Pronunciation of Confidence
/kˈɒnfɪdəns/, /kˈɒnfɪdəns/, /k_ˈɒ_n_f_ɪ_d_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for confidence

Maydays, tenseness, mind-bogglers, selfabasements, un certainty, lack confidence, indecisiveness, trepidities, timidness, panic, disconcertion, dis tractions, pre notions, scare, fore warnings, mournfulness, grudgings, un-ostentatiousness, tough proposition, mis trusts, Grudgingness, fumblings, dis tress, tip off, obsequiousness, constraint, selfabnegation, in-disposition, lack pretension, self-efface, inter rogation, humility, un-obtrusivenesses, dis trusts, de fiance, pre sentiments, worriments, dashed hopes, unassertivenesses, dyspathy, dis-regard, de lay, misandries, funk, ex-tensions, fretfulnesses, re-serve, discouragement, doubt, self-abnegations, dis credit, de lays, non resistances, brain twister, Lowliness, awkward situation, tightness, sixty-four dollar question, pre-notions, weltschmerzes, dis comforts, inhibition, dis-quiet, insecurity, in dispositions, dis-reputes, pessimism, miserablenesses, dis honors, un-ease, ill-humors, dis-favors, tribulation, apprehensivenesses, dis-inclinations, in-credulousness, de-lays, apprehension, unfaiths, sur-mises, spite, in decisions, dis-content, dis-approval, egg on face, in-quietudes, Butterflies, dis-honors, dis-pleasure, misgiving, dis appointments, jaundiced eyen, illhumors, tough propositions, horn, disillusionment, dawdlings, ex-tension, wistfulness, dark sides, gloom, be wilderment, un-faiths, despair, tightnesses, wistfulnesses, dis-may, mind boggler, un pretentiousnesses, kittenishness, weakness, mistrust, dis respects, jaundiced eye, braintwisters, queasinesses, closed books, cheerlessness, pro-traction, mis giving, un easinesses, down trips, saturninity, in-securities, de-fiances, self-effacement, affright, allovers, dis tresses, apprehensiveness, riddle, closed book, fear, un-belief, fawnings, in-decision, de-solations, the blahs, pre-sage, fidgets, un-ostentatiousnesses, gloomy outlook, catatonia, hemming and hawings, pre-monition, dis inclination, un obtrusiveness, tensenesses, dis reputes, timidity, dis satisfactions, pro-tractions, unbelief, disenchantment, care, dyspepsia, rebus, greeneyed monster, in-stability, dis approval, braintwister, hang up, dis pleasures, self-abnegation, un popularities, dis gust, distrust, self abasements, mis-trusts, subserviences, un-certainty, dis regards, consternation, non-resistances, dis satisfaction, un-eases, self consciousnesses, backwardness, dis-gusts, ex tension, Nail Biting, Non-resistance, disbelief, pensiveness, re morse, dis inclinations, in-tensity, un assertiveness, disconcertions, in security, de-lay, quakings, agnosticism, demurrals, dis-traction, un-happiness, jaundiced eyne, in-certitudes, dis tastes, dis approbation, non resistance, re serve, dis-quiets, non-belief, cold sweats, Prenotion, non beliefs, in stability, nonresistance, suspicion, butterfly, dread, Rebuses, mis takes, un-rests, prudery, awkward situations, disheartenment, dis-credits, over-extension, terror, misanthropy, envy, docilities, dis-regards, de laying, gut feelings, dis composure, tensities, hemming and hawing, desperation, unease, inter rogatory, be wilderments, low spirit, cold sweat, dis taste, dis-esteem, sixty-four dollar questions, ill humor, gloomy outlooks, uncertainty, nailbiting, lack of pride, sixty four dollar question, dis contents, dis-composures, fearfulness, dis may, un pretentiousness, in credulity, in decision, tremblings, dis-respect, dis-belief, dis-trusts, pre notion, un-faith, dis comfort, dim views, mis trust, in-certitude, inter rogations, dis-esteems, dis-contents, pre-notion, irresolution, fore-warning, obsequiousnesses, bashfulness, disconsolatenesses, tautness, in-stabilities, selfeffacement, non belief, over-extensions, black mondays, in credulousnesses, in-decisivenesses, questionablenesses, irresoluteness, covetings, muddlements, gloominess, coyness, embarrassment, knotty questions, dis-tastes, dis-respects, agnosticisms, sur mise, bad vibes, all overs, pre monition, in credulousness, lustings, uncertainness, pro tractions, self-effaces, hangup, unpopularities, de-solation, invidiousnesses, sur