize, in-tensity, un-roll, dragging one's feet, Spanned, lose thread, reach out, comes to be, hikes up, popped up, giving details, jazzes up, re-plicating, un-fold, co-oking, becomes bloated, lump together, multi-plying, inter lacing, overestimates, be stowing, build, up-surging, talk off top of head, span out, protract, comes be, got subject, over-embellishing, talked off top head, be came, water, pre sent, talks top head, passing away, make firm, were prolix, ex plain, dis arming, puts forth, bursting forth, sub-divides, bringing forward, up surged, blow out of proportion, hike up, over-emphasizes, dis tending, got bigger, stretched the truth, over-did, Concreting, over embellished, dis-cuss, ex-pounds, raise, fanned out, goes on on, Sinewed, dis-integrated, wast prolix, mantled, Smelted, un roll, becoming swollen, up rises, putting forward, wert inflated, Smelting, increase, get bigger, ex curse, un rolls, reaching out, became lenient, talked nonsense, Fluxed, blew up out proportion, were profuse, get subject, grow, reached out, inter mixes, be profuse, up-surge, getting the subject, re-generates, being diffuse, was diffuse, opened out, in-corporates, over estimated, re-doubling, become distended, dis-tended, art diffuse, going extremes, pro moting, places disposal, be-deck, overelaborate, de scanted, be-came, send through the roof, go off tangent, come be, am prolix, going tangent, in-corporate, place disposal, went off on tangent, are diffuse, rattled on, being profuse, re-plicated, wast inflated, pro longing, be decks, welled up, cranes, ex-pounded, hitched on, made higher, over-estimate, re-lax, gets bigger, come to be, sends through roof, Concreted, brings forward, rants and rave, blowing out proportion, duplify, dis cusses, talks top of head, sending up, blows up out proportion, goes and on, dis-integrates, de scanting, becomes swollen, soups up, get the subject, gotten off the subject, ex tended, over elaborate, in crease, letting out, over-elaborating, puff, ex-tended, be-stows, make mountain out molehill, are prolix, ex tends, slapped on, go astray, over-embellish, in folding, over does, spins off, in-creases, in-crease, tag on, blow-upped, un folded, disperse, ex plained, inflate, Arcking, goes tangent, over-doing, de-part, Tendered, rant rave, duplifying, de vised, blows out of proportion, well up, blowing up out of proportion, cambers, be decking, diffusing, makes mountain out molehill, was profuse, overestimated, pro tracts, gat bigger, widen, be come, went to extremes, re stored, wells up, got taller, swell, escalate, plumping, drags ones feet, bi furcates, re double, gets off the subject, is prolix, elaborate, going on on, dis coursing, blows out proportion, goosed, over-emphasizing, up-rose, bi-furcating, dis-appear, sends up, ex cursed, dis-coursed, puffs up, crane, making larger, spread out, adds fuel to fire, Bulking, slapping on, hyping, de-vise, go off on tangent, re-stores, soup up, over doing, re doubling, yeasting, drags one feet, pro-motes, be stow, gat taller, spreading out, dis integrate, overemphasizes, dragged one's feet, over-estimated, over-stated, dis appears, spread thick, were inflated, forgathers, de vising, spreads out, pouched, boost, making firm, coming be, de-parting, co-loring, blowing out of proportion, dis-appears, talks off top head, ex-cursing, sub divided, pop up, got the subject, be diffuse, Mantling, dis-perse, goosed up, un-rolled, ex-pounding, re aching, sending through the roof, run up, in-folded, talk randomly, pro duce, plicate, art inflated, pro-longs, putting forth, wert profuse, ranted and rave, up surge, fording, over-elaborates, stretching the truth, adulterate, blowupped, toned up, spreads thick, shoots up, going across, dilate, blow upped, blowupping, dis-cussed, dualizing, over emphasize, rant and rave, tags on, puffed out, Bulked, up-rise, fleshing out, agglutinate, put forward, getting bigger, ex-curses, in creases, coadunated, ex-plains, pyramidding, overembellished, over-embellished, drags one's feet, un-rolls, bellied, re plicating, talk top head, gets the subject, tagging on, Widened, bi furcating, be stows, go to extremes, dis tort, dis tends, Lasted, un-rolling, dis-tending, ex pounds, blowing up out proportion, goosing, Cambering, dis-arming, being inflated, blow up out proportion, gat the subject, fans out, runs on, pyramidded, re-generate, de parts, wasting away, intensitied, Excurse, stretch out, Fluxing, pro-long, blow-upping, rounding out, talk off top head, spreads on thick, gat off the subject, ranted rave, lengthen, dragged one feet, inter-laces, tack on, dis tended, inter mixing, beats around bush, re store, losing the thread, dissipate, going on tangent, pro tract, make higher, over elaborated, went across, opening out, re doubles, tacked on, tenders, re-peats, Agglutinated, up surging, un-folded, Forded, dis appearing, tone up, sending through roof, Tripled, ex-tend, Bracketed, diffused, welling up, makes firm, Cambered, bi furcate, re lax, stretched out, be-decking, coadunates, talking top of head, hiked up, lose the thread, decompress, are profuse, un rolled, souped up, smelts, dis courses, snowball, came be, re-fining, pro duces, de-vised, gat subject, in-folds, in corporate, go on on, dis arms, overelaborating, up risen, souping up, dis-arms, over emphasizing, re-plicates, go across, puff up, un-folding, up rising, coming to be, opens out, strings out, dis-torts, de parting, stretch, dis cussing, re news, over estimating, making federal case, made mountain out of molehill, humped, pro-longing, lumps together, distend, inter mixed, overemphasize, getting taller, go on tangent, dis appear, de scant, marking up, ex pound, re storing, spread on