Pronunciation of Conscious
/kˈɒnʃəs/, /kˈɒnʃəs/, /k_ˈɒ_n_ʃ_ə_s/

Antonyms for conscious

catching some zzz', over looking, in-voluntary, un suspicious, most knocked, most hibernating, unperceiving, unintentional, more unrecognizing, selfwilled, in-judicious, more laborsaving, under consciousness, stereo typed, unreasoning, more inconversant, necessary, more unreasoning, on kip, out to lunch, out, more opiate, ordered, un knowing, more will less, hard hearing, sub-consciouses, in active, more unperceiving, un instructed, extemporaneous, un-recognizing, un-suspecting, impetuous, most quietening, headstrong, unknowledgeable, catching some zzz, un calculated, unforced, in-tractable, impassive, unsuspecting, out of action, sub conscious, snooziest, catching some zzzs, by seat one's pants, feeling no pain, most overlooking, sub consciouses, soporific, more selfwilled, more tranced, un educated, in tractable, purposeless, dead, reflexive, getting shut eye, indifferent, Unmeditated, oblivious, be-grudging, in-different, dozier, in discriminate, to listen blind, un-premeditated, comatose, most subliminal, unnoticing, more reflexive, in-attentive, dis-regardful, un-enlightened, inattentive, machinedriven, unwitting, more secondnature, unmindful, un-perceiving, not deliberate, in-nocent, Undeliberate, in-tuitional, most napping, most tranced, un discerning, strongwilled, un intentional, out cold, be numbed, more uncalculated, self-willed, more machine driven, most machinedriven, more numbing, unfeeling, un intended, doubtful, out lunch, unresponsive, un-deliberate, more unwarned, unconscious, by seat one pants, more unnoticing, in-experienced, most unsuspicious, un warier, most prepatent, more unrealized, taken in, dead to world, un-noticing, un reasoning, in sensible, closed down, most deafened, more tranquilizing, unable hear, more self willed, flaked out, most suppressed, impulsive, negligent, in a trance, more second-nature, on canvas, by seat ones pants, un meant, Imperceptive, sudden, most imperceptive, laborsaving, unstudied, most selfwilled, in born, unconfident, sub-liminal, deaf, re flexest, under-consciousnesses, in judicious, unsure, Soporose, pre patent, uncertain, un-calculated, sacked out, more abed, most anesthetic, re-pressed, more soporose, un aware, mindless, under sense, in voluntary, senseless, most reflexive, numbing, most second-nature, heedless, dubious, in-sensitive, un acquainted, unrecognizing, in nocent, un-seeing, Inconscious, more entranced, more earless, subconsciousness, more dozing, re-flexest, more reposing, un-hearing, un-doubting, second-nature, in experienced, be grudging, most machine-driven, more amnesic, will-less, un-reasoning, sub consciousnesses, unguarded, in sensitive, head strong, more prepatent, most unreasoning, most second nature, subliminals, most begrudging, head-strong, pre occupied, more hibernating, most unrecognizing, un thinking, more anesthetic, most swallowing, un-mindful, more intuitional, more swooning, most snoozing, un-familiar, un-intentional, most swooning, un-warned, more machinedriven, more suppressed, un concerned, in sensate, most secondnature, earless, indiscreet, strong willed, most conked, more machine-driven, auto-mated, most undiscerning, nonelective, under-consciousness, in-active, required, more daydreaming, un-observant, most will less, unable to hear, re gular, dis regardful, in conversant, re-posing, most abed, hard of hearing, on the kip, unheeding, sub consciousness, uncalculated, by seat of one pants, un witting, more undeliberate, most undeliberate, re posing, in operative, un recognizing, un-meditated, underconsciousness, most uncalculated, un-intended, un-learned, un seeing, more napping, matter of fact, un mindful, un-witting, most trustful, trustful, snoozier, willless, compulsory, most will-less, most self willed, unfamiliar, unwarned, more inconscious, in-cognizant, most inconscious, more second nature, re pressed, un-prompted, in-sensate, most crashed, un warned, most snoring, over-looking, most confiding, un realized, in cognizant, sleeping, un-aware, mandatory, most unnoticing, most earless, pre-occupied, on the canvas, more undiscerning, more forgetting, most deadening, in most, un-heeding, most tranquilizing, un feeling, un-suspicious, un-discerning, in-born, asleep, subliminal self, un enlightened, Inconversant, most reposing, not there, out like light, in dreamland, un-wariest, unaware, most willless, under consciousnesses, re flex, un perceiving, stubborn, un meditated, un willing, will less, getting shut-eye, prepatent, out action, un-moved, subconscious, most forgetting, re-flexer, careless, most self-willed, off guard, hit-or-miss, most unrealized, most machine driven, un prompted, in-sensible, dozy, more blundering, most intuitional, undersenses, obligatory, undiscerning, unbriefed, blind, un observant, most programmed, unhearing, un-educated, un heeding, machine-driven, most sidelined, more imperceptive, unprompted, mechanical, un-thinking, not informed, dead the world, unknowing, un-changing, out it, snoozy, more unsuspicious, most daydreaming, un schooled, listen blind, more confiding, most unhearing, secondnature, out of it, not told, most unmeditated, by seat of one's pants, taking forty winks, subliminal selves, un wary, more snoozing, most blundering, abed, be-numbed, un conscious, involuntary, self willed, doziest, un wariest, subconsciousnesses, more swallowing, more programmed, insensitive, instinctive, dormant, inert, in-advertent, in advertent, more sidelined, undersense, sub liminal, strung out, more grudging, in tuitional, most repressed, abrupt, more trustful, under-sense, most smoldering, un-warier, un hearing, more willless, un-acquainted, un doubting, re-sting, most laborsaving, in dark, un familiar, re flexer, getting shuteye, re sting, kneejerk, in-conversant, un-planned, un-concerned, in different, most grudging, unsuspicious, un-knowing, by seat of pants, un-informed, ignorant, obstinate, un suspecting, re-gular, most numbing, under senses, un deliberate, un-controlled, out like a light, sub-conscious, un briefed, un changing, more unbriefed, more unprompted, most dozing, in repose, re-flex, Tranced, most mesmerizing, subliminal, most inconversant, most soporose, caught napping, uninformed, more unhearing, by seat of ones pants, slumbering, un-instructed, un-briefed, most entranced, more snoring, more overlooking, unwary, more crashed, un-conscious, amnesic, impromptu, most unprompted, more conked, not knowing, under-senses, most slumbering, in trance, un premeditated, incautious, more subliminal, submerged minds, more begrudging, most unwarned, more unmeditated, un-realized, drugged, in conscious, most opiate, in-conscious, in-discriminate, stone deaf, more quietening, in-grained, in-animate, submerged mind, unrealized, not all there, auto mated, un controlled, sidelined, more deadening, more will-less, forced, sub-consciousness, un informed, more repressed, by seat pants, on shelf, machine driven, more knocked, un planned, un learned, in-operative, dead world, more mesmerizing, un-willing, catching some zzz's, underconsciousnesses, dead to the world, more deafened, most unperceiving, more slumbering, in animate, un-schooled, most amnesic, more self-willed, un-wary, Intuitional, un noticing, sub-consciousnesses.