mises, up set, dis esteems, fore bodings, confusion, spurnings, un-willingnesses, shilly shally, dis-favor, down trip, un rest, brain twisters, stumblings, midlife crisi, un predictabilities, un obtrusivenesses, self abnegations, demurral, nail-biting, dis repute, dis respect, Trepidity, be-wilderment, dis esteem, up-sets, dubiousness, dis appointment, un predictability, mindboggler, dis-approbations, in-discretion, melancholy, inter-rogation, unbelievingnesses, pre-sages, sixty four dollar questions, gloominesses, Dubiosity, heavy heartedness, diffidence, un-assertiveness, mid-life crisis, teasers, re buses, dis mays, crushings, un beliefs, un ostentatiousnesses, in credulities, un-happinesses, dis favor, unobtrusivenesses, mousinesses, pre-sentiment, dis-inclination, scruple, over extensions, ill humors, pins needles, re morses, dis-tractions, mis-takes, nonbelief, procrastinations, waverings, dis-mays, falterings, dis-credit, trepidation, kittenishnesses, de solations, self abnegation, illhumor, un-willingness, fore-warnings, in-discretions, shillyshally, fright, in discretions, self abasement, mis-giving, dis-repute, self effacement, fretfulness, de-fiance, dis-gust, nervous tension, negativity, Unconfidence, dis honor, un faith, knotty question, loss confidence, brain-twister, blahs, sheepishness, modesty, tautnesses, open secret, the blah, dis-satisfactions, unobtrusiveness, de solation, dis gusts, overextensions, dis-taste, nail-bitings, stress, selfconsciousnesses, ants pants, lack of pretension, queasiness, in-credulousnesses, dis quiet, nervous tensions, dis-composure, sur-mise, self-consciousnesses, un happinesses, be-wilderments, mid life crisi, grudge, Miserableness, dis regard, dis-honor, muddlement, stumper, dis-pleasures, mid-life crisi, head ache, worriment, selfconsciousness, forlornnesses, bad vibe, selfabnegations, query, delayings, low spirits, un happiness, disfavor, fore-boding, in-security, ill-humor, pre-sentiments, Dyspepsias, dis-approbation, Pruderies, dis-appointment, un easiness, un faiths, in-conclusiveness, dis-trust, de fiances, un-pretentiousness, in conclusivenesses, tough nut crack, humbleness, de-laying, disheartenments, oscillation, dis-quietudes, re-morse, misandry, cowardice, worry, re-buses, un belief, self-abasement, inter-rogatory, dis-tresses, invidiousness, dis beliefs, Catatonias, in securities, un-certainties, cynicism, forlornness, subjection, in certitude, pro traction, dis-appointments, anxiety, the blues, lack of confidence, in decisiveness, sheepishnesses, dis quietudes, nonbeliefs, horns, disconsolateness, un-easinesses, stumpers, fore boding, sneaking suspicions, timorousnesses, mis-doubt, horror, dis-tress, dismals, dis belief, dis pleasure, non-beliefs, dis-beliefs, dis-comfort, green eyed monster, pensivenesses, un eases, dark side, discreetnesses, dis quietude, uneasiness, tough nut to crack, angst, docility, self consciousness, in certitudes, un-rest, in discretion, tensity, un-obtrusiveness, loss of confidence, mid life crisis, dashed hope, sixtyfour dollar question, dis credits, in-dispositions, willies, ants in pants, disillusionments, mis-trust, mis-take, chillers, dis traction, timorousness, scruples, re-serves, un certainties, dyspathies, un willingnesses, pre monitions, prenotions, up-set, mis take, in-decisions, grudgingnesses, dis trust, hemming hawing, mousiness, saturninities, dis-approvals, over extension, Dubiosities, disillusion, cheerlessnesses, jaundiced eyes, chagrin, dis approvals, teaser, doghouses, dis-quietude, egg face, selfabasement, in tensity, dis-satisfaction, openly, un willingness, Unfaith, dis-comforts, dis quiets, in decisivenesses, dis favors, dis approbations, alarm, un-pretentiousnesses, un popularity, un-easiness, discreetness, mis doubt, unpredictabilities, dis composures, un assertivenesses, brain-twisters, pre sage, doghouse, in conclusiveness, up sets, expectation of worst, un-assertivenesses, inter-rogations, hesitation, dim view, dolefuls, self-consciousness, in-conclusivenesses, dis content, pre sages, dismay, Uncertainties, selfefface, in disposition, gut feeling, expectation worst, re-morses, unassertiveness, nonresistances.