thick, be coming, puts forward, dragged feet, wert prolix, expand, spun out, dis perse, pro-tract, blow-ups, dis tend, am diffuse, become lenient, re fine, toned, dis-courses, extend, burst forth, in-creased, going off on tangent, blow ups, de part, be-comes, gat off subject, spring up, give details, forgathering, sub-divide, became swollen, make larger, blow up out of proportion, re-doubled, diffuses, inter-mixing, embroider, place at disposal, dis cuss, coadunating, showing mercy, ex cursing, over-emphasize, spinning off, up-rises, sub dividing, got off the subject, over emphasized, goes astray, re plicates, re-stored, went on tangent, in corporates, Caricatured, duplifies, upsurging, marked up, makes mountain out of molehill, inter laces, de parted, over-elaborate, made federal case, puffing up, re-generating, over embellishes, fleshed out, be-decked, inter-lace, ex plains, melt, sticking together, dis integrated, show mercy, is profuse, re-aching, Caricaturing, ex-cursed, beat around bush, ex curses, goes off on tangent, adds fuel fire, getting subject, dis integrating, concretes, Tendering, became distended, over emphasizes, up rise, ramify, cut, up-surged, came to be, gets taller, making higher, jack up, puffs out, stretched truth, talking nonsense, re-storing, overemphasized, up rose, blathering, dis-appearing, over elaborating, pro-tracts, puffing out, talk top of head, ex-pound, blow out proportion, waste away, ran on, reaches out, sprang up, inter mix, dualizes, stick together, ex-tends, be-decks, in fold, co oking, over states, bring forward, ex plaining, stuck together, sends through the roof, showed mercy, drag one's feet, blow upping, over-stating, hiking up, over-estimating, up-risen, over done, dragging ones feet, strengthen, enlarge, re-generated, re-new, running up, slap on, went astray, be-coming, be decked, tacks on, stringed out, makes higher, dis-cusses, art profuse, sub divides, span off, re-fines, IED, blew up out of proportion, dragging one feet, plumps, agglutinates, pro-moting, was inflated, jump up, scatter, sticked together, tacking on, gooses up, co oked, over estimates, spreading thick, tumefy, dragged ones feet, lost the thread, talking off top head, make mountain out of molehill, blistered, re generates, sticks together, pleated, stretching truth, go on and on, mark up, tumefies, thin, blows up out of proportion, overestimate, un-furled, strung out, re doubled, ex-plain, talked top of head, becoming lenient, stretching out, excursed, re-news, re stores, Massing, re-fine, springs up, pleating, duplified, be-stowed, dis-cussing, spins out, opening wide, in-fold, pre-sent, goose up, over-embellishes, Bracketing, jacking up, making mountain out molehill, Arcked, camber, went extremes, become swollen, becoming bloated, in-folding, bi-furcates, spin out, spun off, un rolling, shooting up, overembellishing, ex pounding, runs up, rounds out, places at disposal, Blathered, blow-up, re generating, dualize, jacked up, ex tending, re plicated, wastes away, Craning, re generated, goes off tangent, ex pounded, re-plicate, go and on, dis-integrating, up surges, over did, grows larger, tripling, becomes lenient, be-stowing, rants rave, branch out, talked off top of head, be inflated, inter-laced, rounded out, sent through the roof, art prolix, went on on, rattle on, dis-coursing, join, send up, pre-sents, pro-mote, rattles on, re fined, un folds, are inflated, gotten off subject, dilute, over stating, blew out proportion, re-ached, ex tend, drag feet, opened wide, loses the thread, beating around bush, dis-tort, was prolix, ex-plaining, Prosing, dis-tend, re-double, grow larger, in tensity, were diffuse, congressing, go tangent, became bloated, sent up, open, be comes, re-doubles, placing disposal, plicating, going astray, ran up, un-folds, inter-mixed, spreading on thick, re-peat, re fines, de-parted, inter-mix, popping up, goes on tangent, bi-furcate, fanning out, going and on, fleshes out, de-parts, gotten the subject, gives details, pro longs, intensitying, becomes distended, making mountain out of molehill, gotten bigger, rattling on, inter-mixes, talks nonsense, ex-plained, jumps up, makes larger, going off tangent, Pouching, hitch on, accumulate, opens wide, stringing out, sub-dividing, congressed, blew out of proportion, overestimating, dis course, dis torts, double, sub divide, i, fan out, in folds, span, over estimate, de-scanting, up-surges, un furled, ford, balloon, being prolix, be-stow, grew larger, excursing, placed at disposal, bursted forth, un fold, be-come, ramble, dis-appeared, piggybacked, yeasted, dis-tends, becoming distended, aggrandize, be deck, goosing up, is inflated, get off subject, de-scants, talks randomly, de-scanted, dis-course, Reamed, wasted away, ex-tending, un-furling, piggybacking, bi-furcated, spinning out, pro-longed, drag ones feet, jacks up, gets off subject, re ached, gooses, send through roof, branch off, wast diffuse, dis coursed, bursts forth, dis integrates, placing at disposal, de-vising, stretch the truth, gotten taller, dragging feet, marks up, gotten subject, co loring, let out, get taller, multi-plied, pro long, talks off top of head, in creasing, jazz up, de-scant, heighten, get off the subject, jazzing up, spin off, multi plying, dis appeared, talked randomly, over state, be prolix, co-oked, un furling, puff out, sub-divided, dis armed, made larger, upsurged, re new, growing larger, fetch up, FORDS, open out, Coadunate, am profuse, lets out, re generate, inter-lacing, iing, forgather, Craned, de scants, Prosed, shoot up, gave details, re peats, overembellish, slaps on, augment, amplify, arcing, dualized, over-estimates, made mountain out molehill, lumped